13 Ways To Keep Frogs Away From Pool

No wonder anybody would not like to swim in the pool along with the presence of frogs or frog eggs. In addition, the continuous croaking of frogs from your pool area must be annoying. If you are searching for the best ways to keep frogs away from the pool, this article will help you.

In this article, I’ve summed up 13 ways that help you get rid of frogs from the pool. So, you must not miss this article if you have already been irritated by pool frogs.

Why Are Pool Frogs A Problem?

You might know the proverb that a thing is valued where it belongs. Although frogs contribute to the ecosystem, these animals are not suitable for pools. After all, pools are artificial places of swimming for humans only.

Let’s check out the following points to see how frogs in pools are big problems.

Carriers Of Diseases

The wild frogs are carriers of various diseases like salmonella, ranavirus, other bacterial and fungal diseases. Although these diseases do not cause any harm to these frogs, those diseases can be deadly to humans.

On the other hand, the pool water has to be balanced with accurate pH, calcium hardness, and alkalinity. If wild frogs show up in your pool, the pool water may get contaminated with potential germs, viruses, and bacteria.

As a result, the pool becomes unusable as there are risks of transferring these diseases from the frogs.

Lay Eggs In The Pool Water

No matter if the frogs are terrestrial, arboreal, or aquatic, all frogs will choose water to lay eggs. Generally, frogs lay eggs once or twice a year. Depending on the species, these frogs lay around 1000 to 20,000 eggs.

Usually, you may not want to swim in a pool that contains clutches of frog eggs. It will ruin the purity of pool water.

Algae Growth

Another negative effect of having frogs in the pool is algae growth. The presence of frogs promotes algae in the water. When the frog eggs turn into tadpoles, these tadpoles leave residues.

These tadpole residues block sunlight from entering the pool water. As a result, algae start growing into your pool.

Death In Pool Water

You might know that frogs have extremely permeable skin. On the other hand, pool water contains chlorine and other chemicals. These chemicals are used to keep the water parameters appropriate to swim for humans.

When any frogs fall in the pool water, they may absorb these chemicals and chlorine. Eventually, these frogs die in the pool water. If you are a frog lover, you can make another frog-friendly pond in your backyard.

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Does Chlorine Kill Frogs?

Because of being freshwater amphibians, frogs can not withstand chlorine, salt, or other chemicals. Besides, frogs can absorb any chemicals and chlorine through their permeable skin. This absorption of chlorine can take the lives of frogs. 

How To Keep Frogs Away From Laying Eggs In The Pool?

Frogs may consider your pool as a perfect water source for laying eggs. Even if frogs lay eggs in pool water, these eggs will not turn into tadpoles. Hence, you should remove the eggs from the pool water if you want to save the eggs.

If you want to keep frogs away from laying eggs in the pool, you must ensure to keep them away from the pool.

I’ve enlisted 13 ways to prevent frogs from laying eggs or entering your pool. Let’s check these out.

13 Ways To Get Rid Of Frogs And Keep Away From Pool?

1. Turning Pool Lights Off At Night

Naturally, frogs arrive in those places enriched with their food sources. So, if there are lights around the poolside, these lights will attract bugs and other insects. As a result, wild frogs will naturally enter your pool being attracted to these insects.

Hence, you should turn the pool lights off when you are not using the pool. Make sure that the pool lights are not on all night long.

2. Use A Cover

You should use a cover over your pool when you are not using the pool. These will keep the bugs away. In addition, the frogs will not come after their food sources. Besides, the pool cover acts as a direct barrier to prevent frogs’ arrival.

Also, you can use a pool safety cover. These safety covers contain extra anchors to lock the covers from not falling into the pool.

If you do not afford safety covers, you can use a tarp at low expense. In such a case, you have to add a few rocks to place the tarp down over the pool.

3. Build A Pool Fence

Another brilliant idea to keep frogs away from your pool is by building a fence around the pool. Such a fence will keep the children safe from falling into the pool too.

If you plan to build a pool fence, you should ensure having no gaps as stockade type fence. A wood or vinyl fence can be a good choice to prevent frogs from entering your pool. You can use a chicken wire fence too.

Also, make sure to cover the entire pool parameter with the fence. In addition, you must ensure that the fence is about a minimum of 2 feet in height.

4. Keep The Water Moving

Since frogs like still water, you can discourage frogs from entering your pool by keeping the water moving. Besides, insects tend to linger around still water which attracts frogs to come after their food sources.

After all, stagnant or still water is an ideal place to lay eggs for insects. Hence, you have to remove the food sources when you want to keep frogs away.

For this, you can adjust a pool fountain or pump. Installing such water features prevent insects from getting comfortable in the pool water. Eventually, this will be an amazing option to keep frogs away from the pool.

If you search for a good pool fountain, I’ll recommend Swimline Floating Fountain.

5. Heat The Water

You might know that frogs breathe dissolved oxygen from the water through their permeable skin. When it comes to the temperature of the water, cold water holds much-dissolved oxygen. So, it’s pretty usual that frogs tend to stay in cold water than warm water.

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Moreover, frogs can not breed in warm water. If the water temperature is high, the laid eggs will be infertile.

To avoid frogs’ unwanted presence, you have to make the pool unfriendly to frogs. So, you can warm up the pool water a bit. The warm water will not certainly invite the frogs.

If you want to warm up the pool water, you can use a solar pool cover, pool heater, solar rings, liquid solar cover, etc.

6. Trim Your Lawn

You should trim your lawn regularly to discourage frogs from entering your pool. Such is because frogs love to play around and hide in tall grass, weeds, leafy debris, and so on. So, frogs will not likely hand out in your mowed yard.

Besides, you should remove big rocks, stacked woods, and other possible hideouts of frogs from your lawn. As a result, this will reduce the chances of frogs’ presence in your pool.

7. Remove Shrubs Or Potted Plants

Frogs tend to burrow in potted plants. When you keep shrubs and potted plants in your yards, these encourage frogs to come into your pool area. For this reason, you should remove shrubs and potted plants if you keep these nearby pool areas.

8. Keep Pool Water Sanitized

There is much possibility of appearing into an unbalanced pool for frogs than a sanitized pool. Besides, changing or sanitizing pool water makes the water move. So, you can keep the pool water sanitized to increase the possibility of keeping frogs away from your pool.

9. Keep A Frog Log

You can keep an exit ramp for frogs that fall into your pool accidentally. As exit ramps, you can choose frog logs. Frog logs are floating platforms that help small animals climb out of the water.

The number of frogs logs you require varies according to the pool size. Besides, it is an inexpensive option to save the innocent lives of frogs and other small animals.

Keeping frog logs will not directly help keep frogs away from your pool. But, these exit ramps may lessen your trouble scooping out dead frogs.

You might be wondering which frog log to buy. Check out Swimline Froglog which you can buy for only $23.

10. Create An Alternative Habitat

If you are a frog lover, it may be a bit problematic to keep frogs away from your pool. In this case, you can create an alternative habitat for frogs. In short, you can make or install a frog-friendly pond in your yard or property.

To invite frogs, you should keep rocks, bark, logs, potted plants around the pond. You can also grow grass and leafy plants around the pond. If frogs find out such a frog-friendly pond on your property, this will keep them away from your pool.

11. Use Frog Traps

You may be familiar with rat traps. Like rat traps, frog traps are used to trap frogs. Undoubtedly, using frog traps should be your last option to keep frogs away from the pool.

In these traps, frogs may enter into the baits. But, they can not jump out of these apparatus. If you become irritated about not being able to keep frogs away, you can use this last unpleasant option of using frog traps.

12. Frog Repellents For Pools

Another way to keep frogs away from the pool is using frog repellents. Usually, the repellents are used for controlling pests. As the pests are food sources of frogs, controlling pests by repellents will keep frogs away.

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You can spray Cypermethrin to repel the insects that allure frogs. Also, you can rely on PEST RID GRANULES. In addition, you can check out PEST RID LIQUID REPELLENT. You can use organic aerosols to get rid of frogs more humanely.

Moreover, you can use homemade frog repellents for pools.

13. Home Repellents

Some home deterrents help pool owners keep frogs out of the pool. Among these repellents, there are salt, vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, etc. Let’s go through the details of this list of home remedies.

Home Remedies To Keep Frogs Out Of Pool

1. Coffee Ground

One of the easiest ways to keep frogs out of the pool is using the coffee ground as frog repellent. The sensitive skin of frogs can not withstand coffee powder.

So, if you sprinkle coffee grounds around your pool area, frogs will not dare to enter. It will work as a barrier.

2. Salt

Salt is an inexpensive option to repel frogs. Like several animals, frogs can not tolerate exposure to salt as salt suck up the body fluid. It causes dehydration that may lead to death. Hence, you must not ever sprinkle salt directly onto any frog.

To use it as a repellent, you can make a saltwater solution. Then, you can spray the solution around the edge of your pool area. Instead of salt water solution, you can also sprinkle salt.

3. Vinegar

Vinegar repel frogs from your pool area by causing a burning sensation in their feet. You can mix vinegar with water and spray this solution all around the pool. While making vinegar solution, you should take water and vinegar in equal quantities.

4. Citric Acid

If you want to get rid of frogs, the citric acid solution will be one of the strongest homemade repellents. You can use concentrated citric acid solution to deter frogs from your pool area.

To make this solution, you need to mix 1.3 pounds of dry citric acid in one-gallon water. Spray this citric acid solution around the edges of the pool.

5. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice works as citric acid to deter frogs. If you do not have dry citric acid, you can prepare lemon juice as a repellent. Spray this easy homemade repellent around your pool to keep frogs away.

6. Bleach

Since frogs have highly sensitive skin, bleach works as poison for them. When you spray bleach around your pool, it causes a burning sensation and irritation to frogs. Hence, frogs do not enter your pool by overcoming the bleach-sprayed pool edge. 

7. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil can be another best bet to deter frogs from your pool area. Like other repellents, frogs can not withstand peppermint oil too.

8. Baking Soda

The last option of home repellents of frogs in this list is baking soda. It irritates frogs’ skin. Besides, baking soda does not harm plants or other organisms.

How Long Can A Frog Live In A Pool?

Pool water is not suitable for frogs at all. Being freshwater amphibians, frogs can not thrive in the chlorinated water of the pool. A frog can survive up to a maximum of two days in a pool. However, it depends on the quantity of chlorine in the pool water.

Final Words

Frogs in the pool ruin the environment of the pool. I hope, this article has enlightened you about several effective ways to keep frogs away from the pool. You can apply any of them or several ways to get rid of frogs in your pool area.

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