How To Treat Leopard Gecko’s Cloudy Eye?

Seeing your Leopard Gecko with eye problems is not a pleasant experience. Most of the time Leopard Geckos go through eye issues due to having cloudy eyes. Seeing your Gecko going through this, you must be thinking about – How to treat Leopard Gecko’s cloudy eyes?

To treat leopard gecko’s cloudy eyes you need to first know if it’s caused by abscess or other eyesight problems of your Gecko. After diagnosis, you should consult a veterinarian rather than trying to provide treatment by yourself. As a practical fact, you cannot do much to treat your Gecko’s eyes at home once they become cloudy.

If you want to know more about the treatment of Leopard Gecko’s eyes make sure to read till the end!

What Are The Reasons Behind Leopard Gecko’s Cloudy Eyes?

Leopard Geckos get cloudy eyes mainly when they go through shedding or they have abscess. Leopard Gecko cloudy eye after shedding.

Shedding is a process through which the old skin of the leopard gets replaced by new skin. This natural process is very uncomfortable for Leopard Geckos and the stuck skin after shedding can cause cloudy eye issues. This stuck skin buildup around the eye corner eventually leads to cloudy eyes and impaired vision.

Abscess is an eye issue that occurs when your Leopard Gecko gets punctured or infection in their eyes. This leads to swelling of eyes that does not affect the eyeballs. This abscess can occur due to cricket worm or mealworm that might attack your Gecko. This abscess can make your Gecko’s eye cloudy.

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If you want to know more on eye infections, check How To Treat Leopard Gecko Eye Infection?

What Are The Signs Behind Leopard Gecko’s Cloudy Eyes?

There are many signs and symptoms of Leopard Gecko’s cloudy eyes. You need to check these symptoms to start treating your Gecko’s eyes before it becomes blind completely.

  • Continuous eye closing
  • Not responding to your voice
  • Crashing with objects frequently
  • Whitish eye appearance

Continuous eye closing

When your Leopard Gecko is continuously closing its eye, you need to know that there are some eye issues going there.

Normally Leopard Geckos do not close their eyes that frequently as they are active in nature and they always remain very playful. Hence if you see your Gecko shutting its eyes repeatedly, you need to immediately diagnose the reason.

Not responding to your voice

Leopard Geckos always try to interact with their owners and it will be a surprise if your Gecko does not listen to your voice. This is another reason why you should be conscious regarding its certain behavior.

Crashing with objects frequently

Leopard Geckos do have excellent eyesight and if it fails to walk properly, it can be a reason behind eye issues. Normally Leopard Geckos walk and run freely and do not easily get hurt by objects. But if your Gecko keeps colliding with the objects inside the enclosure, it could be because it is not seeing everything clearly.

How Do You Treat Leopard Gecko Eye Problems?

Leopard Geckos do go through a lot of eyesight issues, such as: abscess, eye ulcer, pink eyes etc. There are many ways to treat your Leopard Gecko’s eye infection depending on what type of eye infection it got. Here are some treatments that are done when Leopard Gecko’s get eye infections:

  • Saline treatment
  • Eye drops
  • Eye stain (topical fluorescein dye)
  • Providing right amount of vitamin supplements
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Saline treatment

The saline treatment for Leopard Gecko’s eye infection is the most common one among all the other treatments that are used. Most of the time this saline treatment is given to lubricate the eye to remove anything that’s present there.

For instance, in case of foreign bodies that might enter your Leopard Gecko’s eyes, the saline treatment can come in handy. A sterile saline which is preservative free can be used to take out the foreign particle from your Leopard Gecko’s eyes.

This is a very effective technique as most of the time it also works as a lubricant to ease the process of foreign body removal.

Eye drops

Eye drops are sometimes given to Leopard Geckos depending on the type and severity of infection your Gecko gets. Sometimes abscess of eyes can become serious if left untreated for a long time.

For treating it the vet usually uses a needle to remove the infected material. But then the eye drops can come in handy for recovering quickly or giving assistance while your Leopard Gecko gets treated.

The eye drops can also be used or is used when your Leopard Gecko gets ulcer in the eyes. Normally the vet recommends the eye drops because it helps the ulcer to go away eventually. However, the ulcer in the eyes can get worse with time if the eye drops are not taken on time. Hence always give the eye drops on time.

Sometimes alongside eye drops, antibiotics are also given to treat the eye infection. The reason is very simple. When any bacterial infection occurs, the antibiotics help to destroy the microbes easily.

Eye stain (topical fluorescein dye)

This special stain is given mostly when your Leopard Gecko has eye ulcers. This stain sticks to any ulcers if it’s present and then your vet will use a black light to find the ulcer. This is a treatment method to find ulcers without having any trouble or using time consuming factors.

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Providing right amount of vitamin supplements

This is more like a precaution rather than a solution. Most of the time Leopard Gecko goes through vitamin A deficiency issues that cause their eyesight to become weaker as time passes by. Thus, you need to keep giving vitamin A supplements to your Gecko’s diet so that your Gecko does not go through the eye infection ever again.

How To Give Leopard Gecko Eye Drops?

There is to be very honest, no specific instructions on giving eye drops to your Leopard Gecko. But the factor that you have to keep in mind is the handling.

During giving the eye drops, you need to ensure that your Gecko remains calm and does not run away every time it’s given. To ensure that, you can ask anyone to hold your Gecko carefully and then you can put the drops on its eyes. But if your Gecko seems restless, it’s better to leave it alone till it becomes comfortable.

Can I Use Eye Drops On My Leopard Gecko?

You can use eye drops on Leopard Geckos. The eye drops are given only when your Gecko’s eye condition is not in a good state. Sometimes it’s also given to treat the eye disease with time. But while giving the eye drops, be very careful while handling your Leopard Gecko.

Final Words

When you spot any cloudy eye related issues of your Leopard Gecko, you need to consult a vet immediately. Before you consult, you can also try to diagnose the reason as this will guide your veterinarian to take proper measurements accordingly.

After the treatment is done, be very careful that your Gecko does not get the cloudy eyes again as it may consequently lead to blindness. Thus, by maintaining a few steps, you can ensure a good eye condition for your Leopard Gecko.

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