20 Cherry Shrimp Tank Setup Ideas For Absolute Beginners

Ready to start your journey with cherry shrimp? Hold on, not yet!

You might need to get some inspiration before setting up the cherry shrimp tank. In this article, I have cherry-picked 20 awesome tank ideas from Instagram.

All of these tanks are suitable for keeping cherry shrimps. Just be aware of tank mates. Don’t keep anything large like goldfish with your cherry shrimp!

20 cherry shrimp tank setup ideas

10 other interesting ideas to setup cherry shrimp tank

1. Natural Aquascape Theme:

Recreate a miniature underwater forest or riverbed using live aquatic plants like Java moss, Anubias, or Java fern. These plants not only enhance the natural beauty of the tank but also provide excellent hiding and grazing spots for the shrimp.

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Incorporate driftwood and rocks to create a more natural and textured landscape. These elements also serve as additional surfaces for biofilm growth, which is a food source for cherry shrimp.

2. Color Contrast Aquascape:

Choose a dark substrate like black gravel or soil, which makes the red color of cherry shrimp stand out beautifully.

Complement the substrate with green plants and perhaps a few brightly colored aquatic plants to create a vivid contrast.

3. Minimalist Design:

Opt for a simple, uncluttered layout with a few key elements like a single piece of driftwood, a couple of smooth stones, and one type of plant. This can create a serene and elegant look, emphasizing the shrimp themselves.

4. Japanese Iwagumi Style:

This style focuses on the strategic placement of rocks to create a harmonious, balanced aquascape. The rocks are the main focus, with plants playing a supporting role.

Use low-growing carpet plants like dwarf baby tears or hairgrass to complement the rocks and provide grazing areas for the shrimp.

5. Biotop Aquarium:

Mimic the natural habitat of cherry shrimp by researching and replicating the conditions of their native environments, such as river margins and rice paddies in Southeast Asia.

This could include specific types of plants, substrate, wood, and even water parameters.

6. Community Tank:

Consider setting up a community tank with other peaceful species that coexist well with cherry shrimp, like small fish or snails. Ensure the tank mates are non-aggressive and won’t harm the shrimp.

7. High-Tech Planted Tank:

For enthusiasts, a high-tech tank with CO2 injection and advanced lighting can allow for a wider variety of plants and faster growth, creating a lush underwater jungle.

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8. Themed Decorations:

Incorporate non-toxic, shrimp-safe decorations that follow a specific theme, like a sunken pirate ship or an underwater cityscape. Just make sure these decorations do not alter the water chemistry.

9. Vertical Space Utilization:

Utilize the vertical space in your tank by incorporating tall plants or stacking rocks or driftwood vertically. This can create a more dynamic and three-dimensional environment.

10. Seasonal Themes:

Change the decorations or plants seasonally (e.g., adding specific colors or elements) to reflect different times of the year, like autumnal hues or winter-white landscapes.

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