Cheapest Bearded Dragon: How Much It Costs?

Cheapest Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons can be quite expensive compared to most other pets. So, if you are looking for what’s the cheapest bearded dragon and how much it costs, then I won’t be surprised. In fact, after my hours of research, I’ve found out the price of the cheapest bearded dragon you can buy from a store.

The cheapest bearded dragon typically costs around $49. However, in most cases, the dragon will have nipped tail meaning the tail will miss some of its parts. If you want a fully-formed bearded dragon, you’ll need to pay $59.99 at the minimum. If you are buying from an online store, the shipping cost will also add to the bearded dragon’s cost.

Though I’ve mentioned the prices, they need some explanations. Also, you’ll need to know where you can find these beardies at the cheapest price. So, read on!

bearded dragon chilling inside enclosure
Owner: Prudence Lewis

Cheapest Bearded Dragons From 5 Online Stores

Frankly, it took me hours to make this table for you. I have researched 5 most common online stores from where you can buy a bearded dragon. I looked through the type of bearded dragon they sell and the price associated with each type. Then I sorted through the listing to find 3 cheapest bearded dragons each store sells. I have included those beardies along with their price and shipping information in the above table.

What is the cheapest bearded dragon?

If you don’t have any problem with nipped tails, then the cheapest dragon you can get is from LLL’Reptiles. Their baby nipped-tail central bearded dragon costs only $49.99.

You may ask the baby nipped tail bearded dragon from Big Apple Herp costs less, only $49. So, why am I choosing LLL’Reptiles?

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Well, you’ll have to take into account the shipping cost too. The shipping cost from both of the stores are as below:

  • LLL’Reptile: (Shipping Fee + Packing Fee) = $39.95 + $5.95 = $45.9
  • Big Apple Herp: (Shipping Fee + Packing Fee) = $39.95 + $10 = $49.95

So, considering the shipping cost, the cheapest bearded dragon you can get from is LLL’Reptiles.

Important note

The conclusion I drew here is based on the current pricing and shipping fee of the stores as of writing this article. In future, the price can change. So if you see some mismatch, don’t come at me with a stick!

Are Bearded Dragons Cheap Pets?

Bearded dragons are not cheap pets. A single bearded dragon typically costs between $250 to $450 which is much higher compared to most other popular pets except cats and dogs. The foods of bearded dragons can also get quite pricey, especially considering you’ll have to replenish the stock every month.

bearded dragon looking at you with a cute face
Owner: Megan Powell

How Much Should I Pay For A Bearded Dragon?

You can expect to pay around $250 to $450 for a common bearded dragon. However, if the bearded dragon is rare, the cost can shoot up much higher. For example, some rare morphs like Zero Trans Leatherback Witblit or Hypo-Trans Leatherback can cost up to $1000.

On the other hand, if the bearded dragon is physically deformed or has a nipped tail, you can find it at a much cheaper price, typically around $50.

How To Save Money When Buying Bearded Dragon?

I’ve already mentioned the cheapest price you’ll need to pay for buying a bearded dragon from an online store. However, there are still some ways to get a bearded dragon even cheaper. Let me mention some:

  • Instead of an online store, buy from a local breeder. You’ll get much healthier bearded dragon at a lower price. It will also support your local breeder.
  • Join bearded dragons communities, Facebook groups, etc. It will be even better if you can join a local bearded dragon community. There, if anyone is giving his/her bearded dragon up for adoption, you can ask her to make you the new owner. This can totally happen if you can convince the old owner that you’ll take really good care of the beardie.
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Here are some popular bearded dragon communities:

how much does it cost to ship a bearded dragon?

The cost of shipping a bearded dragon may vary depending on the shipping company, distance, and other factors. Here’s a table summarizing the shipping cost of 3 different stores:

Store NameShipping Price
Backwater ReptilesOvernight delivery $44.99
LLL’Reptile(Shipping +Packing)
$39.95 + $5.95 = $45.90
Big Apple Herp(Shipping +Packing)
$39.95 + $10= $49.95
two bearded dragon one on top of other
Owner: Justine Lenz

Should I get 1 or 2 bearded dragons?

The decision of whether to get one or two bearded dragons depends on several factors, including your ability to care for them, the space you have available, and your personal preferences.

It is generally not recommended to keep more than one bearded dragon in the same enclosure, especially if they are male. Bearded dragons can be territorial and may become aggressive towards each other, leading to injuries or stress.

Here are some considerations to help you make your decision:

  1. Space: Bearded dragons require a suitable enclosure with enough space to move around, bask, and explore. If you have limited space, it may be better to start with one bearded dragon to ensure they have enough room to thrive.
  2. Time and Attention: Bearded dragons are social reptiles and enjoy interaction with their owners. If you have the time and energy to spend with multiple dragons, you could consider getting two. However, if you’re a beginner or have limited time, it might be easier to care for and bond with one.
  3. Cost: Owning multiple bearded dragons can be more expensive than having just one. You’ll need a larger enclosure, more food, and potentially additional heating and lighting equipment. Consider your budget when making your decision.
  4. Compatibility: Bearded dragons can be territorial, especially males. If you plan to keep two, ensure they are compatible and housed separately until you’re confident they won’t harm each other.
  5. Breeding: If you’re not interested in breeding bearded dragons, avoid keeping a male and female together, as they can breed quickly. This could lead to a larger number of hatchlings that you’ll need to care for and find homes for.
  6. Experience: If you’re new to keeping bearded dragons, it may be best to start with one to gain experience and ensure you can meet their needs effectively before considering multiple dragons.
  7. Consultation: Talk to experienced bearded dragon owners and breeders for advice. They can provide insights into the challenges and benefits of keeping one or more dragons.
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What is the most expensive bearded dragon?

The most expensive bearded dragon is the zero-morph bearded dragon. The price range for zero-morph bearded dragons is typically within $300-$900, whereas other bearded dragons can cost around $40-$100. Zero-morph bearded dragons are unique because they lack the typical scales and spikes found on other bearded dragon morphs.

Final Words

I hope by now you have a clear idea about bearded dragon prices and how cheap they can get. In simpler words, if the bearded dragon has a nipped tail, you can buy it at a much cheaper price. Also don’t just look at the beardie’s price tag. Take into account the shipping cost of the store too.

My last parting words will be, even if one single store sells a bearded dragon a few dollars less than the other, that doesn’t automatically mean you need to buy from that store. Look at the store’s shipping policy, if they offer live arrival guarantee, etc. to determine from where you should buy your bearded dragon.

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