12 Most Popular Pacman Frog Morphs With Pictures

Pacman Frog Morphs

There are varieties of Pacman frog morphs with eye-catchy colors and different designs on their back. Popular Pacman frog morphs will make it hard for you to take your eyes off them if you want to choose any one among them.

After all, each Pacman frog morphs have a unique colorful skin tone, different stripes or patterns, and color combination. Thus, these features are bound to make them famous to frog-lovers.

In this article, I’m going to write about 12 very popular Pacman frog morphs with pictures. So, you’ll get to know about their unique features, characteristics, lifespan, and so on. If you don’t want to miss them, let’s continue our exploration together in this article.

What Colors Can Pacman Frogs Be?

Pacman frogs can come in lots of colors, shades, patterns, and so on. Each species has such diverse coloration and design that you can smoothly identify them with their morphs.

You can find Pacman frogs of green, lime green, yellow, tan, orange, and brown colors. Even some of them have identical features with shades of green, red, yellow, brown, orange, lemon, etc.

So, such bright coloration makes these frogs pretty popular among hobbyists over other frogs. Moreover, female Pacman frogs tend to retain their coloration while male Pacman frogs lose their color with age.

Let’s See Which Morph Pacman Frog Owners Like Most!

Before diving into each of the morphs, I just wanted to check which one is the most popular among owners. So, I did a small study.

In a popular Pacman frog Facebook group, I posted a poll and asked the members to vote on the morph they like most. Here’s the result:

As you can see, the most popular Pacman frog morph is the ‘Green Pacman Frog’ followed by ‘Strawberry Pineapple Albino’ and ‘High Red Ornate’.

You’ll learn about all of these morphs below!

most popular pacman frog morphs

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Green Pacman Frog

1. Green Pacman Frog

The frog-face, which comes first in our name hearing the name of Pacman frog, is a bright green frog. In the pet industry, these frogs are commonly sold as regular green Pacman frogs. This green Pacman frog will always be in the first place on the most popular Pacman frog morph list.

Although the green Pacman frog morphs are bright green colored, they have dark brown splotches. Besides, they tend to change their coloration while getting older.

 So, do not be surprised when you notice your old Pacman frog is pretty different than the juvenile you adopted.

Scientific Name    Ceratrophrys  Crenwelli  
Popular Alternative NameNormal Green Pacman Frog  
Color Dark green with brown blotches  
Size3 to 7 inches long  
LifespanUp to 10 years  

Besides, in the wild, their green and brown colored skin gets blend with the leaves or forest floor so well. Hence, make sure to add leaves, branches, and stones in their habitat as their hideouts.

Since all species of Pacman frog morphs love to burrow all day long, you should make a comfortable habitat providing all necessary items.

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2. Strawberry Pineapple Albino Pacman Frog

Seeing the sweet pinkish color of the skin, you might get the reason behind such name of strawberry pineapple albino Pacman frog. These frogs have red eyes like other albino Pacman frogs. Because of being albino Pacman frogs, their skin morphs are duller due to lack of pigmentation.

Moreover, you’ll notice that these frogs grow too fast. If you buy a baby strawberry albino Pacman frog, the frog will be an adult within only 10-12 months.

Scientific Name    Ceratrophrys Ornata
Popular Alternative Name,  Or  Common Name  Strawberry Pineapple Albino Pacman Frog, or South American Horned Frogs  
Color  Light pinkish (kind of the color of strawberry fruit)
Size  4-5 Inches
Lifespan  10-15 years
Cost  $50-$100

Although these frogs are easy to care for, you need to be especially concerned about their lighting. You should make sure that the lighting isn’t too bright. Also, there’s no need for UVB or extra lighting for them. They can do well in the regular lighting of the room.

Moreover, being an albino Pacman frog, they are prone to infections and other health issues. If you can ensure proper care and maintenance, strawberry pineapple albino Pacman frogs can give you an accompaniment for a long time.

High Red Ornate Pacman Frog

3. High Red Ornate Pacman Frog

High red ornate Pacman frog morph is pretty popular in the frog market.

This frog has a creamy white belly and blood-red back with green or black blotches. Or, they can be of dark green skin with red or brown coloration.

But, the intensity of color and spot number can vary from frog to frog.

However, this Pacman frog morph is unsocial and a loner.  So, you should keep the frog alone in a 10-gallon terrarium.

Mainly, the diet type of high red ornate Pacman frog is insectivorous. So, you can add crickets, nightcrawlers, dubia roaches, worms, etc to their food list.

Scientific Name    Ceratrophrys Crenwelli  
Common NameOrnate Horned Frog  
Color  Green with bright red or brown patterns.  
LifespanUp To 15 years  
Size2-6 inches long  
CostAround $50  

You can find high red ornate Pacman frog almost everywhere. They’re readily available because these frogs are pretty easy to breed through artificial methods. Moreover, high red ornate Pacman frogs are a good pet for beginners.

4. Apricot Pacman Frog

Another demandable frog on the list of most popular Pacman frog morph is the apricot Pacman frog.

The intensity of the shade of skin color varies among them. Usually, you will find the apricot Pacman frogs in orange, yellow, light brown, reddish-orange.

Not to mention, there are eye-catchy patterns on the back of the apricot Pacman frog morph. So, in the measurement of beauty, these frogs must demand full marks of the frog lovers. Along with their beauty, these calm pets are easy to maintain.

Scientific Name  Ceratrophrys Cranwelli  
Popular Name  Apricot Pacman Frog
Color  Orange, red, yellow, etc  
Size  3-5 inches
Lifespan  10 years or more  
Cost  Around $30

The feeding guide of apricot Pacman frog morph is as simple as other regular Pacman frogs. Also, you do not need to worry about their food selection because adult Pacman frogs can easily eat insects of their half sizes.

Besides, you should remain careful about the maintenance of their housing. Make sure that the temperature does not go much high. Otherwise, apricot Pacman frogs will go into estivation.

Although apricot Pacman frogs can survive 2-4 years in the wild, these frogs can live up to 10 years or more in captivity. All you need to make sure their proper care and comfort.

How Big Can Apricot Pacman Frogs Get?

If you want to keep an apricot Pacman frog, it’ll be better to know about their growth. Also, you will understand the age of your apricot Pacman frog and its proper growth.

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An adult apricot Pacman frog can grow up to 3-5 inches long if the frog is a male. In the case of a female apricot Pacman frog, the frog can be 7 inches long. Moreover, a matured apricot Pacman frog weighs almost 1 lb.

So, the size of an apricot Pacman frog depends upon its age, gender, health, and so on.

Lemon Albino Pacman Frog

5. Lemon Albino Pacman Frog

Among all species of popular Pacman frog morphs, albino Pacman frogs get a little bit extra attention due to their slightly different characteristics. Samely, lemon albino Pacman frog morphs hold a unique level of popularity in the pet industry.

You can easily recognize a lemon albino Pacman frog morph seeing its lemon, vibrant yellow, or yellowish-green skin tone. Besides, this frog has orange or light brown spots on its back.

Also, this frog has red eyes like other albino Pacman frogs. All of these identical features are the reasons for their lacking pigmentation.

Scientific Name    Ceratrophrys Cranwelli
Popular Name  Lemon Albino Pacman Frog  
Size  $3-$7
Color  Lemon, yellow, yellowish-green, etc.  
Lifespan  7-10 years
Cost  $25-$50

If you want to buy this popular lemon albino Pacman frog, you should learn about their habitat set up, feeding guide, maintenance too. After all, albino Pacman frogs tend to face health complexities because of their low pigmentation. As their several nerves, muscles, etc do not get fully formed, you need to take extra care.

Do Albino Pacman Frogs Need Light?

Many new owners often make the horrible mistake of putting an albino Pacman frog under usual lighting like regular Pacman frogs. If you want to keep an albino Pacman frog, you should know that these frogs are highly light-sensitive.

Albino Pacman frogs do not require any extra lighting in their terrarium. The usual light of their room will be sufficient for them. If you live in a cold country, you can put a blue or black light of low voltage (25-30 watts).

But, you must not add any daylight bulb or white bulb in the habitat of an albino Pacman frog.

6. 4 Spot Patternless Pacman Frog

This frog has a simplicity in its look but is easily distinguishable.

Like the name, 4 spots patternless Pacman frog has four spots in its back with no pattern. Generally, this frog tends to be dark green, lime green, or light yellow.

The 4 spots patternless Pacman frogs do their best in 70 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. But, you should check that the temperature must not go above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, it can be deadly for them.

Scientific Name    Ceratrophrys Cranwelli
Common Name  Cranwell’s Horned Frog
Color  Green or teal in color with 4 black or brown spots on back  
Size  4-7 inches long  
Lifespan  Over 5 years
Cost  $30-$45

Moreover, this 4 spot patternless Pacman frog grows pretty fast. Thus, this frog gets the size of a silver dollar at the age of 8-9 months old. If you can afford to keep them with the best care, your 4 spots patternless Pacman frog will live five years or more.

These attractive frogs are not only easily adaptable, but they are also readily available in all pet stores.

7. Chocolate Mint Pacman Frog

Another popular Pacman frog morph is the chocolate mint Pacman frog. Seeing food names in the name of a frog might confuse you a bit. Hence, you need to look at their picture to clear up your confusion.

Their skin and splotches are mixed with light brown and pale green color. So, you must have got it the fruition of their name noticing their appearance.

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As they can be bred easily by artificial methods, these frogs are effortlessly available. Also, their maintenance and care are easy to take. An adult chocolate mint Pacman frog will do best in a 10-gallon terrarium with a good substrate.

Scientific Name    Ceratrophrys Cranwellyli
Popular Name  Chacoan Horned Frog  
Size  Up to 7 inches  
ColorBrown, tan, pale green  
Lifespan  Over 5 years
Cost  $25-$40

Besides, you should remain concerned about not letting the air of the terrarium become stagnant. Also, do not forget to change the substrate and the water regularly to avoid bacterial infections.

8. Blue Pacman Frog

Another breathtakingly beautiful Pacman frog morph is the blue Pacman frog.

This frog has blue-colored skin on its back with golden or brown spots and a white belly. Also, the shade of blue color of this morph varies from frog to frog. For example- you can notice their skin of light blue, greenish-blue, deep blue.

Besides, their feeding guide is also simple like other Pacman frog morphs. So, all you need to feed for every 2-3 days if your pet is an adult frog.

Moreover, the blue Pacman frogs do not have any lighting issues like albino Pacman frogs. Besides, 76-84 degrees Fahrenheit and 50%-80% humidity are ideal for these frogs. So, keep this temperature and humidity in their tank to ensure their happy burrowing.

  Scientific Name    Ceratrophrys Cranwell – grade 1 to 4  
Popular Name  Blue Pacman frog
Color  Greenish Blue, light blue, blue, and deep blue  
Size  Up to 7 inches  
Lifespan   4-8 years or more  
Cost  Around $90

Are Blue Pacman Frogs Real?

Hearing the name of the blue Pacman frog, people sometimes can not believe its existence. Since this is rare to find animals of blue color, people ask if the blue Pacman frogs are real.

Blue Pacman frogs are real. You can find them in many shades of blue according to their grade. Besides, these frogs eat anything that fits in their mouth.

Just like other species of Pacman frogs, you can keep pet a blue Pacman frog morph.

9. Samurai Ornate Albino Pacman Frog

The list of most popular Pacman frogs will be incomplete without samurai ornate albino Pacman frog morphs. Also, this beautiful albino Pacman frog is slightly different than other albino Pacman frogs.

Although samurai ornate albino Pacman frogs have red eyes, their skin is not pale like other albino Pacman frogs. But, these frogs still have lacking pigmentation because of being albino Pacman frogs.

Besides, you’ll find samurai ornate albino Pacman frog morph in several colors like lime green, greenish-blue, orange, etc. But, their patterns seem muted because of their pigmentation lacking.

  Scientific Name    Ceratrophrys Ornata
Popular Name  Samurai Blue Line Ornate Pacman Frog, or, Samurai Apricot Albino Pacman Frog  
Color  Orange, Greenish Blue, Lime Green, etc.  
Size  Up to 8 inches  
Lifespan  8-15 years
Cost  $40-$100

All guidelines of habitat setup, care, and feeding are almost as same as regular Pacman frogs. But, you have to be careful about lighting in their terrarium as these frogs are light sensitive.

Also, you should ensure that samurai ornate albino Pacman frogs do not die early due to bacterial or fungal infections for improper maintenance. Otherwise, they can give you a long accompany, being a calm pet.

10. Black Eyed Mutant Pacman Frog

The black-eyed mutant Pacman frog is different from any other Pacman frog. Besides, this unique Pacman frog morph has some incredible features following its name.

Their eyes are black, and their skin is pale light pink. If you pay a sudden glance, their black eyes will take your full attention.

When black-eyed mutant Pacman frogs become fully adult, they can reach up to 4-7 inches. Just like other Pacman frogs, they’re not shy eaters and enjoy every meal that fits in their mouths.

  Scientific Name    Ceratrophrys Cranwelli
Popular Name  Cranwell’s Horned Frog, Or, Black Eyed Mutant Pacman Frog  
ColorLight pink like the skin of raw chickens with black eyes  
Size  4-7 inches
Lifespan7-10 years  

As this Pacman frog morph is mutant, the price will be higher than the others. Although the cost of Pacman frogs varies from store to store, the cost of an adult black-eyed mutant Pacman frog is around $400-$500.

11. Albino Patternless Pacman Frog

Now, I’m introducing you to a simple-looking Pacman frog named albino patternless Pacman frog.

An albino patternless Pacman frog morph has no pattern or spots on its skin. Generally, the skin of this frog is yellowish-green.

There is also another type of patternless Pacman frog morph, whose name is 4 spot albino patternless Pacman frog. Because of having four spots on its back, this frog has such a name.

  Scientific Name    Ceratrophrys
Popular Name  Albino Patternless Pacman Frog  
Color  Light yellow, or yellowish-green  
Size  Up to 5 inches  
Lifespan  10-12 years
Cost  $45-$99

Nevertheless, you have to remember that these frogs are albino Pacman frogs. So, you’ve to remain extra careful about their maintenance and care. Moreover, avoid them from sunlight and bright lightings too.

3 Striped Pacman Frog

12. 3 Striped Pacman Frog

You can smoothly determine a 3 striped Pacman frog morph, seeing three big stripes on their back. Besides, these frogs show several colors like green, black, brown, red, etc on their skin.

Although the intensity of spots or blotches varies, three large stripes are a must on every 3 striped Pacman frog.

What an amazing combination of coloration!

  Scientific Name    Ceratrophrys Cranwelli
Popular Name  Cranwell’s Horned Frog  
Color  Green, brown, black, and red.  
Size  Up to 4-7 inches  
Lifespan  Around 6-10 years or more  
Cost  $15-$30

Also, this popular 3 striped Pacman frog morph is readily available and pretty easy to maintain. So, just like other Pacman frogs, a 10-gallon terrarium with coconut husk substrate will be perfect for an adult 3 striped Pacman frog.

Final Words

There are many other Pacman frog morphs in the list of favorites or popularity. But I wrote down only 12 of them. Each morph is unique in its way. So, when we keep these frogs in captivity, we must ensure the best care of them.

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