DIY Betta Divider: 4 Easy Steps With Pictures

diy betta divider

A betta divider is a specialized accessory used in aquariums to separate and isolate individual betta fish from each other or from other fish species.

Betta fish are known for their aggressive nature and territorial behavior, especially when they encounter other bettas. To prevent fights and ensure the well-being of your bettas, a betta divider can be a useful tool.

It is very easy to make a DIY betta divider at home with simple household items. Don’t believe me?

Give this DIY Betta Divider project a shot! You’ll see!

DIY Betta Divider – Using Plastic Sheet

Supplies You’ll Need

  • Acrylic Clear Plastic Sheet (4mm Thick 1*1 Feet)
  • Scale
  • Marker Pen
  • Drill Machine with Pin

Step 1: Mark Even Spot

When one keeps different habitats of betta fish in a fish tank, then a betta divider is a must. The Betta dividers will make a separate tank for each Betta with various habitats. For making the betta divider, there has been used an acrylic clear plastic sheet (specification: 4mm Thick and 1*1 Feet).

Using the scale and marker pen, there has been a marked even spot at an even distance on one side of the acrylic sheet.

Step 2: Drill the First Line

Divider is mostly will pass the water and food from its holes but will oppose betta fish to go on the other side. Now, using the drill machine just keep drilling the marked spots and it’ll lead to holes like the above picture. The first line of drilling has been done. These holes will allow water and food to pass through it.

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Step 3: Drilling the Second Line

After drilling the first line, as per the marked spot, drill the second line. The upper and lower lines will look more like the above picture. The holes in the second line will be one step ahead from the first line holes.

Step 4: The Final Look of Drilling

Drilling is the most sensitive part of the entire DIY betta divider. From drilling the first line and second line you’ve to keep the sequence intact. If the sequence is lost, it will not look as perfect as the picture.

And the water flow will be interrupted. After drilling each line step by step, it will turn into a perfect betta divider. Divider will help keep the habitats of betta fish separate from each other.

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