Pacman Frog Size: How Big Can They Get?

how big can pacman frogs get

Many beginner frog keepers often wonder how big their pacman frogs can get. Surprisingly, there isn’t much definitive answer to that question. Every owner has seen unique growth in their pacman frogs. Why’s that? How big can pacman frogs actually get?

Male Pacman frogs can reach up to 4 inches and female Pacman frogs can be as big as 7 inches. The female pacman frogs are usually bigger than the male pacman frogs. The growth rate can also be affected by genetics, food habits, and way of living.

The size of Pacman frogs and their growth is stimulated by 6 various factors. In this article, I’ll try to bring out some important factors that directly affect the answer to the question, “How Big Can They Get?”

Pacman Frog Size And The Factors Affecting

These horned frogs got this nickname from a video game character for their round and fleshy body, big wide mouth. Their eyes remain open while sleeping. They are available in diverse colors and patterns. The most common Pacman frogs are yellow and green with blotchy patterns.

Pacman Frogs are usually bigger than other pet frogs like tree frogs or dart frogs. These horned frog species have big limbs and well-built skulls that comprise most of their body. For these reasons, they are considered being stocky frogs.

Female frogs are prominently larger than males. They can grow almost about 7-9 inches and male frog sizes about 4 inches. A full-grown Pacman frog weighs almost a pound. The growth gets an immense boost within the first year.

There are several factors that have a direct impact on the growth and size of Pacman frogs. After bringing home, a baby Pacman frog will be around the size of a quarter. After getting proper enclosure and food, their growth will be stimulated. Here are a number of factors that determine how big a Pacman frog can be:

  • Gender
  • Method of Breeding
  • Genetics
  • Food Habit
  • Temperatures
  • Stress


Size Of An Adult Male Pacman Frog

An adult Pacman frog is around 2.5 inches to 4 inches 6cm to 10 cm) in size. The diameter is the same as their length. So they grow bilaterally.

Size Of An Adult Female Pacman Frog

As I have mentioned earlier female Pacman frogs are bigger than male frogs in both length and width. They size anywhere from 4 to 9 inches (10cm to 23cm).

Method Of Breeding

The size of an adult Pacman frog is often determined by the method it was bred. Breeding healthy frogs is never an easy process. Moreover, it’s a complicated and vulnerable process. Every step has to be taken smoothly, or else, the growth of the tadpoles will be badly hampered.

Tadpole management is another important issue. If the tadpoles are not supplied with proper nutrition, their growth will not be ensured. Internal physiological abnormalities will develop which will eventually inhibit the growth of your Pacman frogs.


Just like human beings, the size of the parent frogs will determine a lot of things. If your Pacman frog was bred from strong and big-sized parents, it is more likely to be stronger than the one bred from weaker parents. Generally, Pacman frogs always fulfill the expectations when it comes to size.


Diet has the most important role to play here. Pacman frogs are bigger than other pet frogs. So many frog owners misunderstand their needs. They have a greedy appetite and can even eat other Pacman frogs smaller in size.

Adult Pacman frogs should be given a variety of foods with cricket being the prime option. The amount of cricket that should be supplied depends on the size of your frog. A Big Pacman frog can eat a large cricket with ease. You can also feed them with cockroaches and mealworms.

How many times your frog is having a decent meal is the next question. An adult Pacman frog should be given three meals a day. And there should be weekly feasts where you’ll allow your frog to eat up to ten crickets. Make sure you’re giving the crickets good dusting and release them in captivity so that the frogs can haunt them naturally. You can also feed them pinky mice if you can find any.

Pacman Frog Size


This is a significant point many frog owners avoid unknowingly. The temperature has a big role to play when it comes to the growth of Pacman frogs. If the temperature is not optimum, it’ll lead to many physiological abnormalities.

The optimum temperature should be 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. If it falls below 70 degrees at night, you may have to supply supplemental infrared heat. The humidity should be 60-70%.

If the temperature goes down below the normal range, the frogs are more likely to go into Hibernation. During hibernation, frogs quit eating, which will eventually have a great impact on the size of your frogs.

So if you have a frog less than one year of age, it should not be allowed to hibernate. Ensure you’re providing an optimum environment inside the captive to prevent them from hibernating. Doing so will help your frog to eat daily, regularly, and consistently which will lead to better health.

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Stress is always a culprit when it comes to growth disorders. Stress has a hormonal and neurological connection with appetite. It has also some effect on digestion and metabolism. Stress leads to many severe diseases which can lead to weight loss and eventually growth inhibition.

Try to keep your Pacman frog in an environment that will keep it away from all sorts of stress. To avoid stress, make sure you’re not touching your frog. They are so sensitive to touches and tend to bite their owners when held.

Never put a Pacman frog with other frogs. They do not socialize that well. They may cause stress for other frogs and it will freak them out. Try to keep the captivity parameters within an optimum range.


Pacman frogs are so easy to take care of. They don’t need much attention and are less prone to problems. They can live in a decent enclosure without creating much of a problem. So you should always try to provide them with all the essential needs and make sure you’re not creating any situation unfavorable to their growth.

So, if you are into frogs with vibrant color, blotchy patterns, and a massive size which do not need rapt attention, you should definitely go for Pacman frogs. They come in various colors and surely fill your tank with their big, round, glossy, and fat shape.

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