How To Transport A Betta Fish On Airplane?

Transporting fish or animals is common on land transport. But when it’s about air transport, most people don’t know If they can transport betta fish on an airplane. If you are also looking for the answer, look no further than going through this article. 

When I came back to Turkey from the USA on an airplane in 2021, I had a betta fish along with me. Before boarding the plane, I was nervous about whether the New York airport authority wouldn’t allow me to bring the betta fish. But it’s not as difficult as it seemed initially. To succeed, I had to follow some rules and policies as law to transport my betta fish with me.

How can you bring your betta fish on an airplane? How to prepare a betta fish for boarding an airplane along with you? This article will answer all the questions you have in mind related to transporting a betta fish on an airplane.

Let’s begin!

4 Simple Phases To Transport A Betta Fish On Airplane

Transporting a betta fish on an airplane can be an absolute breeze only if you follow the 4 simple phases below.

Below I’m going to give you a phase-by-phase guide on transporting a betta fish on an airplane. Let’s find out!

Phase-1: Inform The Airline Authority:

Suppose, you have a flight and you reach the airport ahead of time along with your betta fish. Suddenly, you knew the TSA authority doesn’t allow your betta fish to fly with you. It may happen to you like everyone else if you don’t talk to the airline before boarding.

So the very first thing you need to do before packing your Betta Fish is to talk to the airline.

Some airlines don’t allow betta or live fish to be carried on airways. But most airlines allow betta fish.

If the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers allow it, you can transport your betta fish with no hassles. So informing the airline beforehand is wise.

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Phase-2: Preparation:

After getting confirmed, prepare the things as per the TSA guidelines. Collect the following items to facilitate the transporting preparation:

  • Transparent containers or plastic bags,
  • Clean Water,
  • Conditioner,
  • Carry-on bags,
  • Packing tape,

Once you have the items at hand, you can move to the betta fish packing process for transportation.

Phase-3: Pack The Betta Fish:

In this phase, you need to pack your betta fish. First, take a container or plastic bag that is transparent. Then fill the bag with clean water and add a conditioner. Next enter the betta fish into the clear plastic bag. After that, wrap the bag with packing tape. Take a carry-on bag and move the packed betta fish inside the carry-on bag.

Phase-4: Transport The Betta Fish:

Once the packing is done, assist the TSA officers to inspect your items. If you have followed the guidelines and understood the rules and policies of the country, they will allow you to take betta fish along with you. Finally, you can board the airplane along with your betta fish.

8 Things To Consider Before You Transport A Betta Fish On Airplane

Before you decide to transport your betta fish on an airplane, you need to know the following factors to make your betta fish transport a cinch.

1. Flight Duration:

Before boarding an airplane with your betta fish, you need to be sure about how long your airline will take to reach the destination. You can prepare your betta fish accordingly.

Otherwise, flying with betta fish for a long time can cause fish death. So you should make sure the trip won’t take long.

2. Container Or Plastic Bag Type:

The size of the bag or container shouldn’t be large as the fish will be taken into the carry-on bag after packing the betta fish. Besides, you should ensure the bag should be transparent so that the betta fish would get an adequate amount of light.

Meanwhile, the TSA officers won’t allow betta fish if the fish isn’t visible in the plastic bag or container.

3. The Number Of Fish:

If you want to transport over three betta fish, you will require more plastic clear bags to pack them. Meanwhile, betta fish is renowned as fighting fish. So you cannot think of keeping them together in a bag for transport.

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Betta fish has sharp pins. If you keep all betta fish in a bag, the fish may damage the bags and injure themselves making their life difficult. So separate the fish into different plastic bags. It will keep them calm and relaxed when you travel on an airplane.

4. Water Quality:

Betta fish is used to living in slow-moving water of rivers, or ponds. If you adopt a betta fish as a pet, you’ll require an aquarium with fresh water. When you bring them for a short trip, you should arrange an ideal habitat for them.

While water is an important element for betta fish survival, you can fill in fresh clean water from the tap into a plastic bag. Besides, water is essential for their swimming.

5. Condition The Water:

Once you have clean fresh water, you need to condition them to make the water suitable for your betta fish. You can use Seachem conditioner. Add the conditioner into the container of fresh clean water and leave it for a night to be mixed. You can do it a day before your flight.

You can also add some aquarium salt. In addition, the amount of pH should be between 6.5 to 7.5.

6. Temperature:

While packing the betta fish, you need to consider the temperature that is ideal for your betta fish. The temperature should be between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Coldwater can cause death to your betta fish. So make sure the proper temperature while you fly with betta fish.

7. Avoid Feeding:

While traveling on an airplane, don’t bother feeding your betta fish, because betta fish can live without food for a few days. Besides, traveling on an airplane is tiresome for betta fish.

To feed them, you may open the bag, but it may increase their movement. To keep them relaxed, don’t feed them 2-3 days before the flight.

8. Keep Betta Fish In Dark Place:

Betta fish is an active creature, especially under the light. So you should keep them in a dark place on an airplane to keep them calm and stressless. 

3 Tips To Make Your Betta Fish Transport On Airplane Easy

The following 3 tips will make your betta fish transport super easy. Let’s take a look!

  • You can place the plants in the plastic bag from your aquarium to give your betta fish a congenial environment to keep it safe and relaxed.
  • Pick an insulated container to transport your betta fish to maintain an ideal temperature for your betta fish.
  • To ensure your betta fish’s safety, wait until the last moment to pack them for transport.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can You Take Betta Fish On An Airplane?

You can certainly take your betta fish on an airplane. But it depends on your airline’s rules and regulations. Most airplanes allow live fish, including betta fish to board airplanes. First, you need to talk to your airline to be confirmed if the transportation security administration (TSA) officers allow carrying a betta fish.

Q. How Long Can A Betta Fish Stay In The Bag On An Airplane?

A betta fish cannot usually survive over 48 hours on an airplane. Meanwhile, betta fish can safely stay in the bag a day or two before moving to the aquarium. But how long a betta fish can survive on an airplane depends on how you take care of them.

Q. Which Airlines Allow Betta Fish To Transport?

If you abide by the regulations of the airlines, most airlines will allow betta fish transport on an airplane. And you need a transparent container or bag to carry your betta fish. But, you should get through the TSA with your betta fish.

Q. How Do You Carry Betta Fish On A Plane?

You can carry a betta fish on a plane in a carry-on bag. Besides, you need to abide by the rules and regulations of your airline. You can use sturdy containers or plastic bags to transport betta fish as well.

Q. How Much Does It Cost To Transport A Betta Fish On An Airplane?

US airways charge around $85 for betta fish transportation with carry-on bags. While transporting your betta fish, first you should check the fees. It may vary on other pets.

Q. How Long Should You Let Water Sit Before Adding Betta Fish To Transport On An Airplane?

Betta fish requires approximately 15 minutes to adjust with the water temperature, mineral density, and pH level. If you don’t let the water adjust with betta fish, it’ll be detrimental for betta fish. After getting adjusted to water, you can move your betta fish to a plastic bag to transport by airways.

Final Words

To sum up, this article depicts how to transport a betta fish on an airplane. I hope this article helps you know the TSA regulations to get through the betta fish transport on a plane.

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