What Is The Most Expensive Bearded Dragon?

What Is The Most Expensive Bearded Dragon

Some fancy people love to keep expensive and rare collections in their possessions. In the same way, fancy pet lovers search for the most expensive and unique pets. If you are such a fancy bearded dragon lover, you may want to know about the most expensive bearded dragon.

In the world of bearded dragons, the zero-morph bearded dragon is the most expensive bearded dragon. The price range of zero morphs bearded dragon is within $300-$900, whereas other bearded dragons cost around $40-$100.

You might be curious to know about the details of this expensive bearded dragon. In this article, I will give you a complete calculation of owning a zero morph bearded dragon, additional cost, total annual expenses, and so on. Without any further ado, let’s go through this article.

bearded dragon sticking its tongue out eating
Owner: Ashley Whitley

Price Of The Most Expensive Beardie: How Much Is A Zero Morph Bearded Dragon Worth?

Generally, the average price range of zero morph bearded dragons is within $300-$900.

There are variations in zero morph bearded dragons. The cost of a zero morph bearded dragons varies according to their color differences, mutations, breeders or stores, etc. Also, the age of this zero-morph bearded dragon affects the cost.

Let’s check out the price variations of zero morph bearded dragons.

Several Types Of Zero Morph Bearded Dragons Cost
Snow or Pure White Zero Morph Bearded Dragon$400-$900
Hypo Zero Bearded Dragon$350-$900
Zero Transculant Bearded DragonAbove $400
Zero Hypo Trans Leatherback Bearded DragonAround $550
Hypo 66% Het Zero And Trans Central Bearded Dragon$110-$300
Het Hypo, Leatherback, Zero Central Bearded DragonAround $350-$500
Witblits 66% Het Hypo 50% Het Zero Leatherback BeardieAround $600
Leatherback Zero 100% Het Hypo 66% Het Trans Central Bearded DragonWithin $400-$600
Double Het Bearded Dragon$400-$600
Female Hypo Zero Central Bearded Dragon$400-$550
Male Hypo Zero Bearded Dragon$550-$700
Hypo, Zero, Possible Het Witblits, Possible Het Trans Bearded Dragon$500-$800
Hypo Leatherback Central Bearded DragonAround $100-$400
Zero Leatherback Central Bearded Dragon$450-$700
Hypo 100% Het Zero And Trans Female Bearded Dragon$80-$300
Hypo Leatherback Dunner Central Bearded Dragon$300-$650

What Is The Rarest Bearded Dragon?

A newer morph of bearded dragons is gaining quick popularity among bearded dragon lovers. This popular bearded dragon is none other than the zero-morph bearded dragon. No wonder zero bearded dragons are pretty friendly towards the owner like other bearded dragons.

Zero-morph bearded dragon is the rarest bearded dragon which is a pretty favorite of people too. Whenever sellers bring this beardie into the sale, this rare bearded dragon tends to sell out promptly.

This zero morph bearded dragon is not usually available in every store. You can call it an extremely rare beardie.

While other bearded dragons are showing off their blazing color and patterns to the world, zero morph bearded dragons have grabbed the attention being entirely patternless.

Thus, this bearded dragon is bound to be the rarest.

bearded dragon wearing a hat in a playful environment
Owner: Tammy Ash

Some Quick Facts About Zero Morph Bearded Dragons

If you want to buy the most expensive bearded dragon, you should know the basic information about this bearded dragon. Hence, I have staged up some quick facts about zero morph bearded dragons. Let’s take a look at the following chart.

Common NameZero morph bearded dragon
Scientific NamePogona vitticeps
Size (adult)16-25 inches long
Color and patternEntirely colorless and patternless. But, you can identify them with their paper-white, tan, light lavender, or grey coloration.
Lifespan6-10 years (There are records of living up to 20 years)
Care levelModerate

Why Are Zero Morph Bearded Dragons Expensive?

You might have wondered why zero morph bearded dragons are expensive. There must be some unique features of these beardies behind their insane popularity. No doubt, these unique traits make their price higher.

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Thus, I have researched a while to find the reasons behind the higher rate of the price of zero morph bearded dragons.

These are-

  • Zero morph bearded dragons are close to albino bearded dragons. Zero morph beardies can live for 6-10 years long, whereas pure albinos survive only a few days.
  • Other bearded dragons have certain colors and patterns. But, zero morph bearded dragons are famous for their lack of markings and patterns.
  • No patterns and coloration of zero morph bearded dragons make their demand high. As a result, the price of a zero morph bearded dragon is higher than other bearded dragons.
  • The recessive mutation of zero morph bearded dragons makes them entirely patternless. Hence, this mutation makes these bearded dragons pretty rare. As the zero-morph bearded dragons do not get available all-time than their demands, the sellers tend to set a higher price.

For all of these reasons, a zero-morph bearded dragon is expensive than other bearded dragons.

bearded dragon beside a live plant
Owner: Kylie Chewy

Cost Of Owning A Zero Morph Bearded Dragon

If you want to buy a zero morph bearded dragon, you should estimate the entire cost of owning this expensive beardie. As an owner of a bearded dragon, you will have mainly two types of expenses.

One of them is the one-time expenses or the initial costs. That means the expense of buying the necessary items of your pet beardie for a lifetime.

Another one is the recurring expenses. It means the recurring expenses of taking care of your bearded dragon.

So, firstly, I shall figure out several costs to find out the total costs. These are-

  • Buying price of zero bearded dragon
  • Shipping charge
  • One-off expenses
  • Monthly expenses
  • Annual or yearly expenses

The summation of these expenses will be the entire cost of owning the most expensive bearded dragon.

Firstly, let’s see what will be your estimated initial costs of buying the most expensive bearded dragon.

The Initial Cost Of Buying A Zero Morph Bearded Dragon

This initial cost is a one-off cost. It means you may not repeat this cost. If you want to buy the most expensive bearded dragon, this initial cost will be higher than average. So, you need to be prepared to expend more than the owners of common bearded dragons.

You should take a look at the following calculation of costs for bringing the most expensive beardie to your home.

1. Cost Of A Zero Morph Bearded Dragon

I’ve already mentioned the price variation of different types of zero morph bearded dragons.

You may need to expend around $300-$900 for any type of zero-morph bearded dragon. No wonder this is why the zero-morph bearded dragon is claimed as the most expensive bearded dragon.

Moreover, there occur lots of mutations in zero-bearded dragons nowadays. Hence, you may notice varieties of zero morph bearded dragons.

Such as trans zero bearded dragons, hypo zero bearded dragon, vis zero bearded dragons, and so on. So, the price range also varies according to the mutation and availability of zero morph bearded dragons.

Besides, the cost of a zero morph bearded dragon varies from breeder to breeder. Again, the price of this most expensive beardie is different in local stores and online stores.

If you are curious to know about the cheapest bearded dragon, you can click here. Moreover, a bearded dragon with a toe nip or tail nip is usually cheaper than a fully healthy and with a nipped bearded dragon.

Let’s check out the following small chart where I have shown the prices according to different breeders. This will enlighten you more about choosing a convenient breeder to expend this initial, prime cost.

bearded dragon sleeping inside blanket
Owner: Justine Lenz
Bearded Dragon Breeders, Or Stores Cost Of Bearded Dragons
CB Reptiles$399.95-$899.95
Reptile Rapture$95-$250
Morph Market$275-$750
Spice Dragons$280-$900
LLL ReptilesAround $300
Here BDragonsAround $600
Tortoise Town$325-$899.95
Underground ReptilesAround $400

In addition, you can search for this most expensive bearded dragon from the breeders. This will save up your money. Such is because the breeders usually sell the beardies 10%-20% cheaper than the pet stores.

2. Shipping Charge

If you want to buy a zero morph bearded dragon online, you must pay for the shipping charge too. Now, this shipping cost depends on the distance, additional items you want to order, and so on. Hence, I am keeping this shipping cost in the list of your initial, one-time cost.

The shipping cost of the most expensive bearded dragon ranges from $30 to $100.

Overnight shipping has become pretty popular among pet lovers. Also, people are preferring two days of shipping.

Usually, bearded dragon lovers choose FedEx and UPS. But, there are other options available for buying this expensive bearded dragon online with a moderate shipping charge.

3. Set-up And Decoration Cost

Aside from buying and shipping charge, you have to pay for the set-up items. If anything doesn’t go wrong, you may not need to re-purchase the set-up and décor items. So, these include the one-time cost of buying the most expensive bearded dragon.

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The conditions of fostering a zero morph bearded dragon are no exception to common bearded dragons. So, you need not look for any specialized set-up items for this most expensive beardie. 

Let’s see what items you need to pay for setting up the enclosure.

bearded dragon enclosure setup
Owner: Paul Symonds

4. Tank, Or Enclosure: How Much Does A Bearded Dragon Cage Cost?

The zero-morph bearded dragon tends to roam or play around all day long. So, you need to buy a pretty larger enclosure for your beardie. Depending on the size and age of your zero-morph bearded dragon, you should buy an enclosure within the capacity of 50-125 gallons.

In the case of a 55-gallon enclosure, it will cost around $125. On the other hand, an enclosure of 125-gallon capacity costs approximately $200-$300 or more.

If you are confused to choose a perfect tank, you can check out the tank selection guide for beginners.

5. Substrate

The most significant component of the enclosure of any bearded dragon is the substrate. You should choose such substrate which will be dry and not hold much water. So, you can buy sand, wood shavings, newspaper, tiles, reptile carpet, etc. Hence, you may need to expend around $5-$15 for buying the substrate.

6. Lighting

Basking space is a must-to-keep spot for bearded dragons. Also, the lightings will help your zero morph beardie keep the day and night cycle on track.

To keep your expensive beardie healthy, you should pay a little more for the lightings and fixtures. The experienced owners suggested buying UVB or UVA light for bearded dragons. So, these bulbs can cost up to $30, and the light fixtures can cost you $10.

7. Heat Sources

To keep your zero-morph bearded dragon warm, you need to buy heating elements. The ceramic heat sources cost around $5-$20.

8. Hygrometer and Thermometer

It is important to keep the temperature and humidity accurate in the tank of your zero-morph bearded dragon. Thus, you need to buy a hygrometer and a thermometer. A reptile thermometer can cost around $4-$12.

9. Décor

Along with compulsory items of an enclosure, you need to buy other additional things. This includes branches, hideouts, plants, water bowl, timer, etc.

Besides, if you want to buy a playpen for your bearded dragon, you will have to pay around $19-$60. In case you are curious to know the details, you should check about the bearded dragon’s playpen.

So, you should expect to open up your heart to expand for the decoration and other necessary items. Check out the following list to get a complete picture of the total initial or one-off costs.

bearded dragon inside its enclosure
Owner: Kylie Chewy

Total One-Off Set Up Or Initial Costs Of Zero Morph Bearded Dragon

Set-up Items Cost (USD)  
50-125 gallon Tank$125-$350
Tank Lid$20-$30
Light fixtures$10
Heating Elements$5-$20
Heat Mat$15-$30
Digital thermostat$12-$40
Reptile fogger$50-$130
Plants (fake or real)$5-$20
Water bowl$10-$30
Total Approximately $700

So, you can expect to expense around $700 as a one-off cost for owning a zero morph bearded dragon. However, you can save up some money by buying second-hand items of some of these compulsory items.

Monthly Recurring Costs Of Owning A Zero Morph Beardie

Buying the beardie and its set-up items is the first step of your expense. Once the one-off cost is completed, you need to focus on the recurring costs of bringing up your zero-morph bearded dragon.

After buying the most expensive bearded dragon, you should pay a little bit more to keep the beardie healthy and happy. The monthly recurring cost to pet a zero morph bearded dragon includes the cost of food, electricity, maintenance, and so on.

1. Monthly Food Cost: How Much Does Bearded Dragon Food Cost?

The cost of food for your expensive bearded dragon depends upon his age. If your zero morph beardie is a baby or juvenile, he will require a higher amount of insects and vegetables.

In case this most expensive bearded dragon is adult, you will need to expend less than the baby or juvenile beardies.

The insects for your beardie can cost around $20-$60. You must agree that dubia roaches and crickets are the primary foods for them. So, if an adult zero morph beardie consumes about 800 crickets in a month, you need to spend around $50 for crickets alone in a month.

Besides, the price of vegetables and fruits is within $30. If you want to feed greens, you will need to expend around $10. So, the total food cost, including insects, fruits, and vegetables, ranges from $40-$120 every month.

You might not know that bearded dragons can consume human foods too. If you know what human foods can bearded dragons eat, this will save up some of your money.

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Also, you should add the cost of supplementation. On the other hand, you can save up some money in monthly food costs by culturing insects on your own.

2. Monthly Electricity Cost

To ensure adequate heat and light, you have to run electric light and heat elements in the zero-morph bearded dragon enclosure. So, the running electricity will cost you a bit more. Depending on the using time, you may need to expend $10-$15 approximately for the electricity bill.

3. Substrate Cleaning Or Replacing Cost

You might have known that you should replace the substrate fully every two weeks. Otherwise, you should confirm a deep cleaning.

To make your expenditure of buying the most expensive beardie worthwhile, you should pay for the recurring costs too. Changing or cleaning substrate include in this monthly recurring cost. This expenditure can be up to $10.

bearded dragon on top of a skull decor
Owner: Jody Stevens

Total Monthly Expenses For The Most Expensive Bearded Dragon

Cost Type   Cost
Vegetables And FruitsAround $30
GreensAround $10
Substrate cleaningAround $10
Total Expenditure Approximately $150 per month

So, you should expect to spend around $150 per month for bringing up your zero-morph bearded dragon.

Annual Expenses For A Zero Morph Bearded Dragon

Aside from the regular expenses, you should remain prepared to spend some extra on an annual basis. You might pay money for these expenses once or twice a year. Hence, people term it as the annual expenses.

Although this may not seem significant, this will help you think about vet bills too.

So, this yearly cost includes the replacement of bulbs, décor items, veterinary expenses, and so on. Although the replacement cost is not always necessary, you must take the veterinary expenses into count.

Let’s check out what can be the yearly veterinary cost of your most expensive bearded dragon.

1. Veterinary Expenses: How Much Does A Bearded Dragon Vet Visit Cost?

To keep your zero-morph bearded dragon healthy and fit, a yearly visit to a vet is a must. If your beardie has any health issues, a regular check-up can find out the problem.

As zero morph bearded dragons are closely related to albinos, these bearded dragons are prone to illness. So, early recognition of a health complexity will help your bearded dragon get recovery soon.

Otherwise, your zero-morph bearded dragon does not need any vaccine to take. Like other pets, many owners prefer to do neuter or spay their bearded dragon.

Also, this is pretty complex in the case of bearded dragons due to their anatomy. So, this can cost you a little more than usual neutering or spaying.

However, sometimes, any unexpected emergency can also come. For example- you might need to take your beardie to a vet to clean out the clogged pores. Also, if zero bearded dragon falls sick, you must spend money on his treatment.

Let’s check out the following table to get an idea about the total veterinary expenses.

bearded dragon resting inside enclosure
Owner: Enne Duncan
Cost Type   Expenses
Spay/Neuter  $100-$1000
Vet Visit  $45-$75
X-ray  $85
Fecal test (to determine the parasite loading)$30
Wormer (if parasites are discovered)  $20
Sonogram/Ultrasound  $300
Total Veterinary Expenses Approximately $580-$1500

So, the total yearly vet cost for checking up the most expensive bearded dragon happy ranges within $1500.

2. Cost Of Replacement Of Items

If any items in the enclosure get hampered or wasted, you should buy the item again. You will need to replace the bulbs regularly as the bulbs do not last long. Besides, you should replace or change the substrate of sand, newspaper, or any other substrate.  So, you can include this in the yearly cost.

Thus, you can make the budget for annual expenses within $1500-$1600 for your bearded dragon.

Overall Cost Of A Zero Morph Bearded Dragon

Buying the most expensive bearded dragon is already a big expense for a bearded dragon owner. In addition, you have to add the monthly recurring expenses with the one-off expenses.

So, when you calculate all monthly expenses of your pet zero morph bearded dragon together, you can figure out the yearly expenses of owning this pet.

One-Off Expenses   Around $700
Monthly Recurring ExpensesAround  $150
Total Expenses In A Year (12 Months)($150*12) = $1800
Annual ExpensesAround $1500
Total Cost Approximately $4150

In short, the total expenditure of owning the most expensive bearded dragon or zero morph beardie is approximately $4150 in a year.

If you only want to know the buying price, this bearded dragon will cost around $300-$900. Besides, if you want to include the buying price and shipping charge, the entire cost will be up to around $5000.

bearded dragon on hair
Owner: Lehanne Bailey

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a bearded dragon cost?

The average cost of a bearded dragon is anywhere between $30 and $100 depending on its age. However, this only reflects the price of the beardie itself. The cost of a bearded dragon can vary depending on several factors such as age, size, color, genetics, breeder, and availability.

When you consider the costs of their enclosure, necessary care supplies, and an initial vet visit, you’re looking at an additional $300 to $600.

The most important factors affecting the price are color and morph. Bearded dragons can cost anywhere from $40 to $900.

What is the rarest Color of bearded dragon?

Out of the commonly recognized bearded dragon colors, blue is considered the rarest. However, it’s important to note that the rarity of a particular color may also depend on the specific species or morph of the bearded dragon. Other rare colors for bearded dragons include purple and black.

What is the price of hypo zero bearded dragons?

Generally, the price for a hypo zero bearded dragon ranges from $300 to $1000. However, some breeders may charge more depending on the dragon’s specific traits and lineage. The price can vary depending on their age, sex, genetics, and availability. 

Why are some bearded dragons more expensive?

There are several reasons why some bearded dragons are more expensive than others.

One of the main factors is the dragon’s color and morph. Certain colors and morphs, such as blue, purple, and zero, are rarer and more sought after, which drives up their price.

Additionally, the dragon’s lineage and genetics can also impact its price, as breeders may charge more for dragons with desirable traits or from specific bloodlines.

Age and size can also play a role in pricing, as younger dragons are generally less expensive than adults.

Finally, the quality of care and husbandry that the dragon has received can impact its price, as well-cared-for dragons are generally healthier and more desirable.

Final Words

I hope this article helped you calculate the estimated cost of owning the most expensive bearded dragon. If the total cost is budget-friendly for you, you can happily proceed with buying this unique and rare bearded dragon.

Otherwise, you need to think twice before buying a zero morph bearded dragon. After all, you must have the financial affordability to fulfill all requirements of keeping this bearded dragon as your pet.

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