3 Signs Of Stress In Shrimps You Should Know

Signs Of Stress In Shrimps

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Shrimps are delicate creatures. If you are breeding shrimps in your fish tank then you must know about the factors that can cause stress to your shrimps. In my research, I have found some signs and symptoms that can help you know if your shrimps are under stress.

The main signs of stress in shrimps are lethargic, change in appetite, and change in their visual color.

It is also important to know what causes the shrimps to stress so you can make sure that your shrimp are safe. These visible signs are very important for you to recognize so that you can take immediate action to save your shrimps.

3 Signs That Your Shrimps Are Stressed

Stress can be caused in shrimps for various factors and I have listed some of the common signs and that might have caused those symptoms.


One of the most visible symptoms that can easily tell you if your shrimp is under stress or is affected by any kind of disease is their change in natural color.

Some of the color change that should alert you are:

Milky Washed out color: 

It is a sign that indicates that your shrimps are under stress. You can even observe the same effect in red cherry shrimps. 

This color change can be caused by Muscular Necrosis disease. It is a very deadly disease for shrimps and should be taken care of immediately when you detect it. 

Black and Brown Spots: 

When you see black and brown spots appearing on the body of the shrimp it can also be an indication that your shrimps are affected by the Chitinolytic Bacterial disease.

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You would notice that often your shrimps are very lethargic and are not as active as they used to be. In my research, I have found many tank owners to see this problem in their shrimps.

Many of the shrimp owners noticed that the shrimps which used to be active were not moving often and were just hiding. 

In most cases, this condition is caused by a change in water parameters. It can be a rise in the temperature or change in pH that can cause the shrimps to be lethargic.

If you notice that your shrimps are less active check the water parameters immediately and if you find anything wrong with the water parameters take action to change the water immediately before it can cause some serious problems to your shrimps.

Loss of Appetite

Most of the shrimps are voracious eaters. When you observe that there are many leftover foods in your fish tank when you didn’t overfeed your shrimps, then it can be a sign of stress.

However, make sure that if they are getting food from natural sources in the tank. If that is the case then you should not be alarmed.

Loss of appetite can be a sign of stress that is caused by diseases like vorticella or other stress factors. 


Signs and symptoms of stress help you detect a disaster that is about to happen to your shrimps. Take the necessary steps immediately when you see any of them.

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