Do Betta Fish Need Hammock?

do betta fish need hammock

Betta hammock has recently been introduced to the hobby and betta keepers are going crazy for it. If you are new to keeping betta, you might wonder is a betta hammock really necessary for betta?

Betta hammocks are not absolutely necessary for betta. However, if you get one, your betta will appreciate it.

Betta hammocks are not free. You’ll need to buy them from the store. However, there are some free and cheap alternate methods too. In fact, I prefer the alternate methods more than the betta hammock.

In this article, I’ll discuss what is actually a betta hammock, what benefits does it have and what are some of the cheap & free alternatives of betta hammock.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is A Betta Hammock?

You can search for different types of betta hammocks here.

A betta hammock is simply a place for the betta to sleep or rest. It can either be large fake leaf or a real leaf.

Normally, betta hammocks are sold in the market as just one large fake leaf attached to a suction cup. With the suction cup, you can place the hammock at anywhere you want (preferably about 2 inches below the water surface).

These betta hammocks can cost around $5 to $10 depending on the style & quality.

What Are The Benefits Of Betta Hammock?

Though betta hammocks are not a must for keeping betta, they certainly have some benefits. Such as:

Perfect place for the betta to rest & sleep

Betta sleeps just as we do. When you turn off the light of the aquarium, your betta will get ready to sleep or rest. When betta sleeps, it likes to have a support underneath.

For that reason, hammock is the perfect place for the betta to sleep. It can have a good underneath support.

Also, hammocks are generally placed about 2 inches below the water surface. As a result, when necessary, the betta can quickly grasp oxygen from the air without moving too much from the hammock.

These two traits make hammock a perfect place for betta to sleep & rest.

Can be moved and cleaned easily

Store bought hammocks are very easy to use and maintain. As I have already said, the fake leaf comes attached to a suction cup. So, you can attach the hammock anywhere you want using the suction cup.

Also, when you need, you can remove the hammock easily. That’s great for maintenance and cleaning.

When you are doing your regular water changes, you can just remove the hammock from the glass, wash it under running water & place it again.

It’s that simple!

Betta can receive oxygen easily

Betta fish have an interesting trait. Unlike other fish, they have a labyrinth organ. Thanks to this organ, betta can absorb oxygen from the air.

That means, betta fish can absorb oxygen through 2 ways:

  • Using the gills to absorb oxygen from water
  • Using the labyrinth organ to absorb oxygen from the air

Both ways are important for a betta’s healthy growth. To absorb oxygen from the air, the betta needs to often go to the water surface and gulp air from above the water.

This process becomes extremely easy when the betta is resting on the hammock. As hammock is placed just about 2 inches below the water surface, the betta doesn’t even need to move too much for absorbing oxygen from the air.

Do You Really Need To Buy A Betta Hammock Now?

Till now, I have mentioned three benefits of a betta hammock which are pretty compelling to make you feel like you need to buy a betta hammock. While betta hammock has its perks, it is not a must to buy them.

In fact, there are cheaper alternatives to a betta hammock. And I think one of the cheaper alternatives is better than the actual hammock.

Cheaper Alternatives Of Betta Hammock

I’ll talk about two cheaper alternatives for a betta hammock:

Real Plants

I think this is even better than a betta hammock. I like natural stuff. I don’t like to buy fake plants. There is nothing wrong with fake plants, but I am more of a nature admirer. That’s why buying fake plants is not my cup of tea.

As store bought betta hammock is essentially a fake plant leaf, I don’t like it. I think real plants can do a much better job. In the below picture, you’ll see a marked leaf in my betta tank. This is the leaf my betta uses as a hammock.

do betta fish need hammock

As store bought betta hammock is essentially a fake plant leaf, I don’t like it. I think real plants can do a much better job. In the below picture, you’ll see a large leaf in my betta tank.

This is the leaf of Anubias plant. This is a large version of the Anubias plant. I think they are called Anubias Broad leaf. Their leaves work perfectly as a hammock.

Just when placing the plants, make sure the leaves are not too much down from the water surface. Try to keep at least one of the leaves within 2-3 inches from the water level.

Fake Plants

Though real plants are nicer, they can be a hassle too. Real plants need attention & care to grow perfectly. They have their own requirements that you need to meet.

Though Anubias pretty much doesn’t need anything extra, still if you want the best growth, you’ll need to take care of the plant and provide it the things it needs.

If you think that’s too much of a hassle for you, don’t worry. Just buy some fake plants with large leaves like Anubias broad leaf. Make sure the leaves don’t have any sharp edges, otherwise they can scratch the fins of the betta.

Some Precautions

If you decide to buy and use a betta hammock in your betta tank, please follow these precautions:

  • After buying the hammock, don’t place it right away in the tank. Clean it with dechlorinated water thoroughly. Otherwise, the hammock might carry germs that can enter the tank with the hammock.
  • Don’t place the hammock near heater or outlet of the filter. If the hammock is too near the heater, the betta might accidently burn itself touching the heater.
  • On the other hand, bettas are not very adept in swimming, If there is too much water current near the hammock, the betta won’t be able to rest properly. That’s why don’t place it near the filter outlet.
  • Make sure the hammock doesn’t contain any sharp edges. Sharp edges can be very dangerous for betta’s fins.
  • Regularly clean the hammock for longer durability.

Final Words

So, this is all about betta hammock and their necessity. I hope you found the article helpful. After reading this whole discussion, what do you think? Will you buy a hammock for your betta?

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