4 Best Frogs For Koi Ponds [Collector’s List]

If you are planning to introduce frogs in koi ponds, you should consider a few things beforehand. Depending on size and temperament, there remains the fear of predation. So, you have to find out which frogs can live with koi fish harmoniously. After researching a while, I have made a small list of the 4 best frogs for koi ponds.

However, many experts suggest no cohabiting of frogs and fish in koi ponds. If you are determined to make a cohabitation, you should keep the ecosystem of the koi pond secured.

So, let’s go through this article without any further ado.

Are Frogs Good For Koi Pond?

Frogs can certainly be a great addition to koi ponds. As long as you can keep the balance of the ecosystem, your frogs and fish can live in harmony together.

If you add frogs in koi ponds, the frogs can eat up mosquitoes and other harmful insects of the ponds. Also, frogs will clean up your koi ponds by eating organic materials, algae, and so on. So, frogs are good for koi ponds.

Besides, frogs do not release their frogspawn in any water body. So, if frogs stay in your koi ponds, you must be lucky. However, the frogs do not act like predators as long as they have enough food sources.

Do Koi Eat Tadpoles?

Since tadpoles get easily fit into the mouth of koi fish, koi can eat tadpoles.

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Usually, koi do not look for tadpoles as foods when they have enough food sources. On the other hand, koi tend to avoid toad tadpoles as those are typically bigger than other tadpoles.

Can Koi Fish Eat Frogs?

You might know that koi fish tend to eat tadpoles, frogspawn, etc. So, you might doubt whether koi fish eat frogs or not.

Usually, frogs do not remain on the list of staple food diets of koi fish. But, sometimes, koi fish can eat frogs when the frogs fit in their mouth.

So, the frogs of small sizes can remain in danger of being gobbled up by koi fish. Otherwise, big frogs can easily cohabit with koi fish in koi ponds.

Can I Buy Frogs For My Pond?

Depending on the fish of your koi pond, you can choose specific frogs to include in your pond.

The diet type of almost all frogs is insectivorous. A frog can finish over 100 insects overnight. So, if you want to keep your pond free from deadly insects, larvae, mosquitoes, you can keep frogs in your pond.

However, not all frogs are suitable to coexist with fish. Some frogs secrete toxins that may harm your fish. On the other hand, small frogs can become victims of fish. Hence, you should buy frogs wisely for your pond.

4 Frogs That Can Coexist With Koi In Koi Pond

Not all frogs are suitable to be kept with koi. You should keep in mind that neither frogs nor koi should be predators to each other. So, I have made a small list of frogs that can live with koi in koi ponds. Let’s take a look.

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1. Bullfrogs

Since smaller frogs become prey to koi, bulky frogs like bullfrogs can be your first choice to keep in koi ponds. But, you should ensure that the koi fish are larger than 6” when you keep bullfrogs with them.

2. Wood Frog

Wood frogs and koi fish remain active in koi ponds. Besides, the temperament of these koi and wood frogs is almost the same. Since wood frogs can grow up to around 3.25-4 inches, these frogs will not become threats to koi.

But, you should ensure not to keep koi larger than 5 inches. However, koi do not easily attack or eat frogs.

3. Pickerel Frog

Pickerel frogs are one of the largest frogs that reach up to about 4-4.5 inches. On the other hand, a one-year-old koi reaches up to around 4-5 inches. So, pickerel frogs and koi can live harmoniously in koi ponds.

4. Northern Leopard Frog

The last suggestion of the list of frogs that can live with koi is the northern leopard frog. Northern leopard frogs can be as large as around 4.5 inches in their maturity. Also, the female Northern leopard frogs get bigger than male frogs.

So, these bigger frogs can smoothly coexist with koi in your koi ponds. If possible, you should keep female northern leopard frogs with koi fish.

Are Bullfrogs Good For Koi Ponds?

It depends on the size of koi whether bullfrogs are good or bad for your koi ponds.

Because of the voracious appetite of bullfrogs, the koi of small sizes may remain in danger. These large frogs can become threats to koi, smaller than 6-8 inches. So, you may need to separate the koi babies away from the koi ponds.

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On the other hand, if you keep smaller frogs in koi ponds, the koi will swallow those smaller frogs. So, depending on the size of both koi and bullfrogs, bullfrogs can be good or bad for koi ponds.

Will Bullfrogs Eat Koi Fish?

You might have known that bullfrogs usually gobble up anything that fits in their mouth. These frogs are not only carnivores but also ambush predators.

If you keep bullfrogs in koi ponds, bullfrogs can eat baby koi. These frogs may swallow the adult koi that fit in their mouth.

Since bullfrogs can grow up to 8 inches, koi fish of 4-5 inches can become prey of bullfrogs. Otherwise, bullfrogs will not eat larger koi fish.

Do Koi Eat Bullfrog Tadpoles?

Firstly, you should know that the likelihood of eating tadpoles for koi is pretty low. Generally, koi tend to eat frogspawn instead of tadpoles.

Koi fish do not usually eat tadpoles unless they are scarce of their daily food. Besides, because of being up to 6” large tadpoles, bullfrog tadpoles do not interest koi.

So, it’s pretty rare for koi fish to eat bullfrog tadpoles. You should add more protein-rich foods to koi ponds to make your koi avoid eating tadpoles.

Final Words

If you are planning for backyard koi ponds, choosing frogs for the koi pond must be pretty difficult. I hope, this article helped you get enlightened about the best frogs for koi ponds. So, choose wisely to create an amazing cohabitation of koi and frogs.

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