What Is The Ideal Temperature For Ghost Shrimps?

If you are a shrimp keeper then you must know shrimps are very sensitive and need to be kept at an ideal temperature. Many of you are confused about the ideal temperature for ghost shrimps. Here is the answer for you: 

The ideal temperature range for ghost shrimps is 68-82 degrees Fahrenheit (20-27.8 degrees Celsius). 

Let’s get a detailed idea of how the temperature affects ghost shrimp’s life and why you should maintain the ideal temperature properly. 

What Happens At Higher Temperatures Than 82 Degrees Fahrenheit? 

In higher temperatures, the growth rate of ghost shrimps starts to accelerate than the normal growth rate. Besides this, their reproduction rate increases too. 

You will see the growth rate continue up to 84 degrees Fahrenheit. But beyond that, the temperature will not have that much of an impact on the growth rate and reproduction rate but it will make the ghost shrimps weak and sick more often.  

However, the quick growth and reproduction rate is not good for ghost shrimps. It leads them to many problems: 

  • The main problem that happens with a quick growth rate is frequent molting. The molting rate increases and additionally it increases the probability of failed molting.  
  • For failure in molting, most ghost shrimps get stressed and weak. These leads them to death in the end.
  • With the increase in breeding rate, the quality of the offspring decreases drastically. 
  • Ghost shrimps get sick more often and the chances of getting diseases and bacterial infection increases as well. 
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If you want to get the correct temperature reading of your shrimp tank, I’ll highly suggest this digital aquarium thermometer. It is cheap yet very reliable! It will show you the temperature in digital reading so that you know exactly what is going on in the tank!

What Happens At A Lower Temperature Than 68 Degrees Fahrenheit? 

In lower temperatures, the bodily functions of a ghost shrimp start to slow down. This is not a bad thing but if the temperature gets too low it affects the growth and molting. Let’s see what happens in low temperature, 

  • The growth rate slows down which means the molting process occurs less frequently. They get enough time for the next molting. But if the molting takes too much time to happen ghost shrimps can die. 
  • The reproduction rate decreases and the quality of the offspring get better. 
  • The probability of bacterial infection and other diseases decreases. 

Why Is The Balance Of An Ideal Temperature Important For Ghost Shrimps?

Every species needs a suitable environment to live peacefully and so does ghost shrimps. The balance of temperature is one of the main elements to make the environment suitable. 

Without an ideal temperature, ghost shrimps face problems in molting, breeding, growth, and many more things which creates a problem in their survival. This is why the ideal temperature needs to be maintained. 

Survival Of Ghost Shrimps And Shrimplets

In an ideal temperature range, the survival rate of the ghost shrimps is higher than in other temperatures. In 75 degrees Fahrenheit ghost shrimps are seen the most active. The survival rate is also highest in this temperature.

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The increase in temperature decreases the survival rate of shrimps and shrimplets. The higher the temperature the higher the death rate even though for some time the growth rate increases. The quality of shrimplets gets worse thus the survival rate decreases. 

The same happens when the temperature gets too low, shrimps start to face problems in surviving. And the growth rate of shrimplets gets slow thus they face growth problems. 

This why maintaining an ideal temperature is important. Crossing it can give benefits for some time but lastly causes harm to the ghost shrimps.

Proper Molting Process 

As I already mentioned, in higher temperature the molting happens frequently. When the temperature is higher than 75 degrees Fahrenheit ghost shrimps molts more often. When the temperature gets higher than 82 degrees Fahrenheit the molting rate accelerates to its peak. But you will not see that of an increase after it crosses 84 degrees. 

On the contrary, at lower temperatures, the molting rate decreases so you will see ghost shrimps molt less. 

However, molting too much or less is not good for ghost shrimps. Without proper molting, the exoskeleton does not remove properly and this can lead ghost shrimps to death.

In the ideal temperature, the molting process takes place properly which is best for their growth. Thus, maintaining the ideal temperature is always recommended. 

Proper Breeding Of Ghost Shrimps 

Without an ideal temperature, the breeding process gets hampered. When female shrimps breed you need to take good care of them. If they get stressed and the breeding does not happen in a proper way, the quality of the offspring gets poor day by day. 

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In higher temperatures the reproduction rate increases but it makes the female shrimps very sick and they can not hatch the eggs properly. 

This is why you should not keep them in higher temperature thinking of increasing the reproduction rate as it lastly gives no benefit. 

How To Maintain The Ideal Temperature For Ghost Shrimps?

  • Change 30% of the water once a week as dirty water can change the other parameters of the water which later changes the water temperature
  • Before adding fresh water into the tank make sure the temperature is as same as the tank water
  • Use a thermometer to measure the temperature every week
  • Don’t keep too many species in one tank
  • Don’t let the water get dirty fast and use a proper filter for the tank
  • Keep the tank in a place which is not too cool or too hot


Going through the article, you already know that the ideal temperature is very important for ghost shrimps. And now that you know what is the ideal temperature for them you better maintain it properly. Whenever you see the temperature crosses the ideal range, fix it as soon as possible. Only then ghost shrimps will thrive happily & properly.

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