Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bananas?

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One of the common things with pet owners is they usually like to share their food with their pets, especially fruits. Unsurprisingly, bananas fall into that list too. That’s usually okay with most of the regular pets, but what beardies? 

Bearded dragons can eat bananas. But it’s better not to give them to your beardie more than once or twice a month. The vitamin A & C in bananas help with the immune system and vision of the reptile. But as the phosphorus in this fruit is too high, excessive consumption can lead to Metabolic Bone Disease or MDB.

Now the question is, if excessive consumption of bananas is risky for bearded dragons, then what should be the amount that can keep it harmless? And is there no other benefit of eating bananas apart from getting a better immune system and vision? Well, let’s find that out.

5 Health Benefits Of Feeding Bananas To Bearded Dragons

Let’s start with the good words first. If you’re going to count the good sides of bananas, finishing the count is going to be a little tough. Not only for humans, but they’re beneficial to bearded dragons as well, under controlled consumption, of course. 

1. Plenty Of Vitamin A

If you really want your bearded dragon to have better vision, you simply can’t count Vitamin A out. Actually, the retina, the portion of the eye that controls vision, cannot operate properly without vitamin A. 

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Poor night vision, or even total blindness, can pop up as a result of your reptile falling short in vitamin A. As bananas are filled with them, you can surely add them to your reptile’s diet. Plus, they help a lot with the reproductive health of bearded dragons as well.

2. High Water Content

Bananas are a good way to ensure your bearded dragon stays hydrated. After all, their water content is higher compared to lots of fruits out there. Needless to say, your reptile’s digestion, skin, and organ function all rely on its hydration level. 

3. Boosting The Immune System

Bananas are a good source of vitamin C, a potent antioxidant that can aid in protecting against free radical damage to the immune system. FYI, unstable free radicals have been linked to cell damage that leads to certain diseases. But when you’re feeding your reptile foods like bananas filled with Vitamin C, maintaining a strong immune system becomes way easier.

4. Providing Energy

Bananas are high in carbs and good enough to provide your bearded dragon with a rapid burst of energy. After all, like any other animals out there, beardies too can easily get the vast majority of their energy from carbohydrates. 

Usually, protein and fat are their primary sources of energy. But when it comes to a temporary boost, not too many other elements can do it as good as carbs.

5. Protecting From Kidney Issues

Potassium is a vital nutrient for muscular function and has been effective in reducing the risk of kidney problems in bearded dragons. And guess where you’re going to get that easily? Exactly, in bananas. Feeding your reptile bananas is simply a smart choice for preventing muscle breakdown and protecting against renal problems.

Why Your Bearded Dragon Shouldn’t Have Bananas Daily? 

If you’re asking for a one-line answer, then we’d say – it’s because you don’t want to kill your beardie. But we know you want us to be a bit more specific. Well, here are the reasons why bananas shouldn’t be on your reptile’s plate every day. 

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1. High Sugar Content

it’s true that sugar in bananas can be a good source of your beardie’s energy. But too much of a good thing might be bad for anyone’s health, including bearded dragons. An imbalance of intestinal flora, brought on by an excess of sugar in their diet, can also trigger stomach issues, along with promoting obesity.

2. Imbalanced Calcium-To-Phosphorus Ratio

To keep their bones strong, bearded dragons need a diet that is low in phosphorus and high in calcium. But bananas are on a whole other level when it comes to the calcium-to-phosphorus ratio. The number here is 3:1. If that doesn’t sound like an imbalanced ratio, we don’t know what does. 

Having a greater phosphorus content than calcium like this can lead to metabolic bone disease if the food is consumed on a regular basis. FYI, this disease is so harmful that it can cause deformities, fractures, and other complications in any bearded dragon.

3. Low Nutritional Value

Bananas are a decent source of carbs, but they actually don’t provide much more in the way of nutrition for bearded dragons. They even lack the protein and fiber that are necessary for a beardie’s diet. 

If you’ve been keeping a bearded dragon as your pet, then you already know that they need a varied diet of fruits, vegetables, and insects. These are the foods that are designed to provide them with the vitamins, minerals, and other critical components they need to thrive.

4. Chances Of Choking

Bearded dragons can easily choke on too-large bits of food because their throats are disproportionately tiny to the rest of their bodies. Yes, it’s true that cutting bananas into smaller pieces lowers the chance of choking. But let’s not forget that it happens only if they are thoroughly chewed and swallowed.

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5. Small Stomach

Needless to say, bearded dragons got small stomachs. So, there’s no other way but to provide them with healthy food so that they won’t go too long without eating. If your reptile is still developing, every meal is a critical opportunity to provide healthy nourishment. So, when you’re filling the lizard’s stomach with fruits like bananas, it’s surely going to fall short on other essential nutrients.

Are Baby Bearded Dragons Allowed To Have Bananas? 

Bananas are one of the many fruits that baby bearded dragons can consume, but it’s important to limit their fruit intake. Too much of bananas can create digestive issues in young beardies, which have different dietary demands than adult dragons. A newborn bearded dragon’s diet should mostly consist of insects and greens, and not more than 10% of its diet should be dedicated to fruit.

Yes, it’s true that bananas can be a healthy addition to your infant bearded dragon’s diet. But that’s only when you’ve got rid of the peel and seed right before cutting them into small pieces. To make sure your reptile is getting a well-rounded diet, you should also provide it with a wide selection of other fruits and vegetables.

Human Foods For Bearded Dragons: Infographic

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Before We Go…..

You’re probably wondering – if a regular fruit like a banana can be that much harmful to your beardie, what can the other ones do? Well, to find that out, you’ll have to check out our blog – What Fruits Can Bearded Dragons Eat?

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