Can Tree Frogs Live In A Paludarium?

Tree frog owners often want to keep their pet frogs in something exciting & fun. When you think of an exciting & fun enclosure, paludarium comes to mind first.  So, a curiosity may pop into your mind- can tree frogs live in a paludarium?

According to the experienced owners, tree frogs are an excellent choice to keep in a paludarium. Although a large share of tree frogs are arboreal, many tree frogs enjoy living in both water and land. Since these frogs can swim a bit, it’s safe to house tree frogs in a paludarium.

In this article, I’ll explain how tree frogs are suitable for a paludarium, and other additional information. So, let’s dive into this article for more information.

How Tree Frogs Are Suitable In A Paludarium?

Not all frogs are suitable to live in a paludarium. You might wonder how tree frogs are suitable in a paludarium.

1. Enjoy Living In Both Land And Water Area

In the wild, tree frogs hail from rainforests which are large tree canopies and enormous water reservoirs. Their natural habitat remains humid and moist. Since you can keep a watered portion in the paludarium, the paludarium matches their natural habitation.

Although the tadpoles of tree frogs live in water, adult tree frogs are not aquatic. Maximum species of tree frogs are arboreal. But, these arboreal frogs can survive in the near a water body too. So, tree frogs can survive well in a paludarium.

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2. Tree Frogs Can Swim

Since a paludarium is a combination of both land and water area, you should not keep those frogs that can not swim. There’ll be risks of drowning water by these non-swimmer frogs.

In the case of tree frogs, these frogs have padded toes that are suitable for climbing trees. So, tree frogs aren’t good swimmers due to their special featured toes. But, these frogs can swim if they fell into the water.

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3. Docile Personality

The temperament of tree frogs is calm and friendly. These frogs are not aggressive toward other animals. So, you can smoothly keep multiple animals in a paludarium with tree frogs.

The frogs will not possibly become a threat to those animals. But, you should check the temperament of other tank mates of tree frogs.

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4. Low Maintenance Pets

Tree frogs do not have many demands. Because of being low-maintenance pets, you can house tree frogs with other animals in a paludarium. But, you should ensure providing the required moisture and temperature for your tree frogs.

Before You Go

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