How Long Can African Dwarf Frogs Go Without Food?

It must be a matter of concern about feeding your pet frog when you’re on vacation. Sometimes, the frog food can be out of storage too. If you have a pet African dwarf frog, you may be thinking the question- how long can African dwarf frogs go without food?

Due to having a slow metabolism rate, African dwarf frogs can smoothly go 3-4 weeks without food. The duration of going without food depends on the health condition of your African dwarf frogs.

According to some research, these dwarf frogs have records of surviving around a year without food. But, we do not appreciate letting your pet frog starve for a long time.

In this article, I’ve shed some light on the general feeding schedule of dwarf frogs, how long these frogs can starve, what to do, and so on. So, let’s go through the article without any further ado.

Should I Feed My African Dwarf Frog Every Say?

Feeding African dwarf frogs every day doesn’t sound good. Besides, these dwarf frogs do not have a voracious appetite like African-clawed frogs.

If you have baby African dwarf frogs, you can feed these babies daily. Otherwise, you need not feed your adult African dwarf frogs every day.

How Often Should You Feed African Dwarf Frogs?

Feeding pet frogs is another significant responsibility for any owner. However, the feeding amount varies according to the age of African dwarf frogs.

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In the case of babies, you need to feed them every day. If your African dwarf frog is an adult, you can feed your frog once every two days. You need to let your frogs eat what they can have in 3 minutes.

Also, you can check this article to know about the African dwarf frog diet and feeding guide.

How Long Do African Dwarf Frogs Go Without Eating?

There might be several unfortunate occasions when your dwarf frogs need to go without eating. So, it’s pretty common to worry about how long these frogs can go without eating.

If your African dwarf frogs are healthy, your pet frogs can go 2-3 weeks without food. A healthy frog must have a good layer of fats under their skin. It’ll help your African dwarf frogs survive without food for a few weeks.

How Long Do African Dwarf Frogs Live

Another thing that helps African dwarf frogs survive without food is their low metabolism rate. The metabolism rate of African dwarf frogs is so low that these frogs can survive by eating once every 10 days. So, your frogs can starve for 3-4 weeks without any health complexities.

But, you should not let your African dwarf frogs go without food for a long time when your frog is not healthy. Starvation makes your unhealthy dwarf frog weak. If you’re curious about their health problems, you should go through this write-up: 12 African Dwarf Frog Health Problems And Their Treatments.

When your frog gets weak, it might become the target of prey for other tank mates. So, it’s necessary to choose suitable tank mates for your African dwarf frogs. Depending on the health of your frog, you should not let your African dwarf frog starve for so long.

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How To Feed African Dwarf Frogs While On Vacation?

If you want to feed your African dwarf frogs while on vacation, you can take the help of an automatic feeder for frogs. You can leave frog pallets in the automatic feeder before leaving for vacation.

But, the experts suggest keeping an automatic frog feeder when there are lots of fish or other tank mates of African dwarf frogs in the tank. Otherwise, the extra frog pallets will start to rot after some time. It’ll decrease the quality of the tank water.

Sometimes, the malfunctions of the automatic feeder can lead to toxicity in the water. That’s because these automatic feeders might feed more than the quantity you want to set for your dwarf frogs.

Final Words

I hope this article gave you a clear idea about the duration of how long an African dwarf frog can go without food. However, you should try to not let your pet frogs starve for a long time. In the same way, overfeeding isn’t appreciated too.

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