30 Unique Pacman Frog Enclosure Ideas [Pacman Paradise]

Are you going to set up a new home for your Pacman frogs? Then, you must be looking for unique ideas to set up an enclosure for these burrower frogs. You can turn any idea into your Pacman paradise.

In this article, I’ve shared 30 different and innovative Pacman frog enclosure ideas. So, let’s go through this article to find a suitable Pacman frog tank idea that matches your taste, budget, and other depending factors.

1. Pacman Frogs Paludarium With Woods & Roots

MaterialsEnclosure, substrate, moss, natural woods, logs, roots, lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

You might know that Pacman frogs live in the damp environment of the rainforest. In this enclosure idea, you can create your Pacman frog Paludarium with a few natural stuff. You’ll require a substrate, natural wood, roots, moss, lighting, etc.

After laying the substrate, you should place the natural wood, logs, and roots over the soil. Since you need to create a moist environment, you should place moss on the woods and other areas.

But, you should keep a separate place for feeding your Pacman frog. However, you should not place any moss in the feeding corner of your Pacman frog.

2. Pacman Frog Vivarium With Leaf Litter & Anubias

MaterialsTank, substrate, Anubias plants, leaf litter, LED lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

Anubias has become one of the most popular choices among frog aquarists. On the other hand, Pacman frogs love to camouflage in leaf litter.

In this frog tank design, you can create a simple vivarium for your Pacman frog with leaf litter and Anubias. Since these Anubias are hardy and slow-growing plants, the Pacman frog terrarium will be a low-maintenance tank.

Firstly, you should create a thick layer of substrate that helps your Pacman frogs bury themselves. Make sure to keep the substrate moist for your Pacman frogs.

Afterward, you should add Anubias plants, leaf litter, rocks, logs, etc. To ensure optimal growth of the plants, you need to adjust LED lighting in your Pacman frog enclosure.

3. The Fallen Tree Designed Pacman Frog’s Terrarium

MaterialsEnclosure, soil, cork bark, lava stone,
Difficulty levelModerate

This Pacman frog terrarium focuses on a giant cork bark that may resemble a part of a fallen tree. While starting the setup, you should make a suitable placement of the cork bark in the enclosure. Then, you can add some lava stones to fix the placement of the cork bark. To add additional support, you can add different types of aquarium soil.

If you want to recreate the environment of a rainforest, you can add wet elastic and stretchy modeling soil in the background. The entire look of the enclosure will get perfection after adding some plants. You can add vanilla, Monstera, Dracaena Concinna, etc. Finally, you can introduce your Pacman frog to its home.

4. Iwagumi Style Pacman Frogs Terrarium

MaterialsEnclosure, rocks, moss, aquarium plants, lighting, humidifier, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

Instead of going behind traditional methods, you can try the Japanese style of Iwagumi terrarium for your Pacman frogs. In this enclosure design, you should keep rocks as the hero of the entire aquascape. You should buy the right-sized enclosure for your Pacman frog according to the size of the rocks.

Since Pacman frogs thrive in humid environments, you should add moss over these rocks. Don’t forget to add some plants to this enclosure design. Grassy-leaved sweet flag, Anubias, and other aquarium plants will increase the naturalistic vibe of your Pacman frogs’ Iwagumi-styled enclosure.

5. Bioactive Vivarium For Pacman Frog

MaterialsEnclosure, substrate, leaf litter, cork bark, heater, LED lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

To mimic the wild habitation, you can follow this enclosure idea by creating a bioactive vivarium. You should keep enough opportunities to hide for your Pacman frogs.

That’s why you should make bedding of aquarium soil, coconut husk, leaf litter, etc. A cave of cork bark can add another dimension to your Pacman frog’s bioactive vivarium. To complete this bioactive vivarium, you should add some ferns, moss, bromeliads, Peperomia, etc.

You must keep this in mind to ensure proper moisture in your Pacman frog’s vivarium. In addition, you should add an under-tank heater if the room temperature remains too low.

6. Planted Pacman Frog Paradise

MaterialsEnclosure, substrate, aquarium plants, lighting, drainage system, misting system, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

A planted bioactive enclosure will be a small paradise for your Pacman frog. To prepare such a terrarium, you should choose safe plants for your Pacman frogs. Such as Anubias, pothos plants, peace lilies, Peperomia, Syngonium, etc.

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You must mist your Pacman frog enclosure often to ensure good growth of these plants. Make sure that the soil does not get dry out.

Moreover, the plants should not be toxic to your frogs. Since Pacman frogs remain inactive most of the time, these horned frogs will find a good place to chill among these plants.

7. Pacman Frog Wonderland In Paludarium

MaterialsAn enclosure, soil, foam, aquarium plants, water, submersible filter, LED lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelHard

Do you want to create a Paludarium for your Pacman frogs with different types of living together? Then, you must check out this Pacman frog enclosure idea.

Firstly, you should make several rooms and corners in the enclosure using tape and an aquarium divider. Afterward, you should cover those areas with foam, coco peat, and soil. After 3-4 days, these covers will get hard. You can also smoothen the edge by removing extra foams and peats.

After adding soil, you should add a layer of 7-8 inches of water. In the meantime, you must mist the entire aquarium. Finally, you should add some aquarium plants, driftwood, and other required items for your Pacman frogs.

When the Paludarium is ready, you can add livings in the water and land area. Since Pacman frogs are strictly terrestrial, you can leave your Pacman frogs in the highland areas of the aquarium.

8. Pacman Frog Vivarium With A Stream

Credit: turtlejunkie
MaterialsRocks, water line, moss, aquarium plants, décors, etc.
Difficulty levelHard

You can set up an amazing vivarium for your Pacman frogs, where they will get all-natural components. But, you should keep only 10-20% area of the vivarium for water. Since Pacman frogs may drown in the water, you should not keep the water layer too deep.

In the land area, you should make a good layer of substrate with soil, coco peat, and bioactive substrate. Keep the substrate level at least 3-5 inches deep for your Pacman frogs.

Afterward, you can cover some areas with peat moss and sphagnum moss. To add a naturalistic vibe, you should add aquarium plants, rocks, and other décors.

The main attraction of this enclosure setup is the stream flowing over the rocks. While following this enclosure design, you must keep a good drainage system in the vivarium.

9. Triple Pacman Frog Enclosure

MaterialsSubstrate, fertilizer, UVB lighting, heater, thermometer, plants, aquarium divider, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

Making an enclosure for three Pacman frogs will be fun work for frog hobbyists. To follow this tank setup idea, you should bring a large enclosure first. Depending on the height of the tank, you should customize wood aquarium tank dividers.

You need to prepare the bedding of the tank with gravel, aquarium soil, fertilizers, and other substrate. Then, you can place these three dividers for your three Pacman frogs. In these three rooms, you should keep a shallow water dish in one corner.

Make sure to keep plants, branches, and logs in each room. Instead of making the room congested, you should keep enough space empty for your Pacman frogs to move freely. Also, you must equally mist three sections of the enclosure to give your Pacman frogs a humid environment.

10. Pacman Frog Tank With Bonsai

MaterialsSubstrate, rocks, bonsai trees, humidifier, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

After researching for a while, I’ve found a great success rate in keeping bonsai trees in a frog terrarium. Since Pacman frogs are cannibalistic, these frogs will not eat bonsai trees. So, keeping bonsai in your Pacman frog terrarium will be safe.

This tank design is pretty simple and natural. You can set up the ground with aquarium soil and rocks. For your Pacman frogs, you must keep the soil damp.

Then, you can place a few aquarium bonsai trees in your Pacman frog terrarium. These cute bonsai will create a miniature jungle in the enclosure. Besides. You should add moss over the rocks and other décor items.

11. Minimalistic Pacman Frog Terrarium

Materials10-gallon tank, soil, aquarium plants, lighting, filter, heater, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

If you’re a minimalistic lover, you’ll definitely like this enclosure idea. You will require a few basic items for your Pacman frogs.

Firstly, you should buy a 10-gallon tank for your Pacman frog. Since these frogs do not have any climbing tendency, the tank height doesn’t matter much. Then, you need to make a deep layer of bedding with Eco Earth for your burrower frogs.

In the wild, Pacman frogs live in moist environments. That’s why, you should keep a corner dish with fresh water. Your Pacman frog can soak itself in the water dish. Also, you can keep a few aquarium plants in the terrarium.

That’s all for your minimalistic Pacman frog terrarium. The last additions will be a tank heater and lighting for this tank.

12. Pacman Frog Enclosure With Water Feature

MaterialsStones, logs, wood, aquarium plants, moss, fresh water, lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelHard

Do you want to bring a small piece of nature into your home? This Pacman frog enclosure will create a naturalistic terrarium with a water feature.

Moreover, this Pacman frog terrarium will not be heavily planted. You can arrange the enclosure with large stones, logs, and driftwood. Also, you should add some moss over these woods and stones. Besides, you should add some aquarium plants that are safe for your Pacman frogs.

Since Pacman frogs aren’t aquatic frogs, keeping water features must be a unique addition. You should keep big stones under the water area. These stones will help your Pacman frogs jump over from the water to the land area.

13. Heavily Planted Pacman Frog Vivarium

MaterialsEnclosure, substrate, soil, aquarium plants, décors, lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

You can manifest any idea to set up an enclosure for your Pacman frogs. Do you want to create a small jungle in the square area of your frog tank? Then, you can follow this enclosure idea of a heavily planted Pacman frog vivarium.

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The very first responsibility is to make a thick layer of damp substrate at the bottom. Then, you should add different types of aquarium plants. You can add a fast-growing silver sheen in one corner of the vivarium.

To create the jungle vibe, you must choose some plants with long leaves. Such as Anybias barteri, Asian ambulia, Amazon sword, Giant Hygrophila, etc. In addition, you can keep some décors for your Pacman frogs.

14. Pacman Frog Vivarium With Hydroton

MaterialsHydroton, charcoal, substrate, moss, water dish, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

Many Pacman frog owners often face problems of excess water stored in the substrate. On the other hand, it’s a must thing to make the substrate wet to create a humid environment. That’s why you can use the Hydrotons to set up the bottom layer of your Pacman frog vivarium.

Hydrotons work as absorbers by pulling the excess water. Then, you can pile up small pebbles, activated carbon, etc. Later, you should add a mixture of substrate for your burrower frogs.

The rest setup will be similar to any Pacman frog tank setup. You should add a small water dish, décor items, and small aquatic plants. Some addition of pin cushion moss may enhance the beauty of your Pacman frog vivarium.

15. Low-Budget Pacman Frog Enclosure

MaterialsSubstrate, cork bark, water dish, plants, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

If you do not have much budget for your Pacman frog tank, you can follow this enclosure idea. You can readily create a low-budget enclosure with only basic pieces of stuff.

The most significant thing about a Pacman frog terrarium is its substrate. Your Pacman frog will remain inactive and burrowed in the substrate for a maximum of time. So, you should make proper bedding with organic soil, coco husk, etc.

Afterward, you’ll require a few things. Put a water dish in one corner of the tank. You can place a large cork bark or wood in the enclosure. The last essential thing is aquarium plants.

You should choose low-growing plants for your Pacman frog terrarium. It’ll reduce your maintenance costs.

16. Common Pacman Frog Terrarium

MaterialsSoil, water dish, food dish, pebbles, Anubias, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

Sometimes, frog enthusiasts do not want to go through many hassles. For this, people look for the idea of a common Pacman frog terrarium.

You can name it a basic setup of a Pacman frog terrarium. Firstly, you should make a good compost of aquarium soil, coco peat, gravel, etc.

You might know that these horned frogs are popular as burrower frogs. So, you must keep the substrate layer moist and 3-5” deep. Instead of adding bushy plants, you can keep just 1-2 Anubias plants.

Further, you can add a shallow water dish where your Pacman frogs can soak in the water. Also, you can keep another dish to offer insects there. That’s how you can readily make a common Pacman frog terrarium.

17. Magic Colored Pacman Frog Enclosure

MaterialsSoil, coco peat, leaf litter, colorful plants, lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

This enclosure idea encourages adding coloration to your Pacman frog terrarium. If you follow this tank design, your Pacman frog enclosure will be filled with brown, green, and red coloration.

You can set up the bottom layer with coco husk, coco peat, leaf litter, branches, and logs. To add more colors over the brown bottom, you should go for different types of plants.

For example- painted leaf begonia plants will add different shades to your Pacman frog terrarium. These plants can be green, red, and purple colored. Also, croton plants with yellow and orange splotches are easy-maintenance plants. Finally, you can add your Pacman frogs to this magic-colored terrarium.

18. Simple Bioactive Terrarium With Devil’s Ivy

MaterialsSubstrate, Devil’s Ivy, water dish, leaf litter, heater, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

Your Pacman frogs will feel homely in a bioactive terrarium. To keep the tank simple, you can add only Devil’s Ivy.

Firstly, you should choose a large enclosure for your Pacman frog. Then, you should mix the bioactive substrate well. The next significant step is to add water to the substrate. While adding water, you should keep in mind not to make the substrate dripping wet.

Since this bioactive terrarium will be simple, the main focus of this enclosure is Devil’s Ivy (Golden Pothos). Your Pacman frog can take a rest under the leaves of these plants. You should also add leaf litter, a water dish, a heater, and lighting to this Pacman frog terrarium.

19. Rainforest-Looking Pacman Frog Enclosure

MaterialsSoil, peat moss, carpet plants, aquarium plants,  décors, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

If you want to bring a part of the rainforest into your home, you can follow this enclosure set-up idea. For this, you’ll require several different plants with different sizes and colorations. Undoubtedly, it’ll be a heavily planted tank to bring out the jungle vibe of the rainforest.

You can add Bucephalandra, Pilea involucrata, Cryptocoryne, etc. Also, you can cover the soil with small carpet plants. Such as Peperomia. Add some stones and branches to bring out the jungle vibe.

20. Simple And Easy Pacman Frog Terrarium Set Up

MaterialsSubstrate, caves, hideouts, rocks, aquarium plants, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

This simple Pacman frog terrarium design idea is a beginner-friendly setup. You will require the basic elements to help your Pacman frogs thrive in captivity.

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Take a large enclosure with a large space of floor. Then, you should prepare the bottom layer of your Pacman frog enclosure. You can also prepare the background of the tank to mimic the vibe of the rainforest.

Add some Bromelia and Monte Carlo in the corners of the enclosure. Since this tank design will be simple, you need not add several pots of plants. Finally, you can add some rocks, caves, and hideouts for your Pacman frogs.

21. Moss Terrarium With Golden Pothos

MaterialsSubstrate, wood, moss, Golden pothos, lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

In this enclosure idea, you should focus on the background of your Pacman frog terrarium. To mimic a rainforest environment, you should grow moss over the background of the enclosure. That’s why you can name it a Pacman frog moss terrarium.

Make a good layer of the substrate where your Pacman frogs can burrow all day long. Do not forget to keep a little corner with fresh water for your Pacman frogs. The final setup will be done after adding 4 pots of Golden Pothos in 4 corners of the tank.

22. Pacman Frog Enclosure With A Small Pond

MaterialsCoco peat, peat moss, lava stones, aquatic plants, lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelHard

A vivarium with a small pond will be a paradise for Pacman frogs, whereas these frogs always demand a humid environment. To execute this idea, you should make two sections in your Pacman frog enclosure. Make the barricade with stones and foams.

Inside the barricade, you can add red lava stones, black lava stones, and fertilizers. Then, you can add different types of aquarium plants. Such as Cryptocoryne, Limnobium, etc.

Now, you should fill the area with water. It’ll be the pond of your Pacman frog. Also, you should not forget to add a drainage layer of volcanic lava outside the pond section.

Then, you can make the land area with peat moss, coco peat, etc. To add the beauty of the enclosure, you can add some branches and aquatic leaves. Your Pacman frog will surely have an amazing time with such a good home with a pond.

23. Perfect Pacman Frog Cabinet Home

MaterialsSoil, driftwood, aquarium plants, wood, lighting, heater, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

You can also make a home for your Pacman frog in cabinet style. The rules of setup will remain the same like a basic Pacman frog terrarium.

The first work should be making a good layer of substrate for your burrower frogs. At corners, you can add aquarium plants. While choosing plants, you should prioritize long-leafed plants. These will give your Pacman frogs enough room to rest under the leaves.

A small water dish will also be helpful to keep your horned frogs hydrated. Besides, you can add branches, driftwood, logs, and other décors. However, you should add a heater and lighting to ensure the sound health of your Pacman frogs.

24. Artistic Pacman Frog Enclosure With Woods

MaterialsWoods, logs, branches, soil, aquarium plants, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

Looking for a simple but artistic Pacman frog terrarium? Then, you must try this Pacman Frog terrarium setup with wood.

You need to fill the terrarium with wood, branches, logs, etc. Several types of long-leafed aquarium plants will increase the beauty of the enclosure. But, you must ensure to provide sufficient space to burrow for your Pacman frogs.

That’s why, you should make a 4-5” deep layered substrate. In addition, you should mist the Pacman Frog terrarium regularly.

25. Pacman Frog Terrarium With Frog Hut

MaterialsSubstrate, lighting, frog hut, Dracaena fragrans, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

Frog hut is another amazing décor item in the frog world. You can set up a simple terrarium for your Pacman frog with a frog hut and Dracaena Fragrans.

After bringing up the enclosure, you should prepare the bedding for your Pacman frogs. You can also use a mixture of aquarium substrate, soil, coco peat, peat moss, etc.

Afterward, you can keep two pots of Dracaena Fragrans plants in the corners. Finally, you should bring the beauty of this enclosure design. Place the frog hut in a suitable position. Your Pacman frog can hide or take a rest inside this décor piece.

26. Pacman Frog Terrarium With Spider Plants

MaterialsSubstrate, peat moss, aquarium soil, spider plants, lighting, humidifier, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

You might have heard that spider plants are known as lucky plants. So, why don’t you set up your Pacman frog tank with spider plants?

The long leaves of spider plants will allow your Pacman frogs to hide all day long. Since Pacman frogs tend to remain inactive, these plants will help your horned frogs rest. In addition, these plants look classic and attractive.

Using only these plants will create a beautiful foliage display in the frog enclosure. That’s why, you can keep lots of spider plants over the substrate of your Pacman frog terrarium.

27. 45 cm Cube Pacman Frog Vivarium

Materials45*45 cube tank, substrate, sphagnum moss, water dish, branches, driftwood, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

Long periods of inactivity cause the requirement of large space for Pacman frogs. That’s why, you can choose a cube vivarium for your horned frogs. The length and width of the terrarium must be 45 cm for this tank setup.

Your first responsibility will be mixing the substrate with sphagnum moss and eco earth. Soak these mixtures in water to make them damp. In addition, you must make the layer of substrate deep enough to help your Pacman frogs burrow.

Then, you can dig one corner of the substrate to place a water dish. Afterward, you can add other décors, branches, driftwood, etc.

28. Perfect Bioactive Vivarium: Pacman Frog Paradise

MaterialsPeat moss, substrate, aquarium plants, foams, branches, water dish, leaf litter, etc.
Difficulty levelHard

Firstly, you need to set up the background of this Pacman frog terrarium design. For this, you’ll require soapy foam. You can also shave these foams to bring them into shape. Then, you should add sphagnum moss to the background of the tank.

Further, you can choose hydro balls to make a drainage layer. The next thing to do is to add a screen barrier. After adding activated carbon, you should add a good mixture of the substrate with leaf litter and sphagnum moss.

Finally, you should add some aquarium plants, water dishes, and logs. You can also add some clean-up crews. After some days, you can introduce your Pacman frogs to the bioactive vivarium.

29. Pacman Frog Moss Terrarium

MaterialsSubstrate, heater, moss, water dish, etc.
Difficulty levelEasy

Another simple Pacman frog terrarium design can be done with moss. Because of being low-maintenance pets, Pacman frogs do not demand many things.

Your first responsibility should be making a deep layer of the substrate. These Pacman frogs thrive in moist weather. That’s why you must keep the substrate damp with fresh water.

Afterward, you need to add a few cork bark. Since you are making a moss terrarium, you should add moss over these barks. Besides, you should keep a shallow water dish for your Pacman frog.

30. Bioactive Terrarium With Mushroom & Bromeliads

Credit: carmelitititito
MaterialsEnclosure, substrate, soil, bromeliads, décor items, LED lighting, etc.
Difficulty levelModerate

Although people often consider mushrooms as threats to frogs, these mushrooms do not cause any harm to your frogs. You can create a simple bioactive terrarium with bromeliads and mushrooms. If there are mushrooms in your Pacman frog tank, it’ll be a sign of the ecological balance of the bioactive terrarium.

However, bromeliads are one of the simplest choices for aquarium plants. You should ensure a damp substrate, good humidity, and proper lighting for the growth of bromeliads. Your Pacman frogs will surely have a good time among bromeliads, mushrooms, and damp substrate.

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