From Rare To Pricey: Top 50 Most Expensive Freshwater Shrimps

From kings to general people, some exotic hobbyists love to collect rare and pricey stuff. Are you an exotic hobbyist and shrimp lover? Then, you must be looking for the most expensive freshwater shrimp.

There are some determinant factors of the cost of freshwater shrimp. Such as grade, size, coloration, patterns, and rarity of the shrimp. Also, breeding difficulty and mortality rate affect the rarity and price of shrimps. In addition, the high expenditure of harvesting shrimp is a crucial factor.

Black Galaxy Pinto Shrimp, Shadow Panda Shrimp, Red Calceo Shrimp, and Sulawesi White Orchid Shrimp are some of the most expensive freshwater shrimps you can keep. Their prices can range from $50 to $400.

In this article, I’ve listed down 50 freshwater shrimp. You can find rare and pricey shrimp with a brief overview in this write-up. So, let’s take a tour of this article to find the top 50 most expensive freshwater shrimp.

Key Takeaways

  • The average price of shrimp ranges from $1-$3. But, rare freshwater shrimp may cost up to $400.
  • Higher grade, color, exclusive patterns, and other qualities determine the price of shrimp.
  • The complex breeding method of rare shrimp makes these freshwater shrimp pricey.

Top 50 Most Expensive Freshwater Ranking Through Price

You can see different price demands for a shrimp species in different stores. It may vary according to the breeding quality of the breeders. Also, the size, gender, age, and grade of coloration decide the price of the shrimp.

Let’s start with 3 exclusive freshwater shrimp species. Their price range starts from $4.99. But, the price can go up to $70.99.

Price Range: $4.99-$72.99

Serial NoCategoriesCostColoration
01Sakura Red Cherry Shrimp$4.99-$70.99Red-colored body with clear patches on lower body and legs
02Opae Ula Shrimp$4.99-$72.99Red spectrum like red, pink, yellow, and orange. These shrimp can be white or clear.
03Sky Blue Velvet Shrimp$5.98-$69.99Sky blue coloration

 You can get these three rare shrimp within the price range between $4.99 to $73. These are Sakura Red Cherry Shrimp, Opae Ula Shrimp, and Sky Blue Velvet Shrimp.

Sakura Red Cherry shrimp flaunt their beautiful red coloration with small patches on the lower body. If you want a soothing addition to your aquarium, you can choose sky-blue velvet shrimp. On the other hand, the most popular form of Opae Ula shrimp is red.

The price range of Opae Ula shrimp varies depending on their varieties of pale cream, yellow, or translucent color. However, the wild population of these three rare shrimp is almost lost.

Price Range: $6.99-$109.99

Serial noCategoriesCostColoration
04Black Rose Shrimp$6.99-$109.99 Black
05Red Rili Shrimp$6.99-$109.99Bright red with translucent white striping
06Snowball Shrimp$6.99-$109.99Translucent white  
07Painted Fire Red Shrimp$6.99-$109.99Solid red
08Orange Sakura Shrimp$6.99-$109.99Bright orange

Do you want to get lost in the dark black beauty of black rose shrimp? Or, do you want to buy a bright red shrimp with translucent white striping?

Depending on the pattern grade, the transparent area of red Rili shrimp may become whitish. You might notice the price variation of these unique shrimp in cases of deeper-colored shrimp.

Let’s not forget about the highest grade of red cherry shrimp- Painted Fire Red shrimp. That’s why, people do not hesitate to pay up to $109 for these solid red shrimp.

Also, the translucent white snowball shrimp has gained the attention of shrimp lovers. It’s due to their snowball-looking eggs that these snowball shrimp are pricey.

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Besides, Orange Sakura shrimp can cost from $6 to $109. The slight variation from yellow-orange to red-orange tone affects the price of these rare shrimp.

Price Range: $7.99 – $29.99

Serial noCategoriesCostColoration
09Carbon Rili Shrimp$7.99 – $29.99  Black-colored body with a clear midsection
10Golden Bee Shrimp$7.99 – $29.99  Orange or golden color
11Orange Rili Shrimp$7.99 – $29.99  Bright orange with translucent white striping in the middle
12Rudolf The Red Nose Shrimp$7.99-$29.99  Semi-transparent body with red and yellow lines and an elongated red rostrum.

In the above-mentioned chart, there are four rare freshwater shrimp which cost $7.99 – $29.99. Among these shrimps, some of them are selectively bred varieties of Neocaridina davidi.

The translucent patches of Carbon Rili shrimp and Orange Rili shrimp make them real eyecatchers.

On the other hand, the red rostrum with a transparent body can be an aesthetic aspect behind the high price of the Rudolf the Red Nose shrimp.

Another high-priced variety of Caridina shrimp is the Golden Bee shrimp. It’s pretty hard to bring out the vibrant white coloration through the breeding of Golden Bee shrimp. The variation of Golden Bee shrimp from rosy pinkish gold to copperish orange increases their price and demand.

Price Range: $8.99-$115.99

Serial noCategoriesCostColoration
13Sulawesi Harlequin Shrimp$8-$94.99Red and white body with three bands or stripes
14Golden Back Yellow Shrimp$8.99-$115.99Bright yellow coloration with a golden line on the back
15Amazon Zebra Shrimp$9-$69.99Semi-transparent reddish-brown body with dark brown horizontal stripes and spots

If you think about buying shrimp over $8, you can buy Sulawesi Harlequin, Golden Black Yellow, and Amazon Zebra shrimp. Three distinctive dark brown bands of Sulawesi Harlequin shrimp can catch anybody’s attention.

This extremely rare variety of Sulawesi shrimp can cost up to $94.99. Yellow Neocaridina can have a light-colored yellow coloration to prominent yellow coloration.

Golden Back Yellow shrimp is the highest grade of this variety. So, their price can range from $8.99 to $115.99.

Another extremely rare variety of Amazon Zebra shrimp has a light blue colored body with dark blue stripes. Also, you can rarely find Amazon Zebra shrimp with horizontal stripes on reddish-brown bodies.

An interesting fact about their breeding is to get mini replicas of adult Amazon zebra shrimp. Instead of going larval stage, the babies of Amazon zebra shrimp increase the demand for these shrimp in the marketplace.

Price Range: $10.99-$261.99

Serial noCategoriesCostColoration
16Black King Kong Shrimp$10.99-$261.99Black body with one or two white stripes
17Bloody Mary Shrimp$10.99-$132.99Deep red
18Green Emerald Shrimp$10.99-$159.99  Dark green
19Red Onyx Shrimp$10.99-$173.69  Hues of dark maroon and red coloration
20Green Jade Shrimp$10.99-$159.99  Lighter green with yellowish-blue marks
21Dream Blue Velvet Shrimp$10.99-$159.99  Deep sapphire blue color

One of the rarest shrimp is Black King Kong shrimp which is mostly unavailable. The success of breeding Black King Kong shrimp is only 10%. Hence, their price can go up to $261.99.

The deep sapphire blue coloration of Dream Blue Velvet shrimp is the highest grade of Blue Velvet shrimp. The price of this wonderful shrimp starts from $10.99.

Another two fascinating rare shrimp are Green Emerald shrimp and Green Jade shrimp. These exclusive beauties flaunt their coloration ranging from dark green to lighter green. Only skilled breeders can maintain the breeding lines of these rare shrimp.

If you choose something vibrant in your aquarium, you can opt for Bloody Mary shrimp. These shrimp have a striking red colored body. Another hottest Neocaridina shrimp is the Red Onyx shrimp. The excellent hues of maroon and red color make this shrimp pricey.

Price Range: $12.99-$240

Serial noCategoriesCostsColoration
22Asian Glass Shrimp$12.99-$210Almost transparent body with a few black lines
23Ninja Shrimp$12.99-$240Red, orange, brown, and cream.
24Red Fancy Tiger$12.99-$55.99Red body with white stripes.

If your budget starts at $12, you can add a captivating allure to your aquarium with Asian glass shrimp.

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People get convinced to spend up to $210 for these beautiful transparent shrimp with some black lines.

The next notable shrimp is the ninja shrimp. Shrimp lovers are crazy for these rare shrimp for their color-changing ability. These Ninja shrimp are so rare that you may not find much successful report of their breeding.

Also, you need to pay between $12.99 to $55.99 to buy Red Fancy Tiger shrimp. You can only find this rare morph in the selective breeding process. The price of Red Fancy Tiger shrimp varies due to their color opaque, patterns, and shell quality.

Price Range: $14.98-$289.99

Serial noCategoriesCostColoration
25Blue Diamond Shrimp$14.99-$232.99Greenish blue to sapphire blue
26Red Pinto Zebra Shrimp$15-$119Red body with white stripes.
27Vampire Shrimp$16.99-$24.99White, Translucent Grey, Blue, or cream color.
28Blue Bolt Shrimp$16.99-$289.99Sky blue color with white spotting

The skilled breeders breed exclusively special Blue Diamond shrimp from Chocolate shrimp. Their strain is not entirely stable. Thus, these stunning Blue Diamond shrimp can throw some other coloration.

Red Pinto Zebra shrimp is also the result of cross-breeding of Taiwan Bee and Tiger shrimp.

The breeding process is difficult to obtain the ruby red coloration with white patches in this rare shrimp.

Besides, you may not always find vampire shrimp with their demonic appearance. The rarity of vampire shrimp makes these shrimp pricey. Again, you must not miss the name of Blue Bolt shrimp from the rare and pricey shrimp list. There may be several grades of these Blue Bolt shrimp showcasing intense blue color to sky blue color.

Price Range: $18.99-$239.99

Serial noCategoriesCostColoration
29Blue Jelly Shrimp$18-$75Light blue coloration in a semi-transparent body
30Blue Aura Shrimp$18-$239.99  Ice-blue color with black spots and black horizontal stripes.
31Blue Leg Poso Shrimp$18-$80Clearish opaque body with blue tail and red antenna
32Red Nose Shrimp$18-$70.99Semi-transparent body with yellow stripes on the back and red lines along the sides.

Blue Jelly shrimp showcase a pleasant appearance with their light blue coloration. These shrimp are pretty expensive due to their selective breeding from Blue Rili shrimp. Not all aquarium stores sell these rare shrimp.

If you come across Blue Jelly shrimp, these shrimp will cost between $18-$75.

Another rare blue beauty is the Blue Aura shrimp. The unbelievable genetic cross-breeding of these shrimp makes it a hard game for professional breeders. Undoubtedly, the high demand for rare Blue Aura shrimp makes their price from up to $239.99.

Now, I’m introducing another opaque shrimp with a blue tail named Blue Leg Poso shrimp. You can only find these rare shrimp in Lake Poso in Indonesia. If you find these rare shrimp, this real stunner may cost from $18-$80.

Like Blue Leg Poso shrimp, another intriguing shrimp has a semi-transparent body. These rare shrimp are popular for their red beak. That’s why people call them Red Nose shrimp.

The larvae of Red Nose shrimp require over five stages to transform into adult shrimp. Such a lower success rate of the breeding makes Red Nose shrimp pricey.

Price Range: $19.99-$334.99

Serial noCategoriesCostColoration
33Cardinal Sulawesi Shrimp$19.99-$334.99Light red to wine red
34Sulawesi Red Line Shrimp$19-$79.99An elongated Red body with several vertical white lines
35Red Wine Shrimp$19.99-$179.99Red body with white stripes
36Golden Eye Blue Tiger$21-$319.50Blue body with black tiger stripes
37Extreme Red King Kong$22.50-$95Deep red

Cardinal Sulawesi Shrimp has recently gained more hype due to their striking red body. Their red coloration may range from wine red to light rate.

These stunning Cardinal Sulawesi shrimp lay fewer eggs. That’s why the difficulty in their breeding process makes these shrimp rare and pricey.

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Other highly-sought shrimp are Sulawesi Red Line shrimp and Red Wine shrimp. The care level of Sulawesi Red Line shrimp is hard due to their demand for perfect water values. So, the breeders tend to remineralize the osmosis water in the tank of these rare shrimp.

There are also several grades available for Red Wine shrimp. Such as C, B, A, S, SS, and SSS. The SSS grade of Red Wine shrimp is the most expensive among all grades.

Another deep red colored shrimp are extremely Red King Kong shrimp. Their selective breeding makes these rare shrimp more expensive.

The competition for pricey shrimp goes higher with the arrival of golden-eye blue tiger shrimp. Any shrimp lover would love to grab these deep blue shrimp. Also, their aesthetic appearance gets more lucrative with tiger stripes and orange eyes.

Price Range: $23.99-$99.98

Serial noCategoriesCostColoration
38Gold Nebula Shrimp$23.99-$99.98  Transparent body with grey hue and black dots
39Crystal Black Shrimp$24-$49.99  Black and white
40Black Panda Shrimp$24.99-$70.99Black and white banded

Let’s introduce some jaw-dropping unique shrimp that start at $23.99. The intriguing beauty of Gold Nebula shrimp flaunts with small black drops in a transparent body. It’s a challenge for breeders to breed Gold Nebula shrimp in a marine environment.

After all, the wild Gold Nebula shrimp tend to carry their larvae shrimp to sea. Such a difficult breeding process makes these aesthetic shrimp more pricey.

Another highly-prized variety of Caridina shrimp is the Crystal Black shrimp. This rare black-and-white beauty is a challenge to breeders. It is because of their difficult upbringing process. The price of Crystal Black shrimp varies depending on their grades.

The higher the grades, the higher the price. After all, it indicates the boldness of the color pattern and the quality of the shell.

A similar resemblance to Crystal black shrimp is the Black Panda shrimp. These shrimp are red color variants of the Bee shrimp. The selective breeding process causes a complex crossbreeding that results in these shrimp.

Price Range: $25.99-$194.99

Serial noCategoriesCostColoration
41Santa Crystal Red Shrimp$25.99-$194.99  Red body with a white head
42Extreme Blue Bolt Shrimp$25-$122Deep blue coloration
43Yellow Fire Shrimp29.99-54.99  Vibrant yellow to lighter yellow

Santa Crystal Red shrimp are achieved from the highest quality Santa Lines in the world. So, don’t be surprised when their price starts from $25.99.

Besides, the price of Santa Crystal Red shrimp may increase due to their grades.

You need to spend at least $25 for Extreme Blue Bolt shrimp. These rare shrimp are famous for their full deep blue coverage. It’s hard to find these rare Blue Bolt shrimp in stores that have no white area.

Another rare shrimp for yellow lovers is the Yellow Fire Shrimp. The grades of Yellow Fire Shrimp range from vibrant yellow to lighter yellow.

Price Range: $39.99-$129.99

Serial noCategoriesCostColoration
44Super Crystal Red Shrimp$39.99-$64.99Red body with one or two white stripes
45Blue Dream Shrimp$39.99-$78.99Sapphire blue
46Tangerine Tiger Shrimp$39.99-$129.99Slightly translucent with a strong orange shade

The intense red color of Super Crystal Red shrimp makes it too pricey in the shrimp market. These beautiful strains of Super Crystal Red shrimp are the result of inbreeding.

Also, the complex breeding process makes the scarcity of these shrimp in the market and its higher price.

The price of Blue Dream shrimp starts at 39.99. These dynamic shrimp species are the highest grade of Blue Velvet shrimp. Such stunning Sapphire Blue coloration of these shrimp can be an excellent addition to your tank.

Tangerine Tiger Shrimp is another rare shrimp that is pretty uncommon in the aquarium trade. You can buy this light orange to yellow-orange shrimp for $39.99-$129.99.

Price Range: $50-$400

Serial noCategoriesCostColoration
47Black Galaxy Pinto Shrimp$50-$400Black body with white striped patterns
48Shadow Panda Shrimp$50-$200Black body with blue hue
49Red Calceo Shrimp$52-$150Semi-transparent body with bright red stripes
50Sulawesi White Orchid Shrimp$73.99-$400Transparent body with black and brown specks and white striping

This above-mentioned chart introduces you to the most expensive shrimp in the market. Their price starts from $50. The price may go high depending on the sex, color, and size.

Black Galaxy Pinto shrimp is one of the hardest crossbred shrimp. The professional breeders find it too hard to replicate its pattern. Although the average price range of Black Galaxy Pinto shrimp is $50-$200, the price may increase to $400.

In the case of Shadow Panda shrimp, these rare shrimp are mutations of golden bee, crystal red, and crystal black shrimp. The price of these vibrant-colored shrimp may go over $200.

Another almost extinct shrimp are Sulawesi White Orchid shrimp. These shrimp are only exclusively bred by professional breeders. Their high market demand makes its price start from $73.99.

13 Different Cherry Shrimp Types Infographic

Want to get a printable version of this infographic? Click here! [If you want to use this infographic on your website, please link back to this post as the source!]

What is the most expensive aquarium shrimp in the world?

The most expensive aquarium shrimp in the world, as of recent information, is the Benibachi Hinomaru SSS grade, priced at $950, making it the costliest shrimp ever sold.

Additionally, varieties like Benibachi Hinomaru SSS grade, Benibachi Mosura SSS grade, Benibachi Hinomaru CBS Grade SSS, and Benibachi Double Hinomaru CBS Grade SSS are also notably expensive, each costing around $950.

There are reports of shrimps available from the same supplier priced between $1,200 and $1,500​.

What is the rarest aquarium shrimp?

Two species are often cited as the rarest aquarium shrimp:

Taiwania Flea Shrimp (Caridina logemanni): These shrimp are known for their vibrant colors and intricate patterns. They are native to Taiwan’s Nanjian River system, which contributes to their rarity and desirability among aquarium enthusiasts. Their limited natural range and delicate nature make them a challenging species to acquire and maintain​​.

Harlequin Shrimp (Hymenocera picta): Recognized for its distinct vibrant colors and unique patterns, this shrimp is extremely rare, especially in the wild. Its limited distribution and declining populations add to its rarity​​.

What is the most profitable shrimp to breed?

The most profitable shrimp to breed can vary based on several factors, including market demand, ease of breeding, survival rates, and the specific interests of the aquarist community.

Generally, shrimp that are rare, have unique colors or patterns, and are in high demand tend to be more profitable. However, breeding such shrimp often requires more expertise, better equipment, and a greater initial investment.

Some of the potentially profitable shrimp breeds for breeding include:

High-Grade Crystal and Bee Shrimp: These shrimp, known for their striking colors and patterns, can be quite profitable. Varieties like the Crystal Red Shrimp (CRS) and Blue Bolt Shrimp often fetch higher prices.

Taiwan Bee Shrimp: These are a variant of the Bee Shrimp with more intense colors and unique patterns. They are highly sought after by hobbyists and can be quite profitable.

Caridina Shrimp Variants: These include a wide range of shrimp like Pinto Shrimp, which have unique patterns and are prized by collectors.

Neocaridina Shrimp Variants: These shrimp, including varieties like the Cherry Shrimp, are easier to breed and can be a good starting point for beginners. While individual shrimp may not be as expensive as more exotic varieties, their ease of breeding and popularity can make them a profitable choice.

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I hope you’ve got an idea of the price range of 50 rare and expensive shrimp from this article. If you want to bring any of these rare shrimp, you must plan a suitable home for these pricey shrimp. For this, the following article will help you get 32 artistic ideas for a shrimp tank set-up.

Art of Shrimp Tank Design: 32 Inspiring Setup Ideas

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