How Much Does A Bearded Dragon Cost? [UPDATED Price List]

If you are a hobbyist in keeping exotic pets, you may think of buying bearded dragons. Before bringing this new pet home, you must calculate the entire cost breakdown of keeping a bearded dragon. So, the very first question that may pop into your mind is how much does a bearded dragon cost?

Typically, you can buy an average bearded dragon for $30-$100. But, the rare species of bearded dragons can cost over $1200. In total, the entire cost of ownership during the first year is around $1109-$3322. The cost of a bearded dragon varies depending on its species, age, color, morph, availability, breeders, etc.

So, in this article, I’ve come up with the updated price list of bearded dragons. In addition, you’ll get a complete guide on the recurring costs of keeping a bearded dragon. So, you must not miss this article if you want to know whether keeping a bearded dragon is budget-friendly for you or not.

I’ve categorized the total cost breakdown into three sections. These are one-time costs, grooming costs, and occasional costs. So, let’s go through the one-time cost section first.

One-time Cost

This one-time cost consists of buying price, shipping cost, and one-off supplies cost. It means you need to expend these costs for one time only.

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Bearded Dragon?

Several factors impact the price of bearded dragons. Such as-

1. Age of Bearded Dragons

The age of bearded dragons is a significant factor in its price range. No wonder a baby bearded dragon is cheaper than a mature bearded dragon. But, it depends on the morphs and species too. Besides, a grown-up bearded dragon has a higher cost of habitat set-up, foods, etc.

How Much Does A Baby Bearded Dragon Cost?

If you research the price of beardies, you’ll notice less price of baby beardies than the adults. The younger the bearded dragon, the less will be its price.

The average price range is about $40-$85 for a baby bearded dragon. At pet stores, the sellers tend to sell baby bearded dragons for up to $65. If you buy baby bearded dragons from breeders, the price range will be around $50-$70.

Remember that the hatchlings of beardies cost according to their species and morphs. For example- the price of a baby Citrus Bearded Dragon is about $70. On the other hand, you can buy a Sandfire hatchling at around $90.

However, you should not buy a baby bearded dragon younger than 6 weeks old.

How Much Is A Full Grown Bearded Dragon?

The price of an adult bearded dragon is higher than that of a baby or juvenile bearded dragon. Within $100-$150, you can walk out of a pet store with a full-grown bearded dragon.

Depending on the species, morphs, or breeder, the price of a full-grown bearded dragon can cost up to $2000.

2. Sex of Bearded Dragons

The price of a specific species of a bearded dragon can also vary due to its gender. Generally, a female bearded dragon is costlier than a male bearded dragon. Also, there are more demands for female beardies for breeding purposes. 

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For example, a male lemon fire bearded dragon costs $150, whereas a female lemon fire beardie costs $200.

3. Color Or Morph of Bearded Dragons

The color and morph play a crucial role to determine the cost of a bearded dragon. That’s because some species of certain morphs are rare. So, their price becomes higher.

You can also go through this article to find out about the most expensive bearded dragon.

How Much Does A White Bearded Dragon Cost?

White-bearded dragons are the hybrids between snow-bearded dragons and witblits bearded dragons.

You can buy a white-bearded dragon for $300-$700.

These beardies can be silver-white or grey, depending on the climate. The unique feature of having no morph or pattern makes this bearded dragon rare.

How Much Does A Red Bearded Dragon Cost?

The most highlighting concern of buying a red-bearded dragon is its infrequent availability in general pet stores. If you want to buy a red-bearded dragon, you must contact private breeders.

A red-bearded dragon can cost around $50-$300. The price varies according to the shades of red. Also, the price gets higher if the shade is darker.

Hence, Ruby red-bearded dragons are the most expensive of all red beardies. Besides, pink to deep maroon shades of bearded dragon morphs are considered red.

How Much Does A Black Bearded Dragon Cost?

There are no black-bearded dragons found in any pet store or online stores. There may not be any bearded dragons with black pigmentation. So, the price range of a black beardie has not been found anywhere. However, bearded dragons may turn black whenever these animals are under stress or cold temperature.

How Much Are Blue Bearded Dragons?

Depending on the species, blue bearded dragons can cost around $300-$400.

If a translucent species of bearded dragon holds its color up to its maturity, it can turn into a blue bearded dragon. These blue bearded dragons are rare and hard to availability.

How Much Is A Purple Bearded Dragon?

Purple bearded dragons are as rare as blue bearded dragons. It can cost around $300.

32 Types Of Different Colors Of Bearded Dragons And Their Price

Color Or MorphPrice  
Ruby Red$200-$300
Sandfire RedUp to $200
PurpleAround $300
WeroUp to $500
FancyUp to $300
Citrus Tiger$100-$200
Lemon Fire$150-$300
Classic or Standard$25-$100
PurpleUp to $300
BlackNot found
AlbinoNot found

4. Store or Breeders

You can buy bearded dragons from several sources. The easiest option is to buy a bearded dragon from your local pet stores. If you do not have any local pet stores, you can rely on online stores.

There are several reliable online pet stores from where you can buy bearded dragons. Such as UndergroundReptiles, LLLReptile, BackwaterReptiles, PetSmart, Petco, etc.

Otherwise, you have to depend on breeders. Some best online breeders are CB Reptiles, XYZ Reptiles, Reptile Rapture, Spice Dragons, Morph Market, Cliffhanger Reptiles, etc.

Besides, you can look into the reptile show, which is a big get-together of breeders and reptile enthusiasts.

The price range of bearded dragons varies according to the sources from where you buy your favorite beardie.

5. Species of Bearded Dragons

There are mainly eight species found in bearded dragons. Each species of bearded dragon costs different than other species. Let’s check the following table of costs for several species of bearded dragons.

Common NameScientific NameCost
Eastern Bearded DragonPogona barbata$150-$400
Dwarf Bearded DragonPogona minorAround $700
Western Bearded DragonPogona minor minima$200-$400
Rankin’s Bearded DragonPogona henrylawsoni$100-$400
Vittikins Bearded DragonPogona vittikins$250-$400
Central Bearded DragonsPogona vitticeps$40-$100

Shipping Cost

When you buy a bearded dragon through online breeders or online stores, you should expect to pay the shipping cost. It depends on the distance of the shipment and the requirements.

The average shipping cost of beardies for overnight delivery is within $40-$100.

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One-off Supplies Cost

The expense of buying a bearded dragon is only a small share of the entire cost breakdown. When you think of keeping a pet, you must ensure setting up a proper habitat. To fulfill the requirements of your bearded dragon, you need to count the one-off supplies costs.

From my experiences of keeping a pet bearded dragon, I’ve made a list of the required items and their costs. Let’s go through the following list.

Glass tank$80-$700
Ventilated screen lid$30-$50
Ceramic Heating Element$10-$25
UVB Light$7-$12
T5 UVB Fixture$15-$65
Water bowl$12-$20
UVA Basking Lamp Fixture$15-$100
Food dish$5-$10
Digital thermostat$10-$40
Humidity gauge$5-$20
Basking rock$8-$20

Monthly Grooming Cost: How Much Does It Cost Per Month To Have A Bearded Dragon?

After bringing a bearded dragon to your home, there must be a separate grooming cost on monthly basis. So, when you decide to keep a bearded dragon as a pet, you should calculate the monthly cost too. If you afford these food and electricity costs, you can proceed to buy a new beardie.

Food Cost

The food cost of bearded dragons varies according to the age of your pet bearded dragon. As baby and juvenile bearded dragons grow fast, they require plentiful foods. Compared to them, you may cost less for food if your bearded dragon is an adult.

Bearded dragons can eat varieties of foods, including live insects, vegetables, fruits, small vertebrates, etc. Among live insects, there are crickets, dubia roaches, bugs, locusts, grasshoppers, black soldier fly larvae, earthworms, redworms, super worms, etc.

On the other hand, you can feed a variety range of vegetables like sweet potato, okra, mushrooms, cucumbers, leafy greens, etc. In the same way, there must be 5-10% fruits in their diet. Click here to know more about safe fruits for bearded dragons.

  • Live Insects Cost = $25-$60
  • Vegetables Cost = $15-$30
  • Fruits Cost = $2-$5

So, the monthly food cost for a pet bearded dragon can be around $42-$95.

Monthly Treat Cost

As human tries out rich food once or twice a month, bearded dragons also require monthly treats. In the list of monthly treats, there are basil, chives, sage, oregano, papaya, mango, pomegranate, etc. Thus, you may expend around $5 to make your bearded dragon happy.

Supplementation Cost

To ensure a healthy diet, you must gut-load the insects with calcium and multivitamins. Since bearded dragons can not have a similar diet as the wild, these bearded dragons lack several nutrients. Hence, you must expend for supplementation in the list of grooming costs.

If your bearded dragon is an adult, it will require calcium with vitamin D3 2-3 times a week. Besides, you need to provide multivitamin supplementation at least 2 times per month.

On the other hand, a juvenile beardie requires multivitamins 1 time a week. Also, you should give calcium with vitamin D3 4-5 times a week. I’ve found that the price of 200 g of calcium dust is around $3.19.

So, the total supplementation cost ranges from $10-$20.

Electricity Cost: How Much Does A Bearded Dragon Cost In Electricity?

While keeping a bearded dragon as a pet, you should keep a separate segment of the electricity bill in the list of costs. You might know that bearded dragons require basking light. So, you need to install such a heat lamp.

Besides, you have to run a heat mat, UVB light, and other heat sources.

To run this electric equipment, you may expend around $5-$15 on electricity bills in a month.

Usually, running a reptile heat lamp can cost 14 cents per hour. If you run a 150-watt heat lamp, it will cost around $1.50 per day.

Food cost$42-$95
Monthly treats cost$5
Supplementation cost$10-$20
Electricity bills$5-$15
Total Monthly Cost$62-$130

Occasional Cost

In addition to the regular cost, there may arrive several occasional costs too. It includes vet costs, maintenance costs, etc.

If any required equipment gets ruined, there will come the occasional cost of repurchasing the items. In the same way, there may add health check-up costs. Let’s go through the details of these costs.

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Health Check-up Cost

You must not be a miser when it comes to the health issues of your bearded dragons. If you notice any unusual behavior or health complexities of your beardie, you must rush to a veterinarian. Without any medical tests, an office visit to the vet can cost $25 to $100.

Besides, the blood test, x-rays, and other tests can cost differently. Also, you need to pay more for medications or treatments.

In total, the health check-up cost can go up to or over $200 depending on the type of health complexities of your beardie.

Cost Of Repurchasing Or Changing Supplies

Sometimes, the heating equipment may get ruined. In such a case, you have to either repair or buy new equipment. Besides, you should change the substrate every six months. It may cost $20-$100.

Maintenance Cost

Keep a part of your expenditure for the maintenance of bearded dragons. To prevent any unwanted diseases, you must ensure the cleanliness of the habitat of beardies.

You should spot-clean the habitat daily by removing the uneaten foods, wastes, etc. Besides, you must disinfect the tank, water dish, and food bowl with bleaches or cleaners.

So, you should expend some money on a 3% bleach solution, soap, hydrogen peroxide, gloves, spring water, lino, distilled vinegar, etc.

The average maintenance cost ranges from $30 to $100.

Total Bearded Dragon Cost Breakdown: $1109-$3322

Let’s sum up the bearded dragon cost, one-off items cost, monthly cost, and other additional costs finding out the 1st yearly total expenditure. It will be the total cost breakdown of owning a bearded dragon.

Bearded dragon cost$30-$100
Shipping cost$40-$100
One-off items cost$220-$1162
Yearly cost = (monthly cost*12)($62-$130)*12 = $744-$1560
Health check-up cost$25-$200
Cost of repurchasing or changing supplies$20-$100
Maintenance expenses$30-$100
Total Cost Breakdown In A Year$1109-$3322

So, in the first year of buying a bearded dragon, the total cost breakdown with occasional costs will be around $1109-$3322. If you do not count the occasional cost, the entire expense of the first year of owning a beardie will be about 1034-$2922.

Otherwise, the yearly cost breakdown of keeping a pet bearded dragon may cost you around only $744-$1560.

How Much Do Bearded Dragons Cost In The UK?

People often remain confused about thinking whether bearded dragons are legal in the UK. For your convenience, I’ve found out that bearded dragons are not on the list of CITES (the convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora).

In the UK, bearded dragons cost from $35 to $100.

Besides, the price of rare species can cost more than that of regular bearded dragons.

Are Bearded Dragons Worth It?

Depending on your affordability, you can tell whether bearded dragons can be worth it or not. If you want to save up some money, you can pick a baby beardie instead of an adult bearded dragon. Moreover, you can choose the heating equipment that saves energy. It will reduce your electricity bills.

Once you buy the set-up items, you need not expend much on bearded dragons. The monthly expenditures for bearded dragon come around only $62-$130.

If you remain able to spend this amount monthly, this expense will be worthy for bearded dragons. After all, bearded dragons are pretty friendly and low-maintenance pets.

Also, you need not take much hassle in choosing food items as bearded dragons are voracious eaters. These beardies can consume human foods too. To know more, take a quick look at this article: what human foods can bearded dragons eat?

Unlike other reptiles, bearded dragons roam around your house and can eat human foods too.

What Should You Concern Before Buying A Bearded Dragon For Pet?

There are several things to consider before buying a bearded dragon. These are-

  1. Firstly, you should research a while about the bearded dragon that you want to buy.
  2. If this is your second bearded dragon, you should buy a beardie of the same sex. Otherwise, you’ll have an unwanted baby bearded dragon at your home.
  3. Check out the eyes of your chosen bearded dragon. If the eyes are dull, the beardie may be ill or dehydrated.
  4. Also, you should notice the tail, toes, skin, and all limbs of the bearded dragon. If the toe or tip of the tail is missing, the price of the beardie should be lower.
  5. In addition, the bearded dragon should not have any wounds, bumps, or lesions on the skin. Inspect carefully to notice whether the beardie has any broken limb.
  6. Make sure that your chosen bearded dragon is healthy and sound after making proper inspections.
  7. While purchasing a bearded dragon, you should inspect the enclosure.
  8. if you are bringing your beardie online, you must ensure the guarantee of live arrival.
  9. Before purchasing bearded dragons from online breeders or stores, you should check out the customer reviews.
  10. Lastly, you must be well aware of the entire cost breakdown of owning a bearded dragon. If the total expense matches your budget, you can proceed further to purchase a bearded dragon.

For details, you can pay a visit to this article about the bearded dragon selection guide.

Final Words

Bearded dragons can be wonderful pets if you take well care of them. I hope this article enlightened you about the total cost breakdown of bearded dragons in detail. Not to mention, you should go through the updated price list, which you can get here in this article, before choosing a bearded dragon.

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