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Acuario Pets

I created Acuario Pets out of my passion for exotic rare pets that are not so common like cats or dogs. I also wanted to help people take better care of their exotic pets. That’s why I wanted to share my knowledge with you. 

Can Pacman Frogs Live With Tree Frogs

Why I Created Acuario Pets?

I started fish keeping in 2014. At that time, I knew only fishes can be kept in an aquarium. I didn’t know about the vast world of other exotic pets than just ‘fish’. When I got to know about them, I was so intrigued that I started to make aquarium after aquarium for various types of pets including shrimps, snails, crayfish, turtle, crabs, and so on.

I want to share my journey and pet keeping experience with you. On the way, I hope you’ll learn about how to keep these awesome pets happy.

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Flat 14/A, 138, 138/1, 139
Sheltech Rahman Villa, Shantinagar
Dhaka, 1217

email: [email protected]

Some blog posts of Acuario Pets uses photos, vectors and other resources from depositphotos.com

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