Tree Frog vs Dart Frog: A Detailed Comparison

Tree Frog vs Dart Frog comparison

Tree frogs and dart frogs are the common appearing names while choosing pet frogs nowadays. Many of us cherish getting a dart frog for their charming color varieties, meanwhile, some adore a little green creature (tree frogs) in their vivarium. When it’s tough to choose between these two, there remains an option of adopting both types also.

Before adopting any or both of them, research and proper arrangements are needed. After hunting through many web pages and tutorials, I’ve gathered detailed information comparing these two creatures in this article that might help you to decide your further steps.

Tree frogs and dart frogs are different from each other by nature, characteristics, origin, etc. They require different types of care and environment to survive.

Along with the comparison, we’ll also try to know about each of these popular pet frog species better. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the comparison table.

Tree Frog vs Dart Frog: Comparison Table

Now coming to the main part, the detailed comparison between a tree frog and dart frog. An attempt to compare these two creatures in detail is needed if you are considering one option or if you are willing to get both.

CharacteristicsTree FrogsDart frogs
NatureNocturnal (active at night)
Arboreal (Lives in trees mostly)
Active During Day
Non- Arboreal
FoodFlies, beetles, crickets, and other small insects.
Tadpoles are herbivores.
Fruit Flies.
Size Up to 10 centimeters.Available in small, medium, and bigger sizes.
On average, two and a half inches in size.
LifespanUp to 25 years Average four to eight years.

Tree Frogs As Pets

As a pet, they are pretty much available and affordable. The acceptance level of tree frog’s rate among frog lovers is pretty high as well.

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What Is The Habitat Of Tree Frogs?

The origin of the tree frogs is typically in the warmer parts of the world. Southern Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia are the places where they generally live.

They live in the sheds of trees and some of them can even camouflage with the leaves. But not all of them are the same. Some are non-arboreal, meaning they live in ponds and lakes.

All the species are common having one certain part of the body, that is the last one of their toe which is most likely claw-shaped.

What Does Tree Frog Eat?

Adult tree frogs consume flies, beetles, crickets, and other small insects. Tadpoles are mostly herbivores.

What Do Baby Tree Frogs Eat?

Baby Tree Frogs mostly eat very small insects including ants, mosquitos, fruit flies, red worms, etc.

The metabolism of baby tree frogs is not low at all. You need to feed them multiple times a day as they digest their food quickly.

Tree Frog

How Long Do Tree Frogs Live?

Tree frog’s average lifespan is 8 to 10 years depending on proper care, nutrition, and health. However, their lifespan can be up to 25 years depending on certain steps and species. Their highest growth chance is 10 cm.

Now, whenever we are saying the name tree frogs, a typical green little creature with red fluffy eyes comes to our mind, but did you know that there are lots of species of them? 

What Are The Types Of Common Pet Tree Frogs?

Australian green tree frogs, American green tree frogs, white tree frogs, and red-eyed tree frogs, etc. are common pet tree frogs.

But there are more, of course. 800 species of wild tree frogs are surviving in this world. In terms of adoption, varieties of breeds are available.

Almost every one of these species is good as pets if you can offer them a proper arrangement of living. Different types of pets have different needs which you must assure to fulfill.

What Type Of Enclosure Does A Tree Frog Need?

The more natural vibe you provide in your vivarium, the higher the chances for tree frogs to do their best.

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As they can climb with the adhesive pads they have in their toes, you should add plants and height to the vivarium for them.

They are motionless during the daytime but are often active during the night. Also, If you love your sleep and hate noises like “Croak” at night, don’t dare to choose tree frogs as your pet.

Dart Frogs Or The Poison Arrow Frog As A Pet

Now don’t get scared reading the word “poisonous” because it’s totally fine to adopt a captive dart frog. Most people ask how much poison they carry, and the answer is, “It depends.”

Is Poison Dart Frog Dangerous As A Pet?

Captive breeds of dart frogs are non-poisonous.

Wild ones do have poison in their skin but they do lose their poisons while being captive also.

The poison in frog’s skin is produced from the insects they consume in the wild and that’s not possible in captivity.

So, you can easily adapt to a captive one and enjoy the colorful company of this amphibian in your life.

What’s The Size Range Of Dart Frogs?

In general, most of the dart frogs are two and a half inches in size.

Dart frog’s size begins from smaller and ends up to bigger ones. Medium to larger adult dart frogs are one and a half-inch in length. Mostly like a big grape-sized.

The smallest one of this species is the same as your thumbnail size, and that’s why they are called thumbnail frogs.

Thumbnail frogs and baby frogs should be avoided by beginners as they are tough to handle. It’s better to start with a big-sized one and observe it first.

Dart Frog

How Long Do Dart Frogs Live?

The average lifespan of a dart frog is 4 to 8 years in the wild. In captivity, they can live up to 12 years.

There are some cases when it’s founded that a dart frog has lived up to 20 years.

Overall, if you want to adopt one as a beginner, look for a big sized juvenile. They will be good enough to survive for a long time and easy to handle.

Setting a bioactive vivarium would be preferable for dart frogs when doing the arrangements. 

What Do Dart Frog Eat In Captivity?

Dark frogs are insectivores. In captivity, their primary diet includes tiny small insects, majorly flightless fruit flies, and moderately sized crickets.

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You can provide them with fruit flies, which is the most idol food for them. You have to feed babies or juveniles daily. An average adult frog consumes 50 to 70 fruit flies.

Can Dart Frogs Live Alone?

Dart frogs can live alone in captivity.

It’s best to get two dart frogs as a beginner but it’s totally fine if you are willing to have one.

Can You Handle Dart Frogs?

Handling dart frogs for shipping or any other important cause is fine, but it’s not preferable.

Dart frogs are super small in size. Handling them can cause health issues or harm to them. So, it’s suggested to treat them as hands-off pets.

Can Dart Frogs Live With Tree Frogs?

Dart frogs and tree frogs can live together only if the necessary needs of both are fulfilled. For beginners, mixing types of frogs is strongly not recommended.

Mixing two different species might not be a great idea as it is an expensive and effort taking process to create a perfect environment for both of them individually.

Let’s have a short look at the chart below about what type of environment both of them need:

ParticularsDart FrogTree frog
TemperatureLow to the middle (the 70s)Middle to high (70s)
Ventilation Not requiredRequired
Standing water RequiredRequired
LightingUVB is not suitable.UVB needed.
Humidity (80-100) %(60-70) %

Now, if you think it will be easy to place them in one single vivarium, that’s kind of a mistake. It will take more planning and effort.

  • If you think separately, a dart frog doesn’t need ventilation and UVB but a tree frog does. So, you have to say goodbye to the solid glass top.
  • A dart frog does well and becomes active in an enclosure floor but tree frogs need large plants. As an example, you’ll need Pothos or Philodendron for them.
  • You need to provide food two times a day. Crickets at night and fruit flies during the day.
  • Standing water must be there, and should be changed daily if placed in a dish.
  • Mixing dart frog and tree frog can even lead to crossbreeding.

So, it’s always suggested to get a separate vivarium for your pets but it’s not impossible to make them inhabitants of a single enclosure.


Frogs are affordable, low effort pets. But making a proper environment is super important for them.

Also, always adopt captive-bred frogs. Frogs are almost extinct amphibians and also wild ones can be poisonous for you.

Considering all the facts and terms, you can get yourself a colorful little dart frog or a green tree frog. Not to mention, if you are a pro planner and head worker, let them both be friends!

(Tips: Get a big tank, minimum 50 gallons or more than that!)

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