Best Shrimp Foods For Proper Growth & Breeding

If you ask me to choose one thing that beginner shrimp keepers get most confused at, I’ll pick feeding. Though feeding shrimps is very simple and straightforward, many shrimp keepers get super confused about it. Frankly, this is because of the amount of information out there on the internet. It is easy to get overwhelmed.

When it comes to feeding, there are 4 categories of food you can feed shrimps:

  1. Algae & Biofilm
  2. Commercial Shrimp Food
  3. Vegetables
  4. Treats

Algae & Biofilm:

Algae and biofilm form the staple portion of shrimp’s diet. Both of these are extremely important for shrimp’s health. If you plan to keep shrimps in the tank, there needs to be a decent amount of algae and biofilm.

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to grow algae and biofilm. In most tanks, they grow automatically without any special care from us. Just keep your lights ON 8 to 12 hours a day and you should see a healthy amount of algae & biofilm.

Commercial Shrimp Food

When it comes to commercial shrimp foods, the choices are endless. I am mentioning the ones that I like and many experienced shrimp breeders recommend. However, you are free to try any other shrimp food you want.

Bacter AE

  • Ensures all the minerals, nutrients and vitamins that shrimps need to grow
  • Helps to grow biofilm in the tank. I already told you how important biofilm is for shrimps, didn’t I?
  • Bacter AE is great for baby shrimps. As the food comes in powdered form, it spreads all over the tank. As a result, babies have a good chance to eat that food and not have to compete with the adults. This drastically increases the survival rate of the baby shrimps.
  • Contains all the vital microorganism, enzyme as well as amino acids for the shrimps
  • Contains live probiotic bacteria which helps the shrimps to efficiently digest the foods and absorb the nutrients
  • You can get the authentic Bacter AE shrimp food from Amazon. Click here to check out the latest price on their site.

Shrimp King Complete

  • Made of 100% natural ingredients
  • Natural Carotenoids promote full-potential color of the shrimps
  • Contains all the required minerals and nutrients for shrimps including hight-quality protein as well as amino acid
  • Includes dietary fiber from different types of barks and leaves for improved digestion
  • Comes in a 45 gram jar that will last a very long time
  • For a tank with 20 shrimps, offer one feed pad every day or every other day depending on the amount of algae & biofilm your tank has
  • You can get the authentic Shrimp King Mineral from Flip Aquatics. You’ll get the food directly shipped to your home.

MK-Breed Cheeseburger

  • Suitable for bot caridina and neocaridina shrimps
  • Increase the survival rate of the baby shrimps as well as promote better feeding response
  • Thickens the exoskeleton for better molting experience
  • 100% Raw & Natural ingredients
  • Depending on the number of shrimps and algae you have, feed 3-4 times a week
  • You can get MK Breed Cheeseburger from Flip Aquatics too! You’ll get the food directly shipped to your home.


Vegetables bring a wonderful change to the shrimp diet and spice things up. Shrimps hate to eat the same thing every day and love some change once in a while. Vegetables are perfect for this purpose.

Some of the common vegetable choices for shrimps include:

  • Lettuce
  • Zucchini
  • Spinach
  • Carrot
  • Cucumber


Treats are meant to be fed occasionally. Treats are also a great way to observe the physical condition of your shrimps. I generally give treats to my shrimps once or twice a month.

For treats, I love the Shrimp Lollies from GlasGarten. I told you I am a very big fan of GlasGarten. Their lollies are perfect for giving as treats. As the lollies are quite long, the shrimps have to climb on the lollies. One single Lollie can hold up to 50 shrimps at once.

This presents a wonderful situation for me to observe the shrimps. You can get Shrimp Lollies from Amazon at a cheap price.