Ideal Tankmates For Amano Shrimp [And The Bad Ones]

Ideal Tankmates For Amano Shrimp

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Amano shrimps are at their best when you keep them with their species but you can certainly add new tankmates to bring colors and variations to your tank. However, you’ll need to be very careful regarding which tankmates you choose for your Amano shrimps.

Peaceful, small to mid-sized, community fishes are the ideal tankmates for your Amano shrimp. Aggressive, territorial & large fishes are the wrong choice as Amano shrimp tank mates. Make sure the tankmates you will choose cannot fit Amano shrimp in their mouths.

In this entire article, I will discuss Amano shrimp’s ideal and bad tankmates to make it easy for you to pick up the best ones.

Appropriate TankmatesShould Be AvoidedMust Avoid Tankmates
Apisto BorelliPolka Dots BotiasAngelfish
Pearl GouramiBettaDiscuss
Bolivian RamClown LoachesOscars
Blue RamJack Dempsey
Lemon TetrasJewel cichlids
CoryGreen Terror Cichlid
Dwarf Neon RainbowPacu
Black NeonSilver dollars
Bushynose PlecoKnife fish
Hillstream Loaches
Cardinal Tetra

What Should You Consider While Choosing Ideal Tankmates For Amano Shrimp?

Water Temperature And Parameters

While choosing tankmates for Amano shrimp you have to notice if the other fish can thrive in the same water conditions.

Amano shrimp is quite hardy and can adapt themselves and thrive in different types of water temperature and parameters. However, while choosing tankmate make sure those fishes/shrimps will thrive in the same range of temperature and parameters.

The ideal water temperature for Amano Shrimp is 70-80F. The temperature within this range is necessary for the proper metabolism, health, and algae cleaning ability of the Amano Shrimps.

They can adapt to slightly acidic to slightly alkaline or neutral water (pH level between 6-7 or 7.5). They will be at their best in soft water (6-8 dkh).

Temperament And Size

Since Amano shrimps are peaceful by nature, there is no threat from their part to the other members in their tank. They are always busy looking for algae and hiding so they will not come in any other fish’s way.

But, while looking for compatible tank mates for your Amano shrimps, you should consider those fishes who possess similar temperament, characteristics, and size.

Though Amano shrimps are the largest shrimp among the dwarf shrimps, they are not adequately large for their potential predators. For their extremely peaceful nature, they cannot even defend themselves before a threat.

So, always look for peaceful, small to mid-sized, community fishes as the tankmates for your Amano shrimps. The popular rule of thumb is that if a fish can fit your shrimp in its mouth, do not think of adding it to your tank.


To build a community tank with Amano shrimps you should calculate the total bioload of the inhabitants of your tank. Amano shrimps have a very little bioload. While choosing the other fishes you should notice how many of them you can keep in your tank.

Ideal Tank Mates For Amano Shrimp

Ideal Tank Mates For Amano Shrimp

As any species need their favorable setup, the first thing you have to make sure that it matches the tank requirements of Amano shrimp. Though the options are quite overwhelming, depending on your tank size, the new fish’s temperament, bioload, and other facts you can make a shortlist quickly.

I am sharing the most compatible ones here. For your convenience of choosing, I am describing their appearance and characteristics.

1. Apisto Borelli

This attractive species is larger than other Apistogramma fishes (up to 3-4 inches). Though it is not the most suitable fish for the beginner, its maintenance is relatively easier. The peaceful nature of this community fish has made it one of the most ideal tankmates of Amano shrimps.

You might be tensed that most Apisto is risky for shrimps as they eat shrimp. But Apisto Borelli is the most peaceful dwarf cichlids and do not do so.

For their hardy nature, they can adjust to a wide range of water parameters. But they are highly sensitive to elevated nitrate levels so you have to maintain very good water quality by doing regular water changes.

They thrive in soft water with a temperature of temperature 72F-78F. They will not mind a pH level of 5-8 but they are at their best when you will keep the pH level within 6-6.8.

It will require a minimum 10-gallon densely planted aquariums with plenty of decorations and hiding places. I will recommend at least a 20-gallon tank as you are keeping them with your Amano shrimps.

2. Pearl Gourami

As the name suggests, they are very attractive. However, male Gouramis are more attractive than the female ones. With a quite longer lifespan of 4-5 years, they will surely lighten up your aquarium.

A 30-gallon tank is recommended for housing a pair of pearl gourami. However, you can try with a 20-gallon tank. These beautiful fishes may show signs of stress, abnormal behavior in a small tank.

An interesting characteristic of this fish is that you may hear them croak or make noise when you will pass them, especially if they are excited for some reason. So, do not fret if you are alone!

Ideal temperature for their tank is 72–82F with a pH level of 5.5-7. Pearl Gourami’s labyrinth organ will function well if your tank’s surface is exposed to fresh air. 

If you can ensure proper water conditions, they will grow up to 4.5 inches and turn into a very active and social fish. They are very hardier species in general but they require very clean water to withstand various diseases.

Easy to keep. For their peaceful nature, it can be one of the most compatible tank mates for your Amano shrimps.

3. Bolivian Ram

For their shy and peaceful nature, Bolivian Rams will be an ideal tankmate for your Amano shrimps.  If you are a beginner, it can be an ideal pick for your Amano tank.

They are also from the Cichlid family but not aggressive like their other relatives. This colorful and hardy fish will live up to 4 years if you can ensure favorable water conditions (well-oxygenated water with regular water changes). The male Bolivian Rams can grow up to 3.5 inches but the females do not exceed 2.5 inches.

Their bright colors and striking appearance will make them glow in your aquarium. They do not attack other fishes. If other fishes come into its way, it may sometimes try to scare them. But, in general, they are calm and friendly and pass most of the time in the lower and middle portion of a tank.

They will roam happily in the soft and slightly acidic water that has 74F-78F temperature, pH of 6-7.4, and 6-14 dGH hardness.

You will need at least a 30-gallon tank to house a single Bolivian Ram with your Amano shrimps. If you want to keep more, opt for a larger tank (extra 5-10 gallons) for each Ram. However, they will be okay whether they are all alone or in a pair or group.

4. Blue Ram

Another dwarf cichlid that anyone will like for their vivid colors and striking appearance.

Though this adorable fish needs much care which is difficult for a beginner, the experienced aquarists can choose it for their aquarium certainly.

Its bright blue and grey body with sprinkled gold, black, and yellow colorations on the head, chest, and fins will glow in any dull aquarium.

For their peaceful nature and small size, you can choose it for your Amano shrimps certainly. In captivity, they grow up to 2-inches or so. So, potentially they are not a threat to your mature Amano shrimps.

If you can keep them in at least a 20-gallon tank with acidic water of about 78F-85F temperature, they will thrive happily. They can also adapt to neutral water.

5. Lemon Tetras

A popular and small fish that will be a good choice for the beginner. They use to shoal in large groups in nature. So, you can start with at least 6 Tetras in your 20 gallons planted aquarium. The more will be the number, the more active they will be.

As the name suggests, Lemon Tetra has a translucent color with a trace of yellow/lemon almost all over the body giving some room to bluish silver color.

The ideal water temperature for this fish is 72F-82F and it can adapt to soft/slightly hard and slightly acidic/slightly alkaline water. The favorable pH level is 6-7.5.

Provided that these favorable water conditions are given, they will live up to around 6 years on average. If you are an experienced hobbyist, you can keep them 8 years or even more in your aquarium. They will grow up to a maximum of 2 inches that is a good cause of why they are considered as a good tankmate for Amano shrimps.

The Lemon is a peaceful and sociable species and lives in harmony with other friendly fish that is the main cause why you will pick up them for your Amano shrimp tank.

6. Cory

Unlike Blue Ram, Cory catfish is relatively easy to maintain and care for. For at least a 10 gallon tank, you can also pick this peaceful fish as an ideal tankmate for your Amano shrimp.

This popular, small, and bottom-dwelling fish is quite peaceful and do not come in the way of other fishes. It is a scavenger so along with your Amano shrimps it will also take the responsibility to clean up the debris in your tank.

Corys will be a perfect match for your Amano Shrimp for their similar peaceful temperament. The ideal water temperature for this fish is 72F-79F that also matches with Amano shrimps. They will thrive in slightly acidic or neutral water. The favorable pH range is 6.6-7.0.

7. Dwarf Neon Rainbow

Another suitable tankmate for a small Amano shrimp tank. If you keep this attractive fish in at least a 10 gallon heavily planted aquarium, they will expose their true colors and lighten up your aquarium.

For their calm and peaceful temperament and small-size, they can be one of the most suitable choices as Amano shrimp tankmates. As they are easy to maintain, this is also an ideal pick for the beginner Amano shrimp keepers.

The ideal water temperature for Dwarf Neon Rainbow is 73F-82F. They will be happy with slightly acidic or slightly alkaline water. The pH level should be around 6.8-7.5.

8. Black Neon Tetra

Black neon is a very good choice for the beginner as well as for a small Amano tank. You can start from a 10-gallon tank. This social schooling fish is immensely popular for its vibrant look and active appearance.

Their required water temperature is about 73-81F and can adapt to acidic to slightly alkaline water. The ideal pH level is from 5.5-7.5 and the water hardness should be around 6dGH.

The adult Black Neons grow up to 1.5 inches. For their such small appearance, they can be an ideal tankmate for your Amano shrimps. They are quite peaceful and used to roam around the middle to the top portion of your aquarium.

Maintenance of Black Neon is relatively easy. You have to just ensure very clean water and do a large water change once a week. If given the favorable condition they can live up to 5 years in your aquarium.

9. Bushynose Pleco

They are mostly vegetarian and will co-exist peacefully with Amano shrimps without any problem. However, they can eat shrimplets if they are not fed regularly.

They grow up to 3-5 inches and thus will not be a threat to the adult Amano shrimps. They will thrive happily in 74-82F water that is slightly acidic or neutral (5.5-7.0). 

10. Danios

This colorful popular schooling fish is a good choice for beginners. They grow up to 2-inches that has made it a good tankmate for Amano shrimps. There are a few species in them who can grow up to 5-inches large.

This hardy fish can adapt to a good range of water temperature and parameters. They will be at their best in the temperature between 70F-78F, pH level 7-7.8.

They do not cause harm to other fishes and for their size, they will not do so to Amano shrimp even if they try.

11. Guppies

These peaceful little fishes are immensely popular among both the new and experienced aquarists for their vivid colors and attractive patterns. There are hundreds of variations depending on sizes, colors, and tail shapes and you can choose different varieties for a single aquarium to make it more colorful.

Female Guppies generally grow up to 1.2-2.4 inches and their male counterparts grow up to 0.6-1.4 inches long that has made them a safe choice as Amano shrimp’s tankmate. Moreover, they are easy to manage.

They will thrive in 72-82F soft to medium-hard water that has a pH level within 6.8-7.8 and 8-12 dGH hardness.

12. Hillstream Loaches

Another attractive fish that stands out for their unique puzzling pattern and body shape that lets them stand out from the others. The light yellow/greyish body and black stripes contrast beautifully. They can be an ideal tankmate for your Amano shrimps mainly for their small size. They grow up to 2-3 inches on average.

Their maintenance is also easy so they will be a good pick for the beginners too. You have to just maintain good water quality. They will thrive in 68F-75F temperature, 6.5-7.5 pH, and medium-hard water.

13. Otocinclus

An algae eater peaceful fish that can be a great tank mate for Amano Shrimps and also a nice addition to a beginner or experienced hobbyist’s aquarium for their varying colors, patterns, and sizes.

Otocinclus fishes grow up to 2-inches on average that has made them one of the safest tankmates for Amano shrimps. They live happily within 72 – 79F and 6.8 – 7.5 pH.

14. Cardinal Tetra

Another ideal beginner fish for Amano shrimp tank that is quite small (up to 2 inches) and hardy. Their colorful and striking appearance and cheerful shoaling activity will add to the charm of your aquarium significantly.

They will be at their best at 73-81F and 6-7 pH and in a group of 6 or more.

Other Options

There are other small, peaceful, shoaling fishes in this list like-Platy,White Cloud Mountain Minnows, Harlequin Rasbora which will change the look of your aquarium with their vivid, colorful and striking appearance without demanding much care. With a simple diet and good water quality, they will thrive with your Amano shrimps.

Ghost Shrimps, cherry shrimps are also compatible with Amano shrimp. They are easy to manage, non-aggressive, and much smaller than Amano shrimps so you can add them to your Amano tank without any issue.

Besides, you can add some freshwater snails like Golden Inca snails, Malaysian trumpet snails, Assassin snails, Mystery snails, etc with your Amano shrimps in any small or big tanks.

Some Peaceful Fishes That You Should Avoid As Amano Shrimp’s Tankmate

Some Peaceful Fishes That You Should Avoid As Amano Shrimp’s Tankmate

The following fishes are known as peaceful tankmates for most of the fishes. So naturally, you can be mistaken and pick them for your Amano shrimp tank. Scroll below to know why they are a threat to your Amano shrimps.

Polka Dots Botias

This peaceful and adaptable fish can be a nice addition to a small tank like 10 gallons. Their favorable temperature and pH do not clash with those of your Amano shrimp and they do not demand much care either. But for the nature of their diet, they will cause a tragedy for your Amano troupes.


Betta is a popular choice for many aquarists. Though many people consider Betta compatible with the Amano shrimp tank, you should keep in mind that Betta possesses different personalities depending on gender, environment, and situation.

Male Betta is somewhat aggressive and can attack your shrimps if they are small. If you want to keep Betta with your Amano shrimps you have to manage a large tank and put enough plants, hiding places to avoid their confrontation.

Clown Loaches

You will see that this popular fish co-exists with many fishes, but it will show its aggressive nature with any shrimp. Also, a little difficult to maintain and needsat least 100 gallons big tank.

Some Fishes That You Should Avoid at All Costs

Some Fishes That You Should Avoid at All Costs

These are some popular fishes that have been proven as bad tankmates for Amano shrimps.

1. Angelfish

Angelfish is of peaceful temperament but they will be opportunistic and eat smaller fishes when they will pass across its way. So, you can only keep your Amano shrimps with it till it cannot take them in its mouth.

2. Discus

Amano shrimp troupes can be kept with Discus in a large tank provided that they are larger than it and there are enough hiding places. Otherwise, they will be a tasty meal for Discus. To avoid this, you can choose the mature female Amano shrimps.

3. Oscars

Oscar is immensely popular among the hobbyists and available in a variety of species. But adult Oscar can grow up to 12-14 inches.  So, even 5 inches large fishes will not be safe in its tank let alone Amano shrimps.

4. Jack Dempsey

This fish is popular among the aquarists for their variety of colors but they are aggressive. Especially the male Dempsey is quite dictating in nature and tends to establish a territory of its own. Jack Dempsey is compatible with fishes like Angelfish, Oscar, Fire mouth cichlids, Green Terror, and such types of fishes which are bad tankmates for Amano shrimps.

5. Jewel cichlids

Jewel Cichlid, another popular fish from the Cichlid family, is very dictating and territorial. It is compatible with other aggressive fishes in a quite large tank. But, for Amano shrimps, it is absolutely a wrong choice.

6. Green Terror Cichlid

For its colorful and attractive appearance, many aquarists desire Green Terror Cichlid to house in their tank. But do not dare to add Green Terror with your Amano shrimps otherwise it will put end to your Amano troupes within a short time.

7. Pacu

Pacu is a very big species, which can grow up to 12-24 inches. Though it is not aggressive and does not have any territorial nature, you should avoid it for your Amano shrimps as it occasionally eats other fishes.

8. Silver dollars

Silver dollar grows up to 6 inches. It is not an active predator who will search for fishes and shrimps for eating. But it will eat smaller fishes and shrimps if they come across in its way.

9. Knife fish

Knife fish, especially Black Ghost Knife fish is an aggressive predator fish and the wrong tankmate for any shrimps.  An adult knife fish can grow up to 4-5 feet. Though it is kept in a very large tank, 180 gallons or more, Amano shrimps will be the prey of it anytime.

10. Goldfish

Though goldfish is generally peaceful, they can become aggressive or even attack other fish when it does not get enough space in the tank (when the tank is crowded), when they mate or become sick.

So, there is enough risk for your Amano shrimps of being attacked by the larger goldfishes in such situations.

Goldfish can grow up to 6 inches large. So, you can only put them with your Amano shrimps provided that your Amano shrimps are larger than them.


Therefore, you are already aware of both the ideal and bad tankmates of Amano Shrimp. The choices are wide open to you so you can easily choose a few non-aggressive species to get a thriving community tank along with your Amano Shrimps.

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