Are Amano Shrimps Aggressive?


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Are Amano Shrimps Aggressive

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Are you worried that your Amano Shrimps will kill other species? They can be very aggressive if they feel like they are not getting enough food or other species are having the food that they can have. 

Here, I am talking about everything you need to know to understand the nature of Amano Shrimp and what you can do about it. 

Amano Shrimp’s Aggressiveness

You must be wondering now if you should put your Amano shrimp with other tank mates? Will they be aggressive? 

Let me tell you that Amano Shrimps can be very aggressive if they feel like some other fishes or tank mates are having the food they should have. 

They can be aggressive while grabbing the food like they are never going to be fed again! Amano Shrimps sometimes are aggressive enough to eat other shrimps like Sakura Red shrimp, baby shrimps, etc.  

You have to be very careful about choosing your tank mates if you don’t want to repent later. If you are feeding your Amano Shrimps with other Shrimps at the same time at the same spot, they can turn that place into a battlefield. 

You don’t have to worry if your food is enough if there is a lot of algae in your tank for them. They are quite peaceful if they get enough food and a stressless environment. 

The Reasons behind the Aggression

The food aggression of Amano shrimp is not a joke. They can get into a fight with a fish twice bigger than their size for the food they have hold once. 

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It can be worse if you maintain one particular spot for feeding them all alone at the same time. Not giving enough food, fish pallets, algae can also be the reason for their aggression. 

They are voracious eaters and constantly searching for food. You should always check if your feeding routine is appropriate for them. 

Steps to Reduce Amano Shrimps Aggression

What can you do to lessen the aggression? Well, there are plenty of new things you can execute. 

  • You have to identify multiple feeding places multiple times so that no food war takes place. You can feed your other fish or shrimps at another time in another spot. 
  • Educate yourself with the idea that what tank mates will be ideal for your Amano shrimps. You should not put aggressive fish like lobster, Blue cobalt lobster, Goldfish, etc. 
  • You can put Betta fish as their tank companion. You should ensure enough space with a tank holding at least 10 gallons of water. This will give them the space to thrive and grow together. 
  • You can put your Amano Shrimps with smaller fish which are peaceful ones, this will cause no harm and aggression. 
  • You should keep at least 6 Amano shrimps in a tank. You can put 3 males and 3 females to maintain equality. This will prevent any domination. But do not worry about overstock as they have a very low bioload. 
  • Sometimes after molting, Amano shrimps can be vulnerable, especially the female ones. If you have an equal number of females and males, this will prevent males from killing females. 
  • They are very sensitive towards transportation. If you are seeing them swimming like crazy or turning into another color e.g. milky or brown, give them some time to get used to your tank. 
  • You should have a lot of hiding places as Amano Shrimps are fond of climbing and hiding into places. 
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I have mentioned everything related to the aggression of Amano Shrimps. Make sure to find the right place with the right companion with the right portion of feeding style to avoid any type of aggression among the Amano shrimps. 

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