Can A Frog Bite You? [And How To Avoid Getting Bitten]

Have you ever wondered if a frog can bite you? If you’ve ever thought of getting a pet frog or even just simply petting a frog, chances are you might have had this question come to mind. So, can a frog bite you?

A frog can bite you. There are many species of frogs that have a tendency to bite, but most frogs do not.

A lot of people are immensely fascinated by the idea of keeping a pet frog as it is not a common pet to keep around and how relatively simple it might be to take care of because of its small size.

Which is why keeping a pet frog is definitely possible, but sadly, some do bite sometimes. But do these bites hurt? How should you handle them if you do get bitten and what precautions should you take? To find these answers and more, read on!

Do Frogs Have Teeth?

It is not unnatural to think whether frogs have teeth, given their soft exterior and often seeing them only eating soft-bodied insects. However, frogs, especially meat-eating frogs, do have teeth.

Frog tooth systems are unique, unlike mammalian or even reptilian systems. Frogs change their teeth periodically with a replacement tooth right under their functional tooth.

Frog teeth are conical. Which may be of concern, but it might be reassuring to know that most frogs don’t use them for defense, but the African Bullfrog is an exception to that.

Frogs also have sharp teeth in their upper jaw which they are not shy of using when they’re agitated or threatened.

Why Do Frogs Bite?

One must keep in mind that while all frogs may not tend to bite, popular pet frogs such as Pacman Frogs, Budgett’s Frogs, and African Bullfrogs can bite if provoked.

Frogs do not appeal to interactions with creatures bigger than themselves. Which is why, being held for too long or being involuntarily scared can really affect them. Frogs tend to bite only if they feel threatened and in self-defense.

More often than not, some frogs are known to bite their owners’ hands mistakenly while trying to be fed or if they think of something as food. Unlike cats, frogs do not bite with the intention of being spiteful.

So that is one thing owners can be at ease about, since they do not have to worry about their frogs coming to attack them suddenly. Unless you scare them, and they can easily be scared if they suddenly see a hand coming to grab them and so they might bite out of defense.

Since frogs do not often interact with humans, do not be surprised if they run or hide. But do not worry, as they will most likely adjust to the environment soon and this should not be a problem for too long.

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Basically, just remember to be careful while feeding them and not to scare them.

If you have other pets such as cats or dogs, it is also wise to not let them get too close to your pet frog as they will feel threatened by any animal that is larger in size than them.

Frog Bite & What To Do: Infographic

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Do Frog Bites Hurt?

In the case of most frogs, their jaws are very weak as their prey is often soft as well. But frogs such as Horned Frogs are known to have a bite force of almost 30 N, which will indeed hurt a lot.

Although they bite, it is to be noted they do not bite to draw blood from the body like a mosquito. Unless they are very agitated, they will not bite hard enough to cut off a chunk of your flesh.

But they are the exception. For the most part, it will not generally hurt if a frog does bite you. There may be a feeling of instant snap and if the bite tears the skin, it may irritate, but the wounds heal quickly if treated accordingly.

Pacman Frog Bite

Does A Pacman Frog Bite Hurt?

A Pacman frog’s bite is known to hurt as they have a strong jaw. It might get dangerous enough for them to draw your blood. So be as calm as possible while slowly drawing away your hand. Eventually, the frog will let go.

They may come across as small and innocent looking. But while they are not vicious, once they feel even slightly threatened, they don’t hold back on their force of biting when they feel threatened.

To get an idea of the amount of force they use, the force in their bite can go upto 30 Newtons.

If there is any chance, you may be thinking of petting a Pacman frog. It is recommended to use tongs while trying to feed them, especially in the beginning.

I have written a detailed article on Pacman frog bite. If you are interested to learn more, click here!

Does A Budgett Frog Bite Hurt?

Budget frog bites are known to hurt. This is because their teeth have projections which, when pierced, are sharp enough to cut through the skin.

There are ways to avoid being bitten by them. One way to tell is to notice if they are feeling threatened by any chance. If they are, they will most likely puff themselves up and become big. Also, hearing noises is a sign to get away from them for a little bit to avoid any bad situations.

Does An African Bullfrog Bite Hurt?

An African bullfrog bite may hurt pretty bad. It can get very serious. So use extreme caution when dealing with them.

They are known to have jaw spikes which are not exactly teeth but they are very similar.

These jaw spikes can be used by them to bite hard enough to cause very serious damage, but now enough damage to bring out blood.

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Can Frog Bites Cause Disease?

Frogs do carry the salmonella bacteria, which can potentially cause an infection leading to disease.

But don’t worry, as long as you take the necessary precautions, such as washing your hands after touching or being bitten by a frog and disinfecting anything the frog touches, your chances of contracting the disease are slim to none.

The bacteria Salmonella is known to cause Salmonellosis infection. Generally, this infection affects the intestines and sometimes even the bloodstream.

Some symptoms of Salmonella infection include:

  • Mild or intense diarrhea
  • Cramps or pain in the abdomen region.
  • Fever
  • choking

Keeping children away from frogs would be ideal, as kids under the age of 5 could be more prone to this infection, which could lead to other diseases. The elderly should avoid close contact as they could also be prone to such an infection.

Preventative measures: Make sure to wash your hands once you have touched or gotten bitten by a frog, keep kids and very old people away from frogs, and disinfect any day-to-day things the frog may have come into contact with.

What To Do When Bitten By A Frog?

When handling your pet frog or putting your hand inside their aquarium or terrarium, you must keep in mind that there’s always a possibility of being bitten.

So your response will be better if you are prepared.

When bitten by a frog, the first thing to remember is to stay calm and to not panic. You should be mindful so that your frog is not harmed by your immediate reaction.

Then, if the frog has not let go of your hand yet, don’t forcefully pull your hand back and wait for it to let go. Pulling on the attachment may damage your frog’s jaws.

Then check to see if there is any bleeding. It is unlikely to bleed from a frog bite, but if so, you must attend to the wound with the necessary precautions.

Wash your hands immediately for approximately 30 seconds with soap and water. Also, remember to disinfect by applying antiseptic to avoid any infections later on.

Frog bite treatment

Unfortunately, there is no exact treatment for “frog bites”. But most of the time, they are not very severe. Just washing your hands very well and disinfecting the area for the most part should be good enough.

But this is definitely not professional medical advice. In the case of other queries, like if the bite pain does not go away for more than a few days or if the bitten area bleeds too much, getting the wound checked out at a hospital is highly recommended.

Can Frog Bites Be Venomous or Poisonous?

There are a lot of species of frogs that are poisonous to humans, such as poison dart frogs that are known for their colorful and eye-catching appearance.

And while venomous frogs are rare, there are certain species that are known for them. Two frogs famous for being venomous are Bruno’s casque-headed frog and Greening’s frog, originating from Brazil.

Their skin secretes poisonous enzymes, but they also have venomous spines. If there’s unusual applied pressure when holding these frogs, the spines may pierce through skin and inject the venom.

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However, you will be affected by their poison/venom if you touch them directly. Their bites do not specifically transfer any venom/poison into your body.

So, if you are bitten by a poisonous or venomous frog, you should still seek medical attention because, while their bites may not have transferred toxin, if your frog bite wound is open, the toxin may enter your bloodstream.

How To Avoid Frog Bites?

The best way to avoid being bitten by a frog is to handle it gently and carefully, and leave it alone for most of the time.

Frogs get stressed if they’re held for too long or if they’re handled too tightly that it may hurt. Frogs’ bodies are soft and their skin is fragile, so if they feel extreme discomfort, they might act in self-defense.

If you do provocative actions in front of your frog, such as flailing your arms or irritating it, you will most likely be bitten.

When feeding your frog by hand, it is better to use your tongs or tweezers than get your fingers close to its mouth.

When touching or holding your frog, it is best to use gloves for protection from bites as well as any bacteria or toxins from the frog’s skin.

Can Frogs Bite Other Pets?

If you have other pets or even other frogs in close proximity to your pet frog, there’s a possibility that it may bite them.

We rarely think of frogs in violent interactions, but there are actually certain species of frogs that duel among themselves in their groups and it can turn ugly.

If you’re keeping a number of pet frogs in the same aquarium or terrarium, it is not unlikely that they may have a tendency to bite each other. It should be carefully inspected, as sometimes larger frogs may even fatally harm smaller frogs in this conquest.

Although frogs are unlikely to bite other common pets like cats or dogs given their size, if they feel overly threatened they may bite them in self-defense.

Some types of frogs may also be more dangerous to other pets, so you should properly evaluate what kind of frogs you’re getting if you have other pets in your home.

So, Can Frogs Really Bite?

So, can a frog bite you? The answer is yes, there’s always a chance.

However, amphibians are not notorious for their biting habits. Their teeth are often only used when holding on to their food or in self-defense. The blunt character of their teeth can vouch for that.

So, it’s only if they are either scared of you or by mistake when you happen to be feeding them. Again, that is their reactionary mechanism more than malice.

Although coming in contact with them needs a few necessary precautions, like washing your hands after touching them. This definitely does not mean you can’t have fun interacting with them.

Just be a little mindful and respectful towards them and you should be good.

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