What Frogs Can Live Together Peacefully? [Pair Combinations]

The world of frog species is so diverse that it’s hard to resist the desire to keep different pet frogs together for frog enthusiasts. But, not all frogs are compatible with each other. So, frog enthusiasts often ask- what frogs can live together peacefully?

You should match the requirements and temperament before keeping different frogs together. I’ve researched for a while to find the best matches within frog species. In this article, I’ve collaborated all information about which frogs can live together peacefully.

So, you must not miss this article if you want to keep multiple frogs of different species together.

What Things Should You Keep In Mind Before Cohabiting Frogs Together?

There are a few conditions to fulfill before cohabiting frogs together. If you want your frogs to live peacefully, you should confirm a few things first.

Firstly, you should ensure that your chosen frogs are social. Solitary frogs can not share their tank with others. So, checking social nature is a must-to-check.

Secondly, you need to see whether the frogs are compatible with each other. Some frogs do best in groups of their species. If your frog does not remain friendly towards other species, you can’t bring other frogs.

Thirdly, the requirements of the frogs should be similar. Since the frogs will share the same tank, the environmental requirements should be similar. If any frog hails from a warm environment, that frog can’t live peacefully with a frog in a cold area.

Lastly, you should be concerned about the temperament and size of the selected frogs. Otherwise, these frogs will not live peacefully together.

7 Pairs Of Frogs That Live Together Peacefully

Dart Frogs
Red-eyed Tree Frogs

1. Dart Frogs And Red-eyed Tree Frogs

FactorsDart FrogsRed-eyed Tree Frogs
TypeTerrestrial and ArborealArboreal
Size1-1.5 inches2-3 inches
TemperamentTerritorialDocile and calm
Optimal Temperature75-85 degrees Fahrenheit75-85 degrees Fahrenheit
Optimal Humidity75-100%50-80%
Activity State  DiurnalNocturnal
Care levelMediumEasy

You might not believe that any species of tree frog can be kept with poison dart frogs! But, it’s true. In that case, you need to choose smaller species of tree frogs as dart frogs are too small. Hence, I’ve picked up red-eyed tree frogs.

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Red-eyed tree frogs can live with dart frogs peacefully if you house them with the required facilities. Their environmental demands are almost similar.

Moreover, both frogs are insectivores. So, you need not worry about feeding different types of foods. But, you should ensure leaving smaller prey for dart frogs as these frogs are microphagous. Besides, you should feed meatier foods to your red-eyed tree frogs.

The experts suggest adding dart frogs first in the tank. When these dart frogs grow up a bit, you can leave the red-eyed tree frogs in the tank. You can also check out the pros and cons of keeping dart frogs in this article.

Although red-eyed tree frogs are arboreal, the maximum species of dart frogs are terrestrial. So, you should provide a safe substrate for dart frogs. On the other hand, red-eyed tree frogs tend to stay on the climbing structures of the tank.

Since tree frogs are arboreal, you should bring a tank at least 24” tall. Make sure that there is sufficient floor space for dart frogs too.

Don’t forget to add ventilation for airflow. It is much essential for red-eyed tree frogs. Although dart frogs do not need special lighting, you should add UVB lighting for red-eyed tree frogs. Keep some water in a shallow water bowl for your red-eyed tree frogs.

Red-eyed Tree Frog
Red-eyed Tree Frogs
Gray Tree Frogs

2. Red-eyed Tree Frogs And Gray Tree Frogs

FactorsRed-eyed Tree FrogsGray Tree Frogs
Size2-3 inches1.25-2 inches
TemperamentCalm, and easily startledFriendly, and calm
Optimal Temperature75-80 degrees Fahrenheit65-80 degrees Fahrenheit
Optimal Humidity60-70%50-80%
Activity StateNocturnalNocturnal
Care levelEasyIntermediate

Since red-eyed tree frogs and gray tree frogs are arboreal, you can keep these species together. Although mixing different species of frogs isn’t recommended, these frogs can live together peacefully.

Because of being arboreal, you can keep both frogs in a large tank that is vertically longer. A 20-gallon tank or 18”x18”x24” size tank will be suitable for keeping two frogs together.

You should provide branches, logs, sticks, and other climbing elements in the tank. Also, you can keep live and fake plants for these two tree frogs.

Since these frogs are nocturnal, they do not require UVB lighting. You can keep a low-powered LED light for your red-eyed and gray tree frogs.

Another good point of cohabiting with these frogs is their similar environmental requirements. Keep the day temperature around 78-85 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, you can shut the heater off to lower the night temperature to 68-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Don’t forget to maintain high humidity in the tank. For this, you’ll require a good coco husk substrate. To keep your red-eyed tree frogs and gray tree frogs healthy, you should coat the insects with supplementation and calcium powder. Also, you should ensure to keep the stress factors aside, especially for your gray tree frogs.

Barking Tree Frog
Barking Tree Frogs
Gray Tree Frogs

3. Barking Tree Frogs and Gray Tree Frogs

FactorsBarking Tree Frogs Gray Tree Frogs
Size2 inches1.5-2 inches
Optimal Temperature70-80 degrees Fahrenheit65-80 degrees Fahrenheit
Optimal Humidity50-75%50-80%
Activity StateNocturnalNocturnal
Care levelIntermediateIntermediate

Another good match will be the pair of barking tree frogs and gray tree frogs. Their profiles are so similar that these frogs can live peacefully in the same tank.

According to their temperature requirement, you can keep the temperature around 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit. The experts suggest keeping these tree frogs in a glass tank to let the heat escape. You can also keep a thermostat to ensure keeping constant heat.

Besides, barking tree frogs are gray tree frogs that remain active at night. So, these frogs do not demand special lighting. But, UVB lighting helps these frogs synthesize vitamin D3 into frog skin.

To keep a good level of moisture, you should keep the substrate moist in the tank. Besides, you need to keep trailing plants, vines, branches, and other décor items to help these arboreal frogs climb up.

Because of being insectivores, you can feed live insects to barking tree frogs and gray tree frogs. Gut load these foods before feeding your frogs.

Barking tree frogs are popular for their calls. If you’re interested in the tree frog sound, you can go through this article.

American Green Tree Frogs
Red-eyed Tree Frogs

4. American Green Tree Frogs and Red-eyed Tree Frogs

FactorsAmerican Green Tree FrogsRed-eyed Tree Frogs  
Size3.2-6.4 cm4-6 cm
Optimal Temperature70-75 degrees Fahrenheit75-85 degrees Fahrenheit
Optimal Humidity60-80%60-70%
Activity StateNocturnalNocturnal
Care levelEasyEasy

These two green-bodied beautiful frogs can live peacefully in a vertically long tank. Due to being diurnal, American green tree frogs and red-eyed tree frogs may not have any issues sharing the same tank.

A 45x45x60 cm tank will be ideal for keeping an American green tree frog and a red-eyed tree frog together.

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Also, their demand for required humidity and temperature are similar.  You can use a heat mat or heating pad with a thermostat. But, I suggest not using any ceramic heating bulb.

You should ensure to keep around 60-80% humidity in the tank as these frogs thrive well in a moist environment. For this, you can keep a bowl with dechlorinated water in the tank.

Red-eyed tree frogs and American green tree frogs can enjoy hunting prey. Hence, you should provide a good amount of insects so that these frogs do not have to compete with each other.

Chubby Frogs

5. Banded Bullfrogs And Chubby Frogs

FactorsBanded Bullfrogs Chubby Frogs
TypeTerrestrial but exhibits arboreal behaviorTerrestrial but enjoys climbing
Size2.1-2.8 inches2-3 inches
Optimal Temperature80-85 degrees Fahrenheit70-80 degrees Fahrenheit
Optimal Humidity70%50-80%
Activity StateNocturnalNocturnal
Care levelEasyEasy

Due to having similar temperaments, diets, and requirements, banded bullfrogs and chubby frogs can live together peacefully. These frogs are almost equal in size. Also, their docile temperament helps them share the same tank without competing with each other.

Another benefit of keeping bullfrogs and chubby frogs together is their nocturnal behavior. Both frogs remain active at nighttime. So, you will not have any problem maintaining different day and night cycles.

You might know that chubby frogs and banded bullfrogs have a large appetite. So, you should feed your frogs around 5-6 times a day. Besides, you should provide fresh, chlorine-free water in the tank.

Keep the moisture level around 60-80%. For this, you can mist it a few times a day. To maintain the humidity level constant, you should keep a hygrometer in the tank. Since the temperature requirement is almost similar, you can keep bullfrogs and chubby frogs together at around 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

High Red Ornate Pacman Frog
Pacman Frogs
Burmese Chubby Frogs

6. Pacman Frogs And Burmese Chubby Frogs

FactorsPacman FrogsBurmese Chubby Frogs
Size4-7 inches2.1-3 inches
Optimal Temperature75-85 degrees Fahrenheit70-80 degrees Fahrenheit
Optimal Humidity50-80%Around 70%
Activity StateNocturnalNocturnal
Care levelEasyEasy

If you want frogs of easy maintenance, you can keep Pacman frogs and Burmese Chubby Frogs together. To house these two terrestrial frogs, you should bring a 15-gallon tank.

A significant condition is to match the size before choosing a tank mate for chubby frogs. Since Pacman frogs can grow up to 4-7 inches, these frogs can smoothly share the tank with chubby frogs.

Although Pacman frogs can tolerate a medium range of humidity, Burmese chubby frogs require a high level of moisture. You can keep the temperature around 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit in the daytime. But, you can lower the temperature level to 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit at nighttime.

Due to having similar environmental requirements, these frogs can live peacefully in the same temperature and humidity levels. Besides, both frogs are terrestrial and nocturnal. Don’t forget to ensure feeding nutritious food to your frogs.

Waxy Monkey Tree Frogs
Gray Tree Frogs

7. Waxy Monkey Tree Frogs and Gray Tree Frogs

FactorsWaxy Monkey Tree FrogGray Tree Frogs
Size2-3 inches1.25-2 inches
Optimal Temperature75-80 degrees Fahrenheit65-80 degrees Fahrenheit
Optimal Humidity50-70%50-80%
Activity StateNocturnalNocturnal
Care levelEasyEasy

If you want to keep different frogs together, you can choose waxy monkey tree frogs and gray tree frogs. To keep these two arboreal frogs, you should bring a vertically long tank. A tank of 18”x18”x24” size will be ideal to keep one waxy monkey and gray tree frog together.

Since the temperature requirement of these two frogs is almost similar, you should keep a constant temperature of 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep a basking area at one corner of the tank.

As the temperature of the basking area should be a bit higher, you can keep the temperature of the basking area at around 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Both of these frogs can grow up to 2-3 inches. To fulfill their large appetite, you should provide these insectivores with a good supply of insects. Also, their docile temperament will help them live together peacefully in the same tank.

Final Words

I hope this article helped you get a detailed idea of which frogs can share a similar tank. You might have got proper information about these pairs of frogs which can live peacefully together.

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