How Much Do Halfmoon Betta Cost?

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If you want to add Halfmoon betta with 180 degrees spanning tail fin in your aquarium, it’ll surely come up with some cost. Before bringing a betta fish, you should calculate the entire cost breakdown to see whether it matches your budget. That’s why betta enthusiasts often ask in betta forums- how much does Halfmoon betta cost?

On average, the cost of Halfmoon betta ranges from $15-$40. The entire cost breakdown for owning a Halfmoon betta can cost $139-$650 in the first year. Since Halfmoon bettas are difficult to breed, these captive-bred bettas are expensive.

In this article, I’ve penned down the cost breakdown of owning a Halfmoon betta, factors depending on costs, and other information. So, you must go through this article if you plan to keep a Halfmoon betta.

What Is The Price Of Halfmoon Betta Fish?

Among several types of betta species, you need to expend a bit more in terms of buying a Halfmoon betta. The price of a Halfmoon betta depends on several factors. Such as gender, age, coloration, and health of Halfmoon bettas.

The more colors and patterns are portrayed on Halfmoon bettas, the costlier it will be. The price of a Halfmoon betta starts from $15. Depending on other factors, Halfmoon Betta can cost over $50.

Moreover, you may notice that the cost of Halfmoon bettas can vary from store to store. I’ve researched the price range of Halfmoon bettas in several stores and penned it down below. Let’s take a look at the price range of Halfmoon Betta in different stores.

Average Cost of Halfmoon Bettas

Categories Of Halfmoon BettasCost
Green Alien Mustard Halfmoon Betta (Female)$51.99
Pink Blue Marble Halfmoon Betta (Female)$42.99
Black Purple Lavender Female Halfmoon Betta$33.99
Red Gold Poison Rosetail Female Halfmoon Betta$39.99
Multicolor Candy Nemo Female Halfmoon Betta$33.99
Grizzle Blue Butterfly Female Halfmoon Betta$39.99
White Mascot Female Halfmoon Betta$36.99
Devil Avatar Gordon Female Halfmoon Betta$51.99
Super Yellow Shark Mouth Female Halfmoon Betta$33.99
Black Copper Dragon Female Halfmoon Betta$36.99
Red Tiger Koi Female Halfmoon Betta$33.99
Super Gold Female Halfmoon Betta$36.99
Magical White Tricolors Female Halfmoon Betta$33.99
Queen Rose Sparkle Super Gold Female Halfmoon Betta$51.99
Magical Pink Blue Marble Female Halfmoon Betta$39.99
Fancy Nemo Female Halfmoon Betta$29.99
Black Rim Cobra Female Halfmoon Betta$39.99

Splashy Fish Store

Categories Of Halfmoon BettasCost
Platinum Dumbo Halfmoon Betta$24.99
Yellow Halfmoon Betta$29.99
Lavender Dumbo Halfmoon Betta$24.99
Super Blue Halfmoon Betta$29.99
Purple Blue Halfmoon Betta$29.99
Red Halfmoon Betta$29.99
Nipped Fin Halfmoon Betta$15.99
Store: Splashy Fish Store

Prism Bettas

Categories Of Halfmoon BettasCost
Dalmatian Male Halfmoon Betta$48
Rainbow Marble Male Halfmoon Betta$42
Yellow Male Halfmoon Betta$45
Black Orchid Female Halfmoon Betta$42
Blacklight Marble Halfmoon Betta$48
Candy Koi Halfmoon Betta$42
Rainbow Marble Halfmoon Male Betta$45
Black Halfmoon Male Betta$48
Copper Candy Marble Halfmoon Male Betta$52
Store: Prism Bettas

7 Fishes

Categories Of Halfmoon BettasCost
Turquoise Fancy Halfmoon Male Betta$58
Yellow Gold Halfmoon Male Betta$48
Iridescent Male Halfmoon Betta$38
Purple Dragonscale Halfmoon Male Betta$43
Copper Black Halfmoon Male Betta$38
Black Dragon Halfmoon Male Betta$43
Red Dragon Halfmoon Male Betta$38
Super Yellow Male Halfmoon Betta$48
Store: 7 Fishes

Bobs Tropical Fish

Categories Of Halfmoon BettasCost
Super Red Halfmoon Betta$30
Mustard Gas Halfmoon Betta$30
Giant Halfmoon Betta$50
Halfmoon Yellow Dragon$36
Halfmoon Koi Galaxy$40
Koi Candy Halfmoon Betta$40
Red Dragon Halfmoon Betta$30
Black Copper Halfmoon Betta$45
Red Butterfly Halfmoon$30
Store: Bobs Tropical Fish

5 Factors That Determine The Cost Of Halfmoon Betta

There are a few things that determine the cost of your chosen Halfmoon betta. Before buying a Halfmoon betta, you should know about these determining factors. Let’s check these out.

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1. Gender Of Halfmoon Bettas

Gender plays a crucial role in determining the cost of Halfmoon bettas. You might know that the appearance of male Halfmoon bettas is different than female Halfmoon bettas. The male Halfmoon bettas have long and elaborate fins.

People can not take their eyes off male Halfmoon bettas when they span their full tail fins. As a result, it’ll show a 180 degrees-shaped tail that resembles half moon. On the contrary, the female Halfmoon bettas have shorter pectoral and caudal fins.

Moreover, you can notice interesting colorations and patterns on male Halfmoon bettas than the females. All of these attributes make male Halfmoon bettas costlier than female Halfmoon bettas. If the female Halfmoon betta is small, it’ll be cheaper than others.

Let’s take an example of the price varies depending on their gender. A super red Halfmoon betta will cost around $19 when it is a female. On the other hand, a male super red Halfmoon betta can cost around $50.

You might not differentiate between male and female Halfmoon betta. Then, you can take a look at this article: how can you tell if a Halfmoon Betta is a female?

2. Age Of Halfmoon Betta

No wonder baby Halfmoon bettas are cheaper than adult Halfmoon bettas. As the bettas grow, the size of these bettas increases gradually.

Moreover, the brightest colorations of Halfmoon bettas bloom in their maturity. That’s why the older Halfmoon bettas have more demand.

Besides, there must be a grooming cost for the adult Halfmoon bettas. So, the breeders will include the grooming cost in their profit when you buy an older betta.

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I’ve shown a portrayal of the price range among Halfmoon bettas of different ages below. These Halfmoon bettas are found at the mentioned price at the store of Betta Squad.

Categories Of Halfmoon BettasCost
Galaxy Koi Halfmoon Betta (14 weeks old)$30-$35
Dumbo Halfmoon Betta (13 weeks old)$22-$26
15 weeks old Halfmoon Betta$22

3. Color Of Halfmoon Bettas

You must have any special preference to buy a specific colored Halfmoon betta. These unique bettas come in several wonderful colors. Generally, there are red, yellow, black, blue, and orange Halfmoon bettas.

Besides, some of them have brilliant coloration like purple, lavender, rosy red, and so on. That’s why the price range of Halfmoon bettas gets ups and down along with their color and patterns.

For example- the cost of a Black Halfmoon betta ranges from $40 to $45. On the other hand, a Queen Rose Sparkle Super Gold Female Halfmoon Betta can cost over $50.

4. Quality Of Halfmoon Betta

Another determining factor of Halfmoon Betta’s price is its quality. A healthy and fit Halfmoon betta cost you a good amount of money. On the other hand, the usual cost may get decreased a little when the betta fish is injured.

In Splashy Fish Store, a nipped-finned Halfmoon betta will cost around $15.99, whereas other healthy bettas cost over $22. That’s why you should check the tails, fins, skin, and eyes of Halfmoon bettas before buying them.

5. Stores

Since Halfmoon bettas have territorial temperaments, it’s difficult to breed these bettas in captivity. Moreover, the price range of these bettas varies between local stores and online stores. If you want to buy Halfmoon bettas from online stores, you should expect to add the delivery charge too.

How Much Does A Halfmoon Betta Tank Setup Cost?

When you plan to keep a pet Halfmoon betta, you should expend on their basic set-up items. In the first year of owning a Halfmoon betta, you should include the set-up cost in the entire cost breakdown. Let’s see how much a Halfmoon betta tank setup costs.

1. Tank

The very first thing to buy for your Halfmoon betta is a tank. The tank price depends on the size and materials of the tank.

Some betta owners keep their Halfmoon betta in a bowl. But, your betta will not be able to swim freely in such a small space. If you want to keep one Halfmoon betta, you should buy at least a 5-gallon-sized tank.

However, you should buy a larger tank to add tank mates for your Halfmoon bettas. Also, these aquariums come with several unique features. Such additional features will add some extra bucks to the cost of the tank.

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The average price of a betta tank ranges from $15 to $150. You can find a double house betta tank in markets that cost over $350.

2. Filter

While calculating budgets for your betta, you must include the cost of a filter for your Halfmoon betta tank setup. To keep your Halfmoon betta healthy, you must keep the water parameters ideal.

On the other hand, Halfmoon bettas constantly generate biological wastes in the tank water. If you do not keep a filter, there will be ammonia and nitrite spikes in the tank. Depending on the water volume of the tank, you should buy a strong filter.

There are several filter choices for you. Such as Sponge filter, Canister filter, Corner filter, Hob filter, etc. For a 10-gallon tank, I recommend buying Tetra Whisper Internal Filter and AquaClear Power filter. You should keep around $30-$100 to buy a filter for your Halfmoon betta tank.

3. Heater

You might know that Halfmoon bettas require a temperature ranging from 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If you keep your Halfmoon bettas in colder temperatures, your betta will fall sick. That’s why you should buy a heater for your Halfmoon betta tank.

The cost of a heater depends on several factors. Such as the wattage of the heater, the size of the heater, etc. The average price of an aquarium heater ranges from $5-$15.

However, you should choose the right heater for your Halfmoon betta tank. If your Halfmoon Betta aquarium has a 10-gallon water capacity, the heater size should be within 50-100W.

4. Substrate

You should include substrate in the budget of the Halfmoon betta tank setup. A good substrate will work to house algae and other microorganisms. To add a naturalistic vibe, you should add substrate at the bottom of your Halfmoon betta tank.

A bag of 5-pound gravel may cost around $9. The price of the substrate varies according to the type of substrate.

5. Lighting

To maintain a healthy sleep-wake cycle, you should keep lighting in your Halfmoon betta tank. You can choose white or gentle blue LED lighting for your betta tank. These lighting can cost you around $10-$30.

6. Décor Items

To add a more naturalistic vibe to the tank, you should expect to pay for some décor items. You can add real or artificial plants, hideouts, driftwood, fish toys, etc. Depending on the products, these décor items can cost around $5-$100.

7. Foods

To keep your Halfmoon betta healthy, you should buy varieties of foods. Your betta diet should include pallets, dried flakes, freeze-dried foods, worms, etc.

The live foods for your Halfmoon betta are pretty costlier than the dried foods. On the contrary, the betta pallets and flakes can cost around $1-$10.

A container of betta fish pallet can cost between $4-$8 which can last for a week.

8. Maintenance Costs

When you run the heater and filter in your Halfmoon betta tank, there must be a monthly electricity bill awaiting you. The electricity bill depends on how frequently you use these devices and how long you use them.

Besides, you should expect to pay for the medications and treatment costs for your sick betta. To treat the tank water, it may cost around $5-$10 to buy a tank conditioner.

To keep the betta tank clean, you may need cleaning items. So, the entire maintenance cost can be covered between $50-$150.

Total Cost Breakdown Of Owning A Halfmoon Betta In The First Year

Cost of Halfmoon betta$15-$40
Décor items$5-$100
Maintenance cost$50-$150
Total cost in the 1st year$139-$650

8 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Halfmoon Betta

You should keep in mind a few things when you choose a Halfmoon betta to buy. Otherwise, you may end up with a sick Halfmoon betta that may not live long. So, let’s check out the following things while buying a Halfmoon betta.

  1. Check out the skin of your chosen Halfmoon betta. Make sure there is no scar or injury.
  2. If your chosen Halfmoon betta has clamped or nipped fins, you should avoid such bettas.
  3. Make sure that the eyes of the Halfmoon bettas are not cloudy. It’s a serious sign of illness.
  4. The stomach of your chosen betta should not be swollen.
  5. You should target to buy a healthy Halfmoon betta that has large flowing fins. Also, its color should be deeply vibrant.
  6. Choose a betta that swims with ease. If the betta hides in corners, you should avoid buying the betta.
  7. If you buy Halfmoon Betta from an online store, you should choose a reliable store. That’s why you should check precious reviews about the service of the online store.
  8. Do not forget to check out the delivery charge and the duration to deliver the betta.

Final Words

I hope this article helped you get a clear idea about the Halfmoon Betta cost breakdown. You should know about how big Halfmoon bettas can get to determine their tank size and other equipment. For this, you can check out the following article.

Halfmoon Betta Size: How Big Do They Get!

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