Can Two African Dwarf Frogs Live Together?

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As a beginner, you might be confused about bringing multiple African dwarf frogs into your home. After all, a diverse range of pets can not tolerate tank mates. Moreover, some animals can not coexist with their species. So, a quick question may come to your mind- can two African dwarf frogs live together?

Because of the social and friendly nature, you can keep two African dwarf frogs together. These frogs are so small that they can easily share their tank and live together. Further, there are no chances for African dwarf frogs to hurt each other.

You might have other related questions about keeping two African dwarf frogs together. To get a better grip on this issue, I urge you to go through this article.

In this article, I have explained several conditions and related queries of keeping two African dwarf frogs together. Let’s take a look.

African dwarf frog hiding among leaves
Owner: Thomas Jarrell

Do African Dwarf Frogs Need To Be In Pairs?

African dwarf frogs are communal friendly frogs. In the wild, these frogs tend to remain in groups. Hence, African dwarf frogs will not thrive in captivity without their friends.

Although you can keep an African dwarf frog alone, African dwarf frogs need to be in pairs. To keep your pet dwarf frog happy, you should bring at least one accompany for your pet.

When you keep an African dwarf frog alone, the frog will get stressed. Several kinds of research show that a lonely dwarf frog tends to gain weight and is prone to sickness.

Thus, keeping your African dwarf frog alone will enhance the risk of early death.

How Do Two African Dwarf Frogs Coexist Well?

As many pets can not coexist together, the cohabitation of African dwarf frogs may surprise you.

To clear up your confusion, I have pointed out seven reasons behind the success of keeping two African dwarf frogs together. These will enlighten you on how you can pet two dwarf frogs easily with the same care guide and maintenance.

Let’s check out the reasons why two African dwarf frogs can coexist well. These are-

Peaceful Temperament

You can certainly think of keeping two African dwarf frogs together due to their peaceful temperament.

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African dwarf frogs are not the type of pets who fight with each other over food, territory, mating, and so on. These dwarf frogs are extremely calm and friendly.

If you have any doubt about African dwarf frogs’ aggression, you can check out this article.

Since African dwarf frogs do not have any aggression, these docile frogs can easily coexist with other animals.

But, other fish and frogs may be threats toward African dwarf frogs. Hence, it is appropriate to keep the same species of African dwarf frogs together.

african dwarf frog in planted tank
Owner: Michelle Ebel

Easy To Care

Instead of keeping different animals together, keeping two African dwarf frogs as pets is comparatively easy. When you start keeping different types of pets together, you have to fulfill their requirements separately.

In addition, each species has its own diverse needs and environmental conditions. So, it must be hard to take care of different pets together.

On the other hand, if you pet two African dwarf frogs together, you will not need to take much hassle for their care. Besides, African dwarf frogs produce fewer wastes than others.

In short, you can keep two African dwarf frogs as pets with the same care and maintenance. For details, you should do a bit of research on how to take care of African dwarf frogs as pets.

Social Nature

Since African dwarf frogs are social, these frogs can not thrive alone. After all, you have to replicate the wild environment in captivity.

So, you must keep at least two African dwarf frogs together in captivity, as these frogs tend to live in groups of 5-6 frogs together in the wild.

Breeding Purpose

Not to mention you have to keep two African dwarf frogs of the opposite gender for their breeding purpose. Some hobbyists love to breed frogs in captivity. In the case of African dwarf frogs, the process is not only interesting but also easier.

So, you can certainly keep one adult male and one adult female dwarf frog together for breeding. If you want to stimulate the breeding process, you can keep more than one male African dwarf frog for one female dwarf frog.

Breeding frogs in captivity is super fun. However, you can take a look at this article to know more about African dwarf frog eggs and baby care.

group of african dwarf frogs
Owner: Michelle Ebel

Keeping ADF Of The Same Size

Although African dwarf frogs do not attack their tank mates, these frogs try to gulp down everything that fits in their mouths. Because of having blurry vision, the adult dwarf frogs may gobble up the fry or baby dwarf frogs.

On the other hand, African dwarf frogs of the same size can smoothly get along with each other in the same tank.

Inexpensive To Keep

If you want to keep pets at an affordable cost, you can start with African dwarf frogs. Depending on the size and color variation, you can buy an African dwarf frog within $1-$10.

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On the other hand, the food items and maintenance costs are not too high. So, keeping two African dwarf frogs is an easy option to fulfill your wish inexpensive way.

Making Your African Dwarf Frogs Happy

Staying within groups of their species makes African dwarf frogs happy. They can play and communicate with each other if you keep them in a group or circle. After all, your African dwarf frogs are communal frogs who thrive in crowds.

Can Two Male African Dwarf Frogs Live Together?

While some male frogs can not tolerate another male frog of the same species, African dwarf frogs are exceptions in this case.

African dwarf frogs are much friendly, peaceful, non-aggressive. Hence, two male African dwarf frogs can live together without any risks of harm.

Sometimes, you might assume that your male African dwarf frogs fighting. But, it is not possible at all. Such is because your pet dwarf frogs do not have a bit of aggression in them. These frogs might be crawling over each other or playing.

Can Two Female African Dwarf Frogs Live Together?

Like male African dwarf frogs, two female African dwarf frogs can cohabit together.

Although keeping one male and one female dwarf frog is fun, these frogs get along well in any type of group including two female frogs.

Will African Dwarf Frogs Eat Each Other?

African dwarf frogs are not cannibalistic who eat up their species. Because of being toothless and clawless, these frogs do not even harm their tank mates.

Usually, African dwarf frogs do not intend to eat each other. If you keep adult African dwarf frogs and African dwarf frog fry together, the adult frogs may eat up their fry.

Since African dwarf frogs have blurry vision, these frogs might try to eat each other mistakenly. These dwarf frogs try to swallow anything that passes by them.

If anything fits in their mouth, they will swallow the fish or fry. In case you are curious to know about their diet, you can check out the African dwarf frog diet and feeding guide.

african dwarf frog chilling
Owner: Michelle Ebel

Do African Dwarf Frogs Need Other Frogs?

Since African dwarf frogs do well in a group, you can keep tank mates for these frogs. But, you should remain concerned about the temperament of other animals, before keeping them with African dwarf frogs.

African dwarf frogs do not need other frogs. You can keep these frogs with their species. Even their cousin species, African clawed frogs, are strictly forbidden to be kept with African dwarf frogs.

Although African dwarf frogs enjoy accompanying, these frogs are pretty small in size. On the other hand, these dwarf frogs are shy and do not show any aggression.

So, when you keep African dwarf frogs with other frogs, those frogs may hurt your dwarf frogs. In addition, the other frogs may gobble up your African dwarf frogs when those frogs outgrow.

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How Many Gallons For Two African Dwarf Frogs Need?

African dwarf frogs are pretty smaller in size compared with other frogs. These frogs can grow up to 2.5 inches (6.4 cm) in length. Moreover, these dwarf frogs will not weigh more than only a few grams.

For this reason, these frogs do not require much space.

Two African dwarf frogs can happily share a 5-gallon tank. Otherwise, a 6, or 7-gallon tank for two African dwarf frogs will go fine too.

But, you should not keep two African dwarf frogs more than a 7-gallon tank. Such is because this additional space can make your African dwarf frogs stressed.

How Many African Dwarf Frogs Can Live In A 10-Gallon Tank?

The experts and experienced owners gave an opinion that African dwarf frogs need a minimum of 2-gallons of water.

If you intend to keep only African dwarf frogs together, 4-5 African dwarf frogs can happily live in a 10-gallon tank. Otherwise, if your dwarf frogs share the tank with Betta or other animals, you should keep only two African dwarf frogs along with their tankmates in a 10-gallon tank.

Why Do African Dwarf Frogs Hold Each Other?

When you keep male and female African dwarf frogs together, you may notice them holding each other. It may seem like your dwarf frogs are hugging each other for a long time. Sometimes, these frogs stick together for a few days.

In the mating season, male African dwarf frogs grab and stuck with female African dwarf frogs a lot. It is a pretty usual mating behavior of African dwarf frogs.

On the other hand, male African dwarf frogs also hold each other. It may be their way of competing with each other to fertilize the eggs first.

Only adult African dwarf frogs hold or stick with each other for a mating purpose. Besides, you may notice such occurrences when the temperature of the tank water gets higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can two male African Dwarf frogs mate?

Male African Dwarf Frogs cannot mate with each other as they require a female frog to reproduce. 

Can African Dwarf frogs live alone?

African Dwarf Frogs cannot live alone and require at least one other frog as a companion. Keeping them alone is considered cruel and can lead to reduced happiness and negative health impacts.

How long can two African dwarf frogs live together?

African Dwarf Frogs can live together for their entire lifespan, which is typically 5 to 10 years in captivity.

Can African dwarf frogs live with bettas?

African Dwarf Frogs can live with Betta fish in the same tank environment. However, it’s important to introduce them properly and monitor their behavior closely, as Betta fish can be aggressive towards other tank mates.

Final Words

I hope this article helped you clear up your confusion about keeping two African dwarf frogs together. If you want to keep two or multiple African dwarf frogs, let’s get started from now on.

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