Different Shrimps & Their Ideal Water Parameters

different shrimps' ideal water parameters infographic

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The infographic provides an overview of ideal water parameters for different types of freshwater shrimps and suggestions for water testing kits. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the content:

Different Shrimps & Their Ideal Parameters

  • Types of Freshwater Shrimps
    • Neo-Cardina: Includes varieties like Red Cherry, Sakura, Fire Red, Painted Fire Red, Bloody Mary, Snowballs, Blue Diamond, Blue Jelly, Blue Dream, Blue Velvet, Chocolate, Carbon, Black Rose, Orange, 24K Yellow Golden, Green Jade.
    • Tiger (Caridina): Lists Tangerine Tigers, Orange Eyed Series, Yellow King Kong, Aura Blue, Tiger.
    • Crystal (Caridina): Features Pandas, Blue Bolts, Crystal Red Shrimp, Crystal Black Shrimp, Yellow King Kongs, Black King Kongs.
    • Sulawesi: Mentions Glaubrechtii, Hotlhuisi, Lanceolata, Lingoekae, Loeheae, Masapi, Parvula, Profundicola, Lake Poso, Malili, etc.
  • Water Parameter Ranges
    • For Neo-Cardina: Temperature 21-24°C, pH 6.5–7.5, GH 6–8, KH 1–4, TDS 150–250.
    • For Tiger (Caridina): Temperature 21–24°C, pH 6–7, GH 4–8, KH 2–6, TDS 120–220.
    • For Crystal (Caridina): Temperature 21–24°C, pH 5.8–6.8, GH 4–6, KH 0–1, TDS 100–180.
    • For Sulawesi: Temperature 26–29°C, pH 7.5–8.5, GH 4–6, KH 2–4, TDS 200–260.
  • Best Water Test Kit for Shrimp Tank The infographic recommends the API Freshwater Master Test Kit for measuring primary water parameters like Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, and a high range pH. It also suggests a digital aquarium thermometer for accurate temperature readings. Additionally, it notes the GH & KH Test Kit for measuring general hardness (GH) and carbonate hardness (KH).
  • You Can Measure the Following Water Parameters It lists what can be measured: Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, pH, and High Range pH, and indicates that the API kit includes 7 bottles of testing solution, 4 glass tubes with caps, and 1 color card.
  • Checking the Secondary Water Parameters For pH & TDS, the API Freshwater Master Test Kit is recommended, and for GH & KH, a separate GH & KH Test Kit is advised, so there’s no need to purchase two separate test kits.
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