19 Easiest & Hardiest Shrimps To Keep For Beginners

Recently, shrimp have become popular aquatic pets among hobbyists, whereas aquarists often love to keep only fish, turtles, etc. There are multiple varieties of shrimp that have different care guides. If you’re a beginner, you may be looking for the easiest shrimp to keep.

This article will help you choose shrimp for your aquarium if you are a new shrimp hobbyist. In this article, I’ve shed light on 19 shrimp suitable for beginners. You will know about the overview and detailed information about these shrimp that help you choose your favorite one.

So, let’s continue reading this article without any further ado.

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19 Types Of Hardiest And Easiest Shrimps For New Owners

Interesting Cherry Shrimp Facts

1. Red Cherry Shrimp

Scientific NameNeocaridina davidi
Common NameRed Cherry Shrimp
Size1-1.4 inches
ColorDeep red to lighter red
TemperamentDocile and peaceful
Life ExpectancyUp to 2 years
Care guideEasy

The very first shrimp option that I want to suggest is red cherry shrimp for beginners. Its lucrative red coloration can readily catch the attention of any shrimp enthusiast. The coloration of red cherry shrimp varies from dark red to paler red.

Although you can keep as many as shrimp you want, you should start with a minimum of 10 red cherry shrimp. Don’t forget to keep only compatible tank mates with red cherry shrimp. Besides, you must ensure a high-quality diet and supplementation for these shrimp.

The required pH for red cherry shrimp should be 6.5-8. Besides, you should ensure to keep the water temperature 57-86 degrees Fahrenheit. If the tank condition remains ideal, an adult red cherry shrimp will molt every 3-4 weeks.

2. Chocolate Shrimp

Scientific NameMacrobrachium dayanum
Common NameChocolate shrimp, Brown shrimp, Sakura chocolate shrimp, Red Rusty Shrimp, Black Cherry Shrimp.
Size1-1.5 inches
ColorBrown or translucent brown with or without lines of dots
Life Expectancy1-2 years
Care GuideEasy

Another hardy shrimp that you can choose is chocolate shrimp. These shrimp are easy to care for. Because of sociable traits, you can keep several other peaceful fish and shrimp with chocolate shrimp.

Besides, chocolate shrimp are omnivores and scavengers. So, you’ll find your aquarium clean when you keep these clean-up crews.

You should keep the water temperature within 64-84 degrees Fahrenheit in a chocolate shrimp tank. Also, the water pH, GH, KH, and TDS  should be 6.0-8.0, 4-14, 0-10, and 100-200, respectively. If you keep these water conditions healthy, your chocolate shrimp will thrive for 1-2 years or more.

3. Ghost Shrimp

Scientific NamePalaemonetes paludosus
Common NameGhost shrimp, Glass shrimp, Grass shrimp, etc.
SizeAround 1.5 inches
Life Expectancy1 year
 Care guideEasy

If you want something unique in your aquarium, you can pick ghost shrimp. These shrimp are so transparent that you can smoothly see the inside of your shrimp. Also, when your ghost shrimp become gravid, it becomes soothing to be able to see the green eggs in the saddle.

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These ghost shrimp are one of the easiest shrimp to keep. Ghost shrimp can thrive well with other peaceful shrimp. You should keep lots of hiding places in the tank, as ghost shrimp love to sneak out often.

The water of your ghost shrimp aquarium should be a bit hard, and the pH must be neutral. Besides, you must check that the level of ammonia, nitrite, and other toxic elements must be zero.

How Often Do Amano Shrimps Molt

4. Amano Shrimp

Scientific NameCaridina multidentata
Common NameJapanese shrimp, Amano shrimp, Algae shrimp, Yamato shrimp, etc.
SizeUp to 2 inches
ColorTranslucent light grey, green, or light reddish brown.
TemperamentPeaceful and friendly
Life Expectancy2-3 years
Care guideEasy

Amano shrimp are popular among beginners for various reasons. These hardy shrimp have beautiful shell coloration.

Besides, Amano shrimp are considered the best algae eater among all shrimp. If you keep fish food, your Amano shrimp can survive on the algae, fish food, leftovers, and so on. However, you should maintain a good diet for your shrimp too.

The care guide for Amano shrimp is so simple that any beginner can keep these shrimp. To ensure good health and a fast metabolism rate, you should maintain keeping 6.5-7.5 pH level. Besides, you must change the water minimum of twice a week.

Although the maintenance of Amano shrimp is easy, their breeding might be a bit tough for beginners. You should follow the proper ratio of male and female ghost shrimp for successful breeding.

5. Bamboo Shrimp

Scientific NameAtyopsis moluccensis
Common NameBamboo shrimp, Fan shrimp, Flower shrimp, Singapore shrimp, Singapore flower shrimp, Wood shrimp, etc.
ColorYellow, brown, or a bit reddish
Life Expectancy1-2 years
Care guideEasy

The bamboo shrimp are pretty popular for their “fan-like” hands. For this, these shrimp are called fan shrimp. Since these shrimp are larger than other shrimp, you’ll need 20 gallons tank for keeping bamboo shrimp.

Due to being low maintenance, any beginner can keep bamboo shrimp as a pet without much hardship. But, you should keep in mind not making rapid water changes.

The bamboo shrimp prefer a water temperature of 70-78 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, you need to keep the water pH from 6.5 to 8.

These are one of the easiest shrimp that love to live in tons of vegetation. Hence, you can keep lots of plants in your bamboo shrimp aquarium, which can act as a natural food source for your shrimp.

In addition, you can add algae-based foods for bamboo shrimp. Because of being filter feeders, feeding bamboo shrimp might be a bit confusing for the new shrimp owners. However, the experts recommend not to try breeding bamboo shrimp in captivity.

6. Bumblebee Shrimp

Scientific NameGnathophyllum americanum
Common NameZebra shrimp, Striped bumblebee shrimp, striped harlequin shrimp, etc.
SizeMaximum 1 inch
ColorYellow or white in coloration with black stripes
Life Expectancy1-2 years
Care guidemedium

One of the easiest and most eye-catchy shrimp is bumblebee shrimp. You might fall for the striped coloration that makes a similar appearance to bumblebees.

Due to their small size, bumblebee shrimp have a territorial temperament. These shrimp can not tolerate the presence of their kind too.

You can keep bumblebee shrimp within the water temperature of 72-79 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind that these shrimp are saltwater shrimp. So, you should keep the pH and KH of the water 8.1-8.4 and 8-12.

Unlike other shrimp, bumblebee shrimp aren’t algae eaters. To be specific, these shrimp are carnivores. So, you can offer meaty foods like small pieces of fish, worms, brine shrimp, etc.

snowball shrimp

7. Snowball Shrimp

Scientific NameNeocaridina cf. zhangjiensis
Common NameSnowball shrimp, white pearl shrimp, etc.
Size1-1.5 inches
DietAlgae eaters or omnivores
ColorTranslucent white with some blue tint
TemperamentPeaceful and calm.
Life Expectancy1-2 years
CostAround $5
Care leveleasy

Snowball shrimp is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful shrimp. Their pure white coloration and low maintenance traits make these shrimp demanded among shrimp enthusiasts. If you keep a colony of snowball shrimp, you should bring a 10-gallon tank.

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You won’t have to worry about scheduling a diversified diet for snowball shrimp. As these shrimp are scavengers, a well-matured tank will be enough for these shrimp. Also, you can keep several non-aggressive aquarium pets with snowball shrimp.

Make sure to acclimatize your snowball shrimp before putting them in the new tank. The pH of the water should be 6.5-7.5. In addition, you should keep the water temperature within 72-82 degrees Fahrenheit.

8. Panda Shrimp

Scientific NamePandalus borealis
Common NamePanda shrimp, Black Panda shrimp, Black King Kong shrimp.
Size1/4”- 1/2” inches
ColorRich creamy black and white
Life Expectancy18-24 months
CostAround $7
 Care levelEasy to medium

Panda shrimp are a bit like bumblebee shrimp since these shrimp are a bee shrimp variety. Due to their similar appearance to pandas, these shrimp have a unique name.

Their water parameters are a bit different than other freshwater shrimp. The pH, GH, KH, and TDS values of the water should be 5.5-7, 3-6, 0-2, and 90-120 for panda shrimp, respectively.

Also, these shrimp require 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit temperature whereas other freshwater shrimp can thrive at 77-82 degrees Fahrenheit. Since panda shrimp are too small, keeping fish as their tank mates will be risky.

ghost shrimp vs whisker shrimp

9. Whisker Shrimp

Scientific NameMacrobrachium lamarrei 
Common NameIndian whisker shrimp, kuncho river prawn.
SizeAround 2 inches
ColorSemi-transparent grey
Life Expectancy2-5 years
CostAround $3
 Care levelEasy

Whisker shrimp are pretty look-alike of ghost shrimp. So, you can count another easiest shrimp to keep here.

Under the basic conditions, whisker shrimp can thrive for up to 5 years. These shrimp prefer a plant-dense tank. Do not make the tank overstocked with plants. Also, you should maintain the water temperature within 72-82 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the case of keeping tank mates, you must be careful when you have whisker shrimp in your aquarium. You might know that these shrimp are aggressive and territorial. So, you shouldn’t keep smaller fish than whisker shrimp in the same tank.

10. Blue Tiger Shrimp

Scientific NameCaridina cf. cantonensis
Common NameOrange-eyed blue tiger shrimp, blue tiger shrimp, etc.
Size1-1.5 inches
ColourDark blue coloration with black stripes and orange eyes
Life Expectancy1-2 years
 Care levelEasy

Any shrimp lover will surely fall in love with the appearance of the dark blue shell with black tiger stripes and orange eyes blue tiger shrimp. These magnificent shrimp are low maintenance. Since blue tiger shrimp aren’t picky eaters, you won’t have much hassle worrying about their diet.

To keep the tank environment right, you should keep an inert substrate for your blue tiger shrimp. Besides, these shrimp require a bit of acidic water. So, the optimum pH of the water should be 7.2-7.4.

Blue tiger shrimp thrive best in temperatures of 68-77 degrees Fahrenheit. You might not require a heater unless you live in a cold country. Since blue tiger shrimp are hardy, these shrimp can tolerate little temperature shuffle.

Besides, you’ll be surprised to know that these shrimp do not have any larval stage after hatching. So, breeding blue tiger shrimp is comparatively simple.

blue dream shrimp

11. Blue Dream Shrimp

Scientific NameNeocaridina davidi
Common NameBlue dream shrimp, green jade shrimp
Size1-1.5 inches
ColorDeep sapphire blue
TemperamentFriendly and calm
Life Expectancy1-2 years
CostAround $9
Care levelEasy

Another stunning blue addition to your aquarium can be blue dream shrimp. Along with stunning coloration, these shrimp are easy to care for and maintain.

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The experts suggest keeping these shrimp in hard water. So, the GH of the water should be 6-8. Besides, the water temperature should be within 68-78 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition, keeping blue dream shrimp is inexpensive too. These shrimp eat so little that only a dime-sized fish flake will be enough for a colony of 10 blue dream shrimp. Moreover, breeding blue dream shrimp is more easy-going than other shrimp.

12. Bloody Mary Shrimp

Scientific NameNeocaridina davidi var.
Common NameBloody Mary Shrimp
Size1-1.5 inches
ColorBright red
TemperamentSociable and peaceful.
Life Expectancy1-2 years
CostAround $9
Care levelEasy

In the list of easiest shrimp, Bloody Mary shrimp comes with a striking deep red coloration. These shrimp can grow up to only 1.2 inches.

You can keep these beautiful shrimp in a 5-gallon tank. Make sure that the tank is well-matured. The optimum temperature should remain within 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, you can fulfill your desire of keeping multiple pets in your aquarium. Since Bloody Mary shrimp are so peaceful, you can keep other shrimp, fish, and snails of similar requirements. In addition, breeding these shrimp is pretty simple.

13. Babaulti Shrimp

Scientific NameCaridina cf. babaulti
Common NameBabaulti shrimp, Green Babaulti shrimp, zebra Babaulti shrimp
Size1.4 inches
ColorRed, brown, green, or yellow zebra stripes
Life ExpectancyUp to 2 years
CostAround $9
Care levelEasy

For beginners, Babaulti shrimp can be an excellent option as these shrimp are one of the easiest shrimp to keep. Being hardy shrimp, Babaulti shrimp can withstand environmental changes.

There are several opinions about the water parameters for Babaulti shrimp. But, you can follow the general rules for freshwater shrimp. Also, you can make the tank heavily planted.

Babaulti shrimp love to thrive within many hideouts. Also, these plants will become natural sources of food for your shrimp. 

However, these shrimp are versatile and adaptable. You can also breed Babaulti shrimp without much maintenance.

14. Blue Bolt Shrimp

Scientific NameCaridina catonensis
Common NameBlue dream shrimp
Size1-1.25 inches
ColorBlue or white coloration
Life Expectancy1-2 years
Care levelmedium

You can find blue bolt shrimp in higher, medium, or lower grades. These beautiful shrimp are sensitive to water changes.

You should keep the pH level of the blue bolt shrimp tank around 5.5. Besides, the KH of the water should remain within 0-1. Otherwise, your blue bolt shrimp may struggle to molt.

However, you need to feed them regularly. If you leave these shrimp in a well-matured tank, these shrimp can survive on algae, microorganisms, plants, etc.

15. Sulawesi Shrimp

Scientific NameCaridina dennerili
Common NameSulawesi shrimp, white-glove shrimp, etc.
SizeUp to 1 inch
ColorBright red color with white spots
Life ExpectancyUp to 2 years
CostAround $20
Care levelEasy

Another underrated shrimp that are easiest to keep is Sulawesi shrimp. These shrimp do not require much maintenance.

You should maintain the water temperature around 26-30 degrees Celsius for Sulawesi shrimp. Also, these shrimp need higher pH to survive. The optimum pH range for these shrimp is 7-8.2.

To keep Sulawesi shrimp active, these shrimp prefer medium lighting. Since these shrimp tend to hide a lot in the wild, you should provide lots of hiding places in the aquarium.

16. Rili Shrimp

Scientific NameNeocaridina davidi var. Rili
Common NameRili shrimp, Red Rili shrimp
Size1-1.5 inches
ColorRed or orange
TemperamentSociable and docile
Life ExpectancyUp to 2 years
 Care levelEasy

Although you might be confused between red cherry shrimp and Rili shrimp, Rili shrimp can get identified due to their middle transparent part. Rili shrimp are so hardy that these shrimp can tolerate various conditions of the water.

The KH of the water should be within 1-8 of the Rili shrimp tank. Also, the optimum GH should remain between 4-10. These stunning shrimp thrive well in the temperature of 59-86 degrees Fahrenheit.

You should offer a balanced diet to your Rili shrimp. Among dwarf shrimp varieties, Rili shrimp is one of the easiest shrimp to keep for beginners.

17. Fire Shrimp

Scientific NameLysmata debelius
Common NameFire shrimp, blood shrimp, scarlet cleaner shrimp.
Size2 inches
ColorDeep red
Life ExpectancyUp to 2 years
Care levelEasy

In the list of low-maintenance shrimp, you can keep the name fire shrimp. These sweet reddish-colored shrimp do not have much aggression. As a result, you can keep several peaceful tank mates with fire shrimp that are compatible with them.

Besides, the diet of fire shrimp is carnivores. You might have heard of the popularity of fire shrimp as cleaner shrimp. So, these shrimp tend to consume leftovers, uneaten foods, floating foods, etc.

Since fire shrimp are saltwater shrimp, you must keep the salinity of the water at 1.023-1.025. in addition, you should ensure the water temperature is within 75-82 degrees Fahrenheit.

18. Peppermint Shrimp

Scientific NameLysmata wurdemanni
Common NameCandy Cane shrimp, Veined shrimp, Caribbean cleaner shrimp, etc.
Size2 inches
ColorSemi-transparent with light reddish coloration
Life ExpectancyUp to 2 years
Care levelEasy

Peppermint shrimp are inexpensive saltwater shrimp that are easy to handle. These small shrimp consume whatever they find on their way to the aquarium.

Another interesting thing to share about peppermint shrimp is their nocturnal trait. These shrimp remain hidden during the daytime. But, peppermint shrimp are peaceful and shy shrimp.

These shrimp do not have such demands. But, make sure not to cause sudden changes that may give these shrimp shock.

19. Bee Shrimp

Scientific NameCaridina cantonensis
Common NameBee shrimp, Taiwan bee shrimp, king kong shrimp
Size1.5 inches
ColorBrown and white, red and white, or black and white
Life Expectancy18 months
CostAround $9
Care levelEasy

Bee shrimp can live long for 2 years if you ensure proper care. These small shrimp can not survive in hard water. So, you must keep the KH level of water between 0 to 2.

Due to peaceful temperament, you can keep compatible tank mates of bee shrimp in the same tank. Moreover, breeding bee shrimp is easy for any beginner. Since these shrimp are scavengers, they make a large portion of their diet from leftovers, decayed vegetation, and algae.

Which Shrimps Should Be Avoided By Beginners?

As a beginner, you might not be habituated to dealing with the special demands of all shrimp. So, you might need to avoid some specific shrimp.

For this, you should check the requirements of shrimp. If any shrimp species isn’t hardy, you should avoid such sensitive shrimp.

Also, you need to avoid selectively bred shrimp. The high care requirements might get difficult for beginners. For example – Crystal Red Shrimp.

How Many Shrimp Can I Keep In My Aquarium?

Shrimp are social creatures. So, these livings do their best in groups. You can keep 10-15 shrimp together in a tank. But, you should consider the temperament and requirements of shrimp before keeping different species of shrimp together.

Final Words

I hope this article helped you select any shrimp species to keep in your aquarium. For beginners, it must be hard to keep a new aquatic pet that remains sensitive to its environment. But, if you keep your shrimp with love and responsibility, your shrimp will survive for a long time.

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