Why My African Dwarf Frog Has Bump On Back?

Since bumpy skin is uncommon among frogs, a bump on your pet frog might be concerning for the owners. Also, it can be a sign of several underlying health complexes. If your African dwarf frog has such a condition, you may be asking on frog forums- why my African dwarf frog has a bump on its back?

A bump on the back of your African dwarf frog can be a tumor, cyst, abscess, etc. Sometimes, skeletal deformation can lead to lumps or bumps on the back of your pet frog. Also, a parasitic infestation can cause bumps on the back of your African dwarf frog.

In this article, I’ve tried to explain the reasons for the bump on the back of your African dwarf frog, what to do, and so on. So, you should not miss this article if you face such an unfortunate condition.

Is It Normal For African Dwarf Frogs Having Bump?

Several frogs have bumps on their skin, whereas some have smooth skin. Those bumps on those frogs are their specialized glands. Generally, these amphibians store poisons in those glands.

But, it’s pretty unusual for African dwarf frogs having a bump on their back. You should look out for probable reasons if your frog has a bump.

African Dwarf Frog Having Bump On Back: 7 Reasons

Several factors are responsible for the bump on the back of African dwarf frogs. Let’s check out the potential reasons why your African dwarf frogs have a bump on back here.

1. Tapeworm Sparganosis

A dreadful reason for the bump on your frog might be tapeworm sparganosis. The eggs of the tapeworms might be present in the water of your frog tank. When your African dwarf frog ingests the eggs of tapeworm, the danger occurs there.

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Such is because your dwarf frog will serve these tapeworm eggs as intermediate hosts. As a result, these eggs of tapeworm hatch in the intestines of your infected African dwarf frog.

Afterward, the hatched eggs will turn into larvae. Then, these larvae migrate to the subcutaneous tissue, skin layer, or skeletal muscles in your African dwarf frogs. In that way, tapeworm creates growing nodule or bump on the back of your dwarf frogs.

However, this parasital infestation is confirmed after surgical removal. When you notice such a growth underneath the skin of your frog, you should go to the vet as soon as possible. According to the experts, the treatment with anthelmintic has gained much success to treat

2. Tumor

You might become surprised to know that your frogs might develop tumors. Although the occurrence of the growth of the tumor is pretty rare among amphibians, the bump on the back of your African dwarf frogs may be a tumor.

Generally, the owners tend to overlook the possibility of a tumor in their frogs. But, these tumors can turn into cancer whether these growths are benign or malignant. So, you should be concerned about the bump of your dwarf frog.

african dwarf frog health problems and treatment infographic including red leg syndrome, dropsy, mycobacteriosis, zygomycosis, viral infection, bump on the head, parasitic infection

Want to get a printable version of this infographic? Click here! [If you want to use this infographic on your website, please link back to this post as the source!]

3. Skin Abscesses

Sometimes, your African dwarf frogs might have abscesses that develop under the skin of their body. These abscesses are mainly a kind of bacterial infection.

Generally, the white blood cells of our body fight against any bacteria that enter the body. Thus, there may create a cavity. It becomes filled with a collection of pus that can grow into a bump underneath the skin.

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The same thing can happen with your African dwarf frogs. Sometimes, the abscess may leak the pus build-up on its own or by getting hurt.

If your African dwarf frog gets injured, the wound may get infected. Afterward, the infection area may develop abscesses, which may look like a bump.

However, these abscesses cause pain to your pet frogs. The new owners may try to clean the abscess of their frogs. But, it can result in further infection. Hence, you must take your dwarf frog to a vet to clean its abscesses.

4. Herpes

If your African dwarf frog is affected by herpes, there may be bump-like tumorous growth on the back of your frog. It’s one kind of viral disease. You may notice white or gray-colored warty lesions on your frog skin.

However, you should quarantine your infected frog as soon as you can diagnose the disease. Unfortunately, there’s no treatment for herpes in amphibians.

Like this viral disease, your African dwarf frog might get infected with a fungal infection. If you want to know more, you can visit this article.

5. Cyst

No matter how surprised you are, your African dwarf frog may form cysts under their skin. Generally, a cyst can be filled with fluid, air, or pus.

It can look like a bump on the back of your frog skin. But, the matter of relief is that maximum cysts are non-cancerous. So, you need not worry about your African dwarf frog if the bump of your frog is a cyst.

6. Skeletal Deformation

The bump of your African dwarf frogs can be caused due to skeletal deformation on their back. It may happen due to poor nourishment, birth defects, accidents, etc.

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As a result, your African dwarf frogs may have curved spines, deformed bones, etc. This deformation can cause a bump on the back of your African dwarf frogs.

7. Foreign Bodies

Sometimes, your African dwarf frogs might ingest indigestible items from the décor, plants, substrate, or other sources. As a result, your dwarf frog might consume sticks, pine needles, small rocks, etc. Such foreign bodies might penetrate through the intestines of your African dwarf frogs.

When these foreign bodies prop against the skin of your frog, bumps may develop on the back of your dwarf frogs. Your dwarf frog requires immediate medical help in case your frog accidentally eats up something unusual.

If you’re interested in other health problems of dwarf frogs, you should go through this write-up: 12 African Dwarf Frog Health Problems And Their Treatment.

african dwarf frog care

What Should I Do If My African Dwarf Frogs Have Bump?

It’s a matter of concern when your pet African dwarf frogs have bumps on their skin. Since the reason is unknown at the primary stage, you should quarantine your sick frog. It’ll prevent the spreading of diseases if there’s something to worry about the bump.

Not to mention, you should take professional help in diagnosing the reason for the bump on the back of your African dwarf frog. According to the suggestions of vets, you should take the required actions. Don’t forget to take precautions before handling your frog.

Final Words

I hope this article gave you a clear idea about the potential reasons behind having a bump on the back of your African dwarf frogs. You should maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness to keep your African dwarf frogs away from such infestation of the bump.

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