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Do Cherry Shrimps Eat Algae Wafers?

Do Cherry Shrimps Eat Algae Wafers

Suddenly, a question popped up in my head this morning – What would I call the Walmart of nutrition for cherry shrimp where they can get most of their nutrients? Should it be brine shrimp or biofilm? Well, the name that hit the peak of the list was Algae Wafers. But do cherry shrimp eat algae wafers in the first place?

Cherry shrimp consume algae wafers, which are a perfect source of essential nutrients. These wafers are rich in essential vitamins, protein, and minerals. However, selecting high-quality algae wafers with vegetables, spirulina, and other algae is recommended. These wafers are more effective than those made solely from fish meal and grains.

But is feeding only algae wafers worth it? Is there any other alternative that can work as good as algae wafers? Well, it’s time to find that out.

Key Takeaways

  • Cherry shrimp eat algae wafers as they provide them with major vitamins, protein, and minerals.
  • Algae wafers help in color enhancement and also don’t cloud the water.
  • Some of the alternatives to algae wafers are commercial shrimp pellets, spirulina pellets or powder, and organic leaf litter.

Nutrient Profile Of Algae Wafers

NutrientAmount (Per 100g)
Dietary Fiber10%
Vitamin A4%
Vitamin C6%
Omega-3 Fatty Acids7%
Omega-6 Fatty Acids3%

Why Feeding Algae Wafers To Cherry Shrimp Is A Good Idea?

There are tons of good sides of algae wafers that make them a perfect food for cherry shrimp, including –

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1. Balanced Nutrition

The prime purpose of formulating algae wafers is to let arthropods like cherry shrimp have a balanced diet.

It comes with a mixture of vegetable matter and protein, along with other essential nutrients. All these nutrients aim to boost the shrimp’s overall health.

2. Primary Food Source

Even if you look into the diet chart of cherry shrimp in the wild, you’ll find algae and biofilm there. Algae are more of a primary food source for them, and algae wafers are good enough to mimic that. So, feeding algae is not only going to promote the shrimp’s health but also their natural behavior.

3. Promotes Growth

The growth of any living being all over the world depends on its food intake.

When it comes to the development of cherry shrimp, algae wafers can easily pull this off, thanks to the plant-based proteins and fiber they come with.

So, whether you’re asking for the development of young shrimp or the maintenance of adult shrimp, this food can assist in both.

4. Enhanced Coloration

It’s the color of cherry shrimp that makes them among the most attractive arthropods. Thankfully, algae wafers can aid vibrant coloration in cherry shrimp.

As a part of the well-rounded diet, algae wafers make sure that the shrimp is getting the necessary pigments and nutrients. This helps to display their bright red or cherry coloration.

5. Reduced Competition

Algae wafers sink to the easiest spot where cherry shrimp can find them – the bottom. So, the shrimp don’t have to get down to the competition to find food with other aquarium inhabitants. And once the competition is eliminated, ensuring proper nutrition becomes easier.

6. Less Waste

One of the best things about algae wafers is they result in minimal waste production. The credit goes to their highly digestible feature. So, there’s no chance of it messing with the water quality.

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7. Convenient Feeding

When it comes to portioning and distributing shrimp food, algae wafers are the easiest. So, as an aquarium enthusiast, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to provide your shrimp with a consistent and appropriate amount of food.

8. Easily Digestible

You surely don’t want your shrimp to have foods that will be too hard to digest. Thankfully, algae wafers are easily digestible and don’t put extra pressure on the shrimp’s stomach.

Shrimp Feeding & Diet: Infographic

If you want a printable version of this infographic, click here!

4 Alternatives Of Algae Wafers

It’s okay if you don’t want to stick to a single food like algae wafers for your cherry shrimp. So, the best thing you can do is go for the alternatives such as –

1. Blanched Vegetables

Blanched vegetables are always a wiser alternative to algae wafers. I’d say you better go for something like cucumber, spinach, zucchini, and kale. As they’re nature and nutrient-rich options filled with essential fiber and vitamins, you won’t have to be bothered with the absence of algae wafers.

2. Leaf Litter

Different types of organic leaf litter, such as Oak leaves and Indian almond leaves, can also be a good source of nutrition here.

These options might not sound like, but once they break down, they can release beneficial compounds. These compounds ultimately create a perfect microhabitat for shrimp to forage.

3. Commercial Shrimp Pellets

In case you’re not counting on algae wafers, you can try specialized shrimp pellets or granules. As they’re made out of a mix of plant matter and proteins, they can take care of the dietary needs of your shrimp. 

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4. Spirulina Pellets Or Powder

Spirulina is basically a type of blue-green algae.

This algae is filled with nutrients that can assist in the color enhancement of cherry shrimp.

There are Spirulina-based foods out there that are available in the form of pallets and powder. 

are hikari algae wafers safe to feed shrimps?

Hikari algae wafers are primarily designed for bottom-feeding herbivorous fish, such as plecostomus and other algae eaters. However, many aquarists find that these wafers are also suitable for feeding shrimp, especially in a community tank where multiple types of creatures coexist.

Shrimp do well on a varied diet that includes algae, as it is a natural part of their diet in the wild. The wafers can provide essential nutrients that shrimp need, such as vitamins, minerals, and plant-based proteins.

Check the ingredients list to ensure there are no copper additives. Copper is often included in fish foods for its beneficial properties for fish, but it is toxic to invertebrates like shrimp in higher concentrations.

Before We Go…

Indeed, algae wafers are great as food for your shrimp. But the need for protein can still be unfulfilling with it. So, what you can do is try something more protein-based. What about brine shrimp?

No, it’s not going to make your shrimp cannibal, and that’s what I said in my blog – Do Cherry Shrimps Eat Brine Shrimp? Click to check it out.

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