30 Inspiring Tree Frog Enclosure Designs [Tropical Oasis]

Many frog hobbyists love to keep tree frogs as pets since these frogs are pretty fun to watch. Bringing a tree frog as a pet means having the responsibility of creating its home. That’s why people often get confused before creating a tropical oasis for tree frogs in captivity.

To clear up your confusion, I’ve gathered 30 inspiring tree frog enclosure designs in this article. You can check out these designs to find the most suitable enclosure for your tree frogs. So, let’s go through this write-up without any further ado.

1. Vintage Tropical Tree Frog Enclosure

MaterialsSubstrate, wood, artificial plants, cave, hideouts, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

Do you want to give your tree frogs a vintage enclosure? Then, you can follow this enclosure idea with some required items.

The first work is to set up bedding for your tree frogs. Since tree frogs are arboreal frogs, you should focus on the climbing items. You can keep tall woods that touch up the lid of your tree frog enclosure.

Besides, you should choose specific plants with long leaves and twigs. Such as emerald artificial plants, Fatsia Japonica Spider plants, Philodendrons, etc. You can also keep some hideouts and caves for your tree frogs.

2. Live Planted Tree Frog Enclosure

MaterialsSubstrate, foaming, live plants, branches, natural wood, lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

In this enclosure idea, the main hero will be the live and safe plants for tree frogs. After bringing an enclosure, you should create the background with foaming. Make sure to curve the foaming by removing the extra edges.

Although tree frogs aren’t terrestrial frogs, you should set up the bottom layer of the tank well. Now, you can keep several types of live plants. Such as Tree ferns, Heart Leaf Ferns, Dracaena plants, Bird’s Nest Fern, Emerald Vase Fern, etc.

The next significant addition should be natural wood and branches. You must provide good opportunities for your tree frogs to climb inside the enclosure.

3. Tree Frog Terrarium With Waterfalls

MaterialsSubstrate, water, natural wood, rocks, live plants, etc.
Difficulty levelHard

Since tree frogs require an ideal humidity level with strict temperature, you should add a water feature in their enclosure. That’s why, I’ve come up with a tree frog terrarium with waterfalls.

This beautiful tank design will allow you to keep water running in one corner of the tank. You need to keep substrate to the other area of the terrarium. To mimic the natural environment, you can add varieties of live plants.

Such as ferns, Devil’s ivy, Dracaena, Bird’s nest fern, etc. However, you should let these plants establish for a few weeks.

The final touch can be added with natural wood and branches. You should place this wood in such a way that it should touch from the top to bottom corner of the tree frog terrarium.

4. Minimalistic Tree Frog Enclosure With Bamboo Stick

MaterialsSubstrate, dried leaves, Devil’s ivy, bamboo stick, lighting, water bowl, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

This tree frog setup idea is definitely for minimalistic lovers. You can keep the enclosure simple and fresh by using basic stuff for your tree frogs. Like other terrariums, this tree frog tank design will not look congested.

Firstly, you can create the bedding with soil, leaf litter, peat moss, and other items. Then, you should place a bamboo stick crosswise over the tank. After that, you need to keep a few live plants.

Such as Dracaena trifasciata, Devil’s ivy, Dumb cane, etc. Make sure not to make the tank heavily planted. You can also add some dried leaves at the bottom of the tank.

5. Simple Tree Frog Terrarium With Pothos

MaterialsWoods, branches, hollow logs, rocks, Pothos, vines, substrate, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

You can make a healthy terrarium for your tree frogs by using only one kind of plant. This time, you can prefer Pothos to set up your tree frog tank.

First, you should choose a tall terrarium that has good height. After setting up the bedding, you should add hideouts for your tree frogs. You can choose tree hollows, rocks, wood, logs, terracotta pots, ceramic pipe, etc.

To help your arboreal frogs climb, you must keep vines, branches, etc. Not to mention, you need to add Pothos or Devil’s Ivy in your tree frog enclosure.

6. Tree Frog Vivarium With Ferns & Water Feature

MaterialsSubstrate, safe water, ferns, branches, sticks, rocks, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

Before bringing Tree frogs home, you need to buy a suitable tall enclosure. The length, height, and width of the tank may vary according to the number of frogs.

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After placing the tank, you need to add a 2-3 inched substrate. Although these arboreal frogs do not spend much time on the ground, you should set up a proper drainage layer. After all, this tank design has a wonderful water feature that keeps the humidity level higher.

Since tree frogs are not good swimmers, you should keep some large rocks in the water area. Also, you should add branches, sticks, and logs to your tree frog enclosure. These will help your tree frog get enough climbing space. Following this tank design, you can use only fern plants in this tree frog vivarium.

7. Simple Tree Frog Tank With Beach Pebbles

MaterialsSubstrate, beach pebbles, branches, money plants, water dish, heater, humidifier, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

In the wild, tree frogs prefer to live in a moist environment. So, setting up a terrarium with beach pebbles may give your tree frogs the vibe of wet habitat. Also, this tree frog tank will be pretty simple due to not using too much stuff.

You will require beach pebbles, branches, money plants, shallow water dishes, etc. Besides, you must keep a thermostat regulating heater in your tree frog tank. Make sure to maintain the temperature range within 74-85 degrees Fahrenheit. At the same time, you need to keep the humidity level within 50-70%.

8. Low Budget Cuban’s Tree Frog Terrarium

MaterialsSubstrate, leaf litter, shallow water bowl, two pots of live plants, stones, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

You can set up your tree frog terrarium with any design according to your budget. This tank design encourages you to set up your frog tank on a low budget.

Firstly, you should fill the bottom of the terrarium with a suitable substrate. You can also add peat moss, coco husk, leaf litter, etc. Since you’ll introduce Cuban tree frogs in this terrarium, you should keep the humidity level within 70-90%.

Hence, you should add two shallow water bowls with fresh water. Besides, you can add a freestanding stone setup to your tree frog terrarium.

Also, these frogs do not require many plants. A few large-leafed plants can complete the setup of this low-budget tree frog terrarium.

9. Custom Wood Tree Frog Terrarium

MaterialsCustomized wood terrarium, substrate, heater, humidifier, lighting, live plants, branches, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

This tree frog enclosure idea is one of the most unique terrarium designs. Choosing a customized wood terrarium will change the entire outlook of your tree frog habitat. Along with the craftsmanship, you must keep basic supplies for your tree frogs.

To keep the terrarium naturalistic, you should add different live plants with large leaves and branches. Make sure to add logs, sticks, and natural wood. Your arboreal tree frogs will get plenty of options to climb inside the terrarium.

10. Rainforest Habitat Tree Frog Terrarium

MaterialsFoam, substrate, dried leaves, branches, live plants, water, heater, lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

To create a moisture-dependent environment, you can apply the tank design of the Rainforest Tree frog terrarium. In addition, you can add a water stream to this enclosure design.

After adding substrate at the tank bottom, you can place natural wood in one corner. Since you need to establish a water stream, you can create the water path by shaping foams in the background. Make sure to set up a good water drainage system in your tree frog terrarium.

Besides, you should add large-leafed plants to create a tree canopy like a rainforest. In addition, you must add branches and sticks to help your tree frogs climb smoothly. Don’t forget to add a thermostat regulating heater with the enclosure.

11. Cool Tree Frog Enclosure Setup With Skull Hideaway

MaterialsSkull cave, rocks, water supply, Devil’s ivy, logs, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

Skull Hide is one of the most unique and safe décor items for any frog terrarium. To make your tree frog enclosure special from others, you should try this tank design.

To arrange this setup, you can divide the entire tank into several areas. Keep the corners separate for grass plants. Then, you can place smooth-edged rocks at the bottom layer of the enclosure.

When you create the background with foams, you should arrange the path for the water supply too. It’ll be eye-catchy if you manage the water supply underneath the skull hideaway. Since it is an arboreal tank, you should add hollow logs, wood, and live plants. Also, you can add moss to make the tank damp.

12. Upside Down Tree Frog Terrarium

MaterialsSubstrate, natural wood, logs, Spanish moss, water bowl, live plants, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

If you watch the series named Stranger Things, you must be aware of the term- upside down. Inspired by the mysterious alternate dimension, this tank design will represent a chaotic environment for your tree frogs.

To create such a mysterious tank design, you will require lots of logs, wood,  Spanish miss, Devil’s ivy plant, fern, water dish, etc. You must keep in mind that your tree frogs are arboreal frogs who love to climb.

That’s why you should pile the sticks, wood, and logs together. Then, you should set up Spanish moss over these wood and logs. You can wait a few days for these moss to bloom in the tank. It’ll create a mysterious environment of “upside down” within your tree frog tank.

However, you must not forget to add fresh water in shallow water bowls. Lastly. Adding some live plants will fulfill the entire set-up.

13. Vintage Tree Frog Enclosure Design

MaterialsFoam, substrate, natural wood, hollow logs, branches, live plants, lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

If you want to create an old and elegant vibe in an enclosure, you should follow this vintage tree frog tank design. The entire look of the tank will be mixed with a brown, gray, and green coloration.

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For this, you need to create the background of the tank with foaming. Then, you should carve the foaming by smoothing the edges. It’ll give your tree frog tank the appearance of mountains.

Further, you need to make a 2-3 inched layer substrate. To pull off the vintage vibe, you should add natural wood, logs, and hollow tree bark. A few live plants will also increase the beauty of this terrarium.

14. Incredible Tree Frog Paludarium

MaterialsFoam, substrate, moss, wood, plants, plants, etc
Difficulty levelModerate

To create a perfect Paludarium, you should choose the right-sized tree frog enclosure first. Make sure that the enclosure is taller. Then, you should set up the background with foaming. After being cured overnight, you can curve the foaming to bring it into a perfect background.

You can also paint the background to bring out a natural appearance. Add some moss over the background of your tree frog enclosure. Then, you should make a good substrate layer at the bottom of the tank.

Finally, you should add plants, branches, and other décor items. Keep natural wood branches to help your tree frogs climb inside the enclosure. In fine, your tree frogs got an incredible Paludarium that mimics their natural habitats.

15. Playground Enclosure For Tree Frogs

MaterialsLog, vines, ledges, coconut shells, live plants, water bowl, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

Instead of mimicking rainforest, you can turn out the enclosure of your tree frogs into their playground. So, there might be a bit more artificial decorations than the usual setup.

The main attraction of this playground enclosure is a big log set up at the center. You should place it diagonally to help your tree frogs climb from the bottom to the top of the tank. Then, you should keep some vines on the walls. Keep some Devil’s Ivy plants in the corners of the enclosure.

To make this playground enclosure, you need to add some ledges, coconut shells,  and additional hideouts. Lastly, you must add some shallow water bowls for your tree frogs. However, you must maintain the temperature and humidity range even if it may look like a playground enclosure for your tree frogs.

16. Bioactive Tree Frog Enclosure

MaterialsFoam, live plants, rocks, logs, wood, heater, lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

Are you interested in creating a miniature ecosystem for your tree frogs in an enclosure? Then, this bioactive tree frog enclosure idea is for you.

Depending on the number of tree frogs l, you should choose a large terrarium with a good height. Afterward, you should DIY the enclosure by creating its background with foams.

Then, you need to fill up the enclosure with plenty of safe plants, natural wood, and logs. There are lots of options for plants for your tree frogs. Such as Anubias, Zebra Bromeliads, Calatheas, etc. After completing the setup, you can add some cleaning crews to your bioactive tree frog enclosure.

17. Naturalistic Cabinet Style Tree Frog Enclosure

MaterialsHeart-shaped leaf plants, logs, water bowl, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

Instead of choosing a regular enclosure, this tank design idea will allow you to experience a cabinet enclosure. To make the tank naturalistic, you need to add large-leafed plants, large logs, soil, etc.

Make sure that the logs touch the roof of the cabinet. Otherwise, your tree frogs may not enjoy climbing in captivity. This tank design shows how well you can arrange the enclosure with heart-shaped leaf plants. However, you must add fresh water in a shallow water bowl.

18. Tree Frog Nano Habitat With Moss

MaterialsCypress mulch, soil, driftwood, pillow moss, vines, branches, spider plants, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

In the wild, tree frogs live in humid forest areas of tropical climates. So, you can mimic this environment inside your home within an enclosure.

To create this nano habitat, you’ll require sinkable driftwood, Pillow moss, Spanish moss, Mossvines, etc. You can make the bedding with Cypress mulch. Also, keeping a few spider plants will surely attract the attention of any frog hobbyists.

The bush of common asparagus fern will give your tree frogs enough room to hide. At last, you should keep a shallow water bowl with fresh water.

19. Little Forest In Tree Frog Terrarium

MaterialsSoil, moss, aquarium grass, large plants, branches, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

Do you want to see a part of the rainforest within the 4 walls of an enclosure? Then, this tank design will help you create a little forest for your tree frogs.

For this, you need to mimic the tree canopy in the tree frog terrarium like the wild. Thus, you should choose plants with large leaves. For example-Amazon Sword plants, Vallisneria, Dwarf Ambulia, Hornwort, etc.

These plants will give your tree frogs enough spaces to hide under their leaves. Moreover, your tree frogs can climb up with these large plants. You must add some logs and branches for your arboreal frogs too.

In addition, you should add aquarium grass at the bottom layer of the terrarium. It’ll give your tree frog enclosure the vibe of tropical rainforest.

20. Tree Frog Enclosure With Rock Cairn

MaterialsSmooth edged rocks, leaf litter, Amazon sword, humidifier, lighting, heater, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

Since tree frogs are arboreal frogs, these frogs do not spend much time on the ground. You should set up some arrangements to help these frogs climb. The traditional way is to add branches, logs, or large plants for their smooth climbing vertically.

In this tank design idea, you can create such an opportunity for your tree frogs with a rock cairn. You can keep some space free with bedding or leaf litter. Then, you should pile up rocks of different sizes in the remaining area of the enclosure.

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Your tree frogs can have the opportunity to climb with these rock cairns. In addition, you can keep a pot of Amazon sword plants in this enclosure.

21. Epic Driftwood Terrarium

MaterialsDriftwood, Devil’s Ivy, Vallisneria, Cryptocoryne, moss, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

To make an ideal tree frog terrarium, you can set up the enclosure by following this design. This tree frog enclosure is mainly based on huge driftwood.

Firstly, you should set up the background of the enclosure with foaming. After craving the foams, you can add other items to your tree frog enclosure. Place large driftwood in the tank. It’ll help your tree frogs readily climb inside the enclosure.

Besides, you should add some plants to mimic a naturalistic environment. Such as Vallisneria, Cryptocoryne, Devil’s Ivy plants, etc. Finally, your tree frog will get a happy home.

22. Heavily Planted Tree Frog Enclosure

MaterialsSoil, substrate, fertilizer, live plants, log, lighting, drainage system, humidifier, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

Nothing can be more attractive for tree frogs than a heavily planted enclosure. For this, you need to choose a tall enclosure first. Since it’ll be a heavily planted tank, you should prepare nutritious bedding for the growth of trees.

While adding soil with the substrate, you should add good fertilizers for live plants. Then, you can add varieties of live plants that are safe for your tree frogs. You can add Dracaena plants, an Amazon sword, Philodendron, Devil’s Ivy, a Bella palm tree, etc.

Your tree frogs will get the special advantage of climbing these trees in this tank design. To help your tree frogs thrive well, you can add a large log diagonally in the tank. A shallow water bowl can retain the moisture level in the terrarium. Lastly, you must keep suitable lighting for the good growth of these plants.

23. Driftwood-Based Bioactive Tree Frog Tank

MaterialsSoil, fertilizer, lighting, heater, driftwood, water bowl, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

To make a balanced enclosure, you can choose a driftwood-based bioactive tree frog tank. Although it’s not compulsory to add a background in a bioactive vivarium, you can create a background with foaming. Then, you can add a substrate of soil, cypress mulch, orchid bark, etc.

Afterward, you should set up large driftwood in your tree frog tank. The branches of this driftwood should go so high that your tree frogs can readily climb up to the top. To complete this bioactive tank, you should add live plants, water dishes, vines, logs, hideouts, etc.

24. Nano Jungle Style Tree Frog Enclosure

MaterialsSoil, live plants, branches, logs, water bowl, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

This tank design is another awesome tree frog enclosure that gives off a nano jungle vibe. When you look at this enclosure, you’ll see a jam-packed greenery with plants, branches, etc.

You can add Dwarf umbrella plants, Pothos, Anubias Nana Pinto plants, ferns, etc. Also, you can keep some hanging plants. Such as Climbing Fig, Devil’s Ivy, etc.

The entire jungle look will be completed with lots of tree branches, logs, and natural wood. Since true trees are absent in captivity, these items can help your tree frogs climb within the enclosure. Also, you must keep a shallow water bowl with some fresh water for your frogs.

25. Tree Frog Enclosure Design With Twisted Branches

MaterialsTwisted branches, logs, live plants, artificial plants, décors, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

This tank design will be simple and budget-friendly. You can create a heaven for your tree frogs with a few branches and plants. Your focus should be creating ideal climbing opportunities for your arboreal tree frogs.

Keep some logs and natural wood diagonally and vertically. However, the most attractive matter of this tank design is the twisted branches. You should set up these twisted branches in a way that your tree frogs can climb from one wall to the other.

To increase this enclosure more naturalistic, you can add some artificial vines, Devil’s Ivy, String of Pearl’s ferns, etc. Besides, you should keep some hideouts, a water bowl, and other required items for your tree frogs.

26. Coral Tree Frog Enclosure

MaterialsSoil, corals, live plants, rocks, twisted vines, wood ledge, etc.
Difficulty levelHard

Your frog tank design is the outcome of your ideas. If you want to decorate your tree frog enclosure with corals, you must add some other basic items.

After adding substrate, you should add some piles of rocks, corals, stone crops, ferns, Devil’s ivy, etc. Since it is an arboreal tank, you should create opportunities for your tree frogs to climb. To increase the beauty of the tank, you can add some wood ledge to the walls of your tree frog tank.

Moreover, you can keep some pots of plants over these wood ledges. Some twisted vines may be added from one corner of the tank to the other corner.

27. Easy Tree Frog Heaven Enclosure

MaterialsMoss, fern, bamboo stick, rocks, pothos, humidifier, heater, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

If you are a newbie, this frog tank design must be suitable for you. You can create an easy tree frog heaven enclosure with just a few items.

In this tank design, you’ll require Dracaena Trifasciata, Hart’s Tongue ferns, sea moss, Pothos, smooth-edged rock, bamboo stick, etc. These large leafed and hanging plants will give your tree frogs space to climb. Besides, you must keep the bamboo stick diagonally.

Finally, you should add a thermostat regulating heater to your tree frog terrarium. It’ll make the environment of your tree frog tank like a tropical oasis.

28. Tropical Oasis For Tree Frogs

MaterialsRocks, pebbles, live plants, heater, lighting, water bowl, humidifier, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

In the wild, tree frogs are typically found in tropical areas. These arboreal frogs spend their lives in high vegetation areas. To create a naturalistic environment in captivity, you can follow with a tropical oasis tank design for your tree frogs.

These tree frogs do not usually descend to the ground. So, you can arrange the bottom layer of the enclosure with pebbles and rocks of different sizes. To recreate a tropical area, you should pile up the rocks to create a mountain area.

Due to making a tropical oasis, you must keep this tree frog enclosure warm. Also, you should add fast-growing plants for your tree frogs. Such as Anubias barteri, Amazon sword, hornworts, etc. These large growing plants will give your arboreal frogs a surreal place to climb inside the enclosure.

MaterialsA large cookie jar, moss, ferns, vines, stones, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

Everybody must have a common picture of a square enclosure with four walls for their frogs. If you want to try something different, you can set up this tree frog enclosure design. The specialty of this tank design is the usage of a large cookie jar as the tank.

At the bottom of the jar, you can make the ground with soil, terrarium stones, sand, etc. Keep some forest moss on all over the ground.

To bring up the jungle vibe, you should add some plants. Such as the Rattlesnake plants, ferns, etc. However, you must add some vines and branches to create climbing opportunities for your tree frogs.

30. Budget-Friendly Tree Frog Enclosure

MaterialsLarge tank, branches, hanging plants, live plants, lighting, water bowl, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

This tank design will guide you to make a tree frog enclosure at a low expense. You need not make this terrarium heavily planted. Moreover, this budget-friendly tank doesn’t require many items.

Keep a few wood logs and branches in different positions. Tree frogs tend to live their whole day on branches and plants. So, you can keep lots of branches, hanging plants, large live plants, etc.

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