Best Plants For Shrimp Tank

Best Plants For Shrimp Tank

One of the ‘must-have’ requirements for shrimps is plants. Plants do make a safe and homely environment for the shrimps. However, to a beginner shrimp keeper, choosing the correct plants for shrimps can prove to be a confusing task. That’s where this article will come in to help you out.

Here, I’ll be listing out all of my favorite plants for a shrimp tank! You can safely choose these plants for your shrimps.

There are many other safe plants too that I’ve not covered here. I am only mentioning the plants that I like. You can certainly choose any other plant. However, before buying, please do your research and check if the plant is safe for shrimps or not.

Safe Plants For Shrimps

Plant NameCare levelCo2 requirementSubstratePrice
Java Mossvery easylow not requiredCheck on Amazon
Java Fernvery easylownot requiredCheck on Amazon
Anubiasvery easylownot requiredCheck on Flip Aquatics
Water Wisteriaeasylow to mediumnot requiredCheck on Amazon
Cryptocoryneeasylow to mediumYesCheck on Flip Aquatics
Dwarf Lillieseasylow to mediumYesCheck on Amazon
VallisneriaeasylowYesCheck on Amazon
Bucephalandraeasylownot requiredCheck on Flip Aquatics
Watar Lettuceeasylowfloating plantCheck on Amazon
Rotala RotundifoilamediummediumyesCheck on Amazon

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