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When you own a Leopard Gecko, you certainly do not want it to have any parasites. However, if you want to pet a Leopard Gecko, you might know that certain parasites might be associated with it. One of the parasites is – Salmonella. Now do Leopard Geckos carry salmonella? – is a big question.

Leopard Geckos can carry salmonella very rarely when they are found in nature. Since they come from a dry environment, there is less chance of it. However, when in captivity, Leopard Geckos do not carry salmonella but might get the disease from the parasites.

If you want to know more about Leopard Gecko and its salmonella-carrying issues, keep on reading till the end!

Can I Get Sick From A Leopard Gecko?

You can get sick from Leopard Gecko but that is a very rare case. When it comes to the common cold, there are fewer chances of getting it from them.

However, if it’s related to salmonella, you may get sick for a very short period. You will get stomach cramps or you may become disinterested in having food. But it will take a maximum of two days to a week to get better.

Can You Get Salmonella From Kissing A Leopard Gecko?

There are chances that you might get sick from kissing a Leopard Gecko carrying salmonella. When you kiss any reptile carrying any bacterium, your body gets exposed to the bacteria and there are high chances to get that bacteria from the source.

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In general cases, there are not many owners who get sick from kissing their reptiles. It only happens when their reptile goes through or carries any disease or parasites. In other cases, touching or putting your hands on their body or mouth can also transmit the bacteria to you.

How To Avoid Transmission Of Salmonella From Leopard Gecko?

Generally, Leopard Gecko does not transmit disease to any individual. But those Leopard Geckos that carry Salmonella might transmit the parasite to others. To avoid such transmission, there are a few steps you can take:

  • Wash your hands after handling
  • Never eat beside geckos
  • Always maintain cleanliness
  • Do not let children touch the Gecko

Wash your hands after handling

You must wash your hands after you are done handling the Gecko. The Leopard Gecko carrying the Salmonella might be an easy source of you getting the Salmonella too. There are a lot of strains of Salmonella available in the environment.

Different strains have different capabilities. Hence if you do not want to test that, make sure to use soap and water to clean your hands properly. You can also wipe your hands with hand sanitizer containing alcohol that helps kill bacteria efficiently.

Never eat beside geckos

If you eat besides your Gecko carrying the Salmonella, the bacteria will easily get transmitted to the food. After consuming the food, there is a high chance of getting sick from it. Hence always keep your food away from the Leopard Gecko.

Always maintain cleanliness

Hygiene is really important to ensure a parasite-free environment for your Leopard Gecko. When your Leopard Gecko lives in an environment that is full of dirt, it is obvious that your Gecko will get attached to any parasites which are born in dirty places.

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Always keep the environment clean by performing cleaning or deep cleaning of the aquarium. Do not take too much time to clean properly because if you keep pushing it for later, soon your Leopard will fall victim to different diseases.

Do not let children touch the Gecko

Never let your children touch your Leopard Gecko if there is a chance of your Gecko carrying Salmonella. The children have a tendency to put their fingers inside their mouths without cleaning them. This can cause a lot of health issues as their immunity is not as strong as elders.

How To Keep Your Leopard Gecko Safe From Carrying Salmonella?

You can keep your leopard Gecko safe from Salmonella by ensuring a clean and optimum temperature-proof environment.

Temperature plays a major role in the survival of certain bacteria which includes Salmonella. If your Leopard Gecko is living in an environment where the temperature is lower or higher than usual, then there are chances that your Leopard Gecko will soon get Salmonella or other parasites living in the enclosure.

A clean environment is also important as it helps to keep the enclosure free from parasites and other harmful bacteria or insects. Hence make sure you clean the enclosure at least once a week and do deep cleaning once or twice a month.

What Geckos Carry Salmonella?

Most Geckos can carry Salmonella bacteria and the most common name is- crested Gecko. These Geckos can get salmonella by eating or drinking contaminated foods or liquids. Moreover, they can acquire this from the environment too.

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Do Leopard Geckos Carry Parasites?

Leopard Geckos can carry parasites and one of the common names is- Salmonella. These bacteria do not affect or harm humans that much. However, if you get this bacterium, this will not affect you severely. You will barely have any symptoms which might last for a few days to a week.

Can Leopard Geckos Give You Diseases?

Leopard Geckos will not give you disease if they are born in a controlled and hygienic environment. A Gecko with both these facilities will not be able to carry any parasites or will not have any disease that severe as well.

However, Leopard Geckos found in nature might carry Salmonella, which is also rare as they come from a dry environment.

Final Words

Leopard Geckos are not parasites carrying reptiles if raised in captivity. In nature also, Leopard Geckos mostly do not carry salmonella as these Geckos are found in dry nature. However, there are certain chances that Leopard Gecko might carry salmonella and, in those cases, you need to abide by some rules to avoid the transmission of the bacteria to others or to yourself.

Moreover, you need to maintain proper hygiene in the enclosure as well. Thus, you can keep both your Leopard Gecko and yourself disease and parasites free.

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