How Much Does A Pacman Frog Cost?

How Much Does A Pacman Frog Cost

A Pacman frog can be an excellent pet frog choice for beginners. Many experienced frog owners also love to keep pet Pacman frogs for the advantages of low budget and easy maintenance. So, a quick question may come to your mind – how much does a Pacman frog cost?

You can find a Pacman frog at only $15-$80. But, this cost can go high up to $80 for some rarer and popular species of Pacman frogs. Nevertheless, the entire cost of keeping a pet Pacman frog can be around $100-$300, including their shipping, and basic maintenance cost.

If you want to keep a pet frog, you need to calculate the entire probable cost. In this article, I’ll write down all potential sections of the cost of keeping a pet Pacman frog. Thus, let’s dive into the article to get enlightened more about its entire costs.

Average Cost Of A Pacman Frog

The cost of Pacman frogs depends on several factors. Including the shipping charge, the entire expense will be a bit higher. Without other additional costs, I’ve tried to find out the average cost of a Pacman frog.

The average cost of a Pacman frog is around $15-$80.

But, this cost goes higher depending on the color, age, species, and several other factors. Let’s take a quick look at other factors which determine the cost of a Pacman frog.

Factors That Determine The Cost Of A Pacman Frog

Certainly, there isn’t any fixed price for all Pacman frogs. You’ll notice different price range from place to place. Hence, I’ve researched to find out the cost determining factors of a Pacman frog.

These factors are-

  • Types of Pacman frogs (varying upon species, color, and size)
  • Breeders
  • Online or local stores
  • Shipping cost
  • Additional set-up cost
  • Grooming cost

Types Of Pacman Frogs

Mainly there are eight species of Pacman frogs in this world. Among these eight species, you’ll find them in varieties of eye-catchy colors. On the other hand, there are differences in the price of a baby Pacman frog and an adult Pacman frog.

You can buy common species of a Pacman frog for $35, whereas rarer species are sold for over $80.

For this, let’s check out the costs of several species of Pacman frogs.

  Species Of Pacman Frogs   Cost
Brazilian Pacman Frog  Around $70
Surinam Pacman Frog  $65-$80
Cranwell’s Horned Frog  $20-$35
Argentine Pacman Frog  Around $40 or more
Colombian Horned Frog  $15-$45
Ecuador Pacman Frog  Almost extinct

The next thing people prefer while buying a Pacman frog is their color. Who doesn’t want a brightly colorful pet for himself?

In the stores, you can find Pacman frogs in several types of colors. Such as ornate, albino, lemon albino, strawberry, green, brown, strawberry pineapple, blue, peppermint, apricot, etc.

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So, people just select the color and choose any Pacman frog from the sale. According to the color, the price range varies.

Again, the cost of a Pacman frog varies according to its age and size. Although a baby Pacman frog is around the size of a quarter, the size of an adult Pacman frog can be 2-4 inches.

Hence, their size or age is an important factor determining their cost.

  • Cost of a baby Pacman frog: $19-$50
  • Price of a juvenile Pacman frog: around $59
  • Cost of an adult Pacman frog: From $79 to $100

So, you need to think about the exact color, size, and species before choosing a Pacman frog to buy.


Everyone wants to buy their pets at a reasonable price. For this, trusting any online store is normal. After all, you’ll see Pacman frogs for sale online everywhere. But, many experienced frog owners suggested buying Pacman frogs from breeders.

Because you’ll get Pacman frogs with good quality from the breeders than any online store. However, the price range of Pacman frogs varies from breeder to breeder.

Online Or Local Stores & Shipping Cost

There are always two options left for you when you intend to buy any pet. The easiest option is a local store. Pacman frogs are pretty available in the local pet stores in Brazil, South America, Uruguay, Argentina, etc. Besides, some retail stores sell Pacman frogs.

If you don’t have the opportunity to buy directly from a local store in your locality, you can go for online stores. Sometimes, they can offer free home delivery. But, you need to be prepared to pay for the shipping charge.

Again, the shipping charge becomes higher than the cost of the Pacman frog, especially in the case of international shipping.

The shipping charge varies according to your location. It can be around $40-$100.

Where Can I Buy A Pacman Frog?

Many of you may be confused about where to buy a Pacman frog. Hence, I’ve researched a while and found out some places where you can check your own. So, let’s check them out.

Backwater Reptiles

  Species of Pacman frogs     Costs
Suriname Pacman Frog  $29.99
Ornate Pacman Frog  $24.99
Albino Pacman Frog  $19.99
Brazilian Pacman Frog  $49.99
Fantasy Pacman Frog  $32.99

For details, you can click here.

Snakes At Sunset

  Species of Pacman frogs   Costs
Pikachu Pacman frog  $59.99
Super Pikachu Pacman frog  $79.99
Lime Albino Pacman frog  $49.99
Super Lime Albino Pacman frog  $69.99
Baby Suriname Pacman frog  $99.99
Baby Brown Suriname Pacman frog$79.99
Brazilian Horn frog  $79.99
Dragon Wing Pacman frog  $49.99
Super Apricot Pacman frog  $49.99
Fantasy Pacman frog$39.99
Strawberry Pacman frog  $39.99
Adult Green Pacman frog  $99.99

If you want to know more, do a quick check on SnakesAtSunset.

CB Reptile

  Species Of Pacman Frogs   Costs
Albino Pacman frog$24.95-$46.95
Apricot Pacman frog$24.95-$46.96
Strawberry Pineapple Pacman frog  $59.95
Green Pacman frog  $44.95-$64.95
Sunburst Pacman frog$24.95-$46.95
Ornate Pacman frog$44.95-$64.95

Click here to know more options for Pacman frogs.

Underground Reptiles

  Species of Pacman frog   Costs
Ornate Pacman frog$29.99
Mutant Black Eyed Calico Pacman frog$499.99
Super Pikachu Pacman frog$59.99
Apricot Pacman frog$29.99
Green Pacman frog$19.99
Pacific Pacman frog$79.99
Strawberry Pacman frog$29.99
Coffee Pacman frog$19.99

You can check Underground Reptiles to explore other options for Pacman frogs and their cost.

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Besides these, you can also find varieties of Pacman frogs in several online stores. Such as Reptmart, Exoreptiles, Preloved (in the UK and Ireland), Healthy Reptiles, Reptile Rapture, Ceder Pet Supply, and so on.

Moreover, you can also check Petco, PetSmart, and various national and international pet chain shops.

Maintenance Cost: What Supplies Do I Need For My Pacman Frog?

You indeed need to expect to pay a little bit more for your Pacman frog maintenance. To give your Pacman frog a comfortable home, let’s check what you may need in your shopping checklist. Also, I’ve added an approximate cost range for these items.

  Maintenance Items   Costs
10 gallon terrarium (18”-20” long) Larger tanks are also appreciated  $99-$200
Organic Sphagnum or peat moss  Around $5
Hygrometer  $13-$100
Thermometer  Around $15
Fogger  $135-$300
Heat Mat  $15-$50
Heat lamp (optional)$17
Branches or plants  $7-$9
LightingUsually, $15-$50 for UVB rays.   $7-$20 (incandescent bulb)
Rock or hideouts  $2-$25
Water dish  Around $10- $15
Screened lid  Within $20

Besides, some stores sell all necessary set-up equipment as a package. 

In cases of the substrate, you’ve to keep in mind a few things. Don’t forget to choose such a substrate that allows your Pacman frog to burrow in the ground comfortably.

Although I’ve mentioned the price of sphagnum, there are lots of substrate options. Such as- 

  • Cypress mulch: $12-$15
  • Coconut Fibre: $12
  • Coconut husks: From 10 to $50
  • Orchid bark: $5-$25
  • Soil: $10-$12 (varies according to your place)
  • Mixes

Again, choose such a shallow water dish. After all, your Pacman frog won’t swim there.

Grooming Cost: How Much Does It Cost To Own A Pacman Frog?

After completing the estimation of set-up costs, let’s pay heed to their grooming cost too. Undoubtedly, you have to pay more for their grooming to ensure sound health while keeping them as pets. This includes a few things. Such as-

Electricity Bill

You must have already known that the ideal temperature of your Pacman frog terrarium is between 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence, many people use a heat mat or heat lamp.

Not to mention, running that equipment can cost you a bit like the electricity bill.

Fresh Water Cost

Your Pacman frog strives for 80%-100% humidity to avoid dry skin. Thus, you must keep your frog’s tank moist by using fresh and clean water.

For this, you can buy filtered water. Also, you can purchase either distilled or spring water. Otherwise, you can dechlorinate your aged water. Among these freshwater options, distilled and spring water are costly.

For example- spring water can cost you around $5-$15.

Health Check-ups

No matter how much you take good care of your pet Pacman frogs, they still may face health issues. You need to notice if your pet is showing any signs of abnormalities or distaste for foods.

In case, you find any health issues with your frog, you should take suggestions from professionals or veterans. So, keep this expense in the grooming cost too.

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Monthly Treat

If your Pacman frog is an adult, a monthly treat is a must. So, you have to pay a bit more for your frog’s monthly treat, such as smaller frogs, shrimp, crab legs, butter worms, wax worms, etc.

Another significant thing to note is their grooming cost in feeding cost. I’ll describe details of the feeding cost of a Pacman frog here.

Feeding Cost

If you want to keep your Pacman frog fit, you must ensure the best diet for your frog. The feeding schedule and amount will be different depending on the age of your Pacman frog. As a result, the feeding cost can be pretty different.

The total feeding cost of your Pacman frog can be under $20 per month. Crickets being the staple food for your frog cost $12 for 250. Also, you can find Pacman frog supplements at the cost of $8-$20.

Although the cost may sound high, this is much lower if compared with the feeding cost of any other pet.

In the feeding chart of a Pacman frog, you can add crickets, locusts, guppies, nightcrawlers, dubia roaches, several types of worms, etc.

But, not all of them are a staple food for Pacman frogs. Moreover, you’ve to gut-load the insects before feeding them to your frogs.

For details, you can check the Pacman frog food diet.

Should I Buy A Pacman Frog?

The answer to this question varies according to your interest and conditions.

The very first fact you need to keep in mind is that Pacman frogs do not like to be handled often. So, they are not the types of pets whom you can cuddle often. Moreover, these frogs have pretty sensitive skin. So, if you are okay with not holding your pet much, you should buy a Pacman frog.

The second concerning thing of owning a Pacman frog is their croaking. Although the Pacman frogs remain quiet most of the time, they become loud sometimes. If you do not mind your Pacman frog croaking at the wrong moment, you can buy a Pacman frog for yourself.

On the other hand, these frogs can live up to 10 years or more. So, costing around $100-$300 will be a kind of investment to get a calm pet partner.

After all, these frogs are shy creatures. Also, these frogs are fond of burrowing and hiding themselves often. If you are looking for active pets, these frogs will not be for you.

Also, Pacman frogs are ferocious eaters, and they can sometimes bite your hands mistakenly as foods.

Thinking about all of these pros and cons, make your decision about buying a Pacman frog. But, in case of the entire costs of owning a Pacman frog, you’ll surely profit.

Things To Look For Before Buying A Pacman Frog

Who doesn’t want a healthy pet at a reasonable price? But, sometimes, it isn’t possible to check out the animal before buying if you’re buying online. Again, people do not know what they should check even if they purchase the pet from a local store.

Thus, I’ve put together some necessary factors that you need to look for before buying a Pacman frog.

  1. If you check pictures of Pacman frogs, you’ll see them likely having round and firm bodies. That’s a healthy look of any Pacman frog. Hence, do not pick a thin frog.
  • In case you’re buying from a local store, choose an active Pacman frog. Avoid picking idle, or lethargic frog, although Pacman frogs always remain calm, or burrow themselves. Hence, you need to check if they show any signs of health issues.
  • You can examine the body to check if there’s any sign of their illness. Also, you need to ensure the frog’s good appetite.
  • The experienced owners suggested that it’ll be good to buy Pacman frogs from the breeder. Because there are better chances to get frogs with good quality from the breeders than any stores.
  • A small suggestion to reduce your cost is to buy a baby Pacman frog instead of an adult Pacman frog. However, a Pacman frog tends to grow fast. But, the juvenile Pacman frogs are better for beginners.
  • If you want to go for online stores, make sure that they’re trustworthy. So, you can also check the feedbacks of their customers before purchasing. If you find them assuring, go on with the further process.
  • Try to find out such a site or online store which provides delivery with a shorter shipping period than others.
  • Last but not the least suggestion is to confirm alive arrival guarantee from the store. Also, a reliable brand tends to offer you the option of repayment if they fail to give alive arrival delivery.

Most Popular Pacman Frog Morphs: Infographic

most popular pacman frog morphs

Want to get a printable version of this infographic? Click here! [If you want to use this infographic on your website, please link back to this post as the source!]

Final words

Although the total cost may sound too much, it’s pretty cheaper than any other pet animal. After all, you’ll get 10-15 years of accompanying from your Pacman frog if you can ensure the best care.

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