40 DIY Bearded Dragon Tank Setup Ideas For Creative Owners

diy bearded dragon tank setup ideas

If you’re a bearded dragon lover, you must be trying to implement your idea in your bearded dragon enclosure. Since readymade bearded dragon tanks are too costly, you can DIY your bearded dragon tank. That’s why, I’ve come up with 40 unique DIY ideas for a bearded dragon tank setup.

In this article, I’ve penned down 40 DIY bearded dragon tank setup ideas. You’ll find charts including materials and difficulty level of individual tank setups. So, let’s go through the article to get inspiration for creative tank setup ideas for your beardies.

Key Takeaways

  • You can take ideas from these Bearded dragon tank setup designs.
  • Make sure to monitor the optimal environmental requirements in your Bearded dragon enclosure.
  • However, you should try to recreate the natural habitations of your Bearded dragons.

1. Rocky Desert Bearded Dragon Tank

Supplies and decorationsStyrofoam, dried-out logs, wood, aloe vera plant, lighting, hideouts, bath dish, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

In the wild, bearded dragons tend to live in dry and deserted areas with intense sunlight. So, a rocky desert bearded dragon tank can be a wonderful DIY idea.

To make a deserted appearance, you can prepare the background with grout, styrofoam, stones, etc. The presence of stones, dried-out logs pieces, and stone desert substrate make an ideal environment for your bearded dragons. You can fully implement this rocky desert tank design idea by maintaining the temperature and humidity level.

You can install a UVB tube light and a 75w UVA basking light. Make sure to keep a low-temperature area where the temperature can remain within 75 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, these beardies rely on high heat. So, the high heat level of the tank should be within 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Home-Sweet-Home Beardie Enclosure

Supplies and decorationsA glass tank, homemade basking rocks, hammocks, live plants, wood, branches, water dish, lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

The reason behind naming this tank as a home-sweet-home beardie enclosure is having all facilities like home. This tank setup idea includes different décor items for their recreation. In this tank, homemade basking rocks are available where your bearded dragon can enjoy the warmth.

Besides, there are hammocks for your bearded dragons. A few hideouts, climbing branches, and live plants will make the tank setup comfortable. A shortcoming of this enclosure idea can be the lacking of the substrate. 

You shouldn’t forget to install a proper lighting system. Since it is a glass tank, the tank may hold the heat of the lighting.

3. The Cozy Bearded Dragon Tank

Supplies and decorationsSand, fake grass, rock décor, hammock, basking light, bath dish, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

This tank setup idea makes you DIY a cozy place for your bearded dragons. You can add two types of bearded dragon substrate in this enclosure. Since sand is a vital part of the wild habitation of beardies, you must add sand to one part of the tank.

On the other portion, you can lay down fake grasses. Then, you should add some hideouts, hammocks, bath dishes, and rock décor for your beardies. Do not forget to add a basking light to this cozy bearded dragon tank.

4. Classy Bearded Dragon Tank With Pascal Background

Supplies and decorationsPascal backgrounds, substrate, live or fake foliage, rocks, UVB lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelHard

To make a Bearded dragon enclosure look classy, you need to use the maximum space of the tank. A Pascal background will change the mood of the environment. You can choose Pascal backgrounds of mountain area, desert area, beachy area, etc. This amazing background can remove the boredom of the sterile-looking white walls of the tank.

Some homemade basking rocks and dried-out logs can bring out the rocky feel of the tank. Besides, you should add a cave, décor items, and live or fake foliage for your beardies. Also, you can add safe bearded dragon substrate where your beardies can dig out.

You must provide the basking opportunity for your bearded dragons. That’s why, you should not forget to add UVB lighting.

5. Indoor Playground Bearded Dragon Terrarium

Supplies and decorationsHammock, logs, plants bath dish, water dish, basking area rocks, lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate 

This indoor playground terrarium idea gives the entire bearded dragon tank the vibe of the playground. There is a basking area, hammock, wooden décor items, bath dish, and plants for your beardies. It seems like your bearded dragons can rest in one corner where the hammock is placed.

Then, your beardie can sit upon the log piece of another corner of this playground. Providing UVB lighting can ensure the optimal heat for your beardies. But, this indoor playground bearded dragon terrarium comes with one shortcoming.

It is its lacking of humidity maintenance. Due to the lack of live plants, you might face difficulty in maintaining the optimal humidity level. Also, there is no substrate for your beardies. However, you can always modify any idea while setting up your bearded dragon enclosure.

6. Majestic Bearded Dragon Wild Tank

Supplies and decorationsBranches, logs, plants, skull décor, rocks, lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

This majestic Bearded dragon wild tank will portray a jungle-like appearance. A large portion of the enclosure is filled with plants, branches, and logs. In this jungle part of the tank, you should add some sand substrate for your beardies at the bottom.

To take your DIY idea to another level, you can include artificial décor items. If you’re into gothic items, you can choose skull décor items.

Your reptile pet can explore and hide in the human skull décor. ThisThis skull décor brings attraction into your Bearded dragon’s tank. Moreover, you can create a basking area with a pile of rocks. Your beardie can enjoy the warmth of lighting by sitting above the rocks.

7. Beardie’s Dragon Vale with Tiki Hut

Supplies and decorationsSubstrate, branches, tiki hut, rocks, logs, live plants, UVB lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

If you’re a fan of the DragonVale game, you will surely like the idea of setting up a fantasy park for your bearded dragons. However, we’ll keep this Beardie’s Dragon Vale tank setup idea simple.

Although there’s a debate about using the substrate for beardies, you can use a mix of sand, clay, and topsoil at the bottom layer. It’ll give your Bearded dragon tank a naturalistic look. This Beardie’s Dragon Vale also contains a large branch, some rocks, logs, aloe vera plants, etc.

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The most attractive part of this Dragon Vale is the tiki hut. This tiki hut will surely catch the attention of your bearded dragons. Also, you can create a basking area in one corner of the enclosure.

8. Wood Logs Styled Bearded Dragon Tank

Supplies and decorationsWood logs, live or fake plants, UVB lighting, food bowl, water dish, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

This wood logs-styled tank idea will be an amazing and cozy enclosure set up for your bearded dragon. In this tank setup, you need to place a few wood logs. Position these logs at some angle. These will be great places for your beardies to chill and rest.

You need to add light sources on one corner of the enclosure. Your beardies can use those wood logs as the seats of their basking area. So, the other side will be a shady area for your bearded dragons.

You can keep some live or artificial plants in the tank. A food bowl can keep your Bearded dragon enclosure clean. However, the absence of substrate may make the wood logs styled Bearded dragon tank incomplete.

9. The DIY Cabinet Beardie’s Terrarium

Supplies and decorationsOld cabinet, wooden structures, hammock, water bowl, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

Do you have any old cabinets that you want to throw away? Then, let’s DIY the wasted cabinet to make your beardie’s terrarium. It’ll save your expense to buy a new tank.

Since it is a tall terrarium, the basking light will be too high for your beardies. As a result, your Bearded dragon may not get the proper warmth of the UVB lighting. So, you need to set up a hammock right under the basking light.

Now, the question will be how my beardie will reach up to the hammock. For this, you should set up some wooden pieces in inclined arrangements. Make a smooth path for your beardies to climb the hammock.

You can spread smooth carpet grass over the wooden structures. Also, you should add a water bowl and décor items to this cabinet terrarium.

10. Beardie’s Cove Paradise Terrarium

Supplies and decorationsCave, plants, lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

This tank idea features a nice cove in your Bearded dragon’s enclosure. Your beardie can take a rest in this arched cove that is adjacent to the wall. Along with the cave, you can bring greenery by adding some plants.

In Beardie’s Cove paradise terrarium, your bearded dragon can get sufficient space to explore. Make sure to add UVB lighting in the tank. Otherwise, your beardie will miss the opportunity of basking.

11. Minimalistic Bearded Dragon Tank

Supplies and decorationsA large tank, Beardie basket, basking rocks, lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

You will surely love this Bearded dragon tank idea if you’re a minimalistic lover. This minimalistic Bearded dragon tank focuses on simplicity. You can add backgrounds to the walls of your Bearded dragon tank.

This tank idea features a bearded dragon basket. In addition, you can create a homemade basking area with rocks. The assemblies of this Bearded dragon tank are easy to maintain.

After installing UVB lighting, your Bearded dragon will get all of its basic items. Do not forget to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels. Since there are no live plants, you should have extra concerns to maintain the humidity level.

12. Desert Style Bearded Dragon Terrarium

Supplies and decorationsSubstrate, rocks, UVB lighting, water bowl, grass plants, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

Inspired by the wild habitats of beardies, you can implement this desert-style Bearded dragon terrarium. Although the entire setup may look intimidating, your beardies will get a home-like environment. The experts suggest keeping a layer of substrate in your bearded dragon enclosure.

You can choose among paper towels, sand, wood chip, reptile carpet, or a mixture of these substrates. Keeping sand or soil can give the terrarium a desert vibe. To add more features of a desert, you need to arrange differently shaped rocks. 

At one corner of the tank, you can fix a UVB lighting. Now, your beardie will not get deprived of the basking light. Another feature of this tank setup idea is minimal foliage. Since you want to make a desert-style Bearded dragon terrarium, you should go for less plants.

13. Bearded Dragon Arid Tank

Supplies and decorationsLogs, basking rocks, cave, substrate, thermometer, lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

This arid tank idea features a desert-like environment for your Bearded dragons. Like the wild habitat of your beardies, this Bearded dragon enclosure will portray a realistic dry environment with wood and sand. That’s why you need to include props of wooden formation.

You can add logs, wooden caves, driftwood, and basking rocks for your beardies. So, your beardies will get lots of places to hide and explore. Since you need to recreate an arid habitat, there will be no plants in this tank idea.

Do not forget to keep a water dish in your Bearded Dragon rocky bottom tank. In addition, this tank idea suggests you keep the substrate at the bottom of the tank.

14. Bearded Dragon Terrarium With Cove

Supplies and decorationsA large tank, log, a readymade or homemade cove, lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

You can make a simple Bearded dragon terrarium by making a cove inside the tank. All you need is to include the basic required items for your beardies. The cove will provide a cozy and comfortable room for taking rest for your Bearded dragons.

You can also add a log inclined to the cove. This tank idea suggests adding no substrate and plants. So, your Bearded dragons will get plenty of room to play and explore. Make sure to create a dry and humid environment in your Bearded dragon terrarium.

15. Recreation Room Styled Beardie’s Tank

Supplies and decorationsSubstrate hammock, fake plants, basking rocks, UVB lighting, bridge hammock, etc.
Difficulty levelHard

If you want to make something eye-soothing, you must try this tank setup idea. In this recreation room-styled beardie’s tank, your beardie will get all luxury to chill in captivity. At one corner of the tank, you need to add a reptile corner hideout.

Otherwise, you can DIY homemade basking rocks for your pet beardies. In addition, a hammock will rise the beauty of this recreation room-styled Beardie’s terrarium. Place the hammock at such a height to become readily available for your bearded dragons.

At another corner, you can lay aquarium grass at the bottom. Add some logs and rocks to bring a more naturalistic vibe. To bring perfection, this tank idea suggests including a bridge hammock. You need to connect two corners of the hammock on two walls of the tank.

Finally, you can add some fake plants to your Bearded dragon terrarium. Add some pictures of your lovely beardies onto the wall in the background.

16. Cozy Bearded Dragon Home

Supplies and decorationsCave, hammock, log, rocks, plants, basking rocks, basking light, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

This Bearded dragon tank idea recreates a simple and cozy home for your pet beardies. You need to bring all essential items for your bearded dragons in this cozy home-styled enclosure. Your bearded dragon will get a cave to hide in one corner of the tank.

Another required luxury for your bearded dragons is their basking area. You can DIY homemade basking rocks. Then, you need to set up these basking rocks under the basking light.

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To make this enclosure a home, a rope hammock can bring the ultimate perfection. You should place some rocks before the hammock. These rocks will help your Bearded dragons climb the hammock.

So, this cozy Bearded dragon home has the warmth and facilities that your Beardies demand. Finally, you can add some hanging plants and log into your Bearded dragon enclosure.

17. Simple Bearded Dragon Tank

Supplies and decorationsA large tank, UVB light, basking rocks, logs, water dish, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

The assembly of this Bearded dragon tank is pretty easy to set up. You need to add a few basic items for your Bearded dragons. That’s why this tank setup is simple to maintain.

This tank idea shows keeping some basking rocks at one corner of the tank. You need to install the basking light in that corner. To help your Bearded dragons get basked, you should keep some dried wooden logs. Your Beardie will climb over these props to get their required vitamin D.

There will be a shady corner in another part of this tank. You can have one or two tub plants. There will be no décor accessories, excess foliage, and substrate. So, you can pick this tank design idea if you want to set up a simple Bearded dragon tank.

18. Perfect Bearded Dragon Dorm

Supplies and decorationsLogs, cave, rocks, hammock, UVB lighting, water dish, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

Do you want to make your Bearded dragon enclosure look picture-perfect? Then, this tank design idea must be for you. By adding all significant and fancy items, you can make your perfect Bearded dragon dorm.

Make two areas within the tank by the warmth variation. One portion will be the high-temperature area. Another one will be the low-temperature area.

In the high-temperature area, there will be UVB lighting. You can keep a hammock to help your beardies bask under the lighting. In addition, you can keep logs, wooden caves, water dishes, fake plants, etc. To replicate a desert area, you can keep one cactus plant in this perfect Bearded dragon dorm.

19. Beardie’s Wooden Cave Terrarium

Supplies and decorationsSubstrate, wooden caves, rocks, logs, plants, UVB lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

Your Beardies will surely find this wooden cave terrarium awesome since there are lots of accessories. It looks like a tidy home with all the refreshment facilities. In this tank setup idea,  the layout shows two sections at the bottom of the tank. These sections are divided for laying substrates.

You need to keep a small section empty without any substrate. Then, you can start placing wooden caves, logs, rocks, and plants. Your Beardie can hide and take a rest in those wooden caves. 

Afterward, you should adjust the lighting at one corner of the tank. As a result, the Bearded dragon terrarium will be divided into warm and cool corners. To help your beardies enjoy basking, you should fix a hammock and place some rocks.

20. Classy Bearded Dragon Desert Tank

Supplies and decorationsHomemade den, pyramid, bones, skull, UVB lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelHard

As you can see, the landscape of this classy desert tank resembles the natural habitat of Bearded dragons. In this tank design idea, you can DIY a huge den and half-den for your beardies. DIYing a homemade pyramid can save you cost a bit.

Moreover, there are décor items for your Bearded dragons to climb. To add more beauty, you can add some skulls and bones. The entire tank will give your Beardies a vibe of the desert.

The only thing that may cause risks is the substrate. To save your Bearded dragons from impaction, you must choose a safe substrate.

21. Bioactive Bearded Dragon Enclosure

Supplies and decorationsTopsoil, sand, heat lamp, UVB lighting, fluorescent lighting, plants, cave, basking rocks, etc.
Difficulty levelHard

A bioactive Bearded dragon enclosure is a perfect tank that any pet Beardie will surely love. The addition of substrate will make this enclosure look like a miniature version of Savannas or woodlands. These can be a good mixture of topsoil and sand. Your Beardie will love to dig these substrates with their claws.

To keep the tank warm, you need to fix the heat lamp and heat projector. There is a cave for your Beardies to take shelter from the heat. Moreover, you need to create basking areas with the help of wood and rocks.

Although you should fix fluorescent and daylight bulbs, you need to add UVB lighting. Finally, you should add some Jade plants and other décor items into this bioactive enclosure.

22. Bearded Dragon Jurassic Park

Supplies and decorationsA tall tank, skull, rocks, plants, water dish, UVB lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

If you’re a fan of Jurassic World, you should try this JJurassicpark-themed Bearded dragon terrarium. To implement this tank design, you need to choose a tall tank. Then, you need to add all items that recreate Jurassic Park within the enclosure.

For this, you need to add a large skull, lots of rocks, logs, branches, plants, etc. The large skull will be a beautiful décor piece that is popular for its several access points. Your Beaedies can feel safe to hide inside the skull décor.

Since it is a tall tank, your Beardies can not receive direct warmth from the basking light. Hence, you should arrange the logs and rocks in such a way that helps your Beardies climb up to the tank. Finally, you should maintain optimal humidity and temperature level for your Bearded dragons.

23. Comfy Living Terrarium For Beardies

Supplies and decorationsSubstrate, plants, log, UVB lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

This tank idea refers to a simple setup. You need to add two types of substrate to DIY this comfy living terrarium. One of them can be coco peat, and another type of substrate can be ceramic beach pebbles.

You should keep a large log in the center of the tank. Alongside the log, you should keep a tree that creates an opportunity for your Beardies to climb. Do not forget to add basking light, heat lamp, and thermometer to obtain ideal environmental parameters.

24. Into The Jungle Terrarium

Supplies and decorationsSubstrate, wooden cave, logs, hammock, food bowl, water dish, etc.
Difficulty levelHard

Firstly, you need to choose a large enclosure depending on the number and age of your Bearded dragons. Keeping a background will recreate the vibe of a jungle. The Jungle terrarium will be incomplete without substrate. So, you must keep a layer of topsoil or other substrate at the bottom of the tank.

Then, you should add some wooden caves, logs, and barks to create a naturalistic environment. In addition, you can keep a hammock in the basking area. Your Beardie can chill over the hammock while enjoying vitamin D.

If you want some cleanliness, you can keep a dish bowl. Also, you should add a water bowl for your Bearded dragons.

25. Bearded Dragon Green Enclosure

Supplies and decorationsSubstrate, hanging plants, climbing ledge, rocks, wooden cave, food bowl, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

You might wonder the reason behind naming this tank as a Green enclosure. That’s because you will find greenery while taking a glance at this enclosure. But, Bearded dragons hale from the dry and deserted environments.

That’s why you need to add some hanging plants to this green enclosure. Your Beardie will surely live it to find some opportunities to climb inside the tank. In addition, this tank design idea includes a climbing ledge, a rock cave, and a food bowl.

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The climbing ledge will help your Beardie sit under the UVB light. However, you must monitor the temperature and humidity level of your Bearded dragon green enclosure.

26. Tidy Beardie’s Room

Supplies and decorationsHammock, basking rocks, cave, rocks, skull décor, plants, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

Who doesn’t love a tiptop habitat? This tidy Beardie’s room tank design implies a systematic arrangement of décor items. You need to keep large logs on one corner of the enclosure.

Then, you should set up the bridge hammock by joining its two corners with two walls. Your Beardie will surely enjoy this soft hammock. Moreover, the appearance of this bridge hammock will increase the beauty of your Bearded dragon enclosure.

To complete this tank setup, you need to add skull décor items, a DIY homemade cave, a climbing ledge, a basking area, and plants. Since there is no substrate, the tank will remain clean. But, you can add some substrate towels on one side of the tank.

27. The Bridge Hammock Beardie Tank

Supplies and decorationsRocks, bridge-hammock, plants, UVB lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

The main attraction of this tank design is a bridge hammock. Instead of buying a readymade bridge hammock, you can also DIY this décor item.

This bridge hammock is a suitable décor piece that helps your Bearded dragons during shedding. Since your beardies can rub their bodies against the hammock, their pores will not get clogged. Moreover, your Beardie can chill over this bridge-hammock as its basking place.

Also, this tank design idea includes plants, rocks, and other essential stuff. You must monitor the temperature and humidity level of this bridge-hammock tank.

28. Bearded Dragon Tower

Supplies and decorationsA large enclosure, wood logs, UVB lighting, fluorescent lighting, substrate, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

To level up the game of DIYing, you can choose this idea of a Bearded dragon tower. For this, you need to choose a huge enclosure that should resemble a tower. Now, this Bearded dragon tower has a layer of substrate for your Beardies to dig in.

This Bearded dragon tower provides huge space for your pet Beardies to explore the tank. You need to add some wood logs in the middle of this tower. But, your Beardies may miss a shady corner in this Bearded dragon tower.

Also, there is no presence of flora in this Bearded dragon tower design. However, you can always modify the tank design according to your ideas.

29. The Bask On The Ladder Tank

Supplies and decorationsWood logs, plants, UVB lighting, ladder, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

This tank design is absolutely perfect due to including all necessary items required for your Beardies. Due to having UVB lighting at one corner, the other part of the tank becomes a low-temperature area. Your Beardie can take a rest on the swing placed in that shady area.

Moreover, the addition of some plants brings out a natural vibe of this enclosure. If your Beardie needs to bask too close to the source, you can place a ladder décor in this tank design. A temperature and humidity-regulated tank is bound to be a comfortable place to thrive for your pet Beardies.

30. Astonishing Bearded Dragon’s Room

Supplies and decorationsDriftwood, logs, UVB lighting, water dish, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

This tank design shows the amazing assembly of the props. The enclosure is full of logs, branches, and driftwood. You can add a miniature version of a sofa for your Beardies.

Your Bearded dragon will find lots of room to roam around in this astonishing Beardie’s room. Make sure to monitor the temperature level of this tank. 

31. Beardie’s Tank With Cove & Hammock

Supplies and decorationsLogs, hammock, wood ledge, cove, UVB lighting, plants, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

Let’s go for an amazing tank setup for your Beardies with a cove and hammock. In the layout of this tank, you need to create a cove at one corner of the tank. This cove is a suitable place to hide or take a rest for your Beardies. You can DIY this cove with plywood or rocks.

Your Beardie can consider this cove as the shady corner of the enclosure. On the other part of the tank, you can keep wood logs that help your Beardies sit or rub their back.

Sometimes, your beardies may not receive the heat of UVB light at great intensity. That’s why you can set up a hammock closer to the lighting. Don’t forget to add a ledge inclined with the hammock. It’ll help your Beardie climb to the hammock to enjoy the basking light.

32. Marvellous Bearded Dragon Tank

Supplies and decorationsPlants, UVB lighting, driftwood, hammock, cradle, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

If you want to create a pleasing setup, you can try this marvelous Bearded dragon tank design. In this tank design, you need to add a simple background. Due to not adding any substrate, the surface of this tank remains smooth.

The simplicity of this Bearded dragon tank makes it marvelous. Hence, you need not add too many items to this enclosure. Add driftwood, a small cradle, a hammock, and live plants. The balance of flora and fauna is a significant thing to notice in this marvelous Bearded dragon tank.

33. Driftwood Based Beardie’s Room

Supplies and decorationsDriftwood, plants, hammock, UVB lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

If you do not want to take much hassle with tank setup, you can go for driftwood-based Beardie’s room. The main hero of this tank setup is driftwood. Your Beardie can readily climb this driftwood.

Moreover, these driftwoods are good options for Bearded dragons to rub their backs. As a result, your Beardie can have smooth shedding.

Besides, you can attach a hammock at one corner of the tank. Make sure that your Beardies can smoothly climb to this hammock. Finally, a few plants, UVB lighting, and water dishes can make this Beadie’s room complete.

34. Ideal Bearded Dragon Home

Supplies and decorationsSubstrate, wood ledge, cave, plants, UVB lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

In this tank design, you can recreate the wild habitation of Bearded dragons within the four walls of an enclosure. The substrate of the bottom will give your Beardie a home-like feeling. Moreover, keeping the UVB lighting at a corner can create two temperature gradients inside the tank.

You need to keep some wood ledges for your Beardies. Your pet Bearded dragons can enjoy basking by sitting up on the ledges. A bushy plant can fill the demand for foliage in your ideal Bearded dragon home.

In addition, you should DIY a small cave for your beardies. They can hide and take a rest inside the shady area of the cave.

35. Classy Bearded Dragon Bedroom

Supplies and decorationsReptile sofa, reptile lounger, cradle, plants, lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelHard

Let’s create a Bearded dragon bedroom with classy décor items. This layout is properly arranged with a pet leather sofa, reptile branches, reptile lounger, cradle, etc. You need to make the setup wisely. Otherwise, your Beardie may not have much space to roam around.

36. DIY Bearded Dragon Home With Logs

Supplies and decorationsCarpet grass, logs, reptile lounger, UVB lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

This Bearded dragon tank setup is a beginner-friendly design. You can readily DIY your Bearded dragon home by keeping logs as the main attraction. For this, you need to choose a large log. Place the log in the middle of the enclosure.

Instead of keeping bare-bottom, you can add grass carpet in your Bearded dragon home. Another cool addition to this setup is a reptile lounger. Your Beardie can climb this lounger or rub their pores.

Besides, you should create a high-temperature zone by installing UVB lighting. Keep some logs to help your Beardie enjoy the basking.

37. Crystal Heaven

Supplies and decorationsCove, driftwood, logs, UVB light, LED light, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

The reason behind such a unique name is its crystal glass tank. To implement this idea, you need to DIY the images of crystal into the walls of the tank. The entire look is so magnificent that your Beardie can thrive in this tank without stress.

To upgrade this tank into heaven, you can DIY a cove in one corner of the tank. Keep the UVB lighting on that corner. When your Beardie wants to get closer to basking light, it’ll climb up the cove. On the contrary, it’ll seek shelter or take a rest inside the cove.

This tank design allows you to add a cradle, logs, driftwood, and other décor items. To make the home bright, you should add a fluorescent or LED light in this crystal heaven. 

38. Bearded Dragon Adventure Room

Supplies and decorationsSand, slate stairway, plants, décor items, UVB lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

If you want to try something unique, you can DIY this Bearded dragon adventure room. The most eye-catchy thing about this tank setup is the slate stairway. You need to DIY this stairway at one corner of the tank.

Moreover, this tank design shows the uneven background and surface of the tank. Also, the sand of the bottom layer portrays a tropical dryland vibe. In short, this tank design will be a replica of the wild habitat of your Bearded dragon.

The entire tank gives a vintage and rustic look. Your Bearded dragon will definitely love to do adventure in this unique layout. Do not forget to add UVB lighting to help your Beardie get vitamin D.

39. Luxurious Bearded Dragon Tank Setup

Supplies and decorationsSubstrate, plants, rocks, cove, etc.
Difficulty levelHard

This luxurious Bearded dragon tank setup is lucrative due to its eye-catchy background. To recreate this tank design, you need to DIY the background with slate, silicon, rocks, sand, and acrylic stuff. This uneven 3D background will help your Bearded dragon climb the wall.

Some hanging plants will increase the beauty of the wall. This luxurious Bearded dragon tank design provides the luxury of a basking area. For this, you need to DIY a cove in the high-temperature area.

40. Bearded Dragon Castle

Supplies and decorationsSubstrate, rocks, sand, drawbridge, etc.
Difficulty levelHard

If you’re a big fan of Game of Thrones, you should surely implement this tank design. To make a Bearded dragon castle, you need to DIY a few things. However, one of the special features of this tank design is its background and the bottom layer. Do not forget to add substrate to this tank setup.

Also, DIYing the castle with rocks and sand must be exciting for any Bearded dragon lover. You can add a stairway to the high walls of the castle. Do not forget to add a drawbridge made of ropes and wood.

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