Do African Dwarf Frogs Jump Out Of Water? 7 Reasons Why

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You might doubt the possibility of African dwarf frogs jumping out of water. After all, such fully aquatic frogs should not leave the water, whereas these frogs can not survive without water. So, a curiosity might come to your mind- do African dwarf frogs jump out of water?

Despite being fully aquatic frogs, African dwarf frogs often jump out of water. The common reason behind such a suicidal act is the poor water quality of the frog tank. Besides, dwarf frogs jump out of water due to fear, sudden startle, etc. Also, being fabulous jumpers, these frogs have a common tendency to jump out of the tank when there is no lid.

In this article, I have penned down the reasons why dwarf frogs jump out of the water, the solutions, and other essential information. So, I urge you to get through this article if you want to save your African dwarf frog.

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Can You Take African Dwarf Frogs Out Of Water?

African dwarf frogs require a constant supply of fresh water. These frogs can not thrive in dry conditions. You can notice dwarf frogs come up to the surface only to breathe fresh air.

You can not take African dwarf frogs out of the water. Such is because they can easily get dehydrated because of the lacking of moisture.

As a result, it can lead to death if you keep your African dwarf frogs out of water for only fifteen minutes.

So, you must not let your African dwarf frogs suffer by keeping them in dry condition. Even if you need to take your African dwarf frog out of the water, you should keep it back in the water as soon as possible.

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Why Is My African Dwarf Frog Climbing Out Of Water?

If you notice your dwarf frog’s climbing out of the water often, there may remain several reasons behind this. Otherwise, a happy African dwarf frog need not jump out of water when the tank environment and other conditions are alright.

Let’s check out the following list to find out why your African dwarf frog is climbing out of the water.

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Owner: Vieno Carlos

1. Poor Water Quality

The very first condition of African dwarf frog care is ensuring the accurate quality of the tank water. You might know that these fully -aquatic frogs have zero tolerance of ammonia, nitrate, and other such components.

The recommended water conditions for African dwarf frogs are given below.

Ammonia0 ppm
Temperature72-78 degrees Fahrenheit
Nitrate5-25 ppm
Nitrite0 ppm

If any of these conditions do not remain in the ideal range, your African dwarf frogs can not thrive in this water. As a result, your dwarf frog may try to escape from the tank due to poor water quality.

2. Presence Of Toxins In Water

African dwarf frogs are extremely sensitive to toxins. These frogs can not thrive without fresh water. On the other hand, the leftover foods, rotten plants, etc, contribute toxins to the water.

If you do not change the tank water frequently, your African dwarf may jump out of the water. Hence, you should add an aquarium filter to the tank of your dwarf frog.

3. Strong Current Of Water

If the filter of your dwarf frog’s tank is too powerful, it can cause a strong current in the water. So, this makes African dwarf frogs stressed.

Besides, dwarf frogs can not swim properly in such water flow. As a result, this can make your African dwarf frog jump out of the water.

4. Chytrid Fungus

If your African dwarf frog is affected with Chytrid fungus, the sick frog will try to climb out of the water.

Click here to know more about African dwarf frog health issues.

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5. Wrong Tank Mates

Wrong tank mates can make your African dwarf frog feel threatened. Because of being calm and friendly frogs, African dwarf frogs can not withstand aggressive tank mates. So, this is pretty natural to try to escape from the tank when your pet frogs find their life at risk.

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If you are curious about their compatible tank mates, you can check out the 25 best tank mates of dwarf frogs.

6. Being Startled

Another reason why your African dwarf frog is jumping out of water can be sudden startle or shock. The loud sound of vehicles, vacuum cleaners, etc can make your frog startled.

Although these frogs do not have true ears, they can sense the vibration in the water. Due to sudden shock, your dwarf frog may jump out of the tank if there is no lid.

7. Natural Instinct

The last reason can be the natural instinct of African dwarf frogs. You might have already known that these frogs are excellent jumpers. If they find no barriers over the tank, these frogs will try to jump out of the water.

How Far Can An African Dwarf Frog Jump?

African dwarf frogs can jump pretty high from a solid base. The experts recorded that African dwarf frogs can jump almost 3-4” (up to 10.2 cm) in the air.

How Do You Keep African Dwarf Frogs From Escaping?

Certainly, you can save your African dwarf frog from falling out of the tank. Let’s check out the following ways of keeping ADF from escaping.

  1. You should adjust a secured lid over the tank.
  2. Besides, you can lower the water level.
  3. The most significant thing is to keep the water parameters right. Otherwise, even if your dwarf frogs fail to jump, they will be dead in the tank for the poor water quality. Click here to know other causes of African dwarf frog death.
  4. Make sure to keep compatible and friendly tank mates.
  5. Also, you should check out whether the aquarium filter makes too much noise and vibration, strong current, etc. If so, you should change the filter.
  6. Besides, you should keep the African dwarf frog tank away from the window. It may help your frogs not get startled or afraid due to noises.
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Owner: Thomas Jarrell

Frequently Asked Questions

Can African Dwarf frogs live out of water?

African Dwarf frogs cannot survive much out of water, so they will die if they jump out of the tank and stay for a while on land.

African Dwarf Frogs live their entire lives underwater and need to rise to the surface to breathe air as they have lungs and not gills. They can stay underwater for up to 15-20 minutes at a time without suffering any health problems and before needing to come up for air.

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Can African Dwarf frogs escape?

African Dwarf Frogs can escape from their tank by jumping or climbing out of it. They are great explorers and escape artists, so it is important to make sure their tank is secure and has a tight-fitting lid to prevent them from escaping.

Can African Dwarf frogs jump out of tank?

African Dwarf Frogs can jump out of their tank if they have the chance, especially if they are scared or stressed. They are excellent jumpers, and in the wild, they jump very high and dive into water.

However, in captivity, they might accidentally jump out of their tank, which can be dangerous for them.

Why is my African Dwarf frog sticking head out of water?

If you notice your African Dwarf Frog poking its nose out of the water, it is likely just relaxing. African Dwarf Frogs are known to float at the top of the water sometimes, especially when they are resting or sleeping.

However, if your frog is repeatedly sticking its head out of the water or trying to climb out of the tank, it could be a sign of stress, discomfort, or poor water quality.

In this case, you should check the water parameters and make sure they are within the appropriate range. Also, the tank needs to be clean with enough hiding places and space for your frogs to swim and explore.

How long can African Dwarf frogs be out of water?

African Dwarf Frogs are aquatic animals that live their entire lives underwater, and they cannot survive for long periods of time out of the water. If they spend too much time (more than 20 minutes) out of the water, they can die.

How often do African Dwarf frogs come up for air?

African Dwarf frogs usually come up for air every 10-15 minutes or so, but this can vary depending on the individual frog and the water quality. They can stay fully submerged for up to 15-20 minutes at a time before needing to come up for air.

Final Words

I hope this article enlightened you about the reasons behind dwarf frogs escaping and the solutions to prevent them from jumping out of the water. So, take essential steps to keep your pet safe.

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