Is Selling Pet Supplies Profitable? [Statistics Revealed]

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Most dog leashes/collars online are listed at $5 (minimum). But do you know how much profit the seller makes? Reportedly, the wholesale price per leash is less than 50 cents. That’s around 8 to 9 times less than the listed price tag. No doubt, the number of pet-supplies store is increasing rapidly in the United States.

You can make a 15%-20% profit on pet items like food, crates, and bowls. If you sell trendy, low-competition items like tech gear and organic treats, you can see profits of 40%-50%.

That pretty much says it all regarding how profitable the pet industry is. Still, if you want to take a deeper look into actually how much you can earn selling pet supplies (with statistics), keep reading.

Key Takeaways

  • Not all pet supplies allow a high-profit margin. If the market is oversaturated, you have to cut prices to compete.
  • Trendy items like dog seat covers or automatic feeders will let you enjoy at least an 80%-90% margin.
  • For a profit of over 100%, products with an emotional value work well.
  • Research for trendy pet supplies on Amazon’s bestseller list.
  • Focus on pet-specific supplies (like rabbits, ferrets, reptiles, etc) to build a brand.

How Profitable Is Selling Pet Supplies?

Anything that pet owners need to maintain their pets falls into the pet supplies category. But not every supply will bring enough profit to your business. You must be innovative and pick the right product niche with an acceptable margin.

Don’t worry, though. I have researched on your behalf.

Here is a list of trending/top-selling pet supplies with a profit estimation. Have a look.

The domestic cat lies in a carrier next to the suitcase. Vertical shot.

1. Travel-Friendly Pet Carrier

Pet carriers are highly in demand right now. People like small pets like poodles or a chihuahua over the big ones. The reason is simple. They are cuter & easier to look after. But the only problem is carrying them around. You need a pet-friendly “bag” that is breathable & comfortable for the animals.

That’s where pet carriers come in. Such bags come with a proper ventilation system and enough space for a small dog to move around comfortably.

Almost 48% of dog owners in the United States prefer small-size breeds. This product is a real problem solver plus profitable.

You can easily earn five figures per month only selling pet-friendly travel bags.

Average Cost$15 (with shipping)
Listed Price$33.94
Estimated Monthly Sales243
Monthly Revenue$8,019

You can research a bit more and find bags that can be listed at $35 to $36. It will stretch your margin per bag up to $20. Please note that I have used Amazon seller’s monthly sales data here.

dog sitting inside car

2. Dog Seat Covers

If you want to tap a “less competitive” customer segment, try selling dog seat covers. Manufacturers have designed these covers especially for small dogs (like Pomeranian, Yorkshire, poodle, etc). You can safely tuck your bigger pets with a seat belt. But those belts won’t fit a tiny poodle, right?

That’s why pet owners are actively looking for a solution. A dog seat cover looks like a foldable mat made with oxic fiber. You can attach it to the car seats and put the puppies on it. The cover protects your car seats from scratches, dirt, or smells. Plus, it makes sure the pets are not falling under the seat as you bump into something.

Overall, it’s a good product.

But the best thing is that you can charge as much as $33 to $34 for these waterproof covers. Your purchase cost would be around $17, which gives you a total spread of $17.

That’s a fair deal, considering the number of orders you will get. Here is a small estimate.

Average Cost$17.88 (with shipping)
Listed Price$33 to $34
Estimated Monthly Sales946
Monthly Revenue$31,218
puppy inside a playpen

3. Pet Playpen

Like a kid’s playpen, pet parents also want something similar for their pets. People who like a tidy house let their pets play inside these playpens.

The price of these pens depends on the size, material, and design. You could add various sizes of playpens for different breeds to your collection and attract more customers. The profit margin for this product is extremely satisfying. Take a look.

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Average Cost$40.77 (with shipping)
Listed Price$69.99
Estimated Monthly Sales316
Monthly Revenue$22,120
cat tree

4. Cat Tree

The concept of a cat tree is quite new in the U.S. pet market. So, you don’t have to fight with a lot of competitors. This product is designed to imitate the shape of a tree branch. It occupies the restless house cats that always get in trouble for their adventurous nature.

The most intriguing part of this product is that it looks stylish, unlike other pet furniture. Some cat trees are also aesthetic enough to showcase in your living room. There are some impressive designs available at Etsy & Amazon.

Average Cost$26.61 (with shipping)
Listed Price$59.99
Estimated Monthly Sales111
Monthly Revenue$6,660

You can increase your margin by selling premium quality cat trees that are larger and way more durable. One of those cat trees sells at $89 on Amazon.

cat scratcher

5. Cat Scratcher

Cats love a good scratch. That’s the reason they nudge you all of a sudden. A scratching post can help that poor thing scratch all its worries away. Regular scratching is beneficial for nails, according to vets. Also, cats remove dead body cells and furs during the process.

Any cat owner who doesn’t want his cat to walk around uncomfortably with a need for scratching will look for a scratching post. Why will they go further if their neighborhood pet store (your shop) sells good-quality scratching mats or posts?

Plus, these products allow you to secure a decent profit margin.

Average Cost$16.82 (with shipping)
Listed Price$26.99
Estimated Monthly Sales222
Monthly Revenue$3,552

The profit might look less attractive compared to the previous product.

But there are cat scratchers available at a way lower cost than $16.82.

Those are made of cardboard. You will be able to increase your profit by including them in your collection.

litter box

6. Litter Boxes

Most people are familiar with plastic litter boxes. You can sell one for $8 to $9. It won’t be a bad deal either. Have a look.

Plastic Litter Boxes

Average cost$3-$4
Selling Price$9- $10

But the problem lies somewhere else. You see, you won’t be able to sell that many litter boxes monthly to gain a substantial profit. These are not small items and will take up valuable space in your store. Why would a cat owner walk up to your store to buy plastic litter boxes? It is available at almost any supermarket (even at Walmart).

However, a growing number of cat owners are showing interest in decorative litter boxes. It does the same thing as its plastic counterpart.

The only difference is that these boxes are more spacious, have cabinets to lock up the smell, and overall, look elegant.

You can rely on these litter boxes if you are highly concerned about anything ruining your home décor.

Such boxes are usually painted to look like plywood. But you can order them in slick black or plain white. It’s a fantastic product for anyone who loves cats but doesn’t want to mess up the interior.

Decorative Litter Boxes

Average Cost$91(with shipping)
Listed Price$119
Estimated Monthly Sales324
Monthly Revenue$38,556
egg incubator

7. Egg Incubator

According to a recent survey, almost 12 million houses in the U.S.A. have backyard chicken poultry.

With the rising cost of groceries, people are now considering raising chickens themselves.

And they need a high-functioning incubator or egg-hatching machine for that. I have found incubators that can cost over $100 on Amazon. So, the numbers in the table can vary depending on what type of incubator you choose to sell.

Average Cost$52(with shipping)
Listed Price$76.99
Estimated Monthly Sales139
Monthly Revenue$ 10,703

I would suggest picking an incubator that can control temperature, humidity, and light inside the machine.

Also, it should be able to accommodate at least 12 eggs at once.

Global Pet Industry Statistics & Trends Infographic

8. Pet Camera

It’s not possible to get a dog sitter available anytime you leave the house. 360-degree rotating pet camera is a super helpful tool to make sure your pet is doing okay without you.

The spread for technical devices like this is usually higher than typical pet products. However, the only difficulty is convincing pet owners that they need one. But you don’t have to worry about that. Unlike an electric choker or GPS tracking machine, a pet camera solves a pain point. Plus, the profit margin per item is pretty impressive.

Average Cost$34 (with shipping)
Listed Price$59
automatic feeder for pets

9. Automatic Feeder

Next comes an automatic feeder or slow feeder. It solves another big problem for working pet parents. It only provides food to the pet when it’s time (pre-set by the owner).

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That way, you don’t have to worry about your pet roaming the house hungry. Plus, it restricts the dog from over-eating. Only a specific amount of food will be out of the feeder at a time. It helps prevent a bloated tummy as well as obesity.

Overall, it’s a useful product to own for both cat & dog owners. Take a look at the estimated profit you will make.

Average Cost$33 (with shipping)
Listed Price$69- $79

The market for automatic feeders is hot right now. Even though the product is readily available at Amazon, you can try a more appealing marketing strategy.

Reach out to pet owners who are still confused about the product and demonstrate how it works. There’s a high chance they will convert.

chicken coup

10. Chicken Coup

Anyone interested in raising chickens will definitely need multiple chicken coups. They are made of wood and have different compartments for specific activities.

This product is a wonderful complement to the incubator I listed above. It’s a good idea to sell both the incubator and the coup as a beginner’s combo pack. You can give a discount on the listed price to attract more buyers.

Don’t worry if you think your neighborhood lacks that many chicken farms. These coups are also handy in accommodating guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, or small-size bunnies. You can easily stand out from the rest of the sellers, who usually focus on dog/cat supplies.

Average Cost$132.47 (with shipping)
Listed Price$199
Estimated Monthly Sales90
Monthly Revenue$ 11,880

11. Dog Bedding Set

You can experiment with special bedding sets for rescue animals. According to reports, around 4 million rescue dogs in America move to a new house annually. These abandoned animals often require extra care as they suffer from anxiety. You can tap the need by selling specialized comfort beds for dogs with arthritis.

The design of the bed’s shape, plus its non-slippery material, makes it very soothing and relaxing. Also, the bed grips the floor tightly and comes with a waterproof cover. So, the owner literally has nothing to worry about. Considering the increase in adopting street animals over pet-store puppies, you can make huge sales. Here is an estimate of the profit you will make.

Average Cost$28.87 (with shipping)
Listed Price$59.97

12. Some Other Recommendations

If you want to sell something unique, homemade treats will make a good product. The best part is that per-head cost is considerably lower than all those pet supplies you buy from suppliers. Moreover, it’s challenging for another pet store to beat you (since they don’t have access to your recipes). You will be safe for a long time.

Plus, you can offer multiple varieties, including organic, sugar-free, or birthday special treats. You see, it’s scalable. Or, you can explore the grooming section if you so want. But I am not suggesting toenail clippers or combs. These are easily available at every other online & offline store.

Focus on organic bath essentials like conditioner or shampoo. It will attract customers whose pets are allergic to typical pet soaps. You can also try adding flick combs. The majority of rescue animals need these tools.

Another exciting niche is pet training. Yes, apart from toys, pets require training tools to stay fit. They are even more important if the pets are suffering from obesity. Many pet owners buy training pads, toys, etc for their chubby friends. You can choose products from the pet fitness category to avoid harsh competition.

One big advantage of this niche is you can partner with your local vet. The clinic will then promote your shop to customers with an obese pet.

Are All Pet-Supplies Profitable?

Choosing the right product is crucial to earn profit. Even though the entire pet market is valued at $245B, some niches are oversaturated. For example, regular pet food. It seems like pet food is a daily essential, but there are too many options in the market. Plus, considering it’s a recurring purchase, pet owners consider the price tag too.

So, you have to offer a competitive price to convince customers, which doesn’t allow much profit for yourself. Another example is a dog leash/collar. It’s a highly profitable product. But there are already too many sellers in the market.

Now that Etsy stores offer customizable leashes, tags, or IDs for any pet, it will be hard for you to compete.

In short, don’t go for a product for which you can’t keep an acceptable margin. Also, check the market trend and what the buyers say about the product in the review section. It’s the ultimate key to avoid gettting a flop product in your shelf.

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A new or innovative product will create buzz for a while. But if the buyers are not happy with their purchase, the demand will slowly go down. Examine these elements in any product you store in your shop.

Is It More Profitable To Sell Pet-Specific Supplies?

You would be better off selling pet-specific supplies if it’s an online store. It tends to build a loyal customer base. Knowing that you only sell products for a specific animal, people will trust you more than other sellers.

For example, you can build a shop that only sells supplies for rabbits. I know the number of bunny owners is significantly lower than that of cat or dog owners. But it also means that only a few online pet shops are dedicated to rabbit-care supplies. It can be your cheat sheet to beat the excruciating competitors in the pet niche.

You can sell rabbit food, grass bedding, cages, tools required to rabbit-proof home furniture, chewing toys, etc. The list can go on.

However, picking a popular pet category would be more beneficial if your pet-supplies shop is a brick-and-mortar one. Otherwise, you will have a hard time making a sale in the neighborhood. It can be quite discouraging if it’s your first business venture.

4 Bonus Tips To Boost Your Profit

A 50% profit margin is good. But why not increase it even more? Here are some tips to skyrocket your sales in a short time period.

1. Partner With A Pet Influencer

If you reach more people, your sales will increase. It’s the general rule of thumb. Nowadays, the majority of businesses use the power of influencers to propel their business ahead. You can do the same.

But the key is to partner with the right kind of people. You want someone who makes content on pets & has gained enough followers. It’s extremely helpful to get you the first batch of orders.

2. Look For Emotional Value In A Product

When it comes to pets, people are always emotional. That’s why products that can trigger an emotion in the pet parent sell crazy. And sales mean profit.

For example, you don’t always need to find the most functional product. Walk a different path from your competitors. No doubt, pet portraits are the number one selling item on Etsy.

You can include customized mugs or photo frames in your shop. Then, you can offer to print the customer’s pet’s name on the mug with a sweet message.

 It’s a wonderful tactic to use the pet owner’s love for his pets to sell an otherwise average product. Do the same thing with customized key chains, blankets, pillows, tea shirts, and so on.

3. Avoid Products That Are Difficult To Ship

This category includes products like fish aquariums. It’s a pretty profitable product. But there are many disadvantages.

For example, large-size aquariums take up too much space in your store. You will have to pay a high shipping charge yourself.

So, there’s no way you can keep the price as affordable as you intended to. Plus, such fragile items can get damaged during shipping. And the customer might return it to you.

So, it’s all quite risky, to be honest.

4. Increase Your Online Presence

Many people only consider a professional website listing all their products. But there’s more to digital marketing than just building an aesthetic website. Currently, there are multiple social media platforms with millions of worldwide users. As a seller, you shouldn’t let go of this amazing opportunity to promote your business.

For example, there are hundreds of Facebook groups for pet lovers. You should join those communities and be an active member. And, whenever possible, advertise your shop and its unique products. If people like you, they will definitely consider buying from you.

Regular interaction will establish you as a reliable seller in the potential customer’s mind. If you don’t want to be involved in the marketing process, you can hire a social media marketing manager to do the work for you. In fact, many sellers choose to run paid Facebook ads to target specific groups of consumers. If you have a budget, use this method along with building real connections.

where to sell used pet supplies?

Various platforms and methods can be used to sell used pet supplies. Here are some options:

Online Marketplaces:

  • Poshmark: Poshmark recently expanded its marketplace to include pet items. Users can now buy and sell a wide variety of pet supplies for various animals including dogs, cats, birds, fish, and reptiles on this platform​​.
  • Mercari: This is another online marketplace where individuals can list and sell used pet supplies. Items such as containment systems, pet clothing, harnesses, and other pet-related items can be found on Mercari​​.
  • eBay: Known for its vast selection of items, eBay also provides a platform for selling used pet supplies. Sellers can list items under the pet supplies category and buyers can filter their searches based on the type of pet they have​​.
  • OfferUp: This platform allows users to post their used pet supplies for free and provides options for shipping or local meetup for the exchange of goods​​.

Create Your Own E-commerce Website:

If you have a collection of pet supplies to sell, starting your own e-commerce website could be a viable option. It might require more effort in terms of setting up and marketing, but it provides a dedicated space for your pet supplies business​​.

Local Pet Stores:

Selling to local pet stores is another option. Some pet stores may buy used pet supplies or accept them on a consignment basis. This option might require contacting local pet stores directly to inquire about their policies​​.

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Trust me, building an online business is not as difficult as it seems. Yes, there are some basics to understand, but it doesn’t require any extraordinary skill. Don’t believe me? Then, check out this article explaining all the steps of building an online business from scratch.

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