What Is The Most Peaceful & Calm Betta Breed?

For being excessively territorial and aggressive, most people look for a breed of bettas that are peaceful and calm. There are different breeds of bettas available in stores, however, these breeds may not be certified peaceful breeds.

Many people commonly refer to the Betta Imbellis species of betta fish as the calm Betta breed. The well-behaved Betta Imbellis is renowned for behaving more obedient than its related species. The gentle Betta obtained its name because of its exceptional friendliness and for being peaceful.

In the later part of this article, I am going to give elaborate insight into this peaceful and calm breed. So stick to the last word of this article.

Why Is Betta Imbellis Known As The Calm Betta?

The serene Betta looks unconcerned about company whilst Siamese fighting fish strive for dominance. The bashful Betta Imbellis only displays its most spectacular colors when it is ready to breed.

The Betta Imbellis’ visibility may be attributed to their modest size and absence of color compared to Betta Splendens. They are hidden from their related species by their invisibility, which discourages any possible aggressive behavior.

Instant Facts Table About Betta Imbellis

Size2 to 3 inches long
Lifespan3 to 4 years
Ease of CareVery easy
Native ToPaddies, wetlands, and swamps can be found in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.
Minimum Tank Size11 to 12 gallons
Water TypeFreshwater
Temperature79 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit
CompatibilityFriendly with other peaceful fish species
DietCarnivorous diet

What Are The Basic Information About Betta Imbellis?

Among the Betta species, Betta Imbellis is one of the tiniest. The females grow substantially less than the males, reaching a maximum length of two inches. Betta Imbellis may get oxygen from the atmosphere thanks to a labyrinth organ.

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Due to its disposition being different from other betta fish species and its capacity to thrive more comfortably in a community tank setting, Betta Imbellis is commonly referred to as the “Peaceful Betta.”

How Does Betta Imbellis Look Like?

Betta imbellis typically reach a length of two inches. Although they come in a variety of hues, their bodies are often black or brown with spots of iridescent blue or greenish scales, much like the Betta smaragdina, especially close to the gills. 

The fins can have vivid red margins and are frequently a stronger, stronger blue color. Males frequently have bigger fins and typically exhibit brighter colors than females. As was before noted, Betta imbellis have curved fins and a crescent-shaped tail fin.

What Are The Requirements To Maintain Betta Imbellis?

If you give your betta imbellis adequate places to hide from other fish, they are usually easy to maintain. These fish benefit from a well-shaded tank because it replicates their native habitat. You can go for well shaded tall pants so that the fish can hide behind these decorations. 

Your Betta Imbellis aquarium’s water has to be maintained clear and oxygenated. Bettas have never been in an area with strong currents. Therefore, to lessen water movement, just a gentle bubbler or filter should be used. Imbellis and Macrostoma, two kinds of bettas that can jump quite well, may do so. As a result, a tight-fitting tank lid is required.

Below I have briefly described all the basic requirements you will need to have in order to maintain this peaceful betta breed:

1. Tank Requirements

The calm betta can be kept alone or in pairs in an 11-gallon aquarium. A 35-gallon tank is ideal when holding several fish, especially other Betta imbellis.

2. Water Conditions

When it comes to water conditions or temperature, these bettas aren’t too particular as far as the water is maintained clean. Whilst freshwater is preferable, they may be kept in brackish water as well.

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The pH level is not a big thing as long as the water of the tank remains in stable state. The water’s temperature might vary from 71 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit likewise. There must be no significant variations in the temperature.

3. Tank Decorations

It is preferable to replicate the forested surroundings in the home aquarium because the calm betta is native to heavily forested environments. The bettas have places to hide when there are lots of plants around. 

To increase the number of hiding spots available, the aquarium may also be expanded to include caves, either preset or manufactured from firmly placed rocks. This is crucial while maintaining a partnership since it provides the female with cover if the male acts irrationally or violently.

4. Care

When given the right amount of room and lots of hiding spots from other fish, betta imbellis are typically thought to be simple to care for. Additionally, because a well-shaded aquarium matches their natural environment, these fish love it. Increasing the number of taller or leafy plants can assist in this. 

The aquarium’s water has to be maintained fresh and oxygenated. To lessen water movement, it’s crucial to utilize a moderate bubbler and filter alone. Rapid streams are unfamiliar to bettas.

Since bettas like imbellis and B. macrostoma can swim quite high, it is crucial to have a tight-fitting aquarium cover to prevent this from happening. It’s crucial to leave room between the water’s surface and the aquarium’s cover since bettas periodically swig air off the water’s surface.

5. Feeding

The Betta imbellis must be given a range of meaty items because it is a carnivore.

The majority of bettas grown in aquariums will eat pellets or flake food. Nevertheless, it’s frequently preferable to add live, frozen, or freeze-dried meals in addition to these prepared items, including brine shrimp, bloodworms, and daphnia. 

By providing a variety of meals, you can make sure the tranquil betta has all the vitamins and nutrients it needs, which can result in more vibrant colors and a longer life expectancy. Two times every day, a tiny amount of food should be provided to bettas.

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What Is the Price Of Betta Imbellis Available In Stores?

The cost of a Betta imbellis fluctuates according to the fish’s color. Brighter-coloured fish are sometimes more costly, sometimes costing $65 or more. However, the majority of Betta imbellis are in the $15–$25 range.

How To Pick The Best Betta Imbellis Fish?

Carefully consider the fish’s general health before selecting a betta.

Any retailers or breeders with ill or deceased fish in their aquariums should be avoided. Look for fish with vibrant colors and moving fins without any white or black marks on the edges while studying the Betta imbellis. The fish’s head and body should also be examined for white patches or sores. The fish must be swimming properly and should have no trouble opening its gills on either side.

By selecting a healthy fish, you may be confident that your new companion will stay with you for many happy years to come. Additionally, it encourages fish breeders to maintain their stock.

What Is The Expected Average Lifespan Of A Betta Imbellis?

Under the right conditions, Betta Imbellis can live in captivity for up to 5 years. A tamed betta fish typically lives for two to three years. However, a maximum of six years is very likely. All you need to do is make absolutely sure your betta fish have the best habitat and health possible.

What You Need To Look For If You Keep More Than One Imbellis Together?

Betta Imbellis might exhibit the same aggressive behavior as other domesticated Betta breeds. They can swim more quickly thanks to their fins, which makes them faster and easier for males to pursue females. 

All bettas will fight at some point; it’s how the species thrives. Disputes will arise if your tank is too small, and if the two of you aren’t isolated, the male will murder the female. However, if you can ensure that the aquarium is big enough and overflowing with plants, you will have a reasonable probability of keeping a pair of Betta Imbellis or perhaps a small harem.

Wrapping Up

Despite being a peaceful and calm breed, the betta imbellis is a high maintenance fish. Most importantly, they will require specific water recommended only for bettas or else they will have health complications.

Therefore, read my next article in order to have a proper idea about betta imbellis water requirements. What Kind Of Water To Use For Betta Fish? Let’s Find Out

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