Buying A Dart Frog: Stores, Price & Tips

Buying A Dart Frog

Are you interested in having a dart frog as your pet? Along with being good pets, they are cost-effective. Hence, I’ve conducted some researches to know their price, tips, and potential stores.

You can buy any species of dart frogs for $30-$70 each. The cost varies according to the type of dart frog. Moreover, you need to expend other maintenance and shipping costs to buy and keep a dart frog for a long time.

Don’t get panicked by noticing its price. Because it’s a kind of investment to keep a pet dart frog for many years. In this article, I’ll help you know about the stores to buy these colorful dart frogs.

Besides, I’ll try to give you a clear idea about their price and some important tips to buy for the first time. So, let’s do the exploration of a dart frog’s price together.

Are Dart Frogs Expensive To Keep As Pets?

A pet lover will not miss a chance to keep a brilliantly colorful dart frog as a pet. Now, the question is whether maintaining dart frogs is expensive or not.

At a first glance, the price of the dart frogs and other maintenance costs may seem expensive. But, it truly isn’t. The total expenses are comparatively low than any other pet in the long run.

Because these expenses will lead a long-time accompany of pet for you.

When you check the list of your expense for your dart frogs, there comes some determining factors. Because the price of your dart frogs depends on their varieties of species as well.

So, let’s check out first how the price of dart frogs varies according to their species.

How Much Do Dart Frogs Cost By Species?

These vibrant colorful amphibians have over 100 species. Among them, some species of dart frogs are very popular as pets. Besides, some species are pretty rare. So, the price of dart frogs varies by their species as well.

Hence, let’s take a quick look at the price of different dart frogs in the following chart.

  Species Of Dart Frogs  Price
Poison Dart Frog  $40 – $500
Strawberry Poison Dart Frog    Around $75
Blue Poison Dart Frog  Within $65
Green and Black Poison Dart Frog    Up to $45
Dyeing Poison Dart Frog    $44 – $79
Yellow Terribilis Dart frog    Around $75 – $85
Black Legged Poison Dart Frog    $45 – $49
Bumble Bee Dart Frog  Within $80
Bumble Bee Banded Dart Frogs$75 – $85
Patricia Dart Frogs  Within $75
Green Sipaliwini Dart FrogWithin $54 – $65
Yellow Striped Dart FrogUp to $55
Golfudulcean Dart FrogAround $35-$40  
Red-Backed Dart Frog  $120-$150

I’ve mentioned the price of just a few dart frogs in the chart. Moreover, you can have more varieties of dart frogs in the stores. Again, you’ll notice the different prices of the same species of dart frogs among stores.

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How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Poison Dart Frog?

Generally, you can buy a poison dart frog within $40-$500.

Although a poison dart frog can’t be longer than 6 cm, this tiny frog is very popular among pet frog lovers. Besides, there are sayings that it’s the most poisonous animal alive.

So, it’s a kind of challenge to keep a poison dart frog as a pet.

What Other Things Affect On Dart Frogs’ Price?

When you intend to buy a dart frog, you need to calculate the entire expense behind keeping it as a pet. Thus, knowing only the price of a dart frog isn’t enough. If you buy it online, the shipping cost and vat get also included with the price.

Besides, some other things affect the entire price or expense. They are –

  • Additional Set-up Cost
  • Maintenance Cost
  • Feeding Cost
  • Shipping Cost

I’ll go through details about these mentioned factors’ costs.

Additional Set-up Cost

To ensure a sound habitat for your pet dart frog, you should pay a little bit more. So, you should be prepared to add the additional set-up cost to the price list.

In the list of a dart frog’s set-up, there are a few important items. Such as – terrarium, substrate, décor, plants, drainage layer, thermostat, hygrometer, misting system, lighting, etc.

How Much Does A Dart Frog Terrarium Cost?

If I start talking about initial start-up costs, the very first thing to mention is a terrarium. You need to choose a terrarium very carefully as it’s going to be the mimic habitat for your dart frog.

Usually, a dart frog terrarium’s price ranges from $100 – $300. Otherwise, the price of the terrarium can get a bit higher.

Also, the price of a dart frog’s terrarium depends upon its size and brand mainly. Now, the question is what size of terrarium you should buy?

So, the size of the terrarium confides in the amount of dart frog you want to keep.

Again, there are several popular brands for a dart frog’s terrarium such as Exo Terra, Zoo Med, Repti Zoo, and so on.

In the following table, we can see a short comparison of terrarium price according to its size, and so on.

  Amount of Dart Frog  Size of Terrarium  Price Range
  1-2 Thumbnail Dart Frog or Bumblebee Dart Frogs  12 x 12 x 18”  $70 – $89
  2-3 of commonly kept species of dart frogs18 x 18 x 18”  $96 – $150
  The highest can be 3 dart frogs18 x 18 x 24”  $164 – $200
  2-4 dart frogs, especially suitable for golden poison dart frogs  24 x 18 x 18”  Around $250

My Recommendation: Go for a terrarium starter kit like Zilla Terrarium Starter Kit. With this starter kit, you’ll get almost everything you need for the dart frogs including heated mat, daytime bulb, humidity & temperature gauge, and odor-absorbing liner.

Just choose the perfect one for your dart frogs at the perfect price.

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colorful dart frogs

How Much Does A Substrate For A Dart Frog Price?

Substrate or bedding is another important thing for keeping a pet dart frog. Besides, there are varieties of substrates which prices are also different from each other. Thus, let’s check out few types of substrates for your dart frogs and their price.

Coconut Fiber

Coconut fiber bedding is very popular because of its attribute of holding moisture well. Also, this substrate is pretty cheap to afford. The price of coconut fiber substrate ranges from $7 to $12.

If you want a coconut fiber based substrate, I’ll highly recommend Zoo Med Eco Earth Coconut Fiber. This coconut fiber substrate is made from coconut husks and 100% safe for pets. It also provides a great naturalistic look!

Coco Husk

Coco husk is also an eco-friendly substrate. Along with coconut fiber, a coco husk is an ideal option for holding humidity as substrate. Besides, its price range starts from $4 to $10.


Soil is an easy and cheap way to use as a substrate for your dart frog. Topsoil is a mixture of sand, clay, humus, slit, etc. You can buy a 40 lb bag of topsoil at the price of $2 – $6.

Sphagnum Moss

Sphagnum moss is a long-lasting substrate. If you can manage to buy a sphagnum moss of good quality, it’ll last for 2-5 years. Besides, its price is between $5 – $10. Again, the price can be higher according to its quantity.

If you are looking for a mossy substrate, I’ll highly recommend the Zilla Moss Bedding. This is made of 100% natural terrarium moss which frogs go crazy for! This one is certainly one of my favorite substrate options for frogs.

Leaf Litter

Leaf litter holds a great impact on dart frogs providing nutrients to the soil. However, its price is between $4 – $12.

How Much Do Heat Lamps Price?

You might have been aware that dart frogs are very sensitive to temperature changes. Their ideal temperature ranges from 70-74 degrees.

These heat lamps cost around $17 – $20 or higher.

So, there are a few options of heat lamps for your dart frogs. You can warm up either the room or the terrarium of your dart frogs.

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Besides, you can buy a heat mat, heat light, thermostat, etc. Otherwise, you can give only UVB light or a mix of UVA and UVB light.

Here’s my recommendations for lighting:

Feeding Cost

If you’re wondering about your dart frogs’ food, let me inform you that they are insectivorous. So, this means dart frogs eat only small insects. Let’s get enlightened on how much can be their feeding cost.

How Much Price Does A Dart Frog’s Food Cost?

Although your dart frogs are very tiny amphibians, they have a great appetite. If your dart frog is an adult, it can eat up to 80 fruit flies in a day.

The live foods for dart frogs can cost $3 – $28.

Again, you can culture insects like fruit flies for dart frogs to ensure their better health. This is an inexpensive, healthy way to feed your dart frog.

Besides, you can also find cultured insects as foods in the stores for $5. Moreover, a $15 priced fruit fly culture can last for one month.

Maintenance Cost

To ensure the best care for your dart frogs, you need to expend for the sake of their maintenance too. So, I’ve noted down some points for your convenience. Let’s check them out.

  • Don’t forget to give supplements to your dart frogs. The price of supplements can be between $8 – $15.
  • To ensure the perfect humidity and temperature, you need to buy both a hygrometer and thermometer. This can be priced at $30.
  • Although there’s no direct harm touching your dart frog with bare hands, it’s better to touch them wearing gloves. You can buy 100 gloves for $3-$8.
  • Not to mention, you need to be ready to expend whenever your dart frog gets sick.

Shipping Cost

If you think of buying your chosen dart frog from online stores, you need to pay the shipping cost too. The cost, time, and efforts for bringing a dart frog to your location determine the shipping cost.

Although the shipping cost depends on your location, generally it costs $40 – $50 for overnight delivery.

Where Can You Buy A Dart Frog?

If you’re interested to keep dart frogs as pets, you need to know potential stores to buy them. Besides, the price of dart frogs varies from store to store.

Usually, dart frogs can be found in central and south America. So, if you find them in your nearby local stores, you’re lucky.

Besides, Petco, PetSmart, etc are quite famous as local stores. You can check these stores to buy dart frogs as your choice.

Otherwise, there are always open options for online stores. Thus, I’ve conducted some researches to find out the online stores which sell dart frogs.

Josh’s Frogs

  Species Of Dart Frogs  Price
Golden Poison Dart Frog  $79.99
Dyeing Poison Arrow Frog  $79.99
Inferalanis Dyeing Poison Dart Frog  $49.99
Green And Black Poison Dart Frog  $44.99
Blue Poison Dart Frog  $49.99
Black Legged Poison Frog  $49.99
‘Powder Grey’ Dyeing Poison Arrow Frog$59.99
‘Yellow’ Golden Poison Dart Frog  $79.99
Turquoise and Bronze Dart Frog  $44.99
‘Yellow-back’ Dyeing Poison Dart Frog$49.99
‘Orange’ Golden Poison Dart Frog  $79.99
‘Nikita’ Dyeing Poison Arrow Frog  $59.99

For more details, you can check Josh’s Frogs.

Reptile Rupture

Species Of Dart FrogsPrice
Giant Orange Dart Frogs  $65.00
Thumbnail Dart Frog  $75.00
Strawberry Blue Jean Dart Frog  $75.00
Yellow Terribilis Dart Frog  $75.00
Patricia Dart Frog  $65.00
Matecho Dart Frog  $75.00
Bumble Bee Dart Frog  $75.00
Golden Mantella Dart Frog  $85.00
Highland Bronze Dart Frog  $75.00

Otherwise, you can check quickly on the site of Reptile Rupture.

Backwater Reptiles

Species Of Dart FrogsPrice
Bumble Bee Poison Dart Frog$69.99
Dyeing Poison Dart Frog  $99.99
Blue Poison Dart Frog  $59.99
Strawberry Poison Dart Frog  $79.99
Green And Black Poison Dart Frog  $44.99

You can pay a quick visit to Backwater Reptiles for more information.

Some Tips To Remember While Buying A Dart Frog

Before buying a dart frog, it’s better to keep in mind some facts. These tips will help you buy a healthy dart frog at a good price. Let’s take a look.

  • Firstly, research well about your favorite dart frog which you want to buy.
  • If you are buying from a local store, observe the dart frogs well checking injuries or other signs.
  • Check out if the dart frog shows any unhealthy signs like dull eyes, marks on skins, bloated abdomen, etc.
  • It’s important to make sure that your chosen dart frog is disease-free and healthy.
  • In case, you’re buying from an online store, check out the reviews about the stores first.
  • Don’t forget to get the guarantee of alive arrival delivery. Also, check out the availability of repaying options if they fail to deliver dart frogs alive.

Final Words

I hope that this article has helped you to know the total price of dart frogs and their necessary things. However, consider these total expenses as your investment. Because you’ll get years of accompanying from this fantastic pet in return!

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