How To Get Rid Of Frogs In Your Yard? [15 Simple Ways]

People often get irritated by the continuous croakings of frogs in their yards. Also, the presence of poisonous frogs in yards must be a headache for any pet owner. So, this is pretty normal to search for ways to get rid of frogs in your yard.

In this article, I’ve penned down the reasons for frog arrival in your yard, the outcome, 15 ways to get rid of frogs, etc. Hence, you should not leave this article in the middle if you want to get a perfect solution to deter frogs.

Is It Good To Have Frogs Around Your House?

Having frogs around your house contain both pros and cons.

If there is an increased population of insects around your house, frogs can relieve you by preying on insects. These frogs catch mosquitoes, beetles, caterpillars, flies, slugs, snails, etc.

Besides, like other animals, frogs do not cause any harm to your plants or garden. Since frogs are intolerant of pollutants, they act as bio-indicator of your garden.

Like the other side of the coin, having frogs around your house has some cons too. Certain frogs are so poisonous that their toxin can take the lives of multiple adult humans. So, there remain risks of encountering poisonous frogs while you have frogs around your house.

Check out this article to get enlightened about the deadly effect of dart frogs’ toxicity. Moreover, frogs carry diseases that can be life-taking too.

Let’s get to know in detail below why you should get rid of frogs in your yard.

Why Should You Get Rid Of Frogs In Your Yard?

Although frogs contribute a lot to the ecosystem, these animals leave an unpleasant impact in maximum cases. Let’s go through the following lists to see the reasons behind removing frogs from yards.

1. Carry Diseases

You might know that frogs are carriers of several diseases. So, you can get several bacterial, viral, fungal, or parasitic infections through both direct and indirect contact with frogs.

Besides, almost all frogs can spread salmonella. To avoid such unwanted diseases, you should ensure a frog-free yard.

2. Threats To Pets

If you keep pets in your home, getting rid of frogs will be essential for your pets’ safety. Among different species of frogs, several frogs are deadly to humans, cats, dogs, and others. Such as poison dart frogs, cane toads, etc.

When your pet accidentally licks or gobbles up any poisonous frog, it will surely die. Hence, you should get rid of these threads for your pets.

However, you should go through this article to get enlightened about frog poisoning of your dogs.

3. Alleviating Croaking

Certainly, nobody wants to ruin their peaceful night-sleep after a hectic day. If the frog population becomes large in your yarn, their combined croaking must be cacophony to you. To alleviate such noise, people want to deter frogs in yards.

However, if you are interested in frogs’ croaking, you should visit this article to know about 40 types of frogs’ sounds.

4. Attract Their Predators

Frogs are amazing prey of snakes. So, when there are frogs in your yards, these frogs are inviting snakes too. No wonder these snakes are massive threats to your family members and pets. So, people want to remove frogs from their property to avoid these threats.

5. Infestation Of Your Property

No matter how cute frogs look, these frogs infest your property. Sometimes, frogs destroy the orderliness of gardens too.

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What Does It Mean When You Have A Lot Of Frogs In Your Yard?

There can be several reasons for frogs’ frequent visits to your yard. When you have a lot of frogs in your yard, it surely indicates your yard is the perfect habitat for frogs. Such is because frogs thrive in those areas where their requirements get fulfilled.

Moreover, it means that your yard contains the following conveniences for frogs. Such as-

1. Water Sources

If you have water sources like a pool or pond, frogs may choose your yard as their habitat. After winter, frogs tend to become active in the month of spring. So, they search for water sources for their breeding.

Besides, frogs like cool and stagnant water. If your pool or pond is protected from the sun, frogs will find a suitable breeding place.

Also, you can go through this article to check out 13 ways to keep frogs away from pool.

2. Abundance Of Insects

The staple diet of frogs is insects. Being insectivores, frogs thrive in those areas full of insects. If your yard area has an abundance of pests, it will invite frogs in your yard as well.

3. Long Grass, Shrubs, And Potted Plants

If your yard has long grass, shrubs, potted plants, the frogs will find your yard as their hiding space. Also, potted plants give frogs the perfect opportunity to burrow.

What Attracts Frogs To Your House?

Frogs get naturally attracted to your house due to their food sources, water, and shelter. In other words, pests or bugs play a significant role in attracting frogs to your house. On the other hand, a few catalysts are attracting the insects which eventually invite frogs.

I’ve enlisted a few sources that attract frogs to your house. Such as-

  • Solar lights in your garden or yard
  • Long grass in your yard
  • Piles of leaves in the shaded area
  • Stagnant water sources
  • Compost foods in your garden
  • Pond in your area with partial shade

If there are pests, worms, snails, moths in your house, the frogs will find your house as their heaven of foods. On the other hand, keeping lights on in your yard attract insects. Besides, leafy litter, long grass, shrubs encourage the visits of frogs to your property.

How Do You Get Rid Of Frogs Around Your House: 15 Ways

There are several ways by which you can get rid of frogs around your house. I’ve enlisted a few strategies. Some of these strategies are co-related with each other.

But, some strategies are independent. So, it’s your turn to apply these methods to deter frogs from your yard. Let’s have a look.

1. Identification Of Frog Species

The very first thing that you need to do is to identify the frog species. Such is because several frogs are illegal to kill in certain areas. Also, there are laws protecting some species of frogs.

On the other hand, some invasive frog species are legal to kill. For example- if you live in eastern North America, you can kill bullfrogs. Also, this is legal to kill Cane toads within areas of South and Central America.

So, you should figure out first what type of frog species you are dealing with.

No wonder you have to act differently in the case of rare frogs and invasive frogs. Also, you should know beforehand which species of frogs respond with a specific method.

However, the toxins of maximum tree frogs are not fatal to any animals. So, you should not kill these frogs. Check out 10 popular tree frog identification with pictures here.

2. Act As Per The Laws In Your Areas

After getting the frog identification part done, you should remain aware of the laws in your areas. Firstly, you must know which species of frogs need to be protected. In addition, you should confirm which species of frogs are legal to kill in your area.

However, you must not kill any animal intentionally. After all, these frogs play a significant role in the ecosystem. If you badly need to do so, you should act as per the laws in your areas. But, let’s do our best to discourage them coming in yards by other following means.

3. Cut Off Food Sources

You might know that all frogs are insectivores. So, they tend to come into such places where they find their food sources.

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If your yard is full of insects, frogs will bound to come in your yard. Hence, you should take essential steps to reduce the population of pests, mosquitoes, moths, grasshoppers, worms, etc.

4. Keeping Pet Food Inside

People often tend to keep pet food in the yard. As a result, frogs can easily have a chance to taste the food. To discourage such presence, you should keep pet food inside your house. Even if you keep the pet food outside, you must keep it at a certain height.

5. Removing Natural Shelters And Hideouts

To get rid of frogs, you have to remove their natural shelters from your yard and surroundings. As mentioned before, frogs thrive well in long grass, weeds, bushy plants, shrubs, wildflowers, and so on.

If your garden is not mowed, it will become a natural shelter for frogs. Besides, leafy plants and grasses attract bugs that invite frogs around your house too.

Moreover, frogs hide below the rocks, debris, piles of wood chips, compost heaps, hedge bases, or potted plants. So, you need to remove these hideout zones of frogs to repel them.

6. Turning Off Lights

You might have seen swarms of flies gathered around the light sources. Not to mention, the appearance of frogs is a must in the abundance of insects.

So, to make your yard less appealing for frogs, you should turn off the lights when you’re not using it. A dark garden is less welcoming for frogs than a garden with outside lights. Besides, you should close the curtains of your house at night to not filter out the light from inside.

7. Water Drainage System

Another way to discourage frogs is removing all possibilities to have stagnant water around your house. Frogs prefer still water to lay eggs. Also, such stagnant-water sources are appealing places for mosquitoes and several insects.

For these reasons, you should remove empty pots, old lumber, etc. Make sure to remove other structures where water can get stored and remain stagnant.

Also, there are several sources of stagnant water for frogs. Such as swampy areas around your house, artificial ponds, birdbaths, bowls of water for pets, etc.

Hence, you must keep a suitable drainage system for still water. If possible, you can install a water fountain in your pool or pond. You can check out SWIMLINE FLOATING FOUNTAIN for your pool.

8. Setting Up A Barrier

Setting up a fence or other kind of barrier around your house or garden hinders frogs from entering your property. The experts suggest setting up the barrier with mesh netting or plastic fencing around the yard.

You must ensure that the fences start from the ground level. Also, there must not have much space in the barriers or fences through which the frogs may slip into your house area.

9. Prevent From Reproducing

To eliminate all stages of the frog population, you should prevent frogs from reproducing along with deterring adult frogs.

Have frogs already laid around your house? In this case, you need to eliminate all eggs and tadpoles of frogs from your property.

You can scoop out the frog eggs and tadpoles from your pool or pond. If you leave them on dry land without water, they will naturally die. However, if you want to save tadpoles and eggs, you can place them in another frog-friendly pond outside your house.

10. Breeding Fish In Pond

If you have a pond on your property, frogs will surely assume it as their breeding space. However, these animals prefer still water to lay eggs.

So, you can breed fish in your pond. Fish will keep the pond water moving. Besides, fish will eat up the frog eggs and tadpoles. In this way, you can eliminate the new generation of frogs from your property.

11. Using Mousetraps

There are no special traps made for frogs. You can use mouse traps to catch frogs in your yard. But, make sure to place those traps safely so that your pets or children can not get hurt.

12. Applying Physical Force

If all methods fail to discourage frogs from entering your yard, you can catch the frogs by applying physical force. Keep butterfly net to catch these frogs. Besides, you should try to relocate these frogs to a suitable breeding spot or pond.

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On the other hand, many experts suggest killing the frogs humanely when you can’t relocate them. Freezing the frogs can be a humane option for this. But, I’ll suggest not taking this step unless you are helpless.

13. Adding Frog Predators

You can also choose a different way to get rid of frogs in your yard. That is to add frog predators to deter frogs.

Some common frog predators are snakes, water shrews, lizards, ducks, birds like herons, small mammals, etc. If you add these frog predators in your yard and garden, these will scare the frogs.

14. Using Chemicals As Frog Repellents

Several kinds of research show that certain herbicides play a crucial role in discouraging frogs from entering your yard.

Besides, you can spray pest controllers around your house. It will deter not only pests but also frogs. If you search for pest rid spray, I’ll recommend ORTHO BUGCLEAR INSECT KILLER.

Besides, you might be surprised to know that snake repellents work as frog repellents too. Although snake repellents are practiced to deter snakes, frogs do not like the scent of snake repellents as well.

Thus, snake repellents discourage frogs from entering your yards. I recommend VICTOR Snake Repelling Granules.

What Happens When You Pour Bleach On A Frog?

Bleach is such a strong chemical that can burn the skin of any animal. On the other hand, frogs have delicate skin that can get seriously damaged by bleach.

In serious cases, frogs can be dead if you pour bleach on frogs.

You can use bleach spray to discourage frogs from entering your yard. To make such a spray, you need to mix bleach with water. Then, you can spray it around your yard or house.

15. Homemade Frog Repellents: What Scent Keeps Frogs Away?

Some homemade frog repellents are pretty effective in keeping frogs away. Frogs can not withstand the scents of several things. Such as baking soda, vinegar, coffee grounds, salt, lemon juice, peppermint oil, mothballs (naphthalene), etc.

Baking Soda

Baking soda works like citric acid to get rid of frogs. You have to sprinkle baking soda around the edge of your yard.

When the frogs sense the sensation of baking soda on their feet, they will not enter your yard. However, do not make mistakes in using this repellent as a spray.


Vinegar affects so harshly that you can use it as a spray by reducing its potency. As vinegar provides a burning sensation to frogs, you can use vinegar as an easy homemade frog repellent.

Coffee Grounds

You can reuse your used coffee grounds as frog repellents. This repellent is a bit acidic. By causing skin irritation, coffee grounds make frogs afraid of entering your property.

For this, you have to sprinkle coffee grounds around your lawn, yard, and garden. Besides, coffee grounds provide the advantage of working as a natural fertilizer.

Salt: What Happens If You Through Salt On A Frog?

You might know that frogs require moisture and sufficient humidity to survive. On the other hand, salt causes dehydration by absorbing body fluids.

Excessive exposure to salts can kill frogs. Besides, mild use of salts will cause irritation and severe skin discomforts to frogs.

As a frog repellent, you can sprinkle salt around the path of your yard, edges, lawn, etc. But, you should not directly through salt on a frog if you do not have an intention to kill it.

Lemon Juice

Due to its high acidity, frogs can have a burning sensation in their feet when their feet touch lemon juice. Make sure not to mix much water. Otherwise, the lemon juice will lose its effectiveness.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil has a pretty sharp odor that frogs can not tolerate. It is also used for controlling pests. But, you can use this repellent to get rid of frogs.


Since frogs have delicate and permeable skin, they can not tolerate any chemicals. So, cleaning chemicals like soap and detergent are highly toxic for frogs.


Another easily-available frog repellent is mothball. Frogs can not tolerate the smell of mothballs at all. If you keep mothballs or powdered naphthalene around your house, frogs will not enter your property.

Final Words

I hope this article could give you perfect solutions for discouraging frogs’ visits into your yard. Do not forget to take essential safety guides to apply some of those risky methods to repel frogs.

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