51 Bearded Dragon Tattoo Ideas For Reptile Lovers [Inked Scales]

It’s not an easy task to choose a perfect tattoo design that showcases your love for your Bearded dragon and goes with your personality. Since tattoo lovers want to symbolize different meanings and goals, you can try a convenient tattoo design style with your ideas. To help you find clues from this vast world of tattoo ideas, I’ve penned down a list of 51 Bearded dragon tattoo ideas for reptile lovers.

You can choose any of these designs to present a lasting impression. Also, you can fusion your creativity to get a fine Bearded dragon tattoo that symbolizes artistry, meanings, your goal, or a secret message. So, let’s go through the list of these superb 51 bearded dragon tattoo ideas without any delay.

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Key Takeaways

  • The first thing to do is to think about what you want to symbolize through your Bearded dragon tattoo.
  • There are vast categories of tattoo design that you can choose to illustrate your tattoo.
  • You can also take the theme of any of these tattoo ideas and fusion it

1. Bearded Dragon With Rose

A dynamic representation of a black and white Beardie with colorful roses is illustrated in this tattoo. All items of this theme are inked with black and grey inks. On the contrary, the bold red coloration of roses is the secret to drawing your attention from the Beardies.

These Bearded dragons are excellent metaphors for adaptability and flexibility. This tattoo features the intelligence of the Bearded dragon by the way this reptile blends with nature. It means that the tattoo wearer can take up any risk to survive the challenge.

On the other hand, red roses are traditional signs of purity, honor, and love. Due to the skilled ability to survive in the wild, Bearded dragons symbolize power, strength, and resilience.

Along with the fierce persona of Bearded dragons, roses add a meaning of intense passion and love for somebody. If you want to showcase your love for somebody, a Bearded dragon with a roses tattoo can be an excellent choice.

2. Gentleman Beardie

If you imagine an image of a gentleman, you may think of a chivalrous persona with a neat suit, a fine hat, and a sharp expression. To give liveliness into an illustration of a Beardie as a gentleman, you need to create a Bearded dragon tattoo design adorning the Beardie with a suit, flawlessly groomed beard, polished shoes, hat, and a stick. This gentleman’s Beardie tattoo did not forget to design the tie and a chest pocket with a flap.

So, you might guess the intricate details of this Bearded dragon tattoo design. Like an old-school tattoo, the gentleman Beardie tattoo is completed with black and white ink work. There is no exaggeration of color palettes or shades.

This classic Bearded dragon tattoo design depicts an impressive personality and masculinity through this gentlemanly vibe. It symbolizes elegance, morals, and an expressive sense of one’s mindset.

3. Wizard Bearded Dragon

Are you fascinated by fantasy and fiction? Since Bearded dragons are often considered mythical legendary characters, you can fusion your idea of fantasy with a Bearded dragon tattoo. Nothing can beat a wizard Bearded dragon tattoo to symbolize magic and power.

 The wizard Bearded Dragon tattoo features a Bearded dragon in a cartoonish face. This wizard Beardie tattoo is illustrated wearing a loose-fitting robe and a wizard hat. You might also notice a magical stand and a magic book in the hands of this wizard Beardie.

This intriguing design is filled with liveliness through bold color pellets and in-depth details. Although you might have a personal interpretation of getting a wizard tattoo, the wizard Bearded dragons can symbolize positive transformation. It can show strength and positivity like the way magic can happen any impossible thing possible.

4. Samurai Bearded Dragon

A samurai Bearded dragon will be a perfect demonstration when you want to showcase your warrior spirit. If you’re having a hard time overcoming obstacles, you can get a samurai Bearded dragon to get motivation. This samurai Bearded dragon tattoo is a beautiful way to pay tribute to Japanese military nobility, culture, and history.

 It features the warrior look of a Bearded dragon wearing armor, a helmet, and safeguard attire. The killing expression of the samurai Beardie brings the elegance of a warrior while holding swords in two hands. Without any usage of bold color pellets, this classic tattoo shows skilled craftsmanship through black and grey ink work.

Along with the intriguing details, the samurai Bearded dragon tattoo is a sign of resilience of pain and unflinching loyalty. Holding two swords in two hands is a perfect representation of skill with swords. To respect your fighter spirit, a samurai Bearded dragon tattoo will boost your confidence level to win any battle.

5. Red-Bearded Dragon Tattoo

Do you want to get a classic tattoo of your Bearded dragon with bright coloration and a bold outline? A traditional Bearded dragon tattoo can fulfill your demand. If you have special biased demand for bright colors, this red Bearded dragon tattoo can be an ideal design to honor this wild reptile.

This sophisticated tattoo design features a red Bearded dragon exhibiting its grace through its poise movements. A confident expression on the upward-holding head brings out the bold appearance of the Bearded dragon. Complex intricacies to show vivid patterns over the red body of this Beardie makes the tattoo visually striking.

The modest touch of red color symbolizes the warmth of emotions, passion, and perseverance. Since a red Bearded dragon refers to full of fire, this stunning tattoo portrays a sense of intense emotions. The extraordinary detailed designs with bold patterns make the Bearded dragon tattoo more appealing.

6. American Style Bearded Dragon Tattoo

The alluring Bearded dragon tattoo design will surely take you to the realm of iconic tattoo designs. Following the old-school or American style, this Bearded dragon tattoo will have a bold and dark outline to distinguish the feature dauntlessly. Although this classic Bearded dragon tattoo has minimal shading, the subtle patterns and designs inked on the body of this Beardie make the tattoo sophisticated.

This design illustrates a yellow Bearded dragon sliding down over a pyre of skulls. The bright yellow body of the Bearded dragon states confidence, strength, raw power, and force. On the contrary, skull designs refer to death, the afterlife, and the fragility of life.

So, the combination of a yellow Beardie and skulls is a representation of being rugged and courageous. It means that the tattoo wearer can overcome the fear of death. This American-style Bearded dragon with a skull tattoo symbolizes living life to the fullest by keeping aside the fear of death.

7. Traditional Bearded Dragon Tattoo

To embark on the magnificent beauty of Beardie, you can try a traditional Bearded Dragon tattoo that depicts dynamic meanings. Due to following traditional style, such tattoo design has bold color pellets without using any excessive shade work. Also, you can observe neat work in the subtle designs of patches and bold outlines.

This traditional Bearded dragon tattoo features a red Beardie that resembles a fire in the world. The bold shade of black patches over this red Bearded dragon tattoo design makes the tattoo visually striking. Such a magnificent color combination of red and black symbolizes full of passion.

No wonder this traditional body artwork of the Bearded Dragon is a sign of transformation, strength, and power. If the Bearded dragon is your totem animal, a red and black traditional Beardie tattoo design will motivate you to achieve the goal.

8. Beardie- The Halloween Host

To make a Halloween host beardie tattoo, you need to fusion between traditional tattoo and a realistic tattoo. This Bearded dragon tattoo design features a cartoonish Beardie with a theme of Halloween. That’s why the tattoo artist used all the required elements of a Halloween party to take you to the realm of fantasy.

An animated portrayal of a host Bearded dragon is the main attraction of this tattoo design. You can observe the intricacies of the detailing of this design. The wizard Beardie with a magical hat is sitting over a bright red mushroom with white spots. The amazing intricacy of these mushrooms conveys a fruity fragrance that can lift your mood.

Also, the hallucinating details of a jack-o-lantern and the quarter-moon make the tattoo design visually striking. You might know that the jack-o-lantern conveys a meaning of abundance of prosperity and good luck. The total wizard Bearded dragon host tattoo design symbolizes an honor to culture, protection, and

9. Bearded Dragon Skeleton Tattoo

Since each tattoo may have distinguished meanings, a Bearded dragon skeleton tattoo may symbolize different signs according to the wearer. It is a popular belief that the skeleton represents decay and death. If you lost your pet Bearded dragon, you might make a Beardie skeleton tattoo to pay homage.

On the contrary, some people do not agree to consider skeleton tattoos as a representation of death. It can be a good sign of overcoming death. If your pet Bearded dragon is a darling to you, the Bearded dragon skeleton tattoo will symbolize the good wish of longevity for your Beardie.

You can notice some flowers are also designed alongside the Beardie skeleton. A magnificent black and white ink work portrays the skeleton of a Bearded dragon from its head to tail. The total aura signifies rebirth, renewal, and overcoming adversities.

10. Black And Grey Bearded Dragon Tattoo

Originating as prison tattoos, black and grey tattoo designs have become pretty popular among modern tattoo lovers. There’s no use of vivid color pellets, colorful shading, or background. The simplistic use of black and grey ink makes the Bearded dragon tattoo design more sophisticated.

This tattoo design features a classic look of a Bearded dragon that reigns over a branch. The intricate detailing of the body patterns, subtle grey shades of leaves, and white tones of the flower buds are some noteworthy intriguing features. In addition, this Bearded dragon tattoo brings out the vintage look with its minimal shading and bold outlines.

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Such black and grey body artwork of the Bearded dragon may represent the dark side of a persona. It symbolizes a reserved character of the wearer that needs to be protected.

11. Realistic Beardie In A Geometric Frame

A realistic illustration of a Bearded dragon head that emerges from a geometrically shaped feature must take to another world of mystical serenity. It is not a full illustration of a Bearded dragon. By making a small design, you can save time from sitting in a chair in front of a tattoo artist and space in your body.

 The black ink work to portray the upward-looking Beardie’s head symbolizes strength, resilience, and confidence. You can notice a small bow with a subtle shade of purple around the neck of this Bearded dragon tattoo design. It is a sign of modesty with a motivated goal. 

On the other hand, a triangle shape symbolizes harmony, peace, and connection that allures you to keep balance in your life. The top-notch detailing of the Bearded dragon with minimal shade can draw the attention of any modern tattoo lover. You can ink this realistic beardie emerging from a geometric shape on your leg to get a potent energetic feel.

12. Beardie Playing With Skull

Do you want something incredible that symbolizes immense power, wisdom, and strength? If you want to rule over evil spirits and a Bearded dragon is your spirit animal, your perfect tattoo choice will be a Beardie playing with a skull tattoo. It’ll take you to another realm of reign, control, and supremacy.

This tattoo design features a Bearded dragon with a yellow and tangerine hue clutching an Inginia skull with a confident look. Without dividing its concentration, this Beardie is happily chewing a blue worm whereas its claws are over the skull. The in-depth detailing to portray the white patches, beard, grainy shaded area, and other dotted work is a tribute to this majestic reptile.

You might know that a skull tattoo refers to death. So, this magnificent Beardie and skull tattoo is a sign that you’re capable to beat any evil spirit to death. To symbolize power, strength, and a tough personality, nothing can depict such dynamic meaning as this tattoo design.

13. Neotraditional Bearded Dragon Tattoo With Flowers

An exaggerated illustration of a Bearded dragon with semi-realism must be able to blow anybody’s mind. The cartoonish feature of a Bearded dragon and colorful flowers and leaves in-depth detailing represent the excellent craftsmanship of the tattoo artist. It illustrates the power of blending and adaptability of the Bearded dragon with the surroundings as the survival from predators.

Generally, people make tattoos a tool of their self-expression. Although the individual meaning to get a neotraditional Bearded dragon tattoo with flowers can vary, it depicts power and strength. Since yellow is the universal sign of warmth and relaxation, this yellow-inked Bearded dragon among nature depicts peace of mind.

The bold color pellet with a sharp outline creates a sharp image with these elements. You can perceive a calm sense of confidence and relaxation in the tranquillity of nature. This tattoo design is a harmonic manifestation that can

14. Cute Beardie Tattoo With Dotted Work

With the appealing charm of a cute Bearded dragon tattoo, you can get another form of artistry into your body artwork with a multitude of dots. Such tattoo design style promotes minimalism and simplicity. To create a striking visual image, the tattoo artist uses dots to create lines that can portray a real image of a Bearded dragon.

This beautiful creature passes a sublime cuteness and serenity with its broad smile in this tattoo design. Only black ink is used to exude its elegance and beauty. You can find a profound calmness and peace whenever you take a glance at this smiling Bearded dragon.

Although people love to consider Bearded dragons as mythological, these real-world lizards are a totem of many people. Such a smiling cute Beardie is a symbol of happiness, growth, and luck. Your upper arm can be a perfect space to position this adorable Bearded dragon dotted-work tattoo.

15. Minimalistic Bearded Dragon Tattoo

If you lead a minimalistic lifestyle, a minimalist Bearded dragon tattoo will be the perfect choice to fulfill your interest in a tattoo. Such a minimalistic Bearded dragon tattoo design illustrates only a bold outline of the body of a Beardie. There’s no use of vivid coloration, heavy shades, or lining.

The beauty of this abstract Bearded dragon tattoo design depicts your love for this amazing creature simply. Using simple carved outlines creates an alluring charm of this tattoo design without

16. Tribal Bearded Dragon Tattoo

An eye-catchy Bearded dragon tattoo that is an expression of cultural community, tribal membership, or social status, can be suited to both sexes. There are lots of motifs, patterns, and symbols designed to portray different interpretations and meanings. A combination of aesthetic artistry and traditional symbols blend with the dynamic meaning of this tribal Bearded dragon.

This tribal Bearded dragon features a contemporary design with black ink. The body of this Bearded dragon is covered with alluring patterns that make this design a beautiful body artwork. It shows its originality by keeping simplicity and using no shade of colors.

Such tribal Bearded dragon tattoo is considered to be able off warding evil spirits. Some patterns and designs are symbols of traditional folklore, tribal religion, or community. However, this visually striking body art showcases love, unity, and spirituality.

17. Miniature Bearded Dragon Tattoo

Not everybody is fond of huge tattoos that take up a large space of your body. A miniature tattoo can depict the deep meanings that you want to symbolize. To keep a memory of your pet Bearded dragon, a miniature Bearded dragon tattoo will be a simplistic idea.

It illustrates a simple and small design of a Bearded dragon. Besides, this miniature Bearded dragon tattoo design features a black outline to create the shape of the Beardie’s body. You can also name it a mini Bearded dragon tattoo.

18. Sophisticated Bearded Dragon Tattoo

A gorgeous Bearded dragon tattoo that shows a combination with nature can embellish the beauty of the upper arm. The vibrant color, bold shades, and intricate patterns bring out an attractive feature of a Beardie. Also, this sophisticated Bearded dragon tattoo becomes visually striking due to its complex interpretation of wild and creative themes.

This tattoo features a gorgeous Bearded dragon with a tangerine hue that shows happiness and joy. A cartoonish feature of a Bearded dragon becomes the mystifying attraction of this entire tattoo. You can also notice the color shade differences among the leaves positioned upper and under the Bearded dragon.

The leaves positioned at the upper side of the Beardie are ingrained with dark shades of green. On the other hand, the leaves of the bottom side of the Bearded dragon have a lighter green and yellowish shade.

It has a deep dynamic meaning of renewal, rebirth, and growth. This neotraditional Bearded dragon tattoo depicts love, purity, and connection with nature by way of blending this Beardie with leaves.

19. Bearded Dragon With A Walkie Talkie

Do you want a tattoo for fun? Then, what about a cartoon Bearded dragon standing up with a walkie-talkie? Since you can fusion any idea in your tattoo, you can turn your spirit animal into an element of fun.

This Bearded dragon tattoo features a traditional tattoo design with minimal shading and coloration. Although vivid coloration is used to flaunt the design, the chosen colors aren’t heavy-weighted. It features a standing Bearded dragon that deals with a walkie-talkie. Along with that, you can notice this happy Bearded dragon is stating “Roger that” to the other person through this communication device.

This Bearded dragon with a walkie-talkie symbolizes the intelligence of the Bearded dragon that can communicate and vocalize. You might know that this creatures are so clever that they can recognize their owners. To illustrate their wisdom, this communicative Bearded dragon tattoo illustrates a significant degree of problem-solving and a brilliant mindset.

20. Incredible Realism Bearded Dragon

This incredible Bearded dragon tattoo design will take you on a captivating trip of neotraditional and realistic tattoo design. The vibrant color pellets with bold shades exude the power and amazing craftsmanship of the tattoo artist. In this tattoo design, the head of this Bearded dragon looks like the real portrait of this magnificent creature whereas its bottom portion is an artwork following the features of a neotraditional tattoo.

It features a bold Bearded dragon that keeps its head straight up with a sharp look. The bright yellow coloration of this Bearded dragon is a sign of purity, strength, and raw power. Its fierce expression might signify holding courage in tough situations.

Not to mention, the intricacy of this Bearded dragon is top-notch which shows the spiky white Beardes, stiff expression on face, and a strict gesture. Another feature of this incredible realism  Bearded dragon tattoo is its sharp outline. Besides, there’s no pervasive background of vivid coloration in this realistic tattoo.

21. Grey Scale Beardie Tattoo

Imagine a realistic Bearded dragon tattoo of a grey version with subtle detailing over your chest. It seems like the mythological character of the dragon comes down on the earth as the grey tattoo design of this majestic creature. The main attraction of this tattoo design is no use of vivid coloration or shades.

The surrealistic patterns with in-depth shade variations create the aesthetic image of a Bearded dragon. To flaunt a 3D impact, you might notice grainy shade work under the head of this Bearded dragon. You should not also miss details of the postures of Bearded dragon claws.

Such a harmonic tattoo design of a Bearded dragon shows positivity through its rising head posture.

22. Bearded Dragon With Berries

A whimsical touch of tangerine hue in a Bearded dragon that blends in with the colorful world of berries and leaves must soothe your eyes. It illustrates the design with heavy color pellets and vivid shades to create an intriguing design. In addition, you might notice a soft touch of white ink that flaunt the spiky beards of this colored Bearded dragon.

The subtle shading and patterns make the design of the Bearded dragon with berries aesthetic. Also, a clean outline of each element depicts a sharp portrayal that makes a visually appealing tattoo design.

It features an enthusiastic Bearded dragon carrying lots of Berries while mixing in the bush of berries. In this way, this tattoo design signifies the adaptability and strength of the Bearded dragon. It is evidence of a cheerful spirit in this colored neotraditional tattoo.

23. Death Star Beardie Tattoo

Embracing the dark and light force, you can show your dedication to this vast universe through the symbols of Bearded dragons, death stars, and swords. This tattoo design conveys a pretty complicated meaning with different symbols. Any fan of star wars who considers a Bearded dragon as their totem would love to get this tattoo for ushering good luck in life.

This death star Bearded dragon tattoo features the head of a Bearded dragon, a sword, death stars, bugs, leaves, and flowers. It symbolizes that the Beardie resides in a luxury tank that is portrayed with a circle of all good elements. The way this adorable Beardie is pampered showed by the signs of bugs.

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24. A Happy Bearded Dragon

Do you want to go back to your childhood? A cartoon tattoo design of a happy Bearded dragon may transfer you back to your nostalgia. It is a fusion of creativity, art, and cartoonish drawing features.

This tattoo features a cartoon Bearded dragon that is flying up in the sky due to having tied up with lots of balloons. It depicts that the Beardie is having its best time among the rainbow, clouds, and stars. The joy of this happy Bearded dragon is beautifully portrayed by its beaming eyes and broad smile.

A happy cartoon Bearded dragon tattoo shows the significance of childhood memory. It brings the joy and cheerfulness of your old days. By looking back at your memory, this happy Beardie tattoo might give you a good trip of your nostalgia.

25. Chemist Bearded Dragon

Some people remain so passionate about chemistry that they end up connecting this subject with their favorite animal. Is your spirit animal a Bearded dragon? Then, you can showcase your love for chemistry through a fusion of a Bearded dragon and a chemist.

This is a fun tattoo that illustrates a Bearded dragon in a chemist character. You might notice that this Bearded dragon tattoo wears an apron with a test tube in its tail. The serious expression portrayed in the Beardie makes you think that this chemist Beardie is dealing with some serious matter.

Also, it is a black-and-white tattoo. Without using excessive shades or coloration, this tattoo has some dotted work and clean outlines to make the patterns bold. The amazing craftsmanship of the tattoo artist will surely depict your love for chemistry and the Bearded dragon through this old-school tattoo design.

26. Floral Bearded Dragon Tattoo

With captivating colorful Bearded dragons along with painty flowers, a jaw-dropping piece of body artwork can transport you to the realm of modern tattoo designs. Following the style of neotraditional tattoo, this floral Bearded dragon tattoo has lots of vivid colors, shades, and hues. But, you can notice to keep the natural images of Bearded dragons and flowers intact in this tattoo design.

It features an upward-scrolling Bearded dragon that has a hue of yellow and tangerine coloration. Besides, there are some swirling colorful water lilies and other small flowers around the body of this Bearded dragon. The top-notch detailing with perfect shades makes the tattoo design visually appealing.

This floral Bearded dragon tattoo design is so creative that it looks like a painting over the skin. It shows a steadfast connection of the Bearded dragon with nature. While a tangerine Beardie symbolizes purity of youth, those floral tattoos are signs of love and joy.

27. Commemorate Bearded Dragon Tattoo

It’s certainly not easy to lose a pet. To make a memory of your lost Bearded dragon, you can get a commemorative Bearded dragon tattoo. Such commemorative animal tattoos are expressions of how much love you held for your lost pet friend.

This customized design is for a grieved person whose Bearded dragon is no more. To pay respect to this lost Beardie, this commemorative tattoo design includes plants and flowers with the Beardie design. These plants and flowers symbolize that life is growing again. By nature’s law, you’ll be returning to this lost Beardie friend.

The commemorative Bearded dragon tattoo depicts the honor due to keeping a lifetime impact on your life. It’s a permanent reminder for you that will keep the memory of your lost Bearded dragon always with you.

28. Feminine Bearded Dragon Tattoo

Following neotraditional tattoo design, you can unveil the beauty of a feminine Bearded dragon tattoo with intricate patterns. It features a cartoonish feature of a Bearded dragon with a lady-like appearance.

The sophisticated black background with a crescent moon presents an appealing view that represents nighttime within an elliptical shape. Not to mention, the crescent moon is a universal sign of womanhood that highlights the feminine nature of this tattoo design magnificently. Also, you may notice pearl-like shapes at the edge of the background that are well-known as feminine gems.

This feminine Bearded dragon tattoo illustrates a pretty Beardie that wears a floral robe and a floral-shaped hat. To bring out more feminine attributes, there is a swirling vine capturing your sense of style.

You can’t help appreciating the in-depth detailing of the spikes of the Bearded dragon, the patterns and shade of the flowers of the robe, and the bold coloration. The pink flowers painted over the red robe symbolize love, passion, and femininity.

29. Bearded Dragon In A Predicament

This sophisticated tattoo design is a beautiful fusion of traditional tattoo design and creativity. At a glance, you might assume that a Bearded dragon is chilling inside a glass filled with drinks. But, a considerate look might find this Bearded dragon in a predicament. It is an art combining creativity, idea, and harmonization.

It features a custom design with minimal shading and bold outlines. By using subtle color patterns, the tattoo artist showed amazing craftsmanship with intriguing details. The hues of shades among the flowers, leaves, and Bearded dragons exude a remarkable beauty.

Also, the spellbinding beauty of simplicity to illustrate the liquid inside the water must allure you. This Bearded dragon tattoo is a sign of enjoyment and joy. It transfers a message to cope with the situation, although you may fall into a predicament.

30. Hyper Realism Beardie

If you want to get an incredibly life-like tattoo of a Bearded dragon, a hyper-realism Beardie tattoo will be your best shot. This extremely beautiful Bearded dragon tattoo will give photographic realism. The intricacies of shades with vivid coloration and bold outlines bring out the visually striking effect of this hyper-realism Beardie tattoo.

Unlike other tattoo style, this hyper realism Beardie tattoo design features a crispness that lasts for a long time. This tattoo design features a Bearded dragon with a tangerine and yellow hue. You might also notice the pointy scales of the Bearded dragon flaunted with white ink.

In addition, there is a hue of green shade that resembles the coordination of nature with this amazing creature. Another thing to notice is that this Bearded dragon tattoo design has no bold outlines. Such detailed feature of a Bearded dragon holding its head high symbolizes power, strength, and growth.

31. Semi-Realism Bearded Dragon Tattoo

A stylish depiction of a Bearded dragon can have more drama due to having some realistic features. The semi-realism Bearded dragon tattoo is an interpretation of a real-life Beardie. You can notice magnificent dot work with some subtle shades of coloration.

This semi-realism Bearded dragon tattoo features a Beardie that keeps its head up. In addition, you might notice the outstanding craftsmanship to portray the grainy shadow beneath the head of Beardie. A warmth is conveyed by the grace of choosing light colorations.

This Bearded dragon tattoo symbolizes power, strength, and luck. The way this Beardie keeps its head up is a sign of a positive attitude with fearlessness. Your shoulder can be an ideal place to make a bold statement through this dynamic semi-realism Bearded Dragon tattoo.

32. Bearded Dragon With Cactus Flower

Embrace the alluring charm of the Bearded dragon and cactus that signify warmth, power, and beauty. You can notice a beautiful Bearded dragon inked with a hue of tangerine color. The way this Beardie is positioned over the cactus draws viewers’ attention.

The minimal use of bright color pellets with a clean outline portrays the appealing appearance of a Bearded dragon with a cactus flower tattoo design. The Bearded dragon symbolizes strength and intelligence. The way of blending with the cactus shows the adaptability of this Beardie.

On the contrary, cactus flowers illustrate a dynamic meaning of the power of facing adversity. The coordination of the Bearded dragon and cactus flowers symbolizes danger and warmth. It’ll motivate you to hold your passion for going against all odds.    

33. Realistic Fierce Bearded Dragon Tattoo

Do you want to confuse people with a tattoo that looks like a photograph? A realistic Bearded dragon tattoo features a real-life-looking Beardie with intricate detailing and varieties of bold colorations. You’ll get an exact portrait of a Bearded dragon in this tattoo design.

The spellbinding craftsmanship of the tattoo artist allows one to get a detailed expression of an angry Bearded dragon. This tattoo illustrates a roaring Bearded dragon with an open mouth and sharp eyes. The fierce-looking Bearded dragon with an extraordinary degree of intricacy can readily draw attention.

The fierce expression of this tattoo design illustrates power, strength, and resilience. It depicts the fearlessness of a Bearded dragon to fight against the predators. This neotraditional fierce Bearded dragon tattoo symbolizes the fighting spirit of the wearer.

34. Sassy Bearded Dragon Tattoo

Tattoos need not be regular portrayals of serious meanings. You can get a Bearded dragon tattoo for fun. A cartoonish Bearded dragon tattoo with a sassy remark can be an absolute amusement.

You might know that Bearded dragons are highly intelligent and affection-demanding reptiles. If these Beardies become angry, they will fluff their beards. The skilled tattoo artist left no stone unturned to illustrate an angry Bearded dragon with all of its signs of anger.

The cold and sharp glare, strict expression, fluffy beard, and zipped mouth depicts the anger of this Bearded dragon tattoo perfectly. To look like a hard nut to crack, this Bearded dragon tattoo shows a remark saying- grow a beard! It might have a deep and secret meaning to give a push to improve your quality. 

35. Baby Bearded Dragon Tattoo

Tattoos need not always convey serious symbolism. To take a break from monotonous life, a baby Bearded dragon can take you to the realm of happiness and fun. A simple baby Bearded dragon tattoo is a sign of fun, cheerfulness, and joy.

It features a black and white tattoo design that includes a cartoonish feature of a baby Bearded dragon. You might notice the grainy shaded area in the body of this baby Bearded dragon that is done by dotted works. A bold outline keeps the baby Beardie minimalistic and simple.

The intricacy of this baby Bearded dragon tattoo design can make you feel the joyous expression in its eyes. It’ll bring you nostalgia for childhood. Won’t you miss the innocence of your childhood after taking a glance at this adorable baby Bearded dragon each time? 

36. Awesome Bearded Dragon Skelly Tattoo

If you want to showcase birth and destruction in a single tattoo, no design can beat the Bearded dragon skeleton tattoo. A skeleton refers to decay or destruction, whereas a Bearded dragon symbolizes renewal and rebirth. To illustrate this combination, traditional tattoo design combines with black ink work.

This Bearded dragon skelly tattoo features the skeleton of a Bearded dragon from its head to tail. A top view of this Bearded dragon skeleton showcases the intricate detailing of the postures, backbone, and ribs of the Beardie. This traditional black ink body artwork features no exaggeration of color pellets or shades.

According to several perspectives, a Bearded dragon skeleton refers to longevity and health. Some people believe that such a Bearded dragon skelly tattoo prevents getting rid of death. Since the Bearded dragon symbolizes renewal, its skeleton tattoo can illustrate the cycle of life.

37. Beardie In A Bowl Of Ramen

Are you still young at heart? To spice up your monotonous life, a Beardie in a bowl of ramen tattoo can be an excellent reminder of childhood innocence. This cartoon tattoo features an adorable Bearded dragon.

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To take creativity to another level, the theme of this tattoo shows the Bearded dragon in a bowl full of ramen noodles. You might also notice the subtle details of this tattoo, including the elasticity of ramen noodles, runny half egg yolk, chopsticks, etc. The artistic illustration depicts the innocence of the cute Bearded dragon through its glittering eyes and a broad smile.

38. The Ruler Bearded Dragon Tattoo

If you have a disciplined personality, you may want to symbolize sovereignty through body artwork. A stunning grey ink tattoo on your forearm combines with line work to represent the dominant attitude. Also, you can see no overdrawing of bold color pellets and shading in this Bearded dragon tattoo.

This tattoo features a representation of a ruler Bearded dragon with a confident look on its face. The rising head of this Bearded dragon shows boldness. In addition, this Bearded dragon tattoo wears a crown over its head that is a symbol of a ruler.

Generally, this magnificent creature shows its dominant behavior through quick head nods, biting, and fighting. So, the Bearded dragon symbolizes power, strength, and dominance. The display of this intriguing Bearded dragon tattoo design depicts to rule own life without paying heed to negative criticisms.

39. Adorable Bearded Dragon Portrait

From responding by names to bobbing their heads, Bearded dragons fill our life with joy and enjoyment. To showcase your love for your pet Bearded dragon, an adorable Bearded dragon portrait will be a magnificent option.

It’ll motivate you through your time of adversity to hold courage and patience. Sometimes, people want to pay their tribute with a portrait tattoo as a way to remember their darling pet friend.

This Bearded dragon portrait tattoo features an adorable Bearded dragon with a combination of purple and white flowers, peas, and leaves. It illustrates the beautiful adaptability of the Bearded dragon to nature. The minimal shading and light color pellets make the tattoo simple.

40. Bearded Dragon With Wings

In the world of mythology, dragons are still pretty popular among people who have wings to fly. Although Bearded dragons have no connection with this mythological character, people love to fascinate them with wings. A Bearded dragon with wings tattoo is a complete fusion of artistry and creativity.

This tattoo portrays a creative illustration of a Bearded dragon that has wings on its back. It has a hue of green, yellow, and pink shade. But, the chosen color pellets are not bold. The skilled craftsmanship of the tattoo artist keeps the tattoo design coloring minimal.

It symbolizes immense power, freedom, and strength. The upward-rising posture and wings on the back are signs of the supernatural power of this Bearded dragon.

41. Bearded Dragon Footprint Tattoo

People love to find unique ways to keep a mark on their pet friends. Instead of making a full design of a Bearded dragon’s body, a small footprint tattoo of a Bearded dragon can be a pleasant body artwork. It seems like a small tribute from your loving Bearded dragon.

This Bearded dragon footprint tattoo features a black inkwork tattoo that almost looks like a muddy print of a paw of your Beardie. Multitudes of dot-works are applied to create the design of your Bearded dragon’s footprint. Also, there’s no use of bold shades or colorations.

Such a footprint tattoo symbolizes moving on in life. It depicts your deep love and affection for your pet Beardie that remains a permanent mark on your skin.  

42. Memorial Desert Bearded Dragon Tattoo

A perfect portrayal in remembrance of your late pet Bearded dragon can be illustrated in a tattoo showcasing all elements of a desert area. It features an illustration of your Bearded dragon.

Since it was a desert Beardie, the hue of yellow coloration on the tan body flaunts its image perfectly. You might know that desert Bearded dragons hail from arid woodlands or shrubs from deserts.

To picture the real habitation, there’s a red round shape in the background of the Beardie that is a sign of a hot area. Along with this, you might notice artistic illustrations of cactus, rocks, and detailed patterns in your Bearded dragon tattoo.

It almost looks like a drawing tattoo. To have a long-lasting memory of your lost Beardie, such an aesthetic memorial desert Bearded dragon tattoo can symbolize your affection and love for it.

43. Simple And Cute Beardie Tattoo

Without lots of complexities, a simple Bearded dragon tattoo breaks down the design into basic that appreciates minimalism. This simple Bearded dragon tattoo design is made of a tangerine hue at a minimal level.

There’s no exaggeration of lines, patterns, or colors. The cartoon-like imagery turns up into this cute tattoo as a cartoon body artwork. 

To portray a cute feature of a Bearded dragon, this tattoo illustrates a cartoonish representation of a Beardie. The beautiful shade of tangerine depicts the happy soul of this amazing creature. It’ll symbolize the innocence of childhood, joy, and the carefree nature of a human that inspires to live life to the fullest.

Although people have different meanings for their tattoos, a cute Bearded dragon tattoo will be a sign of fun. Without symbolizing complex meaning, this cute Bearded dragon tattoo design can be a simple meaning of lifting your mood.

44. Climbing Bearded Dragon Tattoo

Let’s enjoy the beauty of a drawing portrait of a climbing Bearded dragon done with vivid coloration. The captivating illustration of this tattoo design shows subtle details of a Bearded dragon, wood log, vines, dried and green leaves, mushrooms, etc. This traditional tattoo design increases its appealing features through its bold outline and heavy color pellets.

It features a beautiful coordination of a Bearded dragon with nature. The upward climbing movement symbolizes positivity and prosperity. It’ll remind you to keep your goal higher and work for it.

45. Mandala Bearded Dragon Tattoo

Are your totem animal Bearded Dragons? Then, no tattoo design can be a better choice to match your personality than a mandala tattoo design. The special motifs and patterns depict dynamic spiritual meaning through black and grey ink work.

A mandala Bearded dragon tattoo features the back part of its body that is aesthetically embellished with mandala designs. There are lots of motifs and geometric patterns in this artistic representation. The flower-like motif at the center becomes the main attraction of this mandala Bearded dragon tattoo design.

In many religions, a fusion between mandala and Bearded dragon is considered eternal peace and spiritual balance. On the contrary, subtle details on this mandala pattern bring out the striking visual image of this Bearded dragon tattoo. It is a beautiful sign of raw power to overcome the hardships that life throws at you.

46. Mythological Bearded Dragon & Skull Tattoo

Bearded dragons have old connections with mythology where these creatures are symbolisms of power and strength. On the contrary, a skull tattoo symbolizes death. Now, only an artistic mind can fusion a mythological portrayal of a Bearded dragon, skull, and flowers together.

This Bearded dragon with a skull tattoo features a unique image of these three elements. It features a Bearded dragon having wings on its back sitting over a skull. The intriguing patterns and details of the blooming flowers make it the center of attraction among all elements.

The way this Bearded dragon stays over the skull portrays the confidence of the Beardie. It shows the spiritual meaning of overcoming death and all evil spirits. Along with that, the signs of flowers include love and beauty in a world of destruction and life.

47. Aggressive Bearded Dragon Tattoo

In many cases, people want to symbolize their mental state, bad experience, or personality through the tattoo of their spirit animal. The tattoo of an aggressive Bearded dragon tattoo can be a way to ward evil spirits from your life.

This tattoo features a traditional tattoo where light shades of vivid coloration are used. The artistic work to portray the aggressive expression on the face of this Bearded dragon must remind you of the skilled craftsmanship of the tattoo artist. It illustrates an angry Bearded dragon looking back while crawling over leaves.

48. Gorgeous Colored Tattoo

This gorgeous colored tattoo is so eye-catchy that its vibrant color with detailed illustration can draw anybody’s attention. It follows the features of neotraditional tattoo design. You might notice heavy color pellets with shading in this Bearded dragon tattoo that causes a visually appealing image.

The rising head of the Beadie exudes confidence and strength. Also, the dot work using white ink makes the subtle details of the Bearded dragon’s body realistic. In addition, there’s a hue of bright yellow, brown, and tangerine coloration. These colors symbolize positivity with raw power.

49. Simple Linework Beardie Tattoo

If you want a simple body artwork to showcase your love for your pet Bearded dragon, you can take a look at this simple linework tattoo. The main attraction of this tattoo design is its no patterns, motifs, or coloration. Only an outline of the Bearded dragon’s body completed the entire tattoo.

This simple linework Bearded dragon tattoo features a minimalist tattoo where delicate lining draws the precise outlines. It almost looks like a hand-drawn body artwork design on your skin. Not to mention, the eye-catchy matter of this simple Bearded dragon tattoo is the tiny heart illustration.

You must be pretty affectionate towards your pet Beardie friend, who also shows his love for you. This heart-shaped love pattern demonstrates the love carried by your Bearded dragon. So, this delicate Bearded dragon tattoo is a lovely option to portray love, peace, and innocence.

50. 3D Bearded Dragon Tattoo

To try something different from traditional styles, you can explore the beauty of a 3D Bearded dragon tattoo. This tangerine-hued Bearded dragon tattoo took the design to another level due to its 3D style.

You might notice a shady area perfectly portrayed beneath the head and abdomen of this Bearded dragon. Instead of using heavy color pellets, minimal shading of tangerine hue keeps the tattoo design simple. Also, multitudes of dot works flaunt the patterns over the body of this beautiful Beardie.

The straight head of this 3D Bearded dragon portrays the symbolism of confidence and power. It signifies leading life with glory and empowerment. To display its full intriguing features, this body artwork should be placed on the legs.

51. Majestic Bearded Dragon Tattoo

A creative design of a black and white Bearded dragon with bright yellow-colored flowers is a mystic illustration. It seems like a combination of fire and water. The bright-colored flower is a sign of femininity, whereas the black-inked Bearded dragon is a sign of power.

If you have a mixed personality that combines both tough and soft corners, you can smoothly show these sides within the dynamic meaning of a majestic Beardie tattoo. The black ink work of this Bearded dragon becomes more appealing due to the intricate white ink work that flaunts the pointy spikes.

This majestic Bearded dragon tattoo design is a symbol of strength, raw power, and courage. On the other hand, a yellow flower illustrates a universal meaning of love, joy. And happiness. This tattoo design depicts your soul that is full of love, strength, and power.

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