How Much Does A Pet Salamander Cost?

How Much Does A Pet Salamander Cost

There is no doubt that a salamander can be a good pet. If you want to keep this exquisite amphibian as your pet, you should know its cost. Thus, we’ve dug out some information to give you an idea about how much a pet salamander can cost.

The average cost of a pet salamander can be around $10 – $260. But, the price range varies according to their species, age, origin, etc.

The price of a pet salamander depends on many factors. In this article, we are going to discuss elaborately those depending factors, related expenses, shopping tips, and so on. Hence, without further ado, let’s continue our exploration together.

Factors That Ascertain Salamander’s Cost

There are several related things to keep in mind that ascertain the salamander’s cost. Firstly, you need to affirm which type of salamander you want to pet. Because your chosen type of salamander determines the actual cost and additional expenses.

Moreover, you must have known that the salamanders can be ranged into three groups. They can be fully aquatic or semi-aquatic. Otherwise, they are terrestrial. If you choose an adult, terrestrial salamander; their tank set-up will be entirely different from others.

Besides, the cost varies from one shop to another.

Let’s take a quick look at these determining factors.

  1. Species Of Salamanders
  2. Shipping Cost
  3. Other Start-up Expenses

Species Of Salamanders And Their Costs

There are over 600 species of salamanders in the world. Among them, some species are better to keep as a pet. Again, some rare species can be costlier than other salamanders.

Here, we’ve made a list mentioning the species of pet salamanders and their costs. Let’s jump into the list.

  Species Of Salamanders  Cost
Tiger Salamander$25 – $50  
Eastern Tiger Salamander$30 – $40
Spotted Salamander$15 – $30
Hypo Spotted Salamander$250 – $300
Marbled Salamander$12 – $30
Slimy Salamander$10 – $25
Water Dog Salamander$22 – $30
Fire Salamander$25 – $40 (the rarer kind of fire salamander can cost around $150)
Axolotls$25 – $70
Ensatina Salamander$80 – $120
White Cheek Slimy Salamander$40 – $50
Eastern Newt$20 – $30
Fire Belly Newt$10 – $15
Southern Two Lined Salamander$10 – $15
Lesser Salamander$30 – $50
Dusky Salamander$10 – $25
Two Line Salamander$12 – $15
Marbled Newt$70 – $75
Two Toed Salamanders$35 – $50
Leucistic Axolotl$35 – $40
Zigzag Salamander$25 – $30

In addition to this chart, there are also varieties of salamanders which costs vary according to their species.

Shipping Cost For Salamanders

No matter which species of pet salamander you intend to buy, you have to pay its shipping cost. So, shipping cost is also an important factor determining the entire cost of buying a salamander.

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If you order the salamander from an online shop, you need to pay the shipping fee. Generally, the shipping cost is $40-$50 for overnight delivery. But, it varies depending on your location.

Because the origin of the salamander and the location where you’ve placed an order are two important factors. The cost, time, and efforts to bring it from its origin determine the actual shipping cost.

Other Start-up Expenses

If you want to pay for a pet salamander, you need to count other start-up expenses as well.  Other than its cost and shipping fee, there is some additional stuff you should expect to pay. Let’s check them out.


The most essential thing you need to pet a salamander is a tank. The cost of a tank mainly depends on its size. Again, its size depends on how big your salamander is.

If you want to buy a 20-gallon tank for keeping salamander, it’ll cost you around $15-$170. Furthermore, you can try a terrarium which is a glass tank with a lid. Such a terrarium can cost approximately $30-$200.

But you need to keep in mind the type of pet salamander while buying a tank or terrarium.

If you ask my recommendation, I’ll undoubtedly recommend the Marina LED 20 Gallon Aquarium Kit. With this starter kit, you’ll get almost everything to setup the salamander habitat including reflective domes for light, screen cover, humidity/temperature meter, and terrarium liner. This is undoubtedly a good package for beginners.


You must’ve known that salamanders require a wet and moist place. When you mimic their environment in their tank, you need to place such a suitable substrate.

The cost of a substrate for salamander can be around $3-$20.

The pet salamanders need wet sphagnum moss and mulch-type soil in their substrate. If you add decorative plants too, that’ll be cherry on the top. Else, you can buy decorative plants from $1 to $30.

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I prefer a mossy substrate for keeping salamander as they are great for keeping a humid environment. If you are looking for a good deal, take Zilla Moss Bedding right away. This pack of beaked moss is completely natural and perfect for retaining moisture in the habitat. Also, the tank looks pretty realistic!


Rock is a must décor thing. It helps salamanders hide.  

Rocks can cost around $2-$25 for a salamander.

You can find rock almost anywhere. However, I like the Zilla Rock Feeding Decor. This is a rocky feeding dish for reptiles and amphibians. With this, you can hit two birds with one stone. The decor not only looks cool, it also comes with feeding holes. So, no need for you to buy feeding bowls separately.


You must keep a specific temperature of your salamander’s terrarium. It must be around 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence, lighting is important to keep heat accurate.

If you choose UVB rays for your pet salamander, it’ll cost around $15-$50. Again, to keep a daylight cycle, you can buy an incandescent bulb at $7-$20.

If you want to buy a UVB lamp for your salamander, the industry popular choice is Zoo Med UVB Lamp. Zoo Med has been making stuff for reptiles and amphibians for many years and you can’t go wrong with them. Before choosing the lamp, make sure you have selected the proper wattage.


Not to mention, you must avoid touching your pet salamander with bare hands. Wear gloves to protect yourself and your pet salamander as well.

 You can buy 100 packs of gloves at the cost of $5-$7.

When you decide to buy a pet salamander, you must keep your pocket and heart ready.

Not to mention, they need good care and maintenance. Due to this, you will also have a recurring cost. Hence, you need to cost for their feeding, supplements, health care, etc.

Pet Salamander Cost

Where Can You Buy A Salamander?

If you want to buy a pet salamander, you can go for two options. They are – local stores and online stores. Here, we’ll talk about the availability and cost of salamanders of both types of stores.

Local Salamander Stores

It depends on your location to find pet salamanders in local stores. If you live in the United States, you can easily find them in local stores. Because the United States has huge availability and the highest salamander diversity in the world.

But you can’t find them in local stores if you live in Australia or Asian countries.

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In the case of local stores, Petco, Petsmart, etc are quite famous for their service. Also, you might easily get your desirable salamander in your locality, if you live in the same place of salamander’s origin.

In addition, you can check yourself and have multiple options to choose any pet salamander. This is the biggest advantage of buying from a local store.

Online Salamander Stores

There are lots of choices of online salamanders stores for you. If you wonder where to buy them, you can check out these online stores.

Before contacting those online stores, it’ll be helpful for you to know which species of salamanders they sell and their price. For this, we’ve made a small list for you.

So, let’s check species of salamanders and their cost in different online stores.

Backwater Reptiles

Species of SalamandersCost
Tiger Salamander$39.99
Marbled Salamander$24.99
Slimy Salamander$9.99
Leucistic Axolotl$39.99
Ensatina Salamander$109.99
Lesser Siren$39.99
Southern Two Lined Salamander$11.99
Dusky Salamander$12.99
Three-Toed Amphiuma$44.99
Salamanders at BackWaterReptiles

Reptile City

Species of SalamandersCost  
Marbled Salamanders (adult)$49.99
Blue Tailed Fire Belly Newts$29.99
Fire Salamanders (adult)$149.99
Fire Bellied Newts (adult)$29.99
Peddle-tail Salamanders (adult)$19.99
Eastern Spotted Salamanders$29.99
Leucistic Spanish Ribbed Salamanders$49.99
Red Efts Spotted Salamanders$29.99

Underground Reptiles

  Species of Salamander  Cost
Spotted Salamander$24.99
Marbled Salamander$29.99
Jefferson Salamander$49.99
Hypo Spotted Salamander$299.99
Slimy Salamander$29.99
Zigzag Salamander$29.99
Patternless Spotted Salamander$199.99
Water Dog Salamander$24.99
Lesser Siren$29.99
Eastern Tiger Salamander$29.99
Salamanders at Underground Reptiles

Besides these above-mentioned online shops, there are more stores left for you. You can also visit Exotic Pets,,,,, etc.

Firstly, research well. Then, you can pay a visit to their websites.

Shopping Tips To Remember While Buying A Pet Salamander

Whether you buy a pet salamander online or offline, you need to check a few things. Thus, we are giving you a few shopping tips to remember.

  • First of all, know the laws and regulations regarding the ownership of a salamander in your country. Because some countries have banned this trade.
  • While buying from a local store, examine the salamander. Try to notice whether they have any unhealthy signs or not.
  • Again, make sure that your chosen salamander is free from diseases.
  • In case of buying from an online store, check the feedbacks of other customers. Then, carry on your order if you find them satisfactory.
  • Finally, don’t forget to check if the online store guarantees you of live arrival or not. This is a sign of their reliability too.

how much does a tiger salamander cost?

A tiger salamander can cost between $25 to $50. Eastern tiger salamanders cost around $30 to $40.

In Backwater Reptiles online store, a tiger salamander will cost you $39.99. On the other hand, Eastern Tiger Salamanders cost around $29.99 in Underground Reptiles online store.

how much money do axolotls cost?

On average, you can expect to pay between $30 and $80 for a basic axolotl. However, axolotls with unique pigmentations can cost around $200 to $1,500, depending on how rare the morph is. Prices may be higher if you’re getting your axolotl from a breeder rather than a pet store.

Additionally, you should consider the cost of supplies and food for your axolotl, which can add up over time.

Is salamander expensive?

Salamanders are not considered to be expensive pets. The price of a salamander can range from around $5 to $275, with most falling in the $25 to $60 price range.

The cost of housing and caring for a salamander, including the price of a tank or terrarium, substrate, food, and other supplies, should also be taken into consideration when determining the overall cost of owning a salamander.

Final Words

In this article, we’ve tried to enlighten you on how much salamander costs, where to buy it, and other important factors. So, we can hope that you have a clear idea of a pet salamander’s cost now.

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