Pet Frog Cost Breakdown [Full Buying Guide]

Before bringing new pets, you must analyze the entire cost breakdown of keeping those pets. Comparing other pet animals, keeping pet frogs is cheap and affordable for pet lovers. If the total cost is budget-friendly for you, you can proceed with buying your chosen pet frogs.

Hence, I have decided to enlighten you on the full buying guide along with the pet frog cost breakdown in this article.

In this article, you will get a complete guideline of buying pet frogs and their required stuff, a comparison of the price of various stores, estimation of total costs, etc. So, you should not miss this article if you are planning to keep pet frogs.

Are Pet Frogs Expensive To Take Care Of?

You can split your entire cost of keeping pet frogs into three sections. These are a one-time cost, monthly cost, and occasional cost. The summary of these three types of cost is the total cost of owning a pet frog.

Compared with the total cost of keeping other animals as pets, pet frogs are not expensive to take care of. The cost is somewhat of an investment of keeping your long-time accompany safe and sound.

Let’s start with the one-time cost that you need to spend only one time.

One-time Cost

In the list of pet frog costs, you have to spend your money only once, unless any of them goes destructed. These include the cost of your chosen pet frog, the cost of essential supplies, etc.

So, I shall enlist three types of costs in the list of initial or one-time costs. These are-

  1. Pet frog cost
  2. Shipping cost
  3. Supplies cost

Let’s start with the pet frog cost.

1. Pet Frog Cost: How Much Would A Pet Frog Be?

The cost of a pet frog varies upon several depending factors. It depends on the species, age, sex, availability, breeders, and so on.

Usually, the price of pet frogs starts from only $1. These frogs can cost up to $2000. But, the average price range of pet frogs is within $5-$70.

Below, I have prepared a chart of pet frog costs according to various species of frogs. Let’s take a quick exploration here.

Various Types Of Pet Frogs  Cost Of Pet Frogs
African dwarf frog$1-$5
African clawed frog$20-$30
Pacman frog$15-$30
Albino Pacman frogAround $50
Poison Dart Frog$30-$70
White-lipped tree frogAround $15
Arrow dart frogAround $70
Argentine Pacman frogAbove $40
Surinam Pacman frog$65-$80
Bumble-bee dart frogUp to $75
Yellow-banded poison dart frogUp to $2000
White’s tree frog$35-$50
Green tree frog$10-$15
Red-eyed tree frogAround $50
Strawberry Poison dart frogAround $75
Black-legged poison dart frogAround $45
Tomato frog$20-$50
Amazon milk frog$45-$50
Vietnamese mossy frogAround $70
Yellow Terribilis poison dart frog$75-$85
American toad$12-$15
Fire-bellied toad$15-$25

Pet Frogs From Different Online Stores

You might not get the opportunity to buy pet frogs directly from the local stores. In such cases, you can rely on online stores. If you research a bit, you’ll notice differences in price range among those online stores.

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Not to mention, you should expect to pay a delivery charge, in case you are buying from online stores.

Let’s take a look at the price comparison of pet frogs. I have mentioned the price range of some common pet frogs. If you are interested to see their stock, you can click the store’s name.


Frog SpeciesCost  
Red-eyed Tree Frog$64.99
Bumble-bee Dart Frog$59.99
Green And Black Poison Dart Frog$94.99
Blue Poison Dart Frog$64.99
Dyeing Poison Dart Frog$74.99
Spot-legged Poison Dart Frog$69.99
Giant Asian Toad$59.99
Japanese Toad$39.99
Phantasmal Poison Frog$35.99

Underground Reptiles

Frog SpeciesCost  
American Bullfrog$19.99
Spring Peeper Frog$4.99
Baby African Clawed Frog$14.99
Albino Bullfrog$39.99
Marbled Tree Frog$34.99
Tomato Frog$59.99
Blue Mossy Frog$99.99
Baby Amazon Milk Frog$44.99
Wood Frog$29.99
Red And Black Walking Frog$9.99

Everything Reptiles

Frog SpeciesCost  
Burmese Chubby Frog$10-$30
Pacman Frog$15-$50
Bumble-bee Dart Frog$45-$80
Bumble-bee Walking Toad$60-$90
White-lipped Tree Frog$30
Oriental Fire-bellied Toad$15-$25
White’s Tree Frog$40-$80
Pixie Frog (African Bullfrog)$25-$75
Green And Black Dart Frog$40-$80
Grey Tree Frog$8-$20
Tomato Frog$20-$50
African Dwarf Frog$4
American Green Tree Frog$10
Red-eyed Tree Frog$25-$75
Amazon Milk Frog$40-$100
American Toad$10
Waxy Monkey Frog$60-$80


Frog SpeciesCost
Pacman Frog$24.99
Albino Pacman Frog$29
Red-eyed Tree Frog$39
Blue Dart Frog$59
Mossy Tree Frog$129
White’s Tree Frog$29.99
Green Tree Frog$6
Pixie Frog$39
Amazon Milk Frog$69
Waxy Monkey Tree Frog$99
Ornate Horned Frog$49
Golden Tree Frog$12
Spotted Tigerleg Frog$19
Tomato Frog$39
Baron’s Painted Mantella Frog$39
Albino Bullfrog$49
Green And Black Dart Frog$59
Yellow-banded Dart Frog$59
Golden Mantella$99

Besides, there are several famous and trustworthy online stores from where you can buy pet frogs. Such as Petco, Joshsfrogs, Petsmart, and so on.

However, you should click here to know whether you can keep wild frogs as pets or not.

2. Shipping Cost

If you can buy pet frogs from a local store, you will not have to pay for the shipping cost or delivery charge. But, you may not find any local stores of pet frogs in your area or country. In such cases, you must rely on online stores.

When you buy pet frogs from online stores, you have to be ready for the expense of the delivery charge too. The shipping charge depends on the distance and route of shipping to your home area.

Generally, the shipping cost ranges from $15-$100. Sometimes, the shipping cost can be higher than the frog cost too.

3. Cost Of Supplies For Pet Frogs: How Much Do Frog Supplies Cost?

When you decide to keep pet frogs, you should keep essential supplies in the list of the initial costs. No wonder you have to mimic the wild environment of your pet frog’s habitat in captivity. For this, you should choose the best items which will be durable, safe, and comfortable for your pet frogs.

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Terrarium: How Much Does A Terrarium For A Frog Cost?

The cost of a terrarium depends on its size, type, and material. On the other hand, you should choose the tank of the right size and type according to your frog species, the number of frogs, etc.

The average cost of a frog terrarium is within $20-$100.

If you consider buying a small-sized terrestrial terrarium of plastic material, it will cost around $30. Besides, you need to expend around $50 to buy a plastic, medium-sized aquatic tank for your fully aquatic pet frogs. On the other hand, a mini-sized, glass, arboreal tank can cost around $99.

Substrate: How Much Does Substrate Cost?

You should add substrate or soil in the tank for terrestrial pet frogs.

In the case of the substrate, it will cost around $7-$60. Generally, you can easily buy a bag of soil within $4-$15 from any local store.

Moreover, this price range depends highly on the type of substrate.

  • Coco husk: $10-$60
  • Sphagnum or peat moss: Around $5
  • Cypress mulch: Up to $20
  • Gravel: $15-$40

For the well-being of your pet frogs, you must choose the best substrate. Hence, I recommend ABG Mix substrate for your pet frogs. This substrate is a mixture of peat moss, charcoal, tree fern, sphagnum moss, orchid bark, etc.

False Bottom

Several pet frogs, like dart frogs, require high humidity in their tank. Because of often misting, the substrate may absorb much water that can lead to the rotting substrate.

Hence, the experts suggest fitting false bottom so that the excess water can drain.

Although the price range of false bottoms varies according to various brands, the cost of false bottoms ranges from $10-$14.

Heating Mat And Lightings

To keep the tank warm, frog-owners choose a heating bulb, heat mat, or heat pad.

If you look for under tank heat mat or heat pad, these may cost you around $14-$40. Besides. The price of a reptile heat lamp bulb for your pet frogs ranges from $13-$25.

On the other hand, you have to expend around $6-$50 on the lighting for your pet frogs’ tank.

However, this price range depends on whether these bulbs are fluorescent, incandescent bulbs, or UVB lightings.

Measuring Equipment

You might have known that each species of frog has different environmental requirements. Some pet frogs require high humidity in the tank.

On the contrary, some pet frogs thrive in a warm environment. So, you must buy certain measuring equipment like a humidity gauge, thermometer, etc.

The cost of a hygrometer for your pet frogs is around $8-$100. Also, you can buy a reptile thermometer for your pet frog’s tank within $4-$15.

Besides, you can buy duel equipment containing both a humidity gauge and thermometer. This combo pack can cost you from $6 to $40.

Considering easy-to-read display, easy installation, and long battery life, I recommend Fluker’s Thermo-Hygrometer and Repti Zoo Reptile Thermometer-Hygrometer.


To enhance the naturalistic vibe, you should expect to pay a bit more for décor items.

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In this list of décor, there are hideouts, branches, artificial and live plants, rocks, climbing accessories, mossy caves, waterfall, jungle vines, etc.

So, the total cost of accessories or décor items ranges from around $25-$40.

For your convenience, I have prepared a small chart of cost breakdown of all essential set-up supplies for your pet frogs. Let’s go through the list.

Essential Supplies  Cost
Terrarium Or Tank (minimum 10 gallon capacity)Up to $200
Tank lidWithin $20
Heat Pad or Heat Mat$13-$40
Heat lamps/UVB lightings/ fluorescent bulbs$6-$50
Water dish or bowl$2-$5
Climbing accessories$5-$18
Terrarium wood$6-$25
Total Cost  $452-$1050

Also, you can click here to know about 17 things that you will need to keep a pet frog.

Monthly Grooming Cost For Pet Frogs

When you keep pet frogs, you will have to pay monthly in several sectors for nurturing your frogs. This cost includes the cost of foods, supplementation, changing substrates, electricity bill for running the heating device, lighting, etc. Also, you can term this monthly cost as the grooming cost of owning a pet frog.

1. Food Cost

The cost of food depends on the amount and type of food. For example- you need to expend more on foods of bullfrogs. On the other hand, frogs of smaller species eat less and so the cost will be lower.

Also, if you buy live insects, it will cost more than ready-made food. However, some frog-owners culture insects on their own for their frogs. This procedure can reduce your cost. But, culturing insects can be a hassling job too.

Generally, each pet frog eats around 5-7 crickets per day. So, you will have to pay around $20-$30 for live insects per month. Besides, when you buy mice, live spiders, worms for your pet frogs, the food cost can go up to $100.

You can take a look at the following monthly price range of pet frog foods.

  • Live crickets: $25-$50
  • Black soldier fly larvae: Around $30
  • Live waxworms: Around $15
  • Fruitflies: $5-$10
  • Live earthworms: $35-$40
  • Live ants: around $50

You can check out Omega One Frog And Tadpole Pallets. Besides, I recommend Zoo Med Aquatic Frog Food for your aquatic frogs.

2. Supplementation Cost

To ensure the needs of nutrition, you must provide supplementation to your pet frogs. Besides, you should use a variety of supplements to enhance the interest in the foods of your frogs.

You may need to cost around $8-$30 for frog supplementation. Besides, the price of supplementation varies according to brand.

However, several experienced owners have given positive feedback on RepCal Calcium D3, Repashy Calcium Plus, RepCal Herptivite, and so on.

3. Monthly Treat

Along with staple foods, you can give some fatty, appetizing foods to your pet frogs per month. The average cost of occasional treats for pet frogs is up to $30 per month.

So, you can enlist the cost of these treats in the monthly cost. Here, I have added a small list of the cost of monthly treats for pet frogs.

  • Mealworms: $9-$15
  • Dubia roaches (100 pieces): $27-$28
  • Locusts (50 pieces): around $6
  • Canned grasshoppers: around $10
  • Brine shrimp: $7-$10
  • Caterpillars: $12
  • Baby mice: $3-$30

4. Fresh Water Cost

Providing fresh water is one of the highest prioritized conditions for keeping your pet frog healthy. Also, fully aquatic and semi-aquatic frogs require the constant availability of freshwater. Besides, you must provide fresh water for drinking purposes in the tank of terrestrial and arboreal frogs.

Hence, the experts suggest buying spring water or bottled water. If you buy a 20-ounce bottle of water, it will cost around $9.60 per gallon.

5. Electricity Bill

Since you run a heat mat, water filter, lightings, etc., you should expect to pay for the monthly electricity bill. So, the total electricity bill for running this equipment can cost you around $15.

Total Monthly Cost For Pet Frogs

Cost TypeCost
Monthly treat$6-$30
Electricity bill$15
Total monthly cost$59-$115

Occasional Cost

Sometimes, you might have to get introduced with some occasional cost, such as sudden sickness of your pet frogs, the emergency need of new supplies, etc. So, you should save up some money for such cases of emergencies. This occasional cost can be within $10-$50.

1. Health Check-up

The experienced owners claim that a yearly health check-up is praiseworthy for the well-being of your pet frogs. However, it is not compulsory unless you notice any unusual behavior of your frog. If you notice any sign of sickness, you must visit a vet to find out the reason and its cure.

2. Changing Supplies

Usually, you need to change the substrate every six months. Besides, if any equipment gets disabled, you should pay for their repair. Also, you may need to buy new ones when needed.

3. Maintenance Cost

For monthly cleanliness, you have to keep some extra money. So, you may buy a 3% bleach solution, hydrogen peroxide, distilled vinegar, spring water, and so on.

Total Pet Frog Cost Breakdown

When you estimate the entire cost of owning pet frogs, you should calculate the initial cost, occasional cost, and grooming cost. Let’s check out what will be the total cost of keeping pet frogs.

Cost TypeCost  
Cost TypeCost  
Pet frog cost$5-$70
Shipping cost$15-$100
Supplies cost$452-$1050
Yearly cost= (Monthly cost × 12)($59-$115)×12 = $47-$1380
Occasional cost$10-$50
Total cost$529-$2650  

From the above-mentioned chart, you can see a detailed picture of pet frogs’ cost breakdown. While calculating the initial cost, you may have to expend around $529-$2650. Otherwise, you have to pay approximately $47-$1380 yearly for your pet frogs.

Final Words

I hope you have got a clear idea of the pet frog cost breakdown from this article. The total cost may seem a huge amount to you. But, once you pay for the initial costs, you need not expend much per month for bringing up your pet frog.

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