21 Popular Small Pet Frogs That Stay Small

Some frog lovers want to keep small frogs as pets. Such is because tiny pet frogs do not require much space, food, etc. Also, you can easily take care of short frogs than bulky frogs. Hence, people often search for popular small pet frogs that stay small.

In this article, I have summed up details of 21 small pet frogs that stay small. If you want to bring such frogs to your home, you should go through this article.

Can You Keep Tiny Frogs As Pets?

The frog size does not affect much over keeping the frog as a pet. So, you can certainly keep tiny frogs as pets like bulky frogs.

Sometimes, it may get hard for you to find your tiny frog in their tank. But, you will have several advantages of keeping such small frogs as pets. Besides, there are just a few differences in bringing up a tiny or big frog as a pet.

Small Pet Frogs That Stay Small: Infographic

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21 Small Pet Frogs That Stay Small

Here, I have discussed 21 small frogs which grow up to a maximum of 3.5 inches. You will find small charts including the size and weight of respective frogs.

1. Madagascar Golden Frog/Golden Mantella

The Madagascar golden frog is also named Golden Mantella. This one-inch frog is so vibrant and colorful that people often mistake these frogs as dart frogs.

Scientific NameMantella aurantiaca
Size (adult)1 inch (2.5 cm)
Weight (adult)3-12 grams

In the list of popular small pet frogs, golden Mantella remains the favorite frog to frog lovers. These frogs are so tiny that a 5-gallon tank is sufficient to keep one frog.

But, you should keep in mind that Madagascar golden frogs also secrete toxins like poison dart frogs. Although their poison is not too strong, it can make you sick.

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2. Gray Tree Frog

One of the popular small arboreal pet frogs is the Gray tree frog. These frogs can reach up to 2.25 inches.

These small pet frogs are easy to take care of. The Gray tree frogs do not require high humidity in their tank consistently. Besides, the diet of Gray tree frogs is also pretty simple because of being insectivores.

Scientific NameHyla versicolor
Size (adult)1.25-2.25 inches (3.2-5.2 cm)
Weight (adult)7.2 gm

But, you should avoid handling Gray tree frogs as they secrete toxins. Although Gray tree frogs stay small even when they reach their maturity, these arboreal frogs require higher vertical space.

If you can keep these small pets with proper care, these Gray tree frogs can accompany you up to 15 years in captivity.

3. Glass Tree Frog

If you are into fascinating pet frogs that stay small, you should take a look at glass tree frogs. Because of having transparent translucent abdominal skin, glass tree frogs are pretty popular pets to frog lovers.

These popular frogs are too small that adult glass tree frogs weigh only 5-14 gm. Also, you need not worry about bringing a larger tank by thinking these frogs will become big being grown up.

Scientific NameHyalinobatrachium fleischmanni
Size (adult)1.2-3 inches (3-7.5 cm)
Weight (adult)5-14 gm

You need to keep a pair of glass frogs in a 20-gallon arboreal tank. After all, these frogs will grow up to only 3 inches in maturity.

In addition, because of being nocturnal frogs, you do not need to take any hassles of maintenance. These small, pet frogs demand plenty of small insects in their daily diet. If you are curious to know more about their diet, you can check the tree frog diet and feeding guide.

4. Green And Black Dart Frog

If you want to bring colorful pet frogs that stay small, the first name to come into mind should be dart frogs. Among dart frogs, green and black dart frogs grow up to only 1.57 inches. This grape-sized frog weighs not more than 1 ounce.

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Scientific NameDendrobates auratus
Size (adult)0.75-1.57 inches (1.9-4 cm)
Weight (adult)Around 1 oz

Since these green and black dart frogs are too small, their habitat setup is much easier. You can smoothly keep two of these small pet frogs in a tank of 10-gallon capacity. Besides, there are no special requirements for lighting and temperature for these tiny frogs.

5. Burmese Chubby Frog

Despite having chubbiness, Burmese Chubby frogs stay small. An adult Burmese chubby frog can grow up to only 2-3 inches. So, you can keep this cute, small frog on your favorite list if you are planning to keep tiny frogs as pets.

Scientific NameKaloula pulchra
Size (adult)2-3 inches
Weight (adult)80-120 gm

These frogs are too small that you can smoothly keep 2-3 chubby frogs in a 15-gallon enclosure. Besides, these chubby frogs are not poisonous. But, you should avoid handling your pet Chubby frogs.

In addition, you should ensure high humidity of around 70% in the tank of chubby frogs. Since these small frogs are insectivores, you need not worry about arranging alternative diets.

How Long Do Chubby Frogs Live?

You might know that chubby frogs have the immense popularity of being hardy frogs. Hence, these frogs can withstand inconsistent environmental parameters. Besides, chubby frogs can survive without food for around 3-4 weeks.

The average lifespan of chubby frogs is 5-10 years. If you ensure good care in captivity, these chubby frogs can live up to 20 years. You should remain careful about handling chubby frogs in captivity.

6. Red-eyed Tree Frog

Another small pet frog that you can easily make sit over your finger is a red-eyed tree frog. Vibrant, eye-catchy green body color and big red eyes are the unique features of this small frog.

The male red-eyed tree frogs are smaller and skinnier than the female frogs. If an adult male red-eyed tree frog grows up to 2 inches, an adult female red-eyed tree frog will be 3 inches big.

Scientific NameAgalychnis callydryas
Size (adult)2-3 inches
Weight (adult)0.013-0.03 lb

Although these red-eyed tree frogs stay small, they require higher space vertically. However, these frogs can not withstand dry conditions and excessive handling.

So, these popular small frogs can be a bit hardy for beginners to take care of. Also, these red-eyed frogs can live for around 10-12 years in captivity with proper attention and maintenance.

If you want to keep red-eyed tree frogs, you can check out red-eyed tree frog care for beginners.

Can A Red-eyed Tree Frog Live In A 10-gallon Tank?

The answer is yes! An adult red-eyed tree frog can smoothly thrive in a 10-gallon tank. Since red-eyed tree frogs are arboreal, these frogs require more space vertically.

That’s why, you should ensure that the frog terrarium is vertically longer. There should be adequate space to climb, hide, and hunt in the 10-gallon tank.

african dwarf frog good closeup

7. African Dwarf Frog

African dwarf frog is one of the most extraordinary pet frogs. These small frogs are special because of being fully aquatic amphibians.

Besides, these popular small frogs are pretty friendly and calm. So, you need not take much hassle in taking care of African dwarf frogs.

Scientific NameHymenochirus
Size (adult)Up to 3 inches
Weight (adult)A few ounces

These frogs can grow up to only 3 inches with a few ounces of weight. Their small sizes give you the advantage of keeping multiple African dwarf frogs together in a tank.

The only concerning fact about keeping dwarf frogs as pets is keeping the water parameter right. Otherwise, these small pet frogs are easy to keep for both beginners and experts. You can click here to ensure whether African dwarf frogs are good as pets or not.

8. American Green Tree Frog

In the list of popular small frogs, American green tree frogs own a remarkable place for easy maintenance, longevity, adjustment, etc. These frogs stay small by reaching up to 1.25-2.25 inches in size.

Scientific NameHyla cinerea
Size (adult)1.25-2.25 inches (3.2-5.7 cm)
Weight (adult)0.6 ounce

Even an adult American green tree frog weighs only 0.6 ounces. Besides, the temperament of these small frogs is timid.

Hence, American green tree frogs can tolerate a bit of handling, which makes them widely popular with frog lovers. As these pet frogs stay small, a 10-gallon arboreal tank is perfect for keeping one or two frogs.

9. Clown Tree Frog

A clown tree frog is a small frog whose skin resembles the clown’s attire. These popular small frogs make good pets for both experienced owners and beginners. Also, these clown tree frogs stay small all of their life that they reach up to only 1-2 inches.

Scientific NameDendropsophus ebraccatus
Size (adult)1-2 inches
Weight (adult)0.11-0.19 lb

For this reason, you can easily keep these tiny pet frogs in a small enclosure. Also, you will not face many obstacles keeping multiple clown tree frogs in a 10-15 gallon tank.

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In addition, these popular small pet frogs love to stay in groups for their social nature. However, you should avoid handling these cute frogs without any emergencies.

To get a fool-proof care guide, you should check out this article about how to pet tree frogs safely.

10. Brazilian Gold Frog

Brazilian gold frog is another perfect example of a popular small pet frog that stays small. This gold frog does not even grow up to 1 cm. You might even compare these frogs with small houseflies for their size. 

Scientific NameBrachycephalus didactylus
Size (adult)0.34-0.40 inches
Weight (adult)Less than one ounce

Also, their small sizes allow them to fit in a small enclosure of the size of a shoebox. Besides, these frogs are accustomed to high humidity and low temperature.

Although Brazilian gold frogs are pretty small, their maintenance level should be accurate. If you want to know details, you can search more here about tree frog habitat setup.

11. Strawberry Dart Frog

Strawberry dart frogs have already caught the attention of frog lovers with their striking strawberry red-colored skin and deep blue legs. These high demanded frogs also stay small reaching up to only 2.4 inches in their maturity.

Scientific NameOophaga pumilio
Size (adult)0.59-2.4 inches
Weight (adult)1 ounce

The care level of these small frogs is a bit hardy. You should keep the room temperature around 70-80 degrees in the daytime. Besides, you should maintain 12 hours photoperiod-cycle of day and night.

Since the strawberry dart frog is small, you should feed smaller insects. If you are a beginner, you can check out the dart frog diet and feeding guide. Though the bold skin color of this cute frog can lure you to touch them, you should avoid handling these dart frogs.

12. Wood Frog

Wood frogs are easy-maintenance frogs that stay small. These popular frogs can grow up to only 3.25 inches in size and 0.28 ounces in weight.

Scientific NameLithobates sylvaticus
Size (adult)1.5-3.25 inches
Weight (adult)0.28 ounces

Besides, the temperament of wood frogs is friendly and shy. Because of being communal and small frogs, you can readily keep multiple wood frogs together as pets.

However, these small frogs can’t thrive in hot temperatures. Although wood frogs make good starter frogs, these cute frogs will not survive more than 5 years in captivity.

How To Take Care Of Desert Rain Frog

13. Desert Rain Frog

People also address desert rain frogs as the short-headed frog. These potato-shaped frogs stay small reaching up to 2.4 inches in size in their maturity.

Scientific NameBreviceps macrops
Size (adult)1.6-2.4 inches (4-6 cm)
Weight (adult)0.4 ounce

Besides, desert rain frogs are popular frogs for not only the requirement of the small enclosure but also low maintenance. But, these cute small frogs require special environment settings in captivity.

You must ensure a constant humidity level of 75%-100% in the desert rain frog tank. To keep a moist and humid condition, you should add such moisture-absorbing substrate.

However, you can click here to know more about Desert Rain Frog care.

14. Golden Poison Dart Frog

Among the species of dart frogs, the golden poison dart frog is one of the most popular frogs. Due to its small size, this cute golden frog has achieved a remarkable place in popularity.

Scientific NamePhyllobates terribilies
Size (adult)0.5-2 inches (1.3-5.1 cm)
Weight (adult)1 ounce

An adult golden poison dart frog can grow up to only 2 inches. So, this small frog stays small with a weight of around 1 ounce. Because of their playful and active nature, you can keep two golden poison dart frogs in a 20-gallon tank.

However, these small frogs are pretty popular for their toxicity. But, their secreted toxins in captivity are not too deadly. You can go through this article to know whether their toxicity can kill you or not.

15. Tomato Frog

Tomato frogs are pretty famous for their ability to puff up when they want to scare their predators. This tomato resembling frog also stays small even in adulthood. A matured tomato frog can reach up to around 2-3.5 inches only.

Scientific NameDyscophus
Size (adult)2-3.5 inches
Weight (adult)1.5-8 ounces

Since these small frogs are carnivores, you need not worry about including varieties of items in their diet. Besides, tomato frogs do not demand any special lighting. So, you can easily keep these low-maintenance small frogs as pets.

Also, these popular small frogs do not need much space due to their size. You can smoothly keep two adult tomato frogs together in a 10-gallon tank.

16. Waxy Monkey Frog

If you want to keep such small pet frogs to enjoy their activity, a waxy monkey tree frog will be on the list. Besides, these frogs are pretty popular for their walk instead of hopping like other frogs.

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Due to a calm temperament, waxy monkey frogs are easy to keep. In addition, these frogs can grow up to only 2 inches.

Scientific NamePhyllomedusa sauvagii
Size (adult)2-3 inches
Weight (adult)0.3-2.6 ounce

These waxy monkey frogs stay small by weighing only 0.3-2.6 ounces in their full maturity. However, the female waxy monkey frogs can get 25% bigger than the male frogs.

Also, these popular small frogs can adapt to the captived environment fast than other pet frogs. With proper care and maintenance, waxy monkey frogs can survive up to 8-10 years in captivity.

17. Monte Iberia Eleuth

If you look for small frogs that stay small, you should certainly check out Monte Iberia Eleuth frogs. This rare frog is the second smallest species of frog in the world.

Scientific NameEleutherodactylus iberia
Size (adult)0.4 inches (10 mm)
Weight (adult)0.05-0.07 ounce

An adult Monte Iberia Eleuth does not exceed its size of more than one cm. Hence, these small frogs are immensely lightweight.

After all, they weigh only 0.05-0.07 ounces even in their full maturity. However, these popular small frogs are sensitive to sudden environmental change and handling.

18. Darwin’s Frog

Another compulsory inclusion in the list of popular small frogs should be Darwin’s frogs.

Scientific NameRhinoderma darwinii
Size (adult)0.9-1.2 inches (2.2-3.1 cm)
Weight (adult)0.07-0.17 ounces

These frogs are popular for their exceptional parental care. Also, an adult Darwin’s frog can get large up to only 1.2 inches.

However, frog lovers can rarely buy them from stores since these tiny frogs are almost extinct.

19. Bumble Bee Dart Frog

Bumble Bee dart frog is one of the most popular small frogs that stay small up to 1.97 inches. The black and yellow blotches or stripes of their skin make them attractive to frog lovers.

Scientific NameDendrobates leucomelas
Size (adult)1.2-1.97 inches (3.1-5 cm)
Weight (adult)3 grams

Also, these tiny frogs are so small that you will not need much space for them. A 10-gallon tank is appropriate for keeping 2-3 bumblebee dart frogs together.

Besides, these bumblebee dart frogs are pretty active. So, you can enjoy their activity when you keep these small frogs as pets. If you ensure proper care, their lifespan will be around 10-20 years in captivity.

20. Amazon Milk Frog

Amazon milk frogs are another cute frogs that are popular for their easy maintenance. Being the largest frog on this list, the Amazon milk frog can grow up to almost 4 inches. But, the male Amazon milk frogs get big up to only 2 inches.

Scientific NameTrachycephalus resinifictrix
Size (adult)2.5-4 inches
Weight (adult)4-5 gm

However, you need to keep the humidity range around 70%-80% in the tank of these small frogs. Besides, these milk frogs require special UVB lighting.

Another thing to remember is that male Amazon milk frogs make noises that may hamper your sleep. If you want to bring a milk frog, you should check the Amazon milk frog care guide beforehand.

21. Pool Frog

Scientific NamePelophylax lessonae
Size (adult)2.3-3 inches
Weight (adult)0.7-2.8 ounce

Although pool frogs are rare frogs, these frogs are also popular among frog lovers. These small frogs stay small by reaching up to the highest of 3 inches. Besides, pool frogs are not picky eaters.

You might want to touch these cute, small frogs. But, you should remain careful while handling these tiny frogs because of their toxins.

What Is The Best Tiny Frog To Have As A Pet?

American green tree frog is the best tiny frog to have as a pet. The best part of this tiny frog is that you can smoothly handle the frog.

Besides, these green tree frogs do not require much attention once their habitat is set up. Compared with other small frogs, these American green tree frogs are easy to take care of.

What Is The Easiest Frog To Take Care Of?

There are almost 6000 varieties of frog species in this world. Among these huge varieties of frogs, you might wonder which frog is the easiest to take care of.

There are mainly three types of frogs. These are- terrestrial frogs, aquatic frogs, and arboreal frogs.

Since terrestrial frogs are land-dwelling frogs, these frogs are comparatively easier to take care of. Among terrestrial frogs, the Pacman frog is the easiest to take care of. Their low requirements and hardy nature make them popular among frog lovers.

If you want to keep an aquatic frog as a pet, you can choose African dwarf frogs. These frogs have a docile temperament. Because of being picky eaters, you need not take any hassle for feeding these frogs. All you need to do is to maintain their ideal water parameters.

Further, you can keep tree frogs if you want any arboreal frogs in your terrarium. These tree frogs are one of the easiest frogs even for any beginners. Due to their climbing nature, these tree frogs are fun to watch.

What are some of the small tree frog species?

Here are some small tree frog species:

  1. American Green Tree Frog
  2. Pacific Tree Frog
  3. Red-eyed Tree Frog
  4. Barking Tree Frog
  5. Squirrel Tree Frog

These frogs are pretty small and often colorful. They’re cool to observe!

tiny frog on hand

What is the smallest pet frog?

The smallest pet frog is the “thumbnail dart frog.” They’re tiny and colorful! They can be as small as a fingernail. Cool, right?

What is the cutest pet frog in the world?

“Cute” is subjective, but many people find the “Pacman Frog” (also known as the “Horned Frog”) to be cute because of its round, chubby appearance and big mouth. They come in various colors too. Remember, though, they can be quite the eaters!

What are tiny frogs called?

Tiny frogs are often called “thumbnail frogs.” These are mostly found among the dart frog species. They’re called “thumbnail” because some are small enough to sit on your thumbnail. Pretty neat, huh?

What are the tiny frogs in my yard?

If you’ve got tiny frogs in your yard, they could be a few things:

  1. Spring Peepers: They’re small and make loud peeping noises.
  2. Chorus Frogs: Also tiny and known for their singing.
  3. Tree Frogs: Small, often green or brown, and they like to climb.

It really depends on where you live. But these are common small frogs in many places.

Final Words

I hope this article helped you find an appropriate list of popular small pet frogs. If you are planning to have such a small pet, you can have the primary idea of the frog from this article.

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