How Old Is Your Bearded Dragon In Human Age?

Curiosity has no end, and it seems the reptile pet owners have taken that really seriously. To be honest, we don’t blame them. After all, any pet owner would love to know how old their pet if it was a human. So, how old is your bearded dragon in the human age?

8 human years are about equal to one bearded dragon year. So, if you’re lizard is 5 years old, it should be 5 x 8 = 40 years old. But don’t forget that different bearded dragons, depending on their diet, environment, and genetics, can age differently than this estimation.

But is it important to know the lizard’s age in human years? And what about knowing their actual age? Well, the answers are waiting below.

Key Takeaways

  • One year of a bearded dragon is equivalent to approximately 8 of human years.
  • Knowing the human years age is not as important as knowing the actual age.
  • Understanding the actual age assist in preparing dietary plan and other aspect of health care.
  • The first best way to find out the age is contacting the breeder and the second one is contacting the vet.

Is Knowing A Bearded Dragon’s Age In Human Years Important?

No, it’s not crucially vital for you to know how old your beardie is in human years. Actually, it’s in no way related to the reptile’s well-being. After all, Bearded dragons’ lifespans and biological processes, both are quite different from ours. So, rather than focusing on knowing their human age, it’s better to focus on the lizard’s specific needs, health requirements, behavior, and actual age.

The actual age of the pet might come in handy as it’ll let you know not only the lizard’s life stage but also its potential life expectancy. The thing is, juveniles usually come with different food and environmental requirements compared to adults.

By the way, it’s not that you’ll have to always track the age all by yourself through different tests. Asking the breed or pet store where you got your beardie should be enough.

bearded dragon looking at camera close up
Owner: Cristine Rowe

How To Determine A Bearded Dragon’s Age In Human Years?

When it comes to finding out a number, it’s always about the right calculation. But how would you find out what age of your dragon would’ve been if it was a human? After all, bearded dragons and other reptiles develop at varying rates.

So, if you’d go for the conversion from bearded years to human years, it’ll be nothing but merely a rough estimate, though it’s a simple process. All you have to do is do some quick math.

The first thing you’re going to need here is the finding out what one year is equivalent to in human years. By the way, once again, it’s an estimation, so the accuracy of the calculation is not guaranteed, but the number surely will be close enough.

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It’s seven dog years which is considered equivalent to one human year. There are certain breeds of dogs that live about 8 years, while the lifetime of other kinds can reach up to 15. So, the average age here is supposed to be 11.5 years.

If you multiply 11.5 by 7, you’ll be getting 80.5 human years. According to our data, the median age of human life is 80.5 years. But that’s a comparison with the dog. What about bearded dragons? 

The typical lifetime of a bearded dragon is around ten years. To get the ratio, divide the human lifespan by the beardie longevity. 80.5/10 provides 8.05. For this reason, the lifespan of a bearded dragon is eight times that of a human. So, clearly, if your beardie is one, it would be eight years old in human years.

How Important Is It To Know Your Bearded Dragon’s Actual Age?

Before you get confused, let us tell you knowing the age of your lizard and knowing its age in human years are not the same. The first one is a must, and the second one is not. But why is it exactly that much important? Well, for the following reasons.

1. Dietary Requirements

Depending on the age of the lizard, the nutritional needs of bearded dragons can vary a lot. Usually, the younger ones need more food compared to the older ones. After all, like any other developing organism, they too require more protein and specialized nutrients to fuel their rapid growth.

But, once they get older, they need a varied ratio of certain nutrients. So, knowing how old your bearded dragon is, it’ll be easier for you to give it the proper diet and vitamins.

bearded dragon with open mouth
Owner: Carrie Pado

2. Behavioral Patterns

At each stage of life, bearded dragons display a unique set of characteristics and behavior. Young ones are usually more energetic and exploratory compared to older ones, that prefer staying relaxed and less active.

So when you know their age, it’ll be easier for you to understand their actions better and keep up with their needs. FYI, dragons of different ages have different needs. The younger ones require more enrichment and stimulation, while the older ones prefer restful and quiet time.

3. Health Considerations

Bearded dragons can experience different health risks as they age. Thanks to the rapid growth in young dragons, they can be prone to metabolic bone disease. On the contrary, older ones usually face almost a wider variety of diseases, including the ones related to their age.

So, if you know how old your pet is, you can keep an eye out for any age-related health problems and get veterinarian care right once if required.

4. Lifespan Expectations

Beardies can live anywhere from 5 to 8 years and sometimes more than that, depending on the species and the quality of their care. But to at least assume, how much you’ve got left with it, you need to its age.

So, even if you’re thinking about adopting or purchasing a bearded dragon, knowing this can aid with your long-term planning and emotional preparedness.

cute bearded dragon with hat and scarf
Owner: Tammy Ash

5. Breeding And Reproductive Considerations

If you’re a breeder and planning to get started with the breeding program, knowing the age of your beardies is mandatory. Not only the parents but the progeny too can suffer if bearded dragons are bred while they are too young or elderly.

Plus, it’s easier for the breeders to make better judgments about the beardies’ care and reproductive health, when they’re sure of the lizards’ age.

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By the way, don’t forget to note that estimating a beardie’s age can be tricky in some situations. If you’re getting a dragon from a rescue or rehoming scenario where it’s got no history, it’ll be tougher for you to know how old it is.

In such situations, it’ll be better if you just focus on its current health condition, its personality, its individual needs and provide care accordingly.

bearded dragon resting on owner's shoulder
Owner: Trinity Zinth

How To Find Out A Bearded Dragons Actual Age?

We guess you’ve got the point about how essential it is to know your beardie’s age. But how are going to figure out the age of your reptile? Well, there are a few ways that you can try, such as –

1. Size And Growth

One of the most common methods of finding out a bearded dragon’s age is taking its measurements and then comparing them to those on a size-by-age table for bearded dragons. If you’re asking for a quick but simple method to trace your pet’s age, this is it.

Wait! There’s a problem too, or let’s just call it a drawback of this method. This approach is mostly effective for beardies between the ages of one month and two years. The thing is, bearded dragons in this age range have fast monthly growth, making it possible to accurately determine their age based on their current size.

But once the beardies hit the age of two, they simply stop growing and make it kind of tough to find out their age. So, we propose the measuring method only if you’re certain that you’ve got a juvenile or infant bearded dragon. To ease things up for you, we’ve added the growth chart for you.

Age (Months)StageSize (Inches)

2. Sexual Maturity

The sexual maturity of a bearded dragon too has a lot to do with its age. So, looking out for its signs can get you a hint on what its age is. Again, this approach also only works for beardies that are under the age of 8 months old. After that, fixing up a number on their age isn’t easy with this method.

That’s because beardies become sexually mature within the age of 8-12 months. So, if you’re seeing them active in their sexual life, you can bet that they’re at least  8-12 months old or older than this.

But what if there are no partners they can mate with? How are you going to find it out then? For that, you better have a peek beneath your beardie’s tail and look out for bulges right above the vent.

If you see 2 bulges then probably you have a male, and if there is only 1 bulge then you’ve probably got a girl. But if you’re seeing no bulges, then your lizard is not sexually matured yet.

There’s another approach to check the sexual maturity of bearded dragons, it’s less precise though. Yes, we’re talking about looking for dots on the inside of the hind legs. Large dots there would imply you have a sexually mature male beardie, whereas little or no dots would indicate of it being a female.

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We probably know what you’re thinking right now, Well, yes, this means if you’ve got   a female, there it’ll still be tough for you find find out its sexual maturity through this process.

bearded dragon with pink harness
Owner: Natalie Racz

3. Asking The Breeder

Looking for the easiest method of finding out the age of your bearded dragon? Well, we’ll say you better contact the breeder then. So far, it’s considered the most reliable technique, although it may not always be an option, depending on how you actually came into possession of your dragon.

But if you’ve got your reptile from them, they surely will be able to give you the accurate number on the age. After all, if they’re among the good breeders, they should have a birth certificate and be able to tell you all about the dragon’s conformation and history.

In case you’ve got your lizard from a pet store, you better get back there and ask any questions you may have regarding the age of the pet. Usually, the staff there should likely know all the information in this regard or about caring for your new pet.

But that goes for a recent buy. What if you’ve got it a while ago? Well, in such cases, you better ask by which age they first arrive and how long it takes to sell on average. This will give you have an initial hint on their age.

4. Teeth

Teeth wearing down and getting discolored is quite normal in older bearded dragons. So, you can use this too as a way of determining the age of the lizard. But let’s not forget, this isn’t always accurate because of the effects of nutrition and other variables on tooth wear.

So, rather than depending on this, consider a number of factors as well, including skin, size, and behavior, but teeth are a always good starting point. But if you’re unsure of the beardie’s possible age, consult a vet who specializes in reptiles.

bearded dragon wearing a hat in a playful environment
Owner: Tammy Ash

5. Skin

Bearded dragons usually develop sagging skin and wrinkles as they become older. However, similarly to the teeth, the skin of beardies is not a foolproof indicator of their age. So, the best thing you can do is estimate the age using skin as one criterion among several others, including size, teeth, and behavior. If you still find it difficult to determine, talk to a herp vet in this regard.

6. Contacting The Vet

Let’s call it the last resort. If you’re done with trying all the methods we’ve mentioned above, try meeting a vet to assist you determine the age of your bearded dragon. When you’re missing the information from the breeder, it’s impossible to get precise ages. But that doesn’t mean from a thorough inspection by your veterinarian you can’t get some solid estimation.

Before We Go…

Indeed tracking the growth rate is one of the easiest way to track the age of a bearded dragon. But what if it starts growing in the first place? Well, that can happen to your one too. So, check out our blog Why Isn’t My Bearded Dragon Growing? and find out every that might need now or in the future.

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