5 Trusted & Best Bottled Water For Betta Fish Tank

When you keep aquatic pets, it becomes a tough job finding a reliable source of water for the tank. In the case of betta fish, these fish are sensitive to any changes in water parameters, the presence of harmful components in water, and so on. Instead of looking for sound water, many betta owners tend to search for the best and trusted bottled water betta fish tank.

In this article, I’ve summed up all the required information about ideal water for betta fish, trusted and best bottled-water, other sources of water, etc. So, let’s go through the details without any further ado.

What Kind Of Water Will Be Best For Betta Fish?

Before buying water for your betta fish, you should know about the requirements of your betta fish. Like other aquatic fish, betta fish have specific conditions and parameters of water.

If the water parameters do not remain perfect in the tank, your betta fish will die. There are 20 more weird reasons why betta fish die. To know details of these reasons, you can check out this article.

In the wild, the water habitats of betta contain tannin. It happens due to the fallen and dead leaves. For this reason, betta fish tend to live in slightly acidic water due to being full of tannins.

Besides, betta fish thrive in soft water. But, these fish can survive in the medium to semi-hard water.

Hence, you should choose such water that fulfills the requirements of betta fish. So, let’s check out the ideal water parameters for the betta fish tank.

GH3-4 dGH (50-66.7 ppm)
KH3-5 dKH (53.6-89.4 ppm)
Ammonia0 ppm
NitrateLess than 20 ppm
NitriteLess than 0.25 ppm
Temperature23.8-27.2 degrees Celsius (75-81 degrees Fahrenheit)

5 Types Of Trusted And Best Bottled Water For Betta Tank

In case you don’t know yet, there are several types of bottled water available for humans and other living. You can choose any of these water for your pet betta fish. But, you should ensure that these bottled waters are ideal for your betta.

I’ve summed up 5 types of trusted bottled water for the betta. Although there are several types of bottled water, not all bottled water is safe for betta fish.

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Among all these bottled water, I’ve found 5 types of reliable bottled water. You’ll get to know about their pros and cons.

So, let’s go through the list.

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1. Spring Water: Can You Use Bottled Spring Water For Betta Fish?

Among the options of trusted and best-bottled water, the experts and experienced owners recommend choosing spring water for betta fish as their first choice. This bottled water is a decent option for freshwater fish like betta.

The bottled spring water comes directly from protected underground sources. Also, these natural underground sources are far away from pollution. Generally, bottled spring water is collected by drilling from underground sources. Otherwise, we get this water that rises to the surface on its own.

Although bottled spring water may undergo some treatments, this bottled water contains vital nutrients and minerals for your betta fish. Besides, there will be no harmful chemicals present in the bottled spring water.

So, you can get bottled spring water for your betta fish tank without confusion. You can check out Evian natural spring water, Arrowhead spring water, etc.


  • Several significant minerals like iron and calcium aren’t removed in bottled spring water.
  • Bottled spring water doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals like chlorine.
  • Like several bottled water, the nutrients do not get taken out of bottled spring water.
  • Available in all kinds of stores.


  • This water is too costly.
  • Some bottled spring water may be unfiltered, which can cause health issues to your betta fish.

2. Mineral Water

Mineral water is considered safer than distilled water. This water comes from natural sources where it doesn’t go through any treatment or processes. So, the minerals or nutrients of mineral water do not get removed like distilled water.

For this reason, mineral water is a popular option of water for freshwater fish. Moreover, pure mineral water comes from such sources with no pollution. There will be added no chemicals in mineral water too.

In addition, you can check the label of mineral water. The mineral contents, pH level, chemicals, source, and other necessary information are mentioned on the labels of the bottles. If you find the water parameters are safe for your betta fish, you can trust mineral water.

But, the drawback of mineral water is its hardness. The experts suggest mineral water for those aquatic living who prefer hard water.

On the other way, betta fish tend to live in soft water areas in the wild. However, these fish can tolerate semi-hard or medium water.


  • The water source is natural.
  • The pH level remains within 7-8.5, which is suitable for betta fish.
  • This water doesn’t lack the required minerals for betta fish.
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  • A bit of hard water.
  • Costly than tap water.
  • The presence of toxic minerals can be fatal to betta fish.

3. Distilled Water

Distilled water is another option of trusted bottled water for betta fish. This distilled water can get attained from boiling water which eradicates all impurities from the water. The pH of distilled water is neutral. So, using distilled water won’t be risky for betta fish.

Along with benefits, distilled water also has some drawbacks. During the processing of distilled water, the beneficial minerals and nutrients are also get removed. So, you can’t directly use distilled water for your betta fish tank.

If you see the parameters of distilled water, the level of GH and KH are zero. But, you might have noticed that betta fish require a certain range of GH and KH.

There are several ways of adding minerals to distilled water. You can re-mineralize the water naturally or through additives. Also, many owners mix distilled water with tap water to increase the GH and KH level.

In short, I suggest using distilled water after re-mineralize it. Otherwise, you can use this bottled distilled water in cases of emergencies where the pH is too low or high.


  • Bottled distilled water had no contamination like tap water.
  • Neutral pH.
  • Safe for betta fish.


  • Using direct bottled distilled water brings no health benefits.
  • Bottled distilled water can pull minerals from the body of your betta fish. Hence, you need to re-mineralize it.

4. Purified Water: Can I Use Purified Water For Betta Fish?

Purified water is almost as same as distilled water. You need not be worried about the purity of underground sources when you use bottled purified water.

This water goes through a filtration process to remove chemicals, biological contaminants, and other toxic elements. As a result, there will be no parasites, bacteria, or harmful elements. So, bottled purified water can be considered safe for your betta fish.

But, the filtration processes remove the natural minerals in bottled purified water. So, you should re-mineralize the bottled purified water so that your betta fish can get all the required minerals and nutrients.


  • Doesn’t contain any harmful components.
  • Doesn’t contain heavy metals.
  • Healthier water than distilled water.


  • Bottled purified water might lack natural minerals that are beneficial for betta fish.
  • Pretty costly.

5. Betta Specific Water

You can also use betta-specific water for your betta fish tank. The most amazing thing about this water is that you can directly add this water to your betta fish tank.

This type of bottled water doesn’t contain any impurities. Also, the pH range is as same as the ideal pH for betta fish.

Besides, betta-specific water becomes processed to remove chlorine, ammonia, and other toxic elements for betta fish. These bottled waters are available in almost all local stores.

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  • You won’t need to re-mineralize this bottled water.
  • Perfect for your betta fish tank.


  • This bottled water might be a bit pricey.

What Else Can I Use For Betta Aside From Bottled Water?

Aside from bottled water, you can use rainwater, well water, reverse osmosis water, boiled water, deionized water, and so on. You can also use pre-conditioned aquarium water.

No matter what type of water you use, you should ensure the ideal water parameters for the betta. To check the water condition, you shouldn’t forget to keep the required kits.

Such as portable pH meters, aquarium thermometers, test kits, photometers, etc. Also, you must do a regular water change to keep your betta fish healthy.

Fiji Water: Can You Use Fiji Water For Betta Fish?

Fiji water is a kind of bottled water that provides a delicate mouthfeel. Due to containing various minerals, this bottled water may become a bit alkaline.

However, many betta owners ask whether they can use Fiji water for betta fish or not. Before concluding, let’s check out the parameters of Fiji water.

Hardness105 mg/l
TDS222 mg/l
Nitrate0.27 mg/l

From the parameters, you must have understood that bottled Fiji water is hard water. Besides, it is alkaline. According to the ideal parameters, Fiji water won’t be safe for the betta fish tank.

Can I Keep My Betta Fish In Tap Water?

There are several arguments regarding keeping betta fish in tap water. Since tap water is readily affordable, the betta owners like to add it to the aquarium.

You can put your betta fish in tap water after making the water suitable for the betta. Generally, tap water contains good minerals and nutrients that are beneficial for betta fish. Also, its pH level is often ideal for the betta. You can also go through this article to know more about the ideal pH level for betta fish.

But, there remains the risk of having heavy metals and chlorine in the tap water. So, you can use tap water for the betta tank after removing the chlorine, chloramines, and other heavy metals.

Is Sparkling Water Good For Betta Fish?

Although sparkling water is another type of bottled water, this water isn’t good for your betta fish. The pH range of sparkling water is around 3-4.

So, the tank water becomes too acidic when you add sparkling water to your betta tank. On contrary, the ideal pH level is 6.5-7.5 for betta fish. It may lead to acidic shock to your betta fish.

Can Betta Fish Be In Alkaline Water?

The answer is no! Such bottled alkaline water isn’t suitable for betta fish. The pH range of alkaline water is around 8-9.

If you add alkaline water to your betta tank, there will be severe damage to the gills, skin, and other organs of betta fish. Your betta fish won’t survive long in alkaline water.

Final Words

I hope this article helped you choose the best and trusted bottled water for your betta fish. Since these fish survive in water, you should provide the best water for your pet betta fish.

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