How Much Does A Blue Tongue Skink Cost?

Blue tongue skink is really a unique kind of reptile and they most likely can entertain you and give you ample company. But in order to have a blue tongue Skink you need to know the cost which is different for every variety.

Depending on the locality, variety, and morphs, Blue Tongue Skink can cost from $70-$ 15,000. There are different varieties of Blue Tongue skink and since most of them are very friendly and easy to train, you can try to purchase one either by adoption or from breeders at less price.

If you want to know the costs of a blue tongue skink and related information, make sure to read till the end!

Is Owning A Blue Tongue Skink Costly?

Firstly, it depends on the budget and capability of the owner. The initial expenditure starts from the price of a blue tongue skink. Now, this price varies depending on the age, gender, and morph of the blue tongue skink.

Let’s take a quick look at the differences in the price of skink depending on their varieties.

Baby Blue Tongue Skink$150
Adult Blue Tongue Skink$250
High-colored or rarer blue tongue skink  $1500-$5000

Apart from the price of your pet skink, you need to pay a huge amount for the one-off supplies. Otherwise, the costs of food and maintenance aren’t too high. In the first year of owning a blue tongue skink, it may cost you around $3900-$5790.

Otherwise, you’ll only need to pay around $270 monthly for your blue tongue skink. If you afford this expenditure, owning a blue tongue skink won’t be much costly.

Different Blue Tongue Skink Cost

The blue tongue skink is generally kind of not a budget-friendly option. Hence if you want to buy or adopt a blue-tongue skink. You also need to know about the additional costs that are involved in having a Blue Tongue Skink.

Normally a Blue tongue Skink costs differently for different varieties. The varieties listed below are the ones that are mostly found and have different costs as per the breed:

Indonesian Blue-Tongued Skinks

The Indonesian Blue Tongued Skink is from the family Scincidae and these are most popular in the United States. These reptiles are easygoing and they can live longer with proper care and support.

The Classic Indonesian blue-tongued skinks cost around $100-250. The classic Indonesian Blue Tongued Skink features a greenish or yellowish body with specks in the space between the bands and complete black limbs.

Irian Jaya Blue Tongue Skink

Blue-tongued skinks from Irian Jaya are usually captured in the wild, despite this, they often exhibit friendly and inquisitive personalities. Taxonomically speaking, they are not completely understood, yet they are fairly widespread in the trade of pets.

These skinks were bred on farms and ranged in length from 17 to 24 inches. They can fetch anywhere between $300 and $500 if they are bred in captivity or have a very unusual morphology.

Merauke Blue Tongue Skink

The Merauke blue-tongued skink is known for its submissive nature, amiable demeanor, and flexibility in learning.

Merauke Blue-Tongue Skinks are wonderful pets in general, typically reaching lengths of 25 to 30 inches, and their prices range from approximately $300 to $500; this price range encompasses both juvenile and adult animals.

Kei Island Blue Tongue Skink

The Kei Island blue tongue is a species of unknown origin that is said to have originated in a far-flung region known as the Kei Islands.

The Kei Island Blue tongue reptile can range anywhere from $100 to $300 for a single specimen. The price of a pair might range anywhere from $500 to $1,000 too.

Tanimbar Blue Tongue Skink

The Tanimbar Blue Tongue Skink is not overly difficult to track down and can be purchased for anywhere from $150 and above. This species is well recognized for its ability to turn a bright silver color, as well as for having scales that are both resilient and shiny.

The tanimbar Blue Tongue Skink that was bred in captivity can be purchased for about $400.

Australian Blue Tongue Skinks

The Australian Blue tongue skink is a species of lizard that requires little attention and is simple to care for; as a result, these lizards are regarded as suitable pets for both young children and inexperienced owners.

This lizard can only survive in extremely hot environments in order to maintain its health. However, due to the stringent rules that exist in Australia, blue tongue skinks are not purchased but rather collected in the wild.

Northern Blue Tongue Skink

The Northern blue-tongued skink is a species of skink that adapts well to captivity and does not take long to become settled. These particular species belong to a subspecies of the common blue-tongued skink that is indigenous to the northern regions of Australia.

The average price for a juvenile is between $300 and $400, but the price for an adult can range anywhere from $700 to $1,500.

Eastern Blue Tongue Skink

The eastern blue-tongued skink, a species of giant lizard native to eastern and southern Australia, can be found in both of those regions.

The price of a regular Eastern Blue tongue skink is approximately $70, although this number can range anywhere from $1,200 to $10,000 based on the morphs available and the geographic location.

Halmahera Blue Tongue Skink

The head of the long-bodied Halmahera features thin black patterns against a background that is either bluish-gray or reddish-gray. On average, Halmahera blue-tongue skinks cost between $100 and $200, and their morphs can cost anywhere from $500 to $650.

Where Can I Buy Blue Tongue Skinks?

Due to being exotic animals, it’s hard to find blue tongue skinks at all pet stores. If you want to buy a blue tongue skink, you will have several sources.

You might be able to buy these exotic pets from your nearby store. But, several commercial pet stores do not keep skinks giving suitable accommodations and conveniences.

As a result, those blue-tongue skinks become unhealthy and depressed. Otherwise, you’ll have to rely on online. While trusting online stores, you need to find out reliable stores.

Another significant fact is that the price of blue tongue skinks varies from store to store. When you buy a baby Northern blue tongue skink from BackwaterReptiles, it’ll cost you $249.99. On the other hand, you’ll get a baby Northern blue tongue skink at only $199.99 from Snakes at sunset.

I’ve researched some reliable stores where you can buy blue tongue skink. Let’s check them out.

CB Reptile

Halmahera Blue Tongue Skink$439-$469
Northern Blue Tongue Skink$469-$649


Baby Northern Blue Tongue Skink$249.99
Baby Merauke Blue Tongue Skink$249.99

Tiki’s Geckos

Ivory Blue Tongue Skink$6.499
Classic Northern Blue Tongue Skink$499.99
Swedish Line Northern Blue Line Skink$599.99
Pure Sunrise Blue Tongue Skink$1499.99
Red Line Northern Blue Tongue Skink$999.99
Pitch Black Line Northern Blue Tongue Skink$499.99
Sunrise x Dark Northern Blue Tongue Skink$599.99
Dark x Red Line Northern Blue Tongue Skink$499.99
Red x Swedish Line Northern Blue Tongue Skink$849.99
Red x Swedish Line Northern Blue Tongue Skink (Tricolor Line)$949.99
Dark Line Northern Blue Tongue Skink$499.99

XYZ Reptiles

Baby Irian Jaya Blue Tongue Skink$199
Baby Indonesian Blue Tongue Skink$249
Fancy Northern Blue Tongue Skink$499
Baby Northern Blue Tongue Skink$399

BHB Reptiles

Austin Orange x Sunrise/Sunset Unsexed Northern Blue Tongue Skink$2000
Female Red Northern Blue Tongue Skink$1500
Pair – 1 Male & 1 Female Turner White Adult Northern Blue Tongue Skink$3000
Pair – 1 Male & 1 Female Sunrise x Red Adult Northern Blue Tongue Skink$3000

Morph Market

Swedish Line Northern Blue Tongue Skink$600
Northern Blue Tongued Skink$400
Ivory Northern Blue Tongue Skink$6,999
Sunrise Lined Northern Blue Tongue Skink$700
Red Northern Blue Tongue Skink$650
Dark x Red Line Northern Blue Tongue Skink$500
Dark Line x Sunrise Northern Blue Tongue Skink$600
Red Line Northern Blue Tongue Skink$1000
Pale Northern Blue Tongue Skink$500
Orange Possible Female Northern Blue Tongue Skink$800
Proven Female Northern Blue Tongue Skink$800
Sunset x Swedish Northern Blue Tongue Skink$1000
Pure Sunrise Northern Blue Tongue Skink$1500
Bright Yellow Orange Northern Blue Tongue Skink$400
Orange Classic Northern Blue Tongue Skink$400
Tanimbar Blue Tongue Skink$299
Red/Orange Northern Blue Tongue Skink$450
High Orange Northern Blue Tongue Skink$500
Hypo Looking Northern Blue Tongue Skink$450


Baby Blue Tongue Skink$500
Australian Northern Blue Tongue Skink$250
Adult Male Blue Tongue Skink$600
Baby Indonesian Blue Tongue Skink$350
Irian Jaya Blue Tongue Skink$400
Axanthic Blue Tongue Skink$2500
Merauke Blue Tongue Skink$250
Baby Halmahera Blue Tongue Skink$450

Snakes at sunset

Baby/Juvenile Blue Tongue Skink$199.99
Northern Blue Tongue Skink$399.99
Indonesian Blue Tongue Skink$189.99

One-off Supplies Cost For Blue Tongue Skink

When you bring a blue tongue skink, you require to purchase the essential items to set up their tank. As you buy these items for once, these are counted in one-off supplies cost. Let’s check out the cost of these one-off items.

UVB Lighting$40
Heating elements$100
Total Cost$490-$650

1. Vivarium

If you notice the nature of skink, you may catch their super activity temperament. Since skinks love to explore, these reptiles require a large vivarium. The minimum requirement for a blue tongue skink vivarium is 55 gallons or 8-10 sq ft of floor space.

Some species of blue tongue skink grow up to only 4-5 inches. For example- Adelaide Pygmy blue tongue skink. On the other hand, several species of blue tongue skink can get larger around 30 inches.

Such as an Indonesian blue tongue skink. So, you may need to buy a larger vivarium according to the growth of your skink.

You may need not buy another vivarium for your skink unless the first one gets damaged. Hence, you can consider the cost of a vivarium as one time cost. Depending on the features, materials, and other factors, a vivarium can cost around $250-$350.

2. Substrate

To retain moisture in the tank, you need to add substrate for blue tongue skink. Besides, these amazing reptiles are good burrowers. So, you should buy around 4-6” deep substrate for your blue tongue skink.

If you want 6” bedding in a 55-gallon tank, you may require around 300-pound substrate. However, the quantity may vary according to the types of substrates. But, you should keep your budget around $20-$30 for the substrate.

3. Humidifier

Blue tongue skinks thrive better in 60%-80% humidity level. Misting once a day is a must for these reptiles. Hence, you should buy a humidifier to ensure the required level of moisture. The reptile humidifier can cost around $20-$45.

4. Lighting

Generally, these blue tongue skinks do not require lighting during the day or night. But, these reptiles need exposure to UVB lighting for good health. For this reason, you should provide around 8-10 hours of basking lighting in the tank of your skink.

You can buy a UVB Basking Fixture with a Zilla Desert Series 50 UVB bulb. It can cost you around $40.

5. Heat Lamp

You need to keep two zones in the tank of your pet skink. On the cool side, the temperature should be around 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit. In case of a warm or basking zone, the optimal temperature should be 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

The heat lamp may cost around $5-$15. In addition, the cost may go up to $100 for such heating elements, temperature gradients, thermometers, etc.

6. Décor Items

Like other required elements, you need to add some décor items in the tank of your blue tongue skink. These décor items will provide spaces to hide, mentally stimulating, aesthetic to tank, etc. Keep a budget of around $15-$20 for décor items.

7. Others

There are several additional stuff that is necessary for the upbringing of your blue tongue skink. Such as a water bowl, food bowl, soft-tipped feeding tweezer, LED plant growing light, etc. You may need to expend around $40 for these other items.

Additional Cost Of Buying A Blue Tongue Skink

Shipping Cost

When you buy a blue tongue skink online, you should expect to pay for the shipping cost. Since you need to pay this only once, this cost is included in the one-off cost. For overnight delivery, it may cost around $40-$100.

Occasional Cost

In this section, you can include those expenditures that may occur or not. For example- you should keep a small amount of budget if any things need to be repurchased.

Besides, you should keep the expenditure of health check-ups in the list of occasional costs. The maintenance cost of this pet reptile includes in this occasional cost.

Health Check-up

It is always advised to examine the health before buying a blue tongue skink. Sometimes, your healthy skink may fall off sick. In that case, you need to do a health check-up of your skink.

A usual visit to a vet can cost around $50-$200. In addition, you may need to expend more if there are medical tests to do.

Repurchasing Cost

You may face such a situation where the light fixture may get damaged. Otherwise, the heating elements or bulb may become fused. In such cases, you need to repurchase those essential items. So, we can assume a budget of $10-$100 yearly for repurchasing supplies.

Total Cost Breakdown In A Year

We’ll measure all expenditures including the shipping cost, one-off supplies cost, additional cost, and so on. The following chart shows you the total cost breakdown of owning a blue tongue skink in the first year.

Price of A Blue Tongue Skink$70-$1500
Shipping Cost$40-$100
One-off Supplies Cost$490-$650
Yearly Cost (Monthly cost*12)$270*12 = $3240
Health Check-up Cost$50-$200
Repurchasing Cost$10-$100
Total Cost Breakdown In The First Year$3900-$5790

So, in the first year of buying a blue tongue skink, you may need to expend around $3900-$5790.

Monthly Cost of Owning a Blue Tongue Skinks

Except for the purchasing part, there are a lot more other expenses that you need to bear when you get a Blue Tongue Skin of your own. The list below is the monthly costs:

Different sectors Cost (monthly)
Medication/ vet visits$0-$150
Enclosure maintenance$0–$50

Cost Comparison: Free vs Online vs Breeder vs Adoption

When you go to buy or adopt a blue tongue skink, you must know the local price and also the other expenses related to it. You can buy the Skink or adopt it or also find it in the wild.


Unfortunately, there are no free Blue Tongue Skinks available in the market. Most of the time reptile lovers buy it or catch it from the wild as they have the practice for maintaining the Skink in a healthy condition.

But you can search online for any breeder or any person who might want to give it to you for adoption for less than the actual price.


Online platforms are those places where most people actually buy all their necessary things currently. Online, you can also try to look for any local reptile shop or breeders or known people or pages who might want to sell or give their Blue Tongue skink for adoption.

 You can contact them to know further details but be sure that the place and the people associated with it are genuine.


You can actually contact a breeder for adopting or purchasing a Blue Tongue skink. The price can range from $500-$15,00 depending on the morphs, locality, and type of Skink. If it’s rare then the price will be adjusted accordingly.


You can go for the adoption of a Blue Tongue Skink and this is one of the easiest options of all. As the skink will be trained previously, you will not face any hassles in the training part. However, you have to pay the amount for its enclosure or other necessary costs around the month.

But for adoption, the range can be the same as the breeder which is $100–$1500 depending on the morphs and locality and the type.

Final Words

The Blue Tongue Skink might be a bit expensive depending on the locality or the morphs, but these reptiles are really unique creatures. Its blue tongue mostly catches the attention of most people and the friendly behavior that it shows towards others is a great factor that makes people buy it.

Hence if you plan to buy or adopt a Blue Tongue Skink, keep saving money from today and tell us your experience as well.

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