How Much Does A Newt Cost?

How Much Does A Newt Cost

If you intend to keep a pet newt, the very first thing you wonder about is its cost. Certainly, the newt is a very shy amphibian that has its reputation as a pet. Once you manage a proper setup of the newt’s tank with proper care, you can enjoy its longevity. Thus, we’ve conducted some researches to know how much a newt costs.

The price range of newts is $8-$150. Usually, the price range of an adult newt starts from $8 to $50. If you want any newt of rare species, it may be costlier. Again, this same thing goes for those newts which can only be found overseas.

When we come to the point of cost, there are several others determining points. In the same way, you might have tons of questions in mind regarding the costs, availability of newts in the stores, and so on. So, you’ve arrived in the accurate place.

Let’s continue our exploration about the newt’s cost together in this article.

What’s The Average Cost Of A Newt?

Newt’s price varies from store to store. Again, you’ll see different costs of varieties of newts. Thus, we have figured out its average cost after some researches and queries.

The average cost of a newt ranges from $12 to $20. Again, you should expect to pay around $16 for a newt in maximum cases.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get a newt of your choice within $20. Otherwise, the cost can get higher depending on many other factors.

Which Factors Affect A Newt’s Cost?

We’ve summed up some factors which affect a newt’s cost. Such as –

  • Species Of Newts
  • Shipping Cost
  • Additional Set-up Costs
  • Grooming Costs

So, let’s get to know the details of these mentioned factors here.

Species Of Newts

There are around 60 different species of newts all over the world. Also, you can find 100 types of varieties of newts in America, Europe, and Africa.

Each species of newt costs differently. Some species of newts are rare. Hence, those newts will cost you higher.

Again, the size and age of a newt affect its cost. For example – if you intend to buy a juvenile Spanish Ribbed Newt, it’ll cost $45. On the other, an adult Spanish Ribbed Newt will cost $60. So, the size of a newt matters in the same way.

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Let’s check the following chart to acknowledge their cost range.

Species Of Newts  Cost
Fire-Belly Newt Around $6 – $20
Italian Alpine NewtUp to $40
Spanish Ribbed Newt (adult)Around $60
Juvenile Spanish Ribbed NewtAround $45
Chinese Fire-Belly NewtUp to $20
Rough Skinned NewtUp to $60 – $80
Red EftAround $9 – $25
Leucistic Spanish Ribbed NewtAround $65 or more
Eastern NewtMore Than $17
Marbled NewtMore than $90
Peddle-tail NewtMore Than $6
Alpine NewtAround $15 – $40
Italian Crested NewtAround $30 or more
Lake Urmia NewtAround $80 or more than $110
Chinese Emperor Newt$120 – $160
Iranian Kaiser NewtApproximately $150
Yellow Spotted Newt$10 or more

Shipping Cost

If you buy your chosen newt from an online store, you must expect to pay the shipping cost. Not to mention, the origin of the newts may not be in your state or country. Also, you may not have local newt stores. As a result, you’ve to rely on online stores where the shipping cost will be included with the entire cost.

Maximum online stores demand $40 – $60 shipping cost for overnight delivery of newts to your doorstep.

When you plan to buy a newt, your shipping cost will be included with the cost of the newt. Besides, you might need to pay the tax and vat along for the newt along with the shipping cost.

Additional Set-up Costs

If you think that paying a newt’s price is enough, you are wrong. Some additional set-up costs are waiting for you. To keep your newts with full comfort, you’ve to do the perfect setup for your pet newt.

Let’s take a quick look at your additional set-up costs.

  • A Tank or Aquarium
  • Aquarium Stand
  • Substrate
  • Moss
  • Water
  • Plants
  • Décor
  • Filter
  • Heater
  • UVB Lighting

Aquarium And Aquarium Stand:

Keep in mind to ensure big habitat for newt in captivity. As newts are very small in size, a 5-gallon aquarium seems to be perfect for them. Also, a notable thing is to choose a tank according to the type of your pet newt.

Some stores offer a 5-gallon aquarium with a hood, light, and filter for $70. Again, this price can go higher up to $200. Moreover, an aquarium stand can cost around $85 or higher.

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However, the cost of a newt’s tank varies following its being an aquatic or terrestrial tank.

If you are looking for a good starter kit, I’ll strongly recommend the Marina LED 20 Gallon Tank Kit. With this kit, you’ll get almost everything you need to set up the newt tank including clip-on filter and LED light.

Spanish Ribbed Newt

Substrate And Moss:

You can combine moss and soil or sphagnum moss and peat moss as substrate. Yet, there are lots of substrate options for newts.

These moss and substrate can cost around $2 – $35.

Moreover, the cost of the substrate varies upon its thickness.


If you keep a newt as a pet, you must know what type of water should be provided. Since you can’t give tap water to your newt, you need to buy spring water.

A 3-gallon bottle of spring water costs $5 – $15. Besides, a 5-gallon bottle of spring water can cost $7 – $20. You can also buy dechlorinator to make tap water safe for newts.

As spring water is usually chlorine-free, you can add this to the tank. Otherwise, you need to buy a dechlorinated tablet to dechlorinate water.


Usually, the price for small to medium ranged filter costs about $10 to $20 for a newt tank.

Many pet lovers recommend using a Hang on Back filter or power filter. Otherwise, you can check other filter options. Besides, the cost of the filters also varies according to their size and capacity.

For a newt, I’ll definitely recommend the Tetrafauna ReptoFilter. This filter is specifically made for reptiles and amphibians that generally lives on low-depth water. It can work in only 3 inches deep water, comes with removable filter cartridges, and most amazingly, creates a naturalistic waterfall in the habitat.

Décor And Plants:

The décor of an aquarium is pretty costly. Because those décors are made of materials that do not get decomposed in water.

The cost of plants is around $35 whether they’re plastic or real. Besides, rocks cost around $2 – $25. Also, other stuff of décor can cost up to $40.

However, you can research well to get to know the tips of arranging an aquarium décor.

Grooming Cost

Buying a newt and completing its tank set-up isn’t enough. You need to take proper care to keep your pet newt healthy. If you can groom your pet newt well, your newt will live a long life.

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Hence, you should also be prepared to expense your newt’s grooming cost. The feeding cost, maintenance cost, etc are included in this cost.

feeding newt

Feeding Cost:

You need to pick food items carefully for your pet newt. Because there is a slight difference between the food types of aquatic and terrestrial newts.

The cost of newt food starts from $2 to $8.

Besides, newts need proper calcium supplements and multivitamin supplements.

 If you are looking for a balanced commercial food for your newt, I’ll recommend Omega One Newt & Salamander Sinking Pellets. This one is specifically formulated for salamanders and newts so that they can get the perfect balance of nutrition!

Maintenance Cost:

A very important tip to remember is maintaining hygiene while handling pet newt. If you ever need to touch your newt, you must wear latex gloves. 

You’ll find 100 gloves to buy within $3 – $8.

Besides, you should clean the tank of a newt once a week. For this, you might need to pay a bit for cleaning stuff.

Where Can You Buy A Newt For Pet?

There are two options for you in case you want to buy newts. So, the very first option is a local store. Certainly, you’re pretty lucky if you have any local pet stores in your state where newts are sold.

You can also ask dealers, specialist exotic breeders for the captive, bred newts. You can visit Petco, PetSmart, etc to choose and buy a pet newt.

 Otherwise, you can go to online stores. There are lots of online pet stores where you can buy newts as you like.

Let’s check out some online pet stores below.


Species Of NewtsCost
Eastern Newt$14.99  
Alpine Newt$39.99  
Chinese Emperor Newt$149.99
Crested Newt$24.99  
Spanish Ribbed Newt$29.99
Iranian Kaiser Newt$149.99
Rough Skinned Newt$59.99
Fire-Bellied Newt$12.99
Marbled Newt$99.99  
Lake Urmia Newt$109.99
Red Eft$19.99  

You can visit Backwater Reptiles for more options.


Species Of Newts  Cost
Spanish Ribbed Newt$29.99
Rough Skinned Newt$69.99
Adult Axolotl$59.99
Italian Alpine Newt  $34.99
Leucistic Spanish Ribbed Newt  $39.99
Red Eft$9.99  
Eastern Newt  $19.99  
Lake Urmia Newt  $84.99

Visit Underground Reptiles for other newt options.

Pet Zone

Species Of Newts  Cost
Fire-Belly Newt$6.99
Peddle tail Newt$6.99
Leucistic Spanish Ribbed Newt  $65.00
Spanish Ribbed Newt$59.99
Juvenile Spanish Ribbed Newt  $45.00

Pay a quick visit to Pet Zone to see other newt collections.

Besides these above-mentioned online stores, you’ll have many others. But, research well first about the stores.

What Should You Concern While Buying A Newt For Pet?

No matter where you buy your pet newt from, you should be careful about a few things. Hence, we’ve summed up some points. These will help you be concerned while buying a newt.

  • Firstly, ensure that your chosen newt is healthy.
  • Check out their eyes, skin, etc to notice if they possess any unhealthy signs. For example – dull eyes, bloated abdomen, skin lesion, distressed breathing, etc are red signs.
  • Besides, it’s important to know about the rules and regulations of owning newts in your country.
  • If you are buying newts from an online store, check the reviews about it.
  • Also, ensure that the online store gives you a full guarantee of newt’s alive arrival with great condition.
  • Don’t forget to check the option of a refund.

Final Words

Newts are pretty good pet which can give you a long time accompany as a pet. You just need to take good care and bear the proper expense in good maintenance stuff.

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